Hamas is responsible for the suffering of Gazans

Honestly, at this point, I have completely lost count on the number of rockets fired at Israel. It has been over 20 (might be even 30 and much more) in the past two and half hours alone. And the number keeps on speeding upwards. More and more rocket are being shot blindly with the sole hope of hitting, hurting, injuring and killing as many innocent Israelis as possible.

Rockets began to fly to Israel’s south cities by the dozens. Once one of them made a direct hit towards a house, setting it on fire and causing injuries to two children (ages nine and 3 months) and a 20 year old man, Hamas took responsibility for this rocket attack.

Since then, more than a dozen rockets have hit and even made direct hits – One that hit a car resulted in the death of a 30 year old man. Another hit a direct residential building and caused severe injuries.

Hamas wants this to escalate as far as possible without bringing forth another extensive military campaign. He has taken responsibility for the first time because it was worth it – He can now tell the Palestinians inGaza that he is hurting and killing innocent Israelis. That, for some reason, is a source of pride. For those who are blinded by hate and thing that Israel does the same, I am here as an Israeli citizen to tell you my government and my people NEVER ever take pride or joy in the death of innocents. It’s a result of terrorists setting shop in civilian locations and using people as human shields. Israel’s leaders are not being targeted in these strikes, nor are they in hiding. Everyone knows where they live and where and who their families are – they are not the criminals here, they are NOT targeting civilians. They are targeting terrorists, from the one who launches a rocket to the one who supplied it to, the airstrikes in Gaza are about stopping terror.

If the organizations quit the ways of terror, as the International community has demanded over and over, the people living in Gaza would be far better off. They would not be under blockade, they would not be used as human shield, they would not be subjected to airstrikes. This is a direct result of a dictator leadership that causes pain to its’ own people. There in no one Israeli soldier inside Gaza. There are no settlements. This is not an occupied territory. This is an enemy entity that refuses to engage in any kind of peace process or dialogue, that favors Jihad, hate and bloodshed over the welfare of its’ own people (who, once again, are under its’ regime by force for four summers now).

By taking responsibility and pride in the death of Israeli civilians, Hamas is escalating even further the situation. While Hamas itself is in hiding, its’ people are left as sitting ducks by its’ headquarters, Armories and so on. It is bringing endless suffering and pain to the Palestinian people while blaming Israel and inciting towards it and in return gaining moral and public support (from fear of being overrun, just like it overran Fatah, by the more extreme organizations in the strip) from killing innocent people.

This is the reality Israel is facing. This is its’ enemy. This is who has declared war against it, not the other way around. This is who refuses time and time again to abandon the ways of terror, acknowledge Israel’s right to exist, acknowledge past agreements signed with Israel and sit down to talk about a sustainable peace with it. This is who is causing the suffering of the Palestinians. And I will say it again in the hopes that it finally begin to seek in – Hamas is responsible for the suffering of the people living in Gaza. He is the one making them a target, he is the one who denounces peace and promotes war and bloodshed.

Hamas is who decided to up the stakes and escalate the situation even further. But once again, I am, Israel would be so easily blamed for everything, as if there is no other side to any story.

Update: Hamas has taken down the announcement on its’ website that he is responsible for the shooting of the rockets and other organizations within Gaza had claimed responsibility instead (amazing how easily they would fight for the glory of blood). Israel’s intellegence seems to support a theory that Hamas was not involved in the shooting. It is nevertheless still accountable for everything that happens in the strip and it is his job to make sure this does not escalate even further. At this point, this should be a clear interest, seeing as how Israel’s airstrike took out most of the leaders on the Popular Resistance Committee and has mostly left Hamas the main target. All of the above is not changed – everytime Hamas does shoot a rocket at Israel, he delibrerly endangers the lifes on the Gazans. Every day he doesn’t recognize Israel’s right to exist to agrees to abandon the ways of terror, It is using the Gazan as nothing more than a shield to be so easily (mistakenly) called Shahid.


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2 Responses to “Hamas is responsible for the suffering of Gazans”

  1. adventuresinarabic Says:

    Leaving the rights and the wrongs of the situation aside, the blockade means Hamas do not need to take responsibility for their failings.
    They can blame everything thats wrong in the Strip and that one would expect a government to do something about, notably inflation, unemployment, and transportation, on Israel.
    It means that Gazans become more anti Isreali, instead of turning towards a government that could improve the situation.
    Is this in Israels interests, particularly as the blockade is not stopping rocket attacks?

    • Ori Lentzitzky Says:

      Personally, I agree. The land blockade has proved inefficient, mostly because there’s no real blockade. The naval blockade is still very much important due to the large amounts a ship can carry and the continued attempts by Iran to send vessels with supposed humanatarian supplies, but that actually holds more weapons than everything else.

      Truth is – there is no land blockade. Nevermind the tunnels, just stand an arbitrary day at Erez crossing and you’ll see there’s no real blockade. out of 30 trucks Israel offers Hamas per day, it makes use of 24 in average and the supplies going in have long surpassed the “essential” (You have Plasma TVs, Surfboards for the Gaza Surfing Club and much more. Not to mention the malls and waterparks opened just the previous two years in the strip.

      The truth is, if the blockade was lifted then the corruption would be revealed in full. Then again, the naval blockade would be a constant tool against Israel no matter what. Even now, when just last week Israel allowed more areas of agriculture to be exported from the Strip and to Europe and various Arab nations, it’s not the “barely-in-place” land crossings blockade that’s talked about, it’s the naval blockade (whereas every supply you wish to tranport to Gaza, you can through the land crossings and people can transfer out of Gaza through Rafah Crossing, unless Egypt closes it again).

      But the blockade it not the issue of this post, it is the constant danger and state of war Hamas, and the other militants in the Gaza Strip, force the people of Gaza to live with. Just like they’re forcing them to live under a extreme Islamic law and denies them freedom of anything (media, speech, press, assembly and so on). A great example to that, of course, would be Awana Mona’s own refusal to enter the Gaza Strip after her release in the Gilad Shalit swap deal, because she’s a secular woman and would have faced a grave fate at the dicatorship strip.

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