The Killers Freed For GILAD: Mahmoud Qassem

The Killers Freed For GILAD is an account of only a handful of terrorists and murders Israel is freeing in order to save one life – the life of Gilad Shalit.

Mahmous Qassam will be freed this coming Tuesday from prison in a swap deal for Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit. He will walk after serving less than a decade, proud of no less than Eight terror attacks he had a hand in – for none of which he shows any kind of remorse.

As of now, at the time these lines are being written, Qassem has received yet another private and personal visit from the Red Cross just yesterday (as did all 1,027 released prisoners). One of many visits he got since being arrested, one of out many in the past five years. As of now, at the time of writting these lines, Gilad Shalit has not received even one such visit from the Red Cross.

Three of the eight terror attacks he organized and who collectively took the lives of dozens of innocent people – some Israelis, some foreigners (and even some Israeli Arabs) are:

Café Moment, Jerusalem
On Match 9th, 2002, a suicide bomber entered a coffee shop in Jerusalem, Café Moment. At 10:23 PM, the suicide bomber detonated his explosive belt, destorying the coffee shop completely and taking the lives of 11 innocent people. 10 people were critically injured. The total number of injured were 54 people.
In an interview inside Israeli prison, the planner of the this horrific attack boasted his instructions to the suicide bomber to detonate inside the coffee shop, because “we knew there were people sitting outside, but we knew there were more people inside.” (emphasis added by Ori Lentzitzky).

Rishon Lezion Pool Club
On May 7th, 2002, at 11:03 PM, a suicide bomber detonated a bomb inside a crowded Pool-table club in the city of Rishon Lezion. The club was packed with people. It was estimated that the bombs (one in a briefcase and one around his belt) a little more than 7 kilograms, not including sharp objects and metals.
15 innocent people died in the explusion, 55 were injured.

“Frank Sinatra” Cafeteria, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
On July 31th, 2002, Qassem himself placed a bomb in the middle of the crowded cafeteria in Jerusalem’s University. At the dense cafetria, as he watched hundreds of innocent people, some of them even Arabs and foreigners, he coldheartely placed a breifcase containing a bomb and activated it from afar.
The explousion injured over 100 people and killed 9 innnocent people, most of them American citizens studying at Jerusalem. The bombing is also known as the “Hebrew University Massacare”.
Among those wounded were Israelis (Jews and Arabs), Americans and three South Koreans.
Following the bombing, Hamas orchestrated a massive celebration in the streets.


In only three of the terror attacks Qassem has a hand in, he’s responsible for the death of 35 people. For his part in their gruesome and violent death, he paid less than a decade in prison.

# Name Origin Age
Café Moment, Jerusalem
1 Nir Rahamim Borocov 22
2 Dan Imani 23
3 Danit Dagan 25
4 Uri Felix 25
5 Tali Eliyahu 26
6 Limor Ben-Shoham 27
7 Baruch Lerner-Naor 28
8 Orit Ozarov 28
9 Livnat Dvash 28
10 Avraham Haim Rahamim 29
11 Natanel Kochavi 31
Pooltable Club, Reshion Lezion
12 Avi Biaz 26
13 Nir Lobatin 31
14 Anat Temporush 36
15 Sharuk Rassan 42
16 Yisrael Shikar 45
17 Shoshana Magmari 51
18 Nawa Hinawi 51
19 Esther Bablar 54
20 Rahamim Kimche 58
21 Yitzhak Bablar 58
22 Pnina Hikri 60
23 Edna Cohen 61
24 Regina Malka Boslan 62
25 Haim Rafael 64
26 Daliah Massah 64
Scopus Campus, Hebrew University, Jerusalem 
27 David Gritz US/France 24
28 Marla Bennett US 24
29 Benjamin Blutstein US 25
30 David (Diego) Ladowski Israel 29
31 Revital Barashi Israel 30
32 Janis Ruth Coulter US 36
33 Dina Carter US 37
34 Levina Shapira Israel 53
35 Daphna Spruch Israel 61

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