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A response to Bill Clinton’s “Netanyahu is to blame for failure of the peace process”

September 23, 2011

I was outraged to read this morning the account former U.S. president, Bill Clinton, gave yesterday regarding the current “no process” status of the Middle East peace process (meaning, the peace process between Israel and the Palestinians). In a speech to prominent bloggers as part of “Clinton Global Initiative” conference in New York, Clinton blamed the the deadlock of negotiations solely on Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. This is completely outrageous. I have already stated, more than once, how the Palestinians contributed greatly to the fact that there haven’t been much peace talks in the past two years. Moreover, I’ve given my account to how the Obama administration unintentionally drove the parties away from the negotiations table and helped progress the Palestinian unilateral move.

In responding to Clinton’s bizarre claims, I am not advocating for Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, himself but I am advocating for Israel as a whole. Blaming Netanyahu, and in such a way, for the  moratorium of the peace process is basically blaming Israel for it alone. That is completely false!

Bill Clinton has said: “Israelis always wanted two things that once it turned out they had, it didn’t seem so appealing to Mr. Netanyahu. They wanted to believe they had a partner for peace in a Palestinian government, and there’s no question — and the Netanyahu government has said — that this is the finest Palestinian government they’ve ever had in the West Bank.”

I must agree, actually. This is the finest Palestinian government and partner Israel has ever had. In the West Bank. While rockets are still being fired from Gaza and an entity named Hamas controls the strip and forces its’ 1.5 millions to live in a constant state of war against Israel, the Palestinian government residing in the West Bank is the most moderate one ever in power. However, the keyword here is “most”. This is only spoken about in relativity.

What can also be said about the Palestinian government of the West Bank:

  1. They are building a country honoring terror. Despite U.S. and European Union requests that they would stop naming streets and squared after terrorists who have taken part in killing dozens of innocent Israeli men, women and children, the Palestinians have continued to do so. No public condemnation, if any, not one to speak of. When the Palestinians refused Joe Biden demand that they would not name the square outside their government building after terrorists Dlal Mugrabi (responsible for the death of over 30 Israelis, among them 12 children), the world was completely silent. As recent as last March, the Palestinians refused to refer to the Fogel family murder as inhumane when talking to the Palestinian people. Outside of Western media, they only iterated “terror is an helpful to our cause today.”
  2. Palestinian Authority Abbas has written a complete distortion (one could even say lies) of history in an op-ed article on May 17th (published in The New York Times). The tone he used, as well as the fabricated story he told, show once more than the Palestinians refuse to accept that this conflict is made of two sides who make mistakes throughout the years and have shown clearly he is unable to make concessions on key issues – maybe the most important concession he is not willing to make is regarding the fictitious Right of Return.
  3. The events of last May 15th, the Nakba day (today used to distort and incite against Israel rather than to truly commiserate over a tragedy), and the aforementioned article written a few days after it, are another example of that. Four weeks ago in a visit to Lebanon, Abbas has promised Palestinian refugees (most of them descendants of refugees but are awarded the title – only the Palestinians offspring receive refugee status from the UN) they will go back home. He is not referring to the future Palestinian state, but is in fact perpetuating the fictional claim to one day return and flood the state of Israel with thousands of refugees. He is referring to people who were born in refugee camps or have been living there for over 60 years, without getting a single right from the regime they are under (in this instance Lebanon, but much more acute is the refugees on Syrian territory) and all he has to say is that their situation won’t change until they will get the chance to live one day.. not in a Palestinian state. But in Israel. This is of course unacceptable to Israel, nor should it be. But Abbas continues, to this day, to make that promise in stead of speaking the truth: “This is unrealistic. “We should be working towards our own country, not to demographically destroy another”.
  4. The current Palestinians government has no control whatsoever over Gaza or its’ people. The farcical unity between sworn enemies, Fatah and Hamas, is futile and only becomes more ridiculous as the days go by. No government to speak of, no real elections on the horizon. Nothing to make this unity more than a piece of paper signed in Cairo. Yet with Abbas unable to represent Gaza, or ensure that a peace treaty and security would be enforced to Israel’s citizens who are still, to this day, living with the barrage of rockets fired upon them,  Clintons only faults Netanyahu and by proxy Israel.
  5. The past two years the Palestinians have made it clear – this is not about a negotiations for peace, this is about negotiations  for the purpose of negotiating peace. The hoax of the settlement freeze is only one of the examples to how they’ve been avoiding negotiations which would force them to make concessions. Painful ones. Concession they are unwilling to make. Concession they must make in order to achieve peace. But instead, they’ve been going around the world, screaming and crying over the oppression and mistreatment. Yet when the entire world (seriously, the ENTIRE world) work to get them out of said miserable situation, they put up demands. They have conditions to how their oppression will end. Until these demands will end, they will continue with the status-quo. In fact, not only in the unilateral move won’t change anything in the short-run, in the past two years, the Palestinian leadership has done nothing to actually get its’ people out of the “Israeli oppression”. By the way, all the while ignoring the oppression of Hamas in Gaza who imposes a strict dictatorship and an extreme Islam law on its’ citizens.

The countries boycotting Durban 3 Conference

September 22, 2011

Today, as the 66th United Nations General Assembly is gaining momentum, and with the shadow of the Palestinian unilateral move away from peace , the third Durban Conference takes place in New York. Originally a conference aimed to combat world racism, Durban has become nothing more than another global event designated to the de-legitimization campaign against Israel. A conference that has no place for facts or truths, but promotes hate, racism, antisemitism, the denial of the holocaust and much more.

Today, at an event marking more than anything the extreme countries taking part in it, many countries around the west side of the world took an important powerful stand to boycott the conference. These countries are:

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • France
  • Germany
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • New Zealand
  • Austria
  • Italy
  • Bulgaria
  • The Czech Republic
  • The Netherlands
  • Poland

And of course Israel itself. Go here to read more about my account on the so-called “anti-racism” conference.

By the way, about 25 of NGOs, led by UN WATCH organization, are holding today a counter-summit in New York called  We Have a Dream: Global Summit Against Discrimination and Prosecution. It’s goal is to present an alternative to bias UN bodies and talk about real issues of racism and oppose the participation of countries such as China, Cuba, Iran, Saudi Arabia and more in the UN human rights various forums. It’s intent into bring awareness to the flawed UN system which fails to truly regulates human rights violation around the world.

Another summit Perils of Global Intolerance will take place today in New York, led by Holocaust survivor and Noble peace prize winner Elie Wiesel, is also meant to serve as a counter to Durban 3 and address UN hypocrisy and the ways in which Durban “legitimizes hate speech on a global scale”. Also, StandWithUs is holding a demonstration against the event as well.

Turkey will counterterrorism?

September 22, 2011

Two days ago, On Tuesday September the 20th, a terror attack hit the Turkish capital of Ankara. Dozens were injured, at least three were killed. This is another attack in a long line of terror attacks against Turkey, supposedly (no real confirmation as of yet) by the PKK – a Kurdish terror organization, fighting violently for an independent state over territories belonging to Turkey, Iraq, Syria and Iran.

Later that same day, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayip Erdogan met with United States President Barrack Obama. In their joint press statements, they both addressed and condemned the attack. Obama went as far as talking about Turkey one of the main players in the fight against terrorism. “This reminds us that terrorism exists in many parts of the world, and Turkey and the United States are going to be strong partners in preventing terrorism.” Really? Turkey?

Don’t get me wrong – this attack, as does any terror and violent attack should be and is condemned on the strongest of terms. The loss of life, especially in such as cowardly despicable way, is always tragic. But when it comes to battling terrorism, Turkey has always been interested in battling those fighting her and her alone. The recent tensions between Israel and Turkey, brought forth by the publication of The Palmer Report and a desire to use the bashing of Israel as the common denominator in the middle east, are only the recent examples of how Turkey under Erdogan’s rule constantly supports not only terrorism aimed at Israel, but terror in general.


1 week countdown to the Palestinian unilateral move: Violence is on the horizon

September 16, 2011

Earlier this week, the 66th General Assembly of the United Nations has been opened. In the following week leaders around the world would begin to take stage and give a speech. Some will talk about their own country, some will use the opportunity to incite against others rather than handle talking about themselves (anyone holding their breathes for Iran to mention anything about the protests it still violenty “shuts up”?). But one issue will hover over the entire assembly – The unilateral Palestinian move.

Now, I’ve already shared my views on why the Palestinians have been stalling on any effort for true peace before, and even expanded a bit on some key issues (such as the hoax of the settlement freeze or the farcical unity between the two biggest factions and enemies).

So what is expected to happen? Unless the Quartet manages (doubtfully) to get the Palestinians off their high tree and resume what they’ve been refusing to do with a bag full of excuses for almost two years now – enter negotiations and try to achieve peace – On Tuesday the show will begin. The Palestinians will try to get the Security Council to approve their request to be recognized as a state. This will not happen. It needs to majority of 9 “yes” out of 15 countries, with a declared United States veto on the horizion. But the point is pressure. Mostly on the European countries. Having Qatar and Lebanon as the presidents of this General Assembly and Security Council, accordingly, would help the Palestinians greatly with bureaucracy issues. It wouldn’t be long before the General Assembly and its’ automatic majority (as well as some other countries who are not part of that majority) will accept the Palestinians as a “none member state”.

This has a very declarative value, the kind that makes headlines. But it won’t change anything for real. At least, not towards anything good.


Britain boycotts Durban, changes ill law

September 15, 2011

Yesterday, British Prime Minister, David Cameron, announced officially that his country will not be attending the third Durban Conference in New York next week. With that, Britain join the United States, Germany, Australia, Italy and more countries. As I have previously stated, the Durban Conference, like many other international forums has become nothing more than a tool to blindly criticize Israel and pull resources from other areas around the world, some in dire need of it, all for the war against Israel.

In his statement, Prime Minister Cameron has acknowledged what the Durban Conferences have become and said Britain will not take part in what has become an event most identified with antisemitism.

In other news, the British ambassador to Israel, Matthew Gould, told Israel’s opposition leader, Tzipi Livni, that the queen has signed off on a correction to the British law that revokes the arbitrary right of everyone to file a lawsuit against every official. In 2009, Livni was suppose to attend a function, but canceled at the last minute. Her name still appeared on the program and pamphlet and was used as evidence by Pro-Palestinian (laundered word for anti-Israeli) Muslim groups to issue a warrant for her arrest for what they called “her part in human rights violations and crimes against humanity in the Gaza War.” The law in Britain simply allowed this to happen. Without having any merits truly be cleared and investigated, anyone can (or could until today) issue a warrant for the arrest of any official coming to Britain. The law was originally supposed to help bring war criminals to justice and was put to place at the end of World War II, but has been greatly misused by anti-Israelis in the past decade.

According to Gould, the law know requires that a director of Public Prosecutors l will approve this warrant and sign off on this actually having chances of going to trial. According to Gould, this will ensure that no warrant against Israeli officials will be issued from here on out (seeing as how, despite all the propaganda, the truth is that there is a huge distance between Israel’s actions and war crimes or crimes against humanity).

In Gould’s own words “The Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act, which has now received Royal Assent, includes an important amendment to ensure that the UK’s justice system can no longer be abused for political reason. The change will ensure that people cannot be detained when there is no realistic chance of prosecution, while ensuring that we continue to honour our international obligations.”

Tzipi Livni’s response was to these happy news was “I am glad that the arrest warrant issued against me served as a wake up call for Britain, and will bring an end to the cynical abuse of the British legislation against IDF commanders and soldiers. True justice has been served, and it will distinguish between leaders and commanders that defend their country against terrorism – such as the IDF soldiers – and real war criminal against whom this law was originally legislated.”

Thank you, Britain. Thank you twice for being a moral country.

Response to Jordan’s King Abdullah “If I were an Israeli, I would be afraid”

September 14, 2011

Earlier this week, King Abdullah of Jordan has spoken about recent events in the Middle East and has also talked about Israel. Jordan, it should be noted, reached a peace agreement and formed diplomatic relationships with Israel in 1994. These relationship endure to this day, even after a Jordanian soldier, Ahmed Daqamseh, opened fire at a field trip of an Israeli school in a joint Israeli-Jordanian tourism site, killing 7 girls aged 13 and 14.

What did King Abdullah say? He mainly referred to Israel as the outcast, talked about how its’ situation is worsening in the region and said that Jordan is stronger while Israel is weaker and that Israelis should be afraid. Without disputing or claiming that some of what he said has merits, once again it is proven that the easier defense in the Middle East is an offensive against Israel. Merits have nothing to do with that. Just two weeks ago, Abdullah urged Palestinian Authority President Abbas to rethink his unilateral move. A few months ago it was published that Jordan would not vote for the Palestinian state’s vote in the General Assembly.

The Truth is – Abdullah is the one most afraid. Though a moderate, Jordan is too an oppressing Arab regime. It too had some mild protests and is currently enjoying the luxury of helping deflect its’ public’s anger towards Israel. But the “Arab Spring”, the changes going through all those oppressing leaders in the Arab states around the Middle East does not pass by him. While Jordan is a monarchy (Abdullah got the leadership from his father, King Hussein) and relatively moderate dictatorship, it is also made up of different tribes. While the kingdom is considered a Hashemite kingdom, the majority of its’ population is Palestinian. Just like most Arab nations, Jordan too continues to view Palestinians as merely refugees from 1948 (after over 60 years of them residing in its’ territory and under its’ rule), which is yet another example of the ridiculous “Right of Return” – for over 60 years, Arab nations who are hosts to Palestinians consider them as nothing more than refugees and continues to encourage them to one day flood Israel back and annihilate it (the realistic outcome of receiving this so-called right, a right which no other refugee in the world received, including in post World War II and Yugoslavia).


The threat realized? Shooting from the Sinai Peninsula tonight

September 11, 2011

This just happened a short while ago so details are fairly new and still fuzzy, but what is known now is that another shooting took place tonight from Egyptian soil towards Israel, around the same location it did last time (not far from the Egyptian post and the border post of Netafim).

This time fire was opened towards a miliary patrol (though doubtfully this was the only desired target). The fact that this was aimed against soldiers and not civilians would probably be taken into account in terms of reprecautions, but the fact that yet another shooting from across the border towards Israel has occurred is the main goal here – The Sinai Peninsula, despite honest Egyptian efforts, is still unsecure, in chaos and in danger of deteriorating current tensions between Israel and Egypt, especially after violent protestors were minutes away Friday night from harming Israeli personnel inside its’ Embassy in Cairo.

The soldiers did not fire back and the terrorists retreated back into the peninsula. No injures were reported before the soldiers took cover. Forces opened search for trails leading to the terrorists.

Last Friday morning, before the violent demonstration in Cairo, live fire was opened at a residental community in Israel near Gaza called “Nativ Ha’asara”. No injures by luck but bullets have flown past people and caused damanges to houses.

On 9/11, as the world bows its’ head in memory of a barbaric attack, Israel is once again reminded it constantly lives in terror. Terror that has nothing to do with peace or peace talks, terror that is blind and cowardly and comes from the darkest places. It has no rational, no merits that hold weight, nothing but blind stupid hate. Hate that only seeks to kill as many as possible – men, women and children. Terror who gives a frightening new meaning to the phrase “the more the merrier” (in the distorted eyes of the these heinous terrorists).

More as more information will come to light…

Violent Egyptian Protestors break into the Israeli Embassy

September 11, 2011

On Friday, a quiet Tahrir square protest in demand for  movement towards democracy, free elections and the end of the regime of the supreme military council turned violent. Not in demands for democracy and freedom, but in demand of bloodshed. A handful of protestors, a huge handful to be exact, walked from Tahrir square to the Israeli Embassy building in Cairo. Their protest? For war and bloodshed and the end of peace with Israel. This, of course, is not new – the falling of the walls of fear in a previously oppressing regime finds outlet in all aspects. Once again, the hate for Israel is simply the lowest common denominator.

This Friday was different – For hours the demonstrators took hammers to a concrete wall put around the Embassy building to protect it after previous protests. For hours they hit, and broke, and hammered as the wall was broken. But unlike what the breaking of a wall could symbolize in another region at another time – this was an act of VIOLENCE, promoting violence, hailing violence.

The call to cancel diplomatic relations in the prospect of war, all the while working towards violently breaking into an Embassy building, looting it, and attempting much (MUCH) worse – extremists are always minorities, but in a country with 80 million citizens, a minority is quiet a large group of people standing in front of building. Honestly, in a country with 7 million citizens (like Israel) a minority is still a large group (should be noted of course that not all minorities are extremists – it does not work both ways).

It seems almost astonishing that for hours the protestors were not only protesting, but always taking hammers to a wall, attacking an Embassy building, and no security forces (from police to worse) intervened or managed to stop them. It seems some what odd that it takes a phone call for the United States President himself, hours after the event has started, to finally have a commando unit intervene – after protestors have broken in past the concrete wall, made it two floors up, took down the flag and were ONE DOOR away from six security personnel who were locked in their room, fearing for their lives. These are only some of the troubling questions arising for this events, questions every peace-seeking freedom-advocating person should ask. Not to mention of course that while Israel is the easiest focus, extremist have tendencies to dislike not only one group – what happens if next Friday its’ the British Embassy? Or the French? The Dutch? The Australian? and so on. This is not exclusive to Israel – Israel is just the easiest first target to wrap as many people around it as possible.

Violent Egyptian protestor climbing the Embassy building and taking down the Israeli flag. Make no mistake – this no hero, but an aggressor. Photos By: AP

Some people might easily believe there are merits to this protest.

Well, first of all – No merits in the world justify (or can justify) this act. If you think there are or that this one was, please leave my blog, ’cause it seems I have nothing to say to you or cannot even attempt to change your mind. An attack, against all International Regulations, with nothing stopping it in the process is anarchy, as simple as that. And As I’ve said – this was an attack that asked to promote violence and war. Instability. Future bloodshed. The end of peace. If you think that is justified, I repeat – please leave my blog.


A Response to Robert Gates, and How the Obama Administration is [unintentionally] hurting Israel

September 9, 2011

A few days ago, the White House did not deny a quote giving by a reliable journalist of former Secretary of US Defense, Robert Gates, in which he referred to Israeli Prime Minister as an “ungrateful ally”. This, of course, was not really news worthy. The grave relations between the current Israeli government and the current US administration are not new. But unfortunately, since day 1, this has been the state of mind in the White House regarding the Israeli government. What is much more saddening is that the Obama Administration never attempted to truly hide that fact.

The truth is that as much as its’ easy to criticize to no end (as the following post will demonstrate), the US administration has probably more to do with Israel’s isolation that Israel itself. Now, at no point during this post am I claiming this was done internationally in anyway, but the end result is the same – The Obama administration has contributed greatly to the current situation and the unilateral Palestinian move. Problem is, they don’t seem willing to face it.

Over the past two years, U.S. President Obama has tried to invoke peace talks and promote the peace process in various ways. None of them succeed. True, much can be said for both parties of the process (Israel and the Palestinian Authority), yet Barrack Obama has played a huge part in making the short distance between Jerusalem and Ramallah seem much further.

I want to make it abundantly clear, right off the bat, that I do not think that President Obama had any intention to do so, nor do I believe he is an anti-Israeli. The past two years have been an endless series of mistakes, not predetermined evil master plans. But the fact is, where we stand today, President Obama’s actions have weakened Israel and helped, more than anything, the de-legitimacy campaign against Israel. As a result, he too shares the blame for the almost complete death of the peace process and the growing isolation of Israel.

This is not an anti-Obama article and I am not seeking to intervene in internal U.S.politics and be on the side of one presidential campaign or another. I can’t say that replacing Barrack Obama in 2012 would change anything for better or worse, and I can’t say that he is not capable of learning from his mistakes and achieving great things in the future. This is not a political article (about U.S. politics), but an opinion one.

So why do I believe Barrack Obama has been hurt Israel repeatedly?


2 weeks countdown to the Palestinian unilateral move: The settlement freeze is a hoax

September 9, 2011

Note: This is an abbreviated post summary focusing on one of five arguments I’ve made earlier to why the UN should, had it been interested in promoting peace, decline the Palestinian unilateral move this September. Click here to read the original full post.

Yesterday, though it surprised no one, the Palestinian Authority has issued a letter to the UN secretary-general, asking to be accepted to the UN as a new country to be taken upon vote in the coming 66th General Assembly. Surely, this resolution will pass. It should be noted that only the Palestinian Authority, in control of the West Bank, has issued the letter and not Hamas who violently controls the lives of over 1.5 million Gazans. While a farcical unity has been reached between Hamas and The Palestinian Authority, supposedly ending their long blood-filled feud, Hamas remains committed officially not to peace but to war, bloodshed and death. Hamas is an entity declared a terror organization by the Quartet (which the UN is a member of).

For the past two years, the Palestinian Authority refused entering negotiating with Israel. One could be surprised how a leadership screaming constantly at its’ own people’s agony would continually refuse entering negotiations to end such suffering (The answer is of course the shower of gifts raining upon them from all around the world, this unilateral move only one out of many, without them having to make a single concessions in term of negotiations). Their excuse has been that Israel continues to build settlements in the West Bank, which renders them unable to talk peace. FALSE! This is merely an excuse, one that has worked well in their benefit, but only that. An excuse.

It could be that the Palestinians refuse to sit down with the current Israeli government (who has made several public announcements to its readiness to a two-state solution and negotiations, starting with Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu’s Bar-Ilan speech). If that is the case, then the Palestinians should know that you don’t get to choose your partner in peace, but if you desire peace, you make an honest effort despite that. A negotiation on a peace deal so complicated and on a conflict lasting so long is not about to be resolved easily no matter what. You don’t start by agreeing on all issues, but you start on agreeing that you want to go somewhere. That agreement has been lacking.

If for you’re unaware of what a settlement freeze is, let me explain. Israel has froze building of settlements in the west bank for 10 months (starting November 26th, 2009) in an attempt to get the Palestinian to sit down to talk to them (this was done due to international pressure, mainly by U.S. President, Barrack Obama, but nevertheless – the settlement freeze happened). During most of these ten months there we no peace talks. The Palestinians refused to see this as a trust-building step and did not agree to start direct negotiations with Israel. The U.S. tried to sponsor indirect talks during that time, but that failed as well.


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