The duplicity and hypocrisy of the Arab world

It is almost astonishing how the Arab world never misses an opportunity to incite against Israel. With regards to the terror attack against Israel this past Thursday and the aftermath (that is still happening), this is yet another example as to how one of the biggest powers in the world are constantly acting and teaching with hate, forming a common enemy and a distraction for their opposed citizens under the iron fist.

The Arab League, representing the Arab world, is another international entity that directs most of its’ effort towards the annihilation of Israel (even long after they’ve revoked it from their official charter and allowed Arab countries to negotiate and achieve peace with Israel, a big no-no destined for sanctions until the 1970s).

While most of the Arab world oppresses people on a daily basis and practiced the elimination of the most basic human rights as a way of life, it constantly directs its’ attention towards Israel.

When Hafez Al-Assad, Syria’s former President (father of Bashar al-Assad, current President of Syria) sent his military to slaughter Sunni uprising in Hamma, in February 1982 with a total death count of over 10,000 civilians (some Human rights organizations claim it made it to 40,000), the Arab League did not condemn and did not act.

When “Little 3 year old boy, Salam Balousha, and his two brothers, were murdered in their car by [Hamas] Prime Minister’s Haniyeh’s troops” (the words of UNWatch President, Hillel Neuer), The Arab League said and spoke nothing, as did the rest of the international community.

In 2009, when young men and women filled the street of Tehran, wearing green strikes to symbolize their call for freedom and free election, Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, fired live ammunition at his own people who had the audacity to ask for their basic human rights. Many died, were imprisoned, raped and tortured. All the Arab League did was the congratulate Ahmadinejad. Amr Moussa, a candidate today in the so-called free Egypt, only said: “We hope that the next term would witness progress on the relations between Iran and the Arab world and cooperation in establishing peace in the Middle East.”

Today, it took the Arab League and the Arab world over five months to join the consensus against Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad. Over five months of daily tanks shooting to kill civilians demanding their rights from their regime, and it wasn’t until August 7th, 2011 (when the uprising began in March), Arab League’s secretary general, Naril Elaraby, called for the end of violence. He did not demand Assad would be removed, but instead plead for a chance to his supposed “reforms”.

These are, as usual, only a small tiny list of examples that define the way the Arab League operates. While most of its’ countries torture their own people, inflict corporal punishment in the most disturbing and heinous of ways, and deny their people  the freedoms many people in the Western world take for granted, they time after time after time condemn Israel while ignoring and leaving out complete facts.

The same has happened today. You didn’t need to scroll down all the way here to realize that, I’m sure. Just like in (yet another one of many examples) 2006 when it ignored Hezbollah’s role in what became the Israel-Lebanon [second] war, today as well it condemned Israel completely for its’ airstrikes in Gaza without even mentioned the endless barrage of rockets fired into Israel (over a hundred in two days!) and the terror attack that ignited it all.

Jordan, whose intelligence forwarded info regarding the cross-border attack shortly before it happened, issues a condemnation against Israel while completely ignoring both the terror attack and the rockets (and automatically accusing Israel for the deaths of Egyptian soldiers, though the joint military investigation hasn’t even begun and the attack happened near Egyptian army posts on Egyptian soil). Jordan, by the way, has been deliberately blind towards the gruesome deaths and slaughtering of Arabs by other regimes around the area, especially since it too is an oppressive regime. As late as August 7th, the Jordan’s Foreign Ministry still called for reforms under the regime of Assad. On August 13 th, all Jordan did was not condemn Assad, but simply express regret over “the increasing number of victims.”

As I said – the duplicity and hypocrisy of the Arab world.


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