The Killers Freed For GILAD: Hussam Badran

The Killers Freed For GILAD is an account of only a handful of terrorists and murders Israel is freeing in order to save one life – the life of Gilad Shalit.

Hussam Badran, will be freed this coming Tuesday in a swap deal for Israeli soldier held Gilad Shalit. He will walk scot-free, having paid a very small number of years in prison for the countless lives he took part in taking. He is the “proud” terrorist who sent and aided three different other terrorists, suicide bombers.

Hussam Badran sent them to their demise in the hopes of taking as many innocent men, women and children with them. Only Israeli, only Jewish. That was the target. He took part in some of the most gruesome and horrifying terror attacks against Israeli civilians to this day.

Dolphinarium Discotheque, Tel Aviv
On June 1st, 2001, a suicide bomber activated his explosive belt on a early night outside a packed Israeli dance club on a Friday night. Eye-witnesses told he walked around a minute or so before among the crowded people awiting to get in, tuanting them, saying in Hebrew “something is going to happen.” He denotated his belt, killing 17 teenagers on the spot. Four more died later of injuries in hospitals. 120 people were injured.
Due it’s nature, the area outside the club was packed with teenagers. Most of them were of Russain decent, due to the event at the club that particular night.
11 of the victims were aged 16 years old or younger.

Sbrarro Restaurant, Jerusalem
On August 9th, 2001,  at exactly 02:01 PM, a suicide bomber from Janine, detonated his explosive belt inside a crowded small-spaced Italian Restaurant in the heart of Jerusalem. 15 people died, 132 injured. The bomb, over 5 kilograms of explosives by itself, also contained many nails and sharp objects added to the suffering of the injured and to the fatalities.
Five members of the same family, Schijveschuurder, were killed. Two surviving members of that family were critically injured.
A Palestinian Jouranlist who used her privileges to scout for the location and who drove the suicide bomber to the scene, Ahlam Tamimi, would also be released this Tuesday.
7 victims were aged 16 years old or younger. Two tourists, one from USA and one from Brazil, died in this attack.

“The Passover Massacare”: Park Hotel, Netanya
On March 27th, 2002, a suicide bomber entered the Park Hotel in Netanya on Passover Eve. During Passover eve, many families have gathered in the hotel for celebratory holiday dinner, when the suicide bomber activated his explosive belt in the crowded dinning room. 28 people died on the spot, 2 more died later on. Over 140 people were injured, 20 of them in critical condition.
The eldest casualty was 90 years old. 19 victims were aged 70 years old or older.

The total numbers of people Badran had a hand in their killing over the past decade amounts to 66 !

# Name Age
Dolphinarium discotheque, Tel Aviv
1 Maria Tagiltseva 14
2 Raisa Nimrovsky 15
3 Ana Kazachkova 15
4 Katherine Kastaniyada-Talkir 15
5 Yael-Yulia Sklianik 15
6 Yevgeniya Dorfman 15
7 Aleksei Lupalu 16
8 Liana Saakyan 16
9 Irina Nepomnyashchi 16
10 Mariana Medvedenko 16
11 Yulia Nelimov 16
12 Marina Berkovizki 17
13 Yelena Nelimov 18
14 Irena Usdachi 18
15 Simona Rodin 18
16 Ilya Gutman 19
17 Sergei Panchenko 20
18 Roman Dezanshvili 21
19 Pvt. Diez Normanov 21
20 Jan Bloom 25
21 Ori Shahar 32
Sbarro Restaurant, Jerusalem
22 Hemda Schijveschuurder 2
23 Avraham Yitzhak Schijveschuurder 4
24 Tamara Shimashvili 8
25 Yocheved Shoshan 10
26 Ra’aya Schijveschuurder 14
27 Malka Hana Roth 15
28 Michal Raziel 16
29 Tehila Maoz 18
30 Zvika Golombek 26
31 Shoshana Yehudit (Judy) Greenbaum 31
32 Lily Shimashvili 33
33 Tzira Schijveschuurder 41
34 Mordechai Schijveschuurder 43
35 Giora Balash 60
36 Frieda Mendelsohn 62
Park Hotel, Netanya
37 St.Sgt. Sivan Vider 20
38 Sgt.Maj. Avraham Beckerman 25
39 Shimon Ben-Aroya 42
40 Amiram Hamami 44
41 Irit Rashel 45
42 Andre Fried 47
43 Idit Fried 47
44 Ze’ev Vider 50
45 Furuk Na’imi 62
46 Shula Abramovitch 63
47 David Anichovitch 70
48 Yehudit Korman 70
49 Lola Levkovitch 70
50 Dvora Karim 73
51 Eliezer Korman 74
52 Eva Weiss 75
53 George Yakobovitch 76
54 Marianne Myriam Lehmann Zaoui 77
55 Clara Rosenberger 77
56 Anna Yakobovitch 78
57 Michael Karim 78
58 Perla Hermele 79
59 Ernest Weiss 80
60 Miriam Gutenzgan 82
61 Eliahu Nakash 85
62 Frieda Britvich 86
63 Alter Britvich 88
64 Yulia Talmi 87
65 Sarah Levy-Hoffman 89
66 Chanah Rogan 90

* Marked in green are soldiers on leave who were killed at this attacks. They did not die in the line of duty or were targeted. They were on vacation, with friends and family, as non-distinguishable civilians.


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