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UNESCO passes a political resolution and accepts “Palestine”

October 31, 2011

Note: You can read more about the politics and anti-Israeli actions of UNESCO in my earlier post.

Well, not really a surprise, but it happened. The none-political organization passed a political decision to accept as a full-member state… a state which does not exist. A state whose political status has yet to be decieded by the roof organizations, the UN Security Council itself.

While the Israeli ambassador recieved laughter in his speech, the Palestinine foreign minister recieved appluase. I’m glad to see this is the kind of culture and education the international body in charge of education and culture projects.

UNESCO passed yet another resolution against Israel and has accepted “Palestine” as its’ member. Why the quoatation marks? Because I’m presonally not really sure what Palestine is. Maybe the 107 countries that voted for this resoltuion can answer either of the following questions:

  • What are the borders of this newly-accepted state?
    (There’s a difference between “based on the 1967 borders” and the actual final borders which should have been decieded in a bilateral move, meaning negotiations, rather a unilateral move).
  •  A follow up – What is its’ jurisdiction?
    (For example, when it comes to East Jerusalem – a contention point full of holy places to all faiths and to where Jewish people as a whole were deined access before 1967 – should it be decided through negotiations what happens with the cultural places of this area?)
  • Does the education and culture that UNESCO wishes to promote involved the blind fire-rocketing of hundreds of rockets into civilian unarmed populations with the intent of killing and harming civilians? Is it to encourage terror? FOUR rockets have been fired today into Israel… so far!
  • Who represents this state of “Palestine” in UNESCO?
    (Fatah has no real control in Gaza, Hamas has limited control over the West Bank. True, there is this fake and farcical unity agreement, but no government or representations agreed upon by both sides have been agreed upon since MAY. Should the fact that the Fatah memeber was speaking in UNESCO means Gaza is no longer a part of this Palestine? Or are we just getting back to borders and security issues which were not agreed upon by any side or in any kind of negotiations?)
  • How does this help promote peace and dialgue between Israel and the Palestinians? Or is UNESCO simply advocating war? (It certainly seems to advocate for terror – see the above).

And the list goes on… I can ask many more questions. For instance the claims on Amnesty reports on journalists (eight in numbers) who are tortured in Palestinian prisons – a big “no-no” in UNESCO‘s own charter.

Congratulations! Another win for terror, another blow to Israel and another day where peace can be officialy deleted from the UN’s to-do list. This is what the body responsible for education around the world wants to educate.

As for the Palestinian people themselves – your [West Bank] leadership has now committed to funding a UN organization. Can your fiscal status really afford it? Most of your economy is still dependant on donations, the unemployment rate is nothing to brag about and you consider yourself refugees. So why is your leadership so eager to be sending the money elsewhere?

And a good word to the countries with conscience who wanted to give peace a chance – United States, Israel, Canada, Australia, Czech Republic, Germany, Lithuania, The Netherlands, Sweden, Panama, Samoa, Palau, Vanautu and Solomon Islands.

Among the countries who just painted their hands with thick red and should not search for nice comforting words to conceal that fact are France, Spain, Belgium, India and many more (most of which are none-democracies so there was no real point in mentioning them).


Will UNESCO accept “Palestine” as a State?

October 30, 2011

Tomorrow, Monday October the 31st, is possibly a scary day. Not just because in the Christian faith is marks All Halloween’s Eve, a day notorious for its’ tacky costumes and “Trick or Treat”s. Tomorrow, UNESCO‘s [United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization] own general assembly will decide whether or not to accept the non-existing state of Palestine as its member.

Don’t get me wrong – personally I believe in a resolution that will end the Israeli-Palestine conflict and will result in the birth of a Palestinian state. But as of tomorrow, Monday October the 31st 2011, such a state does not exist. Such a state cannot exist until the Palestinians sit down and work out a resolution with Israel. A resultion to end this conflict. To stop the demands. A resultion where both sides made concessions, not just shouting at Israel to go back to the [indefensible] 1967 borders, which they’ve proven to be indefensible. Not until terror, the same kind that continues to attack people and that only yesterday killed an innocent 56 year old man in Ashkelon, Israel, will stop.

Much like any other UN body, UNESCO too now has very little to do with its’ mission statement and much to do with politics. More specifically, Anti-Israeli politics. This is why this ridicolous request is even being considered. If not for political reasons, this wouldn’t be an issue. UNESCO is not supposed to be a political body that recognizes one entity or another as a state. And the UN haven’t even discussed the Palestinian request yet, let alone its’ Security Council. The request is still in committee and is supposed to be brought before the Security Council around Novermber 11th. It is expected to not pass (as it seems now, without the need for an American veto).

Yet, as they’ve done in the past years, the Palestinians (meaning their leadership – the “moderate” faction Fatah, only in control of the West Bank) continue to work towards unilateral moves, than to actually negotiate a resolution, an end to this conflict. They much rather perpetuate it. Not make any concessions. Attack Israel with diplomatic terror, the one they enjoy because of the automatic Anti-Israel and Anti-American majority at international bodies. When will they finally sit down and attempt to talk peace instead of always trying to circumvent it??

UNESCO has long become a political power play in the hands of the anti-Israelis. The Palestinians are preparing to use that once they become members. They plan to have UNESCO officialy declare sites sacred to the Jewish faith and residing inside their claimed territory (mainly the West Bank) as exactly the opposite. They’re planning, announcing their intention, to attack not just Israel, but the Jewish faith as a whole, but having various locations declared “world heritages”.

This is a process already in the making. A year ago, on October 21st 2010, UNESCO adopted five anti-Israeli resolutions. Among them, they’ve denounced any right or connection Israel or the Jewish people have to two of the holiest sites in the Jewish religion, sites considers holy for over 4,000 years – Rachel’s Tomb in Bethlehem, and the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron.

Click here to read about how UNESCO denounced 4000 years of belief

Terror intesifies: Israeli Man Dies of Wounds, Footage of Thwarted Rocket Attack

October 30, 2011

The day of October 29th 2011 is winding down on Israel and Gaza, but the round of escalation seems to be worsening.

I should make it clear – Israel is not interested in war, only in deterrence, in stopping rockets from being randomly and blindly fired at its people. The attacks on Israel are unprovoked and sereve only a way of terror, of illegal war, of the desire for death and bloodshed from the extremists in the Gaza Strip, in the Palestinian population.

The Islamic Jihad terror cell that fired a rocket on Thursday, was about to launch another rocket. Israel learned of this intention, is even documented it. In the video footage captured by an Israeli UVA this noon and released this evening by the IDF, terrorists from the Islamic Jihad movement are clearly seen in an open area, preparing to launch a long-range missile (Grad):

This terror cell was about to shoot at civilian population. It was doing so with the intent to fright, and hopefully – yes, hopefully – harm, injure and kill. Randomly. Blindly. As a policy, Israel thwartes these attacks on the spot when learning of it, killing the terrorists if necessary. If you can blame it for that action – you are truly gifted with blindness and hatred. If you can blame Israel for this, just answer what would you do instead? How would you like to live with this kind of terror for years?

One of the members of this cell was a high-rank terrorist of the Islamic Jihad. The movement, blaming Israel for his death and not his own militant action of terror and war, decided on a harsh result.

As the day is winding down, about 30 rockets have been fired at Israel. A few hit near homes. In a stroke of luck, two rockets hit near a populated building, filled with families on a Saturday afternoon. It hit the parking lots and the yard. A few short inches, a stronger wind and this would have been a catastrophe. A disaster. And Israel would have to retaliate hard for this kind of lost. It is by mere chance that these terrorists don’t hit, and more often they enjoy that. Because if their blind and random shooting made more hits, if less near-miracles like this happened, Israel’s reponse would be much much harsher. But Israel is not interested in escalation. It want calm and peace. It want children to walk to school without fear and parents to not live with a burdening anxiety all day long. Tomorrow, neither kids nor parents would enjoy this previllege.

Unfortunately, the 30 rockets fired until now have not only caused severe injured, shock victims and damage to properties. A rocket that landed in the city Ashkelon took the life of a man. This terror strike, this terror “round”, has already taken the life on an innocent.

Another day of terror, Another day of rockets on Israel

October 29, 2011

Eariler today, Israeli aircraft attacked terrorists of the Islamic Jihad in Gaza – Israel’s intelligence brought information that this organization is responsible for the rocket launched last Thursday. The rocket was launched at a time of calm, in between the executing of two parts in the Gilad Shalit swap deal, and on the anniversary of an Islamic Jihad‘s official death by Israel.

As I’ve mentioned countless times before – Gaza is flooded with many terror groups. While Hamas is the de-facto ruler, it has little control over the other militias. This is an example of the chaos of Gaza, of the unwillingness and inability to enforce peace or a cease fire from the Gaza Strip.

Five militants – terrorists – were killed. As always, the retaliation was targeted to Israel’s civilian population. At the moment of writing these lines, Six missiles have been fired at Israel. A 50 year old man was injured in his legs by shrapnel, in Gan-Yavne:

50 year old man injured by shrapnel in Gan-Yanve rocket launched and hits Gan Yanve
Picture taken by Avi Rokach Picture taken by Roee Cooper

Another rocket hit a school’s yard in Ashdod! – thankfully it was a Saturday and the school was empty:

Rocket hits school in the port city of Ashdod Rocket hits school in the port city of Ashdod
Pictures taken by Avi Rokach

From the time I’ve began writing this short post to now, another rocket hit near a house in Ashdod.

Islamic Jihad‘s reponse so far: “This is just the begining.” Terror, unfortunately, is an everyday part of Israel’s existence. It always prefers to aim and target citizens, civilians and blindfully attack people. And yet it seems too many people are just not interested in hearing that part of the story. They’d much rather critize Israel for its’ handling of such terror. They make up facts, distort the truth and do what’s necessary to fault Israel always.

Such distortion often includes the complete ignoring of the fact that this terror only intesified when Israel completey and fully withdrew from the Gaza Strip, when it handed it in full to the Palestinians! They of course find it easy to forget that it wasn’t until two years after the withdrawal, two years of continued rockets that a blockade was put a Gaza to prevent the smuggling of these rockets, of these weapons. The above is only a short example of one day, one of many, that Israeli citizens are living with.

How many of these rockets would Israel’s criticizers put up with before responding like Israel, if not much harsher? How long would you take this kind of terror?

Israel aids the Turkish victims of earthquake

October 28, 2011

This past sunday, a devastaing earthquake shocked a region in East Turkey. I’m sure you’ve heard about it – as with every natrual disaster, the horrifying stories of the wreckage, the victims and the amazing stories of those survived and pulled out of debris after so many days makes headlines and front-page news. The earthquake in Turkey was no excpetion of course.

As the magnitude of the disaster came to light, a few short hours after the earthquake happened, Israel did what is always does in these situations – it began to offer help to Turkey in handling this disaster. As a policy, Israel offers help whenever it can to whomever it can help. It did so in Haiti, Japan, New Zealand and much more.

In 1999, when a truly catastrophic earthquake hit Turkey, an Israeli team build a camp for people who suddenly became homeless. In a short while, it builded a village that housed 3,000 people and contained 312 housing units, a shopping center, a clinic, playgrounds, a school where about 420 children contiuned to study and much more. It also sent rescue teams that helped dig and recover people from under wreckage.

Today, even though ties between the governments of Israel and Turkey are strained, Israel offered help in a short while and from four different fronts – through the Israeli Prime Minister, through the Israeli Prisdent, through the Ministery of Defense and through the Ministery of foriegn relations.

On Tuesday, Turkey agreed to receive help from the world and has asked Israel to faciliate in forming a similiar village, only smaller this time. Israel has sent an airplane full of 5 transportable housing units that can easily be hooked up to water and electricy, and in addition sent 2,000 brass coats, 2,000 brass blankets and 100 inflatable matresses. This morning another airplane took off with more aid to Turkey and Israel is preparing to send much more transportable housing units through the sea (since a ship can carry much more than an airplane).

This of course does not change the diplomatic relations between the countries. Turkey is still holding to its’ hardline policy against Israel. The reasons for their acts as “the neighborhood bully”, especially against Israel (but not exculsive, as Cyprus can tell you), I have already explained.

It is amazing though how the public, to whom this animosity has trickled to, doesn’t stop for one second to think – They’re accusations are that Israel delibertly attacked a humanitarian convoy, not that it was trying to impose a blockade (one that they view as illegal) on a convoy that refused to comply peacefully. Yet, here is one of great examples that Israel is helpful to humanitarian causes and takes an active part in them. Even when it comes to people living under governments who act against it. It’s surprising they won’t stop to ask for one second, if perhaps that convoy and the relatively small number of people upon it who chose violent and incitement that ended in nine casualties and many wounded on both sides was also in the wrong. At the flotilla incident on May 31th, Israel offered many times to deliver the humanitarian aid aboard the vessels through the land corssings. It has no problem with humanitarian aid, it does not act in a none-humanitarian way. It’s sad that even now they won’t open their eyes and ask – maybe not just one side was in the wrong?

Grad missile from the Gaza Strip hit Be’er Tuvia

October 27, 2011

I don’t usually take the time to write about single missiles fired at Israel from the Gaza Strip, unless their results are catastrophic. The rocket launched last night, after 11:00 PM at night from the Gaza Strip, may not have caused any injures or worse and has landed in an open field, thankfully, but it is another example of yet another catastrophe so easily overlooked.

The image to the right is of a map from Google Maps showing the region – marked in red are both the Gaza Strip itself, and in an X the location where the missile hit – a residential community by the name of Be’er Tuvia, population of almost 800. The distance between the two is over 18 miles (over 30 kilometers) – That’s how far various militia terror groups’ rockets reach inside Israel, at least they ones they’ve fired so far. Right now, at any given second, over 1 million Israeli citizens – men, women and children alike – are living under the constant fear of rockets. At any given moment in time, they might get a short warning (up to 60 seconds in the most remote areas today), of a rocket that has been fired. Sderot, for instance, has only 15 seconds to take cover. Israeli police personnel extracting the rockets from the ground

In a time frame that ranges between 15 seconds to one minute, people must take cover and find safe places (Israel’s Home Front Command recommends behind inner walls inside the houses and such). Yesterday, the rocket was launched past 11:00 PM at night. Could you take cover with your entire family when a siren is suddenly heard at the hour?

The sad truth is that the aforementioned Sderot, a large city near the Gaza Strip, has lived with these rockets been fired upon it daily and the 15 second warning for 10 years now. It wasn’t until 8 of these years have passed, 8 years of fear, injuries and even casualties before Israel opened a military campaign to deter from these rockets. This deterrence only held so long – there are forces in the Gaza Strip (around 16 different military militias armed with weapons and rockets) that are more interested in causing harm, engaging in violence and war, then maintain a cease fire for the well being of the Gaza people.

This terror, over 1 million Israelis (and the number continues to grow as the weapons reaching Gaza become more advance), gets hardly ever mentioned. Many around the world are simply tired to hear about Israel’s need for security. About the terror is too faces today. I am astonished each time to see how many people around the world simply enjoy the view that Israel is in the wrong about its’ handling of Gaza, but hardly give any kind of thought to this kind of terror it faces. Moreover, they simply refuse to address the fact that no peace agreement can’t be enforced in the Gaza Strip – a cease fire can hardly be enforced!

Israeli Police extrating the rocket from Be'er Tuvia

In response to this rocket, Israeli aircrafts targeted four terror sites in the Gaza Strip – three in its’ center and one in the south. They were facilities of Hamas – the terror group that seized control over the Strip in a violent coup in 2007 and who is Israel sees the main entity responsible for enforcing calmness – it is their job to prevent this firing from happening. The location in the center was a Hamas arsenal.

The problem with the Gaza Strip is the inflation of terror groups – the sad truth is that even when Hamas is deterred and wants to keep the border quiet, at least until the second part of the Gilad Shalit swap deal will be completed (in a few weeks, 550 more prisoners will be released, thus summing it up with a total of 1027 prisoners), it is still unable to enforce such peace. It does not work to disarm the terror militias, simply to achieve an understanding of a no-firing time frame. It is committed and devoted to terror and the destruction of Israel. In a situation like this, when so many terror organization live together and can sporadically and spontaneously decide to fire upon Israeli civilians – the outcome is nothing short of chaos. Hamas is in no way a legitimate entity.

Lending in open fields

Perhaps one of the main reasons for this lack on interest in all this rockets fired upon Israeli civilians, it becomes of a very low fire-hit ratio. You see, the amount of rockets fired is enormous but the amount that actually causes injures and casualties is fairly low. That is because it is targeted at Israel’s south – a relatively people-sparse area. Though hosting many citizens (and even one of Israel’s largest city, Be’er Sheva, which is also under constant threats of rockets and has the Iron Dome defense system deployed around it), Israel’s south is richer with fields and miles upon miles of land that has yet to be built on. It is also abundant with agricultural land. That is the ratio is low. But is does by no means take from the anxiety that this terror brings – people still live there and are still subjected to a random hit at any moment. THIS IS TERROR, PLAIN AND SIMPLE.

And as time passes, the weapons and rockets are not only getting “better”, they’re not only growing in numbers, but their areas they can reach grow wider as well. Now that many weapons from Libya has reached the Gaza Strip, now that more people are being targeted, the dangers are higher and the ratio could unfortunately change for the worse. Last August, severe injures were made a man lost his life. How so many people around the world choose blissfully to ignore this and continue to look at this conflict in the most one-sided way is beyond me…

Israeli Cabinet approves deal to free Israel-US Citizen Ilan Grapel

October 25, 2011

Israeli cabinet approved today unanimously a deal to release 27 year-old Ilan Grapel from Egyptian prison. In exchange, 25 Egyptian citizens will be released from Israeli prisons, including 3 minors. The prisoners released were not imprisoned for security reasons, but their offenses are of criminal nature – most have used the Israeli-Egyptian border to facilitate smuggling illegal drugs or trafficking – mainly “smuggling”, sometimes trading, women who are coerced to work as prostitutes, through the Sinai Peninsula.

Who is Ilan Grapel?

Ilan Grapel is a 27 year-old man from Queens, New York. Up until his arrest in Egypt, he was studying law in Atlanta, at Emroy University. He has a dual-citizenship, both American (US) and Israeli. In 2005, He enlisted into the Israeli army and served as a paratrooper. He was injured during the 2006 war against Hezbollah terror militia (known in Israel as  The Second Lebanese War). According to his parents, Grapel entered Egypt with a group called Africa and Middle East Refugee Assistance. The group was established by Barbara Harrell-Bond, who also founded the Refugee Studies Center at Oxford University. According to his parents, Grapel was working with the group to give legal aid and other kinds of help to refugees in there. According to his friends, he was intrigued by the uprising in Egypt last January and demonstrated with the Egyptians at Tahrir Square in an act of solidarity.

On June 12th, 2011, Grapel was arrested. Egyptian personnel claimed he was an Israeli spy, an agent of the Mossad, sent there to gather intelligence about the people, the revolution and the clashes with the military – THAT IS PREPOSTEROUS!

Is Ilan Grapel a Spy?

Today, four months after his arrest where he’s kept in solitude, Egyptian personnel, the same ones who shouted “dangerous spy” when arresting him, almost arbitrarily, admit he is not spy and have posed no danger to Egypt. That is why they are willing to free him for 25 Egyptian criminals.

But the fact that this was a ridiculous accusation was apparent from the start. The main evidence to that was his own Facebook page – Not only did this supposed “spy” had a Facebook page, he also kept updating it with information about his trip to Egypt. Pictures, posts, statuses… Moreover, this so-called spy had his Facebook page filled with pictures from his days in the service, mainly of him in uniform or from the war. In fact, all the picture I’ve posted in this post are from Grapel’s own Facebook profile. If he was really a spy, then he wasn’t a very clever spy. No Israeli agent would boast about his military past or flaunt his service in the Israeli Army, especially not in an Arab / Muslim country.

Egypt knew that very well. This is why he was kept for four months under these horrible accusations, but was never charged or indicted. I couldn’t even find a record of him being brought before a judge.

At the end, the bottom line is this was simply put an abduction. An extortion. For falsely incarcerating Ilan Grapel and denying his due process, Egypt managed to released 25 of their people who committed unspeakable crimes and were trialed properly for said crimes. To Egypt’s defense, I will say that Grapel was granted fair and somewhat humane conditions, including visits from the American consulate, his parents and at the end even Israeli personnel (Whether it was due to his US citizenship alone, I can’t say, but I personally believe it helped).

In the new Middle East around Israel, in an chaotic Egypt that knows more unrest as time grows, after the West was so quick to dispense with Hosni Mubarak and is today facing the possibility that not all could be for the best, Israel has its back to the wall. Because it is certain that the hatred towards Israel just for the purpose of hating with merely no logical or rational merits to it will only grow, that the Muslim Brothers movement will get a large (if not a majority) part of the power after the elections – Israel has very little to do. Absurdly enough, because it wishes to maintain good relations with Egypt, it can’t bluntly accuse it of such blackmail for ransom. It even went as far as to apologize to Egypt for the death of Egyptian personnel during a terror attack that originated from Egyptian soil, near an Egyptian post in broad daylight and killed 8 Israelis. This is seriously getting ridiculous. But in order to maintain peace, Israel allows itself to be taking blows, to not speak when blind hatred towards it is being spread by her allies in the region, because more than anything –

Israel is country and a society that cherishes life and peace. It does not seek the kind of hatred and rage displayed in the society and sometimes leadership of its’ neighbors in the middle east, it does not possess it.

What is the ‘obstacle for Peace’?

October 25, 2011

The Quartet (an intentional body constructed from the United Nations, European Union, United States and Russia) will attempt to jump start peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians later this week. This of course comes in the midst of the Palestinian unilateral move in the UN, which is expected to either not pass or be vetoed early November. Everyone is pessimistic about the option that the peace process and direct talks would be started and some even claim it would take nothing short of a miracle to make that happen. Honestly? They’re probably right. There’s hardly any chance the parties will engage in bilateral talks and the Quartet is simply trying to see if indirect talks – a really bad idea – could take place.

The main reason for that is probably that the parties are so far away in how they perceive a peace process, including on the integral key issue: the goal. Israel has always wanted the goal to be one thing – the end of conflict and the end of mutual demands that as a result will give birth to a Palestinian state living side by side with Israel. The Palestinians however wanted the goal to be a Palestinian state. There is a huge difference between the two.

Now the parties are even further away – Israel wants what it always wanted: a peace process with no predetermined results, with no prior conditions. The Palestinians want a lot more: They have a list of demands they require (which just grew this week – I’ll explain later on) for them to even think about negotiations and a peace process (a bilateral process as opposed to the unilateral one they’ve worked so hard, much harder, to advance). When Israel dared put one condition in response to their condition, the Palestinian refused it and demanded that only their demands will be met. The Israeli condition, by the way, was a Palestinian recognition that Israel is not just any state, but the birthright state of the Jewish people. That is due to the fact that to this day, the Palestinian distort facts, truths and history and refuse to acknowledge the connection between the Jewish people and the land of Israel. This goes to show how unwilling they are to end the conflict and the mutual demands, but instead only seek a Palestinian state alone.

Israel at this point, especially after the outraging move in UN, is done with favors and gestures. It is done negotiating how to start negotiations. It has given the Palestinian a huge unprecedented gesture in the form of 10 months moratorium on all Jewish buildings in the West Bank, which the Palestinian rejected. They refused to enter negotiations until they were pressured to do so by the international community and then demanded, still does, the renewal of the moratorium, the same one they’ve thought so little about when it was first offered and given. Now, they are putting up another demand, claiming that the former Israeli Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, promised he would release more Palestinian prisoners after a swap deal for Gilad Shalit would be made. They demand that in addition to 1,027 prisoners released, Israel will release more. The former PM of Israel released hundreds of prisoners on several occasions as good-faiths gestures with the Palestinians. None of this helped bring forth a peace agreement. And there is certainly no good-faith between either parties at the moment.

In a trip to Colombia last month, Palestinian Authority President claimed he was close to signing a deal with former Israeli Prime Minister Olmert, and that he believes that is why his term was cut short. FALSE!!! History distortions and lies are not new to the tactic of Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas (as can be vividly seen in his article at The New York Times on May 17th, or his speech before the UN General Assembly last September). Maybe it’s because he cannot grasp the notion of democracy, but Ehud Olmert was removed from office due to many corruption charges against him, for some of which, severe in nature, he is standing trial today. Moreover, in his claims he forgets to mention that Olmert made proposals to end the conflict, which were even greater than those of Bill Clinton (which former PA President Arafat rejected) – proposals that led nowhere near a peace agreement. He also forgets to mention how he walked away from the table when Olmert himself launched an offensive against the 8 years of rocket barraged fired at Israeli citizens from the Gaza Strip, but Abbas’ rivals – Hamas.


The Killers Freed For GILAD: Aziz Salha

October 22, 2011

The Killers Freed For GILAD is an account of only a handful of terrorists and murders Israel is freeing in order to save one life – the life of Gilad Shalit.

Aziz Salha was freed last Tuesday in a swap deal for Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit. He was deported to Gaza where he was crowned a hero, hugged as a role model. Salha’s crime however is hardly that of a hero – it is despicable, horror and almsot inhuman.

Aziz Salha is one of the most famous killers in Israel – not by his name, but by his photo. The same one displayed above. His look of joy and contentment, his bloody hands displayed to the crowd is a turning point for many Israeli in the way they view the Palestinians, and the chance for real peace with them. His actions, though not committed alone, recieved the very just title of The Ramallah Lynching.

On October 12, 2000, two Israeli reserve forces soldiers, acting as drivers not combatants (not that anyone cared), took a wrong turn and entered Ramallah. Whereas other soldiers have been redirected before, the two were detained by the Palestinian Authority and taken to a police building nearby. In Ramallah, the word of the Israelis there spread quickly. In a short while, hundreds and more of enraged Palestinians surrounded the building, demanding the soldiers would be killed. They eventually broke into the building, and took the two reserve forces soldiers. What next transpired could not be simply called a killing or even a murder. I don’t think there is a word to describe it, not even lynching.

The reserve forces soldiers were Vadim Nurzhiz and Yossi Avrahami.

I attempt not to find and post their pictures here becuase I am genuinely afriad of what I may find – in 11 years, I have managed to not see the pictures of their bodies quickly posted online.

When Salha  and other Palestianians stormed the building they:

They beat them.

They Stabbed them.

They gouged they eyes.

They dissected them – their bowls, livers and so on displayed to the angry mob.

They threw one dead, disembowleded, gouged body out the window where the mob continued to step on it, to stab it more.

They set one stabbed, disembowleded, gouged body on fire.

They carried their bodies to Al-Manara square and celebrated.


Aziz Salha was arrested in 2001. He confessed to choking one soldiers as the other beat them. He confessed that when he hands were bloody, he stepped out into the window and displayed them for glory. In 2004, he was sentenced to life in prison. In 2011, he was freed in a swap deal. Crowned a hero, stamped a freedom-fighter, handed as a role model to children.

The Killers Freed For Gilad: Wafa al-Biss encourages children to blow themselves up

October 19, 2011

The Killers Freed For GILAD is an account of only a handful of terrorists and murders Israel is freeing in order to save one life – the life of Gilad Shalit.

Wafa al-Biss was freed yesterday, Tuesday, in a swap deal for Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit. She was immediately crowned as a hero and was welcomed back to her family in Gaza, after serving barely half of her sentence – a mere six years out of 12.

Fortunetaly, al-Biss did not manage to kill anyone. This is why her sentence was relatively low. She was caught at an Israeli checkpoint in 2005 on her way to be treated in an Israeli hospital with explosives sewn into her underwear. Her plan was to go to the Israeli hospital where she was being treated, just like many other Palestinians, the Soroka hospital in Be’er Sheva, and blew herself up in the hospital.

It should be cleared – the injuries al-Biss was treated for were not related to the army or to the conflict, but to an accident that occurred in her home. Nevertheless, should she have been injured as a result of the conflict, she was being treated by Israel, the so-called offender who offered her excellent medical service, much better than she could have received by the Palestinian Authority. While being handed a branch of olive, she chose to drown it in blood.

Yesterday she was released. Today she stood in a Gaza schoolroom, an elementary schoolroom no less, and encouraged children to opt for war, bloodshed and death. “I hope you will walk the same path we took and God willing, we will see some of you as shahids.” Shahid is of course the Muslim term for a martyr – someone who sacrafices his life for the greater good. This is of course a distortion – the sacrafice she’s encouraging isn’t for a greater good but a perpetuated war that refuses peace and dialogue. The children in turn, taught that she’s a hero, cheered.

Speaking to the kids, al-Biss claimed that she was actually planning to blow herself up in the checkpoint (where many other Palestinians walk everyday) and that she wasn’t caught but that the detonator malfunctioned. She of course regrets not killing anyone, vowed to try again, and again – encouraged the children to follow suit.

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