With no IDF attacks in Gaza over night, Israel is still bombarded with rockets

Since yesterday afternoon at around 4 P.M. (GMT +03:00), Israel has not perform one single airstrike against Gaza and has not hit any target. At the same time, Its’ citizens have suffered one of the heaviest and deadliest rocket attacks in years. Dozens of rockets continued to fly over night and during this morning. The dead and fatally injured of last night were not enough for the extreme militants in Gaza who continues to put the lives of innocent Gazans at risk.

During Friday and Saturday, not including this morning, the count of rockets fired at Israel is Eighty-Three (83) – and they keep on coming.

A Grad missile fired at Israel made a direct hit at the car of Yossi Shushan, 38 years old, who died on the way to picking up his nine-months pregnant wife on the eve of Saturday, August the 20th.
Photographed By: Ohad Zionberg

Among the hits this morning, a school gym who thankfully, due to the summer vacation, was empty. But the rockets made a direct hit. In their blind shooting with the hope of killing as many Israeli men, women and children, the extremists, and Hamas, who controls the strip, are escalating this even further.

A Grad missile makes a direct hit a school gym in the city of Be’er Sheva on the morning of August 21st, 2011.
Photographed by: Herzel Yosef

Israel cannot and would not sit quiet much longer. Neither will your country. No country, for that matter, would allow this. Over 16 hours of not one plane over Gaza, and over 12 hours with dozens upon dozens of rockets at civilian populations.

Those who keep launching rockets are terrorists who only seek blood and death, and give no disregard to the lives of the population of Gaza. They are responsible for deaths on both sides. They are the aggressors.

Gaza should be freed as soon as possible – from these terrorists! It deserves a leadership that will make an effort to live in peace instead of in constant war and using them and their death in the most cynical way to promote their agenda, de-legitimize Israel and bring forth as much bloodshed as possible.

To this moment, the Palestinian Authority (the same one that in less than 30 days would be recognized as an independent state by the UN, while two parts of said state are completely dependent of each other) has not issued one single condemnation to the continues rockets fired unto civilian population.


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