Gemany to join boycotting countries of “Durban 3”

Yesterday, Germany’s Foreign Minister, Guido Westerwelle, has announced that Germany would not be attending the third Durban Conference against world racism. With that, Germany joins countries like Italy, The Netherlands, The Czech Republic, Canada and more. It should be noted that while many western countries did attend the second Durban Conference in France in 2009, many of them did so in an attempt to try and prevent the outcome and many have walked out during Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, in which he proceeded to deny the holocaust. In his statement, Westerwelle said that Germany cannot be sure that once again the Durban Conference will be a vessel for antisemitic statements.

What is the Durban Conference Against World Racism?

This September, New York will not only be noting 10 years in the memory of the 9/11 terror attack against the World Trade Center, but will also be “celebrating” 10 years to the first Durban Conference… by having the third Durban Conference take place in New York itself.

On September 22nd, 2011, world leaders who are attending the General Assembly of the UN, will take part in the conference.

The first conference, while supposed to have been about real concerns towards world racism and while focusing on the issue of past slavery of black people by Western countries, was quickly taken over by anti-Israel countries and NGOs and quickly turns into a political anti-Israeli conference, disregarding all racism throughout the world.

Each continent was supposed to have its’ own panel and raise concern in its’ territory about world racism and ways they believe that could be amended. Asia’s panel took place in Teheran and excluded Israel. The panel, consistent partly by the regular anti-Israeli majority, focused on one country and one country alone – Israel. It attempted to:

  • Declare Israel is the most racist entity in the world
  • Deny the Jewish holocaust and claim there was nothing remotely special or unique about it
  • Call for the destruction of Israel, calling its’ formation a “sin committed through ethnic cleansing”
  • Call for world sanctions and war against what the panel called “war crimes and crimes against humanity”
  • Declare Israel as jeopardy to world peace
  • Declare Zionism (the movement to find a home for Jews around the world to protect them from racism) racism.
It should be noted that most of the countries involved in these finding are of oppressing regimes who deny its’ people basic human rights on a daily basis and practice the violations of international humanitarian law as a way of life.
The conference, held in Durban, South Africa, was taken over by the panel, the majority against Israel, and anti-Israeli NGOs called to serve as observers at the conference. The final statement, while anti-Israel in nature, was softer due to interference of western countries, as well as African countries who wanted the focus to remain on compensations to the offspring of slaves. Nevertheless, it was a hard political statement that painted Israel is the strongest of colors while completely disregarding other countries or any disclosures of racism through the world.
Though in the years that have passed, over 1,000 Israeli Jews were murdered in terror attacks aimed specifically at Jewish people in Israel just because they are Jewish (none were targeted at Israeli Arabs and other non-Jewish groups in Israel),  The second Durban Conference barred a resemblance to the first one.
In a few weeks, the same will happen again. Western sources say the current draft of the statement does not refer to Israel at all, but that the aforementioned NGOs and governments will surely make a play to change the draft to mention the previous conferences statements.
The war on Israel and to’ de-legitimize it, with so-called “facts” that have no real grasp in reality while completely ignoring other situations throughout the world is constantly in progress!
Click here to join UNWatch’s fight against Durban 3!

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