The threat realized? Shooting from the Sinai Peninsula tonight

This just happened a short while ago so details are fairly new and still fuzzy, but what is known now is that another shooting took place tonight from Egyptian soil towards Israel, around the same location it did last time (not far from the Egyptian post and the border post of Netafim).

This time fire was opened towards a miliary patrol (though doubtfully this was the only desired target). The fact that this was aimed against soldiers and not civilians would probably be taken into account in terms of reprecautions, but the fact that yet another shooting from across the border towards Israel has occurred is the main goal here – The Sinai Peninsula, despite honest Egyptian efforts, is still unsecure, in chaos and in danger of deteriorating current tensions between Israel and Egypt, especially after violent protestors were minutes away Friday night from harming Israeli personnel inside its’ Embassy in Cairo.

The soldiers did not fire back and the terrorists retreated back into the peninsula. No injures were reported before the soldiers took cover. Forces opened search for trails leading to the terrorists.

Last Friday morning, before the violent demonstration in Cairo, live fire was opened at a residental community in Israel near Gaza called “Nativ Ha’asara”. No injures by luck but bullets have flown past people and caused damanges to houses.

On 9/11, as the world bows its’ head in memory of a barbaric attack, Israel is once again reminded it constantly lives in terror. Terror that has nothing to do with peace or peace talks, terror that is blind and cowardly and comes from the darkest places. It has no rational, no merits that hold weight, nothing but blind stupid hate. Hate that only seeks to kill as many as possible – men, women and children. Terror who gives a frightening new meaning to the phrase “the more the merrier” (in the distorted eyes of the these heinous terrorists).

More as more information will come to light…


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