4 weeks countdown to the Palestinian unilateral move: The none unity of the Palestinians

Note: This is an abbreviated post summary focusing on one of fives arguments I’ve made earlier to why the UN should, had it been interested in promoting peace, decline the Palestinian unilateral move this September. Click here to read the original full post.

Today, barely four weeks before the Palestinian Authority will seek a unilateral declaration in the United Nations that will once again drive it further away from the peace process, the Palestinians are still divided and the rupture is deeper than ever. This is much more evidentiary this past week, since the terror attack on Israel that escalated the tension between Israel and the Gaza Strip.

While in the past the future Palestinian state was to be formed on the territories of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip (which mutually-agreed land swaps), it has become much more apparent that its’ in fact two separate states – One in the West Bank, controlled by the Fatah organization (the internationally recognized Palestinian Authority), and a whole other state in the Gaza Strip, controlled by the extreme militant terror organization of Hamas. These two are rivals, even today as they attempt to portray a farcical reconciliation.

The rivalry between Fatah and the Hamas came to an extreme “highlight” in summer of 2007 when Hamas took control of the Gaza strip by force, expelling Fatah completely out it and tormenting those left behind and captured (evidence to amputations as ways of torture and punishment are abundant). The bloodshed has left a deep split between the Palestinians, and two different entities were formed.

While Fatah enjoys world support and recognition, Hamas only enjoys the support of the extreme Muslim countries and the anti-American (thus anti-Israel) alliance. In fact, it is declared a terror organization by most European countries, as well as the United States and even the United Nation.

For the past five years that Hamas has been in control of Gaza (until its’ violent overtake in 2007, it has been clinging to false claim that it was the elected government though that is NOT true – it won most of the votes (44%) but failed to form a coalition. That is one of the reasons that let to the war between Fatah and Hamas which ended with said violent overtake and expulsion of Fatah from the strip), the international community has only demanded three things from it:

  1. Abandon the ways of terror
  2. Recognize Israel’s right to exist
  3. Acknowledge and accept all past agreement signed with Israel (mainly the Oslo Accords, meaning – peace process and the formation of Palestinian state alongside Israel, as opposed to in stead of it).
To this day – Hamas has refused all these accounts. In fact, Hamas’ refusal to accept these terms (and to stop the open calls for Israel’s destruction and the slaughtering and terror acts against all Jews) is what the reason Israel imposed a blockade on the strip).
For five years, there is a deep cut between the Palestinians. This rupture has made it impossible to negotiate with the Palestinians. During the U.S. efforts, the Palestinians couldn’t bring one thing to table concerning Gaza or show any kind of ability to gain control over the area and have a future peace agreement be enforced in the Gaza strip as well. Moreover, in the past five years not only has Hamas never abandoned terror and agreed to peace agreements with Israel, it continued the endless barrage of rockets on its’ citizens. The Palestinian Authority could not meet the demand of Israel on one key issue – ensuring both Israel’s safety and that peace will be upheld. They are merely representing the West Bank alone.

When the September 2010 peace talks began, Hamas did anything he could to crush those deals, rejecting all possibilities for dialogue and peace. Hamas, whose charter calls for the destruction of Israel, embarrassed Fatah the day before the peace talks began. By the end of it all, the direct peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians ended with a huge tag price on it – the lives of four Israelis who were gunned down by Hamas terrorists to prove that Fatah cannot meet Israel’s security needs and to flush down any chance for peace.

The farcical reconciliation

In the last few months, Fatah and Hamas have declared reconciliation. That is a fraud. They have a mutual interest in portraying unity to fend off claims such as above, but have ever since made almost no progress in an actual sustainable unity. The heads of each faction has not been to the others’ territory yet (Fatah in Gaza, Hamas in the West Bank), they have failed to announce about a temporary government and have postponed elections until after the UN General Assembly (last elections result brought on the rupture).

Furthermore, Fatah and Hamas are not parties in an acting government. They are entities – each with its own soldiers, its’ own arsenal, its’ own ideology. This is not a matter of a coalition to run a government, this is about militias – should they disagree again, each has the power to fight the other in another round of bloodshed. A stable state functions when a government of different parties have control over one single army serving that government and not when each party has its’ own military serving its’ party’s agenda (which rarely meets the agenda of the people as a whole).

On top of that, there are many more guerillas, especially in Gaza, who are committed to the destruction of Israel and are not part of this unity agreement.

The past week has proven that time and time again. Guerillas managed to completely seize control – they carried out a terror attack and then managed to constantly fire dozens of rockets in to Israel, ranging for a few short miles to over 18 miles from the strip. When Hamas sought to end the escalation, fearing its’ warming relations with the new Egyptian government would worsen, it was not able to enforce a truce. While declaring cease-fire and no more rockets from 09:00 P.M. on Sunday night, rockets continued to be fired unto Israel throughout the night – over a dozen rockets, in fact.

The Palestinians’ division, as well as the enormous arsenals and weapons flooding its’ many armed militias, on top of the refusal of these militias (including Hamas himself) to recognize Israel’s right to exist and to abandon terror in exchange for peace and dialogue Is preventing a peace process and change for actual dialogue with sustainable results!

In five weeks, the UN should be focused on a true reconciliation, on a unity based on a joint desire for peace in stead of bloodshed, and then, maybe, peace between Israel and the Palestinians could have a chance. But of course, the UN is not really interested in peace.


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