Congratulations to Israeli Scientist Dan Shechtman for his Chemistry Nobel Prize!

Israeli scientist, Dan Schechtman, was announced today in Stockholm as the Nobel Prize Laureate for Chemisty in 2011. Congraultions!

Schectman, a professor in the prestige Israeli academic institue The Technion,  is awarded this Nobel Prize for his discovey of quasicrystals. In 1982, he stumbled upon crystals whose atomic form was different than that believed to be to all crystals. Though declared foolish and outcasted for his discovery and belief in its’ truthfulness, to the point were he was removed by his own collegues from a joint research, Schechtman’s adherence to his discovery was uncompromising. The exact notes he wrote and distributed allowed his experiment to be reproduced by other scientists and to finally come to the realizations that there are some crystals that exists in our world which have imprefect forms and non-repeating patterns.  This discovery was not only groundbreaking in the world of science, but has also managed to help the industry and our everyday lives and products we sometimes take for granted.

Dan Shechtman. Photographed taken by Dror Einav

Schectman is the tenth Israeli to win a Nobel Prize, in Israel’s 62 years of existence, and the forth to win the prize in the field of Chemistry. The previous Israeli awarded the Nobel prize were Avraham Hershko and Aaron Ciechanover in 2004 and Ada Yonat in 2009. They are joined by Economics Nobel Laureates Daniel Kahneman in 2002 and Yisrael Aumann in 2005, Literature Nobel laureates S.Y. (Shmuel Yosef) Agnon and Peace Nobel Prize laureates Menachem Begin (for the groundbreaking peace treaty between Israeli and Egypt) and Shimon Peres (Israel’s current President) and Yitzhak Rabin for their work and contribution to the signing of the Oslo Accords (signed between Israel and the Palestinians, recoginizing, establishing and funding the Palestinian Authority and declaring the wish and work towards peace between the parties).

So once more – congratulations to Professor Dan Shechtman for his discovery, work and for this very honoring award.


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