Terrorist injures 8 tonight in Tel-Aviv

A few short hours ago, around 02:00 A.M. (GMT +03:00) a man from the Palestinian city of Schem, approximately 20-25 years old, committed a terror attack in south Tel Aviv.

The man who managed to cross infiltrate into Israel, called a cab from Jaffa to Tel-Aviv. He asked the cab driver to take him to Tel-Aviv’s central bus station, and when they arrived, pulled out a knife and demanded the cab driver will exit. The cab driver, Nahman Aji, said the man only wished he would get out of the cab and did not threaten to kill him. From the route the terrorist was driving towards, it seems he didn’t want to draw a scene so soon (merely hijacking a cab versus murder). The cab driver attempted to fend him off and was cut at his hand.

From there, the man drove the cab towards a nightclub, “Oman 17”, that hosted a huge party for teenagers with over 1,000 participants. At the last days of the summer break, the nightclub is packed at this hour.

Nearing the club, the terrorist was met with a border patrol barricade and drove straight to the barricade, running over policemen. The barricade was not there due to any specific intelligence, but as a matter of precaution to due to large party. After running over the policemen, the terrorist exited the car and with the knife in his disposal and started confronting the policemen who were trying to get a hold of him, screaming “Allah Akbar”. The massive police force around managed to get a hold of him before he actually made it to the nightclub and he is now in custody.

Police is now investigating if this was, as the terrorist claims, an independent act or did someone assist him. He will also be taken to reconstruct the event and to show police where and when he bought the knife. As mentioned, he doesn’t not deny what he did and claims that this was his own doing – both planning and executing.

The end result now is 8 injured: 1 in critical condition, 2 medium and the rest lightly wounded. The critically wounded has been operated at Ichilov hospital, where the wounded policemen were taken. In Wolfson hospital two security guards, a civilian man and the terrorist himself were treated for light wounds.

Had there not been a barricade and a large police force at the scene, this could have had ended even more badly…

Israel will now investigate this matter. If someone did assist, he will surely be arrested and some family members and friends might be questioned. If this does turn out to be a single independent terror, then just like with all criminal crimes in every country, this will be treated with the intent to deter others, especially who are finding the reason events “inspiring”. Israel does not seek harming or attacking the Palestinians for no reason, and in this case I doubt we’ll see a single soldier doing anything, unless the investigation will uncover something. The terrorist in the custody of POLICE, not the army.

With that note, and seeing as how since the official calm declared by the Palestinian fractions on Friday (long after Israel’s last air strike), 5 rockets had sense been launched and fired at Israel’s south (one was intercepted by the Iron Dome defense system above the city of Ashkelon), I hope that these chaotic fractions won’t find this as an excuse or a motivation to continue, or worse, their barrage of rockets.


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4 Responses to “Terrorist injures 8 tonight in Tel-Aviv”

  1. Maya Says:

    “He’s not a terrorist if it’s a one-man attack” That’s the logic that I heard in the case of Anders Breivik…

    • Ori Lentzitzky Says:

      History is filled with examples as to what one person can cause, either good or bad. Thankfully, this one man was stopped in time before he not only succeed in killing someone (either one or more), but also brought an escalation with the West Bank.

      I think people who say these kind of things are either not living with terror or terrified of it completely. But making excuses or wishing its’ not there, are not going to magically get it to disappear.

      Thank you for your comment!

      • Maya Says:

        I definitely agree with you- he could’ve caused a lot more damage. This is not my opinion- it’s something I read online and thought of as interesting.

        However, I’m simply commenting on how quickly he is branded as a terrorist once against Israeli/ Western powers but not so if against Muslims/ Arabs. It just goes to show how we’ve become accustomed to the usage of the term. Terrorist goes with Muslim just as dishonest goes with politician. (Sorry, couldn’t resist :P)

      • Ori Lentzitzky Says:

        For what it’s worth, Anders Breivik will always be branded a heinous terrorist in my eyes. And you’re right – people are much more fearful with the word terrorists when it comes to someone who is not Muslim. It’s a shame – terror, unfortunately, come in all shapes and sizes.

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