Summary of rockets fired into Israel – August 2011

Here is a summary of all rockets fired from the Gaza Strip by various militant groups in August of 2011. Due to the terror attack on Israel and its’ retaliation on the Gaza Strip, the number of rockets is astonishingly high. It was very difficult to give track of all these rockets, so I have to qualify the total number presented here with “at least”. These rockets have mostly been fired by militant groups who are not Hamas, such as the Popular Resistance Committee, Islamic Jihad, Iz a-Din al-Qassam Brigades and more, which only goes to show how weak Hamas’ control over the strip is and how farcical the unity between Hamas and Fatah truly is. Of course, the majority of the world and the anti-Israel movement in international forums won’t care about all of that, and just like they managed to prevent a condemnation of a terror attack against Israeli civilians, they will allow a unilateral move in 3 short weeks that will end peace and prepetuate bloodshed, war, incitement and hate.

The number of rockets fired at Israeli civilians during this past month is at least 167 !

Click here for Wikipedia’s account and references of each barrage and rocket (it has some that don’t appear there, those i’ve managed to track I too added to the page).

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Notable incidents:
Even before the terror attack on Israel and the escalation that followed, August has not seen quiet.
A rocket fired on August 1st landed caused injures to a 55-year old Bedouin woman.
A Grad missile fired upon the city of Ashkelon on August 4th in the middle of night wounded five people. More injured were in another Grad the following evening.
After the escalation, about 2 dozen people were injured from rockets hits. The most serious ones happened on Saturday, two weeks ago, when 4 people were critically injured and one man died.
On August 24th a rocket made a direct hit at a parked car. While the car ignited completely, sharpnel flew into the house next door and wounded a nine-months old baby (not the only baby wounded in August by rockets).
The firing upon Israel is blind and is done with the hope that it will bring many deaths to Israeli civilians, mostly to children and women. The militants in Gaza take pride and joy when a rocket finally makes a direct hit and have aimed more rockets towards the port city of Ashdod since it is once of the largest cities in their rocket range who, until last night, was not protected by the Iron Dome defense system.
The Palestinians’ ability to handle terror and to enforce any kind of peace, should they be willing to progress that movement (they have done much more to progress a unilateral move…), aspires to nothing. And yet, when it comes to defend itself, Israel will constantly be portrayed in the eyes of some people as the bad guy, with ludicrous execusions such as “occupation” (even though Israel withdrew from Gaza six years ago only to be hit with more rockets and terror. Gaza’s current situation and the blockade imposed on it is the result of its’ leadership unwillingness to forgo terror).

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