Lebanon prevented a condemenation of Thursday’s terror attack

And the hits just keep on coming. While the escalation in Israel’s south is still in progress due to the henious terror attack, the Arab / Muslim world once again uses it’s abounding power and strength in it’s ongoing war against Israel.

Lebanon is now acting as the current representative of the Arab world in the United Nations’ Security Council (The Arab world always has a country, in rotation, representing it in the Security Council). Last night, as the Security Council tried to pass a condemnation resolution to this terror attack, Lebanon blocked it – According to the Security Council’s rules all 15 members must sign off on a resolution for it to pass. Lebanon blocked it.

According to the deputy U.S. Ambassador to the UN, Rosemary Discarlo, the condemnation message was a standard message the Security Council used in every terror attack worldwide and the Security Council has used this text many times before.

This was not about the context of the condemnation message, it was about condemning the death of Israel is at all.

Israel’s Ambassador to the UN, Ron Prospor, said in response that this is yet another sad remainder that often the UN is “deaf and blind” when it comes to terror being committed against Israeli citizens.

This is once again a demonstration as to how the UN is motivated by self-interest and is not interested in promoting peace, human rights and justice. It took the Security Council less than 24 hours, without the facts even being cleared up, to adopt Turkey’s decision to condemn Israel for the flotilla incident in May 2010. It took over FOUR months for the Security Council to condemn Syria’s Bashar Assad for the slaughtering of his opposers. To this day, It has not condemned North Korea for its’ offensive against South Korea (that happened on November 23rd, 2010).

I’m sure that if a terror attack against Lebanese citizens would take place, they would demand a condemnation. Well, they probably won’t, seeing as Lebanon is one the biggest terror hubs in the area with Iranian-backed Hezbollah having its’ army, stronger than Lebanon’s Western-backed army, that managed to dissolve the Lebanon government of Saar Hariri (As Israeli Ambassador, Ron Prospor said, Lebanon is “a state controlled by a terrorist organization”). The Arab world never took his inner battles outside. But when Israel was cutting a tree on its’ side of the border and a Lebanese soldier opened fire, which resulted in casualties on both sides, they demanded a Security Council condemnation.

This is yet again an example of hypocrisy and how the majority of power in this world is in the world hands (feel free to once again take a look at freedomhouse.org‘s map of the unfree majority of this world).

In Other news, this might be a good time to mention positively the countries that did condemn this henious terror attack:

Country / Entity Condemnation

The United States of America
The Unites states condemned this attack “in the strongest terms possible” and called this offensive “brutal and cowardly”. It shared its’ concern over the situation in the Sinai Peninsula and urged the Egyptian government to proceed to a lasting stable security there.Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton: “We hope that those involved in the planning of these gruesome attacks will be brought to swift justice. We stand by Israel as our friend, partner, and ally – now and always.”

The European Union
European Union Chief, Kathrin Ashton: “I have learned with deep concern of the series of terrorist attacks that has taken place in Southern Israel today, including against civilian targets, and in which several Israelis are reported to have lost their lives and many more to have been injured. I condemn unreservedly all such acts of terror, extend my condolences to the families of those who lost their lives in these attacks and express my wishes for a full and speedy recovery to the injured.”

United Kingdom
Aliastar Burt, Minister of the Middle East: “I condemn these appalling and senseless acts of violence. As efforts for peace in the region continue, this brutality has no place, nor its perpetrators any excuse. My thoughts and prayers are with those killed and injured and I offer sincere condolences to their families and friends.”

Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird: “Canada condemns in the strongest terms the terrorist attacks in southern Israel today. These cowardly attacks, particularly on civilian targets, are abhorrent and criminal. On behalf of all Canadians, I send my heartfelt condolences to those affected by today’s vicious attacks”.Baird also mentioned Israel’s right to self-defense and acting against terror: “Israel has a right to defend itself against such terrorist acts in conformity with international humanitarian law. Those responsible for these horrific attacks must be held accountable.”

French Foreign Affairs Minister, Alain Juppe said nothing can justify these actions in a time where all efforts must be directed towards achieving peace.The French Embassy in Israel representatives to take part in Senior Non-Commission Officer Pascal Avrahami, who had a duel citizenship (Israeli and French).

Italian Foreign Affairs Minister, Franco Frattini called the attack “barbaric”. He warned that the international community should work to prevent this from repeating and take that into account when talking about the uprising in the Arab world.”I would like to express my condolences and closeness to the Israeli people and government for the loss of life in the barbaric attacks today.”

The Bulgarian Foreign Ministry: “We express our sincere condolences to the relatives of all victims. We are convinced that violence and terrorism cannot bring peace to the Middle East. Such acts do not help the efforts of the international community to bring the participants in the Middle East peace process back to the negotiations table.”

Germamy’s Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle: “At this difficult hour we stand by the side of our Israeli friends. Those responsible must be prosecuted. Terror and violence must not be allowed to torpedo peace and negotiation efforts in the Middle East.”

Norwegian foreign minister, Jonas Gahr Store has “condemned in the strongest possible terms” the terror attack as well as the “way of terror” and noted that Norway, a recent victim of terror, condemns all use of terror.

The Netherlands
The Dutch Foreign Ministry condemned the attacks “in the strongest terms.”

The United Nations
Though its’ Security Council has rejected condemnation to this terror attack, the UN’s Security General, Ban Ki-Moon condemned the attack and called for restrain. In a statement released by his office, he said: “the secretary-general hopes that the perpetrators are swiftly identified and brought to justice. He is concerned at the risk of escalation and calls for all to act with restraint.”

Costa Rica
The Ministry of Foreign Relations condemned the attack and expressed its’ condolences to the people of Israel, and more specifically to the victims and families of the those who were murdered. Costa Rica, “as a peace loving country, respectful of all human rights, expresses its most energetic disapproval of any kind of violence or terrorist attacks, regardless of the motives behind it.”

If you know of any other countries who condemned this heinous attack, please let me know in the comments and I would gladly give them the much deserved credit.

An entity missing on the above list is the Palestinian Authority itself. Though it did condemn the terror attack (especially since they’ve stated before how terror is unhelpful, and seeing how this was committed by their “opposition”), I did not include it in the above table because it’s message contained more incitement towards Israel than real condemnation, as usual. While simply stating it is only “against violence”, it went on to endless talk about the Israeli aggression and as usual only spewed out words and phrases that has no grasp in reality.


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