Gilad Shalit FINALLY Free!!!

This morning, the first part of the prisoners swap deal to free Gilad Shalit from Hamas’ captivity has been completed – Gilad Shalit has been freed and has returned to Israel, to his family!!!

Shalit Family waiting for chopper early morning, photo by: Adrian Habershtein. Other Photos from Official Egyptian TV

27 female prisoners and additional 450 prisoners, the worst of the total 1,000 terrorists release, have been released from Israeli prisons to Egypt. Shalit has been handed to Egypt and from there to Israel. The picture at the bottom of the above batch is from an interview the Egyptian TV has conducted with Shalit. As you can see Gilad Shalit seems very white, very pale.

Today is an ambivalent day in Israel – the joy of the long-awaited released of Gilad Shalit is mixed for the sorrow of so many heinous killers, despicable murderers freed. It’ll make even harder with the hero welcome they’ll receive when they arrive at Gaza and the West Bank. Medals will be awarded for the premeditated, planned and desired death of so many people, so many innocents, so many children. 559 Israelis have been killed by the terrorists freed today! They will be declared heroes, so-called “freedom fighters”, in ceremonies vowing the continued war, jihad, death, bloodshed and illegal abductions. It’ll be done out of the desire to annihilate Israel – this is not an issue of borders, but an issue dating back to the very existence of Israel.

There are those who dare foolishly and ignorantly compare between Shalit and the despicable murders released today. Well, first of all, I’ve already given a small account (and will continue to do so) of what these people did. What pride and joy they take in the lives they so violently took. If you’ll try to find Israeli soldiers who committed acts similar to these, you’ll come up short. The few bad apples you’ll find, you’ll see they were arrested, trialed and condemned, outcast from society for their actions. They are not embraced by the consensus. Their actions are not taught to children, they are not role models. No streets or squares are named after them.

Moreover, You will not be able to link Shalit himself to any “crime against the Palestinian people”, other than the fact he was an Israeli soldier. Claims of occupation or ridiculous Shalit was captured 10 months after Israel’s disengagement from Gaza (the unilateral withdrawal). His abduction occurred in a cross-border patrol, on Israel’s territory. Israel handed the entire Gaza Strip to the Palestinians, who chose to continue fighting, continue terror. The blockade on the Gaza Strip was first imposed after Shalit’s abduction, partly as a result of the abduction.


And one last note about the Egyptians – I personally am sincerely outraged by the media circus they’ve done. While Shalit has been handed to them to hand to Israel, to his family, he was interviews. The questions clearly show that they wanted to hear something along the linesEgypt made it happen – Egypt it great!”. This was a cynical use of young man who has already been through enough. After over five years and four months that he has been held away from his family with no contact to them or anyone in his life, after over FIVE YEARS that he has been held incommunicado, not even been given one visit from any humanitarian organization or more specifically the Red Cross this little “time out” for an interview while they have him, even if time allowed it, the airing of his pictures and interviews first, before even the Israeli public who fought and made the biggest sacrifice imaginable for his release has a chance to see him or hear from their own officials is simply rude. True, Egypt deserves a lot of the credit and praises for this deal coming into fruition and for Shalit’s return home. By this kind of cynical use, in my opinion, is truly despicable.

But that simply falls short on a day where you are able to shout out into the air: WELCOME HOME, GILAD SHALIT!


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8 Responses to “Gilad Shalit FINALLY Free!!!”

  1. Raaj K Says:

    Hi Ori, I visited your blog after reading your post on CNN. I totally understand your feelings. I hope that the Palestinians do not take this Israeli gesture in the wrong way and think that Israel was weak. I think, with this act, Israel has impressed the world and shown how firmly it stands behind it’s citizens. I am really glad that Gilad is back home safe. I am extremely impressed at the support and efforts the Israeli governement undertook to release Gilad. Just shows how valuable every citizen is for Israel. Being a Hindu from India, a country which faces similar problems originating from Pakistan, I really understand how you feel. I will keep visiting to read more about Israel and it’s just fight against terrorism.

    • Ori Lentzitzky Says:

      Thank you, Raaj!

      There is an old famous saying by Israeli prime minister Golda Meir that “peace will come when the Arabs start loving their children more than they hate us” – the day terror will abandon for the chance of peace and dialogue, then I personally believe peace can be achieved. Unfortunately, even today, the Palestinians are more interested in perpetrating lies, half-truths and distortions that in turn perpetrate war and bloodshed, than make the necessary concessions for a true lasting peace. The dry statistics show that 60% of released Palestinian prisoners return to terror, in this case it’d be about 600 terrorists…

      Thank you for your words and I wish your country the best of luck in counting terrorism (If I remember correctly, Israel helped India form a special ops unit after those horrible terror attack in 2008).

  2. Raaj K Says:

    Yes Ori, I believe Isreal did help India form a special ops unit after that attack in Mumbai. You know, I really liked those words by Golda Meir “peace will come when the Arabs start loving their children more than they hate us”. Makes a lot of sense, but I am 100% sure that this might never happen. Even in India, I know for a fact that the current Indian government is more bothered about getting votes from the muslims who form around 16% of the population. That number becomes huge considering India’s billion plus total population. Literally around 200 million muslims live in India.

    The current government is more keen to keep the muslim vote bank happy than actually care about the Hindus. This is why, even after so many terror attacks in India, the government just doesn’t take matters seriously. I am sorry to say this, but India lacks the courage and resolution to tackle the terrorism menace. In this regard, I am all praise for both Israel and the United States for giving a befitting reply each time any terror act is committed. I just wish that India learns a few lessons from the U.S and Israel to become a stronger country.

    Just as you mentioned about Palestinians being treated at Israeli hospitals and given the best healthcare, it’s almost the same in India. Muslims in India live more free than in any other Muslim country. They are given more rights and benefits than even the Hindus just because they are a minority. Yet, 80% of these muslims have a soft corner for Pakistan and would rather support Pakistan than India. This is the ungrateful side of Muslims. Sometimes, I wish that when India was partitioned by the British, all of them should have left for Pakistan. If you don’t love the country where you live and of which you are a citizen, you must leave.

    I became a naturalized U.S citizen last year and today although I was born in India, my first priority now is to America. This is my country now and I love it. This country made me what I am today and I am deeply grateful to it. If need be, I will sincerely sign up for military duty anytime America needs me.

    I know there must be some good Muslims…sure, but the majority of them are religious fanatics and are willing to do anything their Mullahs tell them to do. The problem here is these Mullahs and their religious leaders, who are the biggest culprits. These guys are mostly brought up in Madrassas and turn out into religious fanatics who later exhort and encourage other Muslims to fight holy wars, jihads etc for their own selfish power and greed.

    Unless the mainstream muslims learn not to believe the corrupted agenda of their religious leaders, there is no hope. I think Ori, there is no hope of the palestinians ever giving up terror tactics as long as their religious hardliners keep pushing and instigating the common people. And with these prisoners being released, even that last bit of hope for peace that was left, might not ever see daylight. I feel really sorry for Israel.

    • Ori Lentzitzky Says:

      Once again, Raaj, thank you for kind words. I have to be honest – I’m not very familiar with the India-Pakistan conflict (other than the shallow things you hear on the news and the various horrible terror attacks that occur). I think that you did inspire me to learn more, however. Just like i’m here trying to “educate” about the conflict my country’s in, I hope to learn and have more knowledge as to other conflicts. I am constantly irritated by the ignorance some people having regarding Israel. It’s probably why I started this blog.

      I am saddened to hear you no longer consider India your country, but the US. I personally am terrified of a day where I don’t see Israel as my number one country.

      As far as what you said about Muslim goes, I’m a bit more careful than you are. There are over 1 million Arabs living in Israel, some Muslims some Christians, and I know some of them. Can’t really say i’m friends beyond the politeness, but I know quiet a few. Especially around the workbench. Most of them are pretty normal. I usually stick to the notion that in every group you’ll find extremists and that their voice will be heard further and louder than the majority that is moderate. I see that in Europe today – most Western European countries battle terrorism. Britian, Germany, France, Italy and so on are faced with their own citizens taking part in terror activities and their own citizens a threat to airport and various tourist locations. It’s not done by the majority, but by a few (still, like you’ve mentioned with the numbers in India, in a large country even a miniroty is composed of a lot of people). There’s a growing hate and fuels this terror because the loud ones, the extremists, are calling for the abandonment of democracy in favor of some ridicolous Sharia Law. This is not the majority of Muslim’s opinion, i’m sure, but that’s the very distinct voice that is heard.

      When it comes to the conflict with the Palestinians – it’s difficult. Of course, our problems date back to before the British even conquered the land and part of it is the Palestinians complete refusal to aknowledge and teach the truth about the partition plan (I’d be more than happy to explain if you’re not familiar with the details and are interested). The fact is, even today as Wafa al-Bais demonstrated, they’d much rather send their kids to die in meaningless wars than work towards peace. I can testify that in Israeli schools, from kindergratens to high schools, the love and aspiration for peace is taught. My highschool literacy classes were filled with poems about mourning death and wishing to end the wars. We stand twice, once for a moment and the next day two minutes, to simply commiserate and remember those who had fallen. We do that in pain and sorrow, not in celebration of their death.

      Today actually exists a leadership in the West Bank that is moderate – as I’ve mentioned in many of my articles, this leadership led by the Fatah faction, has realized the necessity for a different kind of terror – while they have not stopped honoring terror (naming streets and squars after the worst of terrorists, teaching children to warmly embracing the so-called freedom fighters) and have not ceased with the lies and half-truths, the passing on of the conflict to the next generation, they have acted to stop violent terror. Why? Because they opted for another kind of terror. The one where they come off as the weak ones fighting none-violently and Israel comes off as the strongest kind. In the past years, this leadership has done everything in it’s power to not work towards dialogue or the end of the conflict, but for global and international recognition. Why? Because that’s easier. They don’t have to fess up about their mistakes or make a single concession. To this day, they continue to give hope to a lot of people of for over 60 years have been living in Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and other places that one day they will flood Israel, one day they will be granted Israeli citizenship. That will de-facto annihilate Israel. They are unwilling to make concession such as the giving up of the fictitious “Right of Return” (a right that never existed and does not exist in any other conflict throughout the world). They’ve abandoned violent terror for the prospect of diplomatic terror. That is an ever dangerous kind. Because for some reason, they continue to be handed gifts. Instead of being pushed towards a peace agreement, they’re pushed away. They continue to be portrayed as the victim in all of this, whereas they have refused a resolution to the conflict time and time again. Today they’re insisting on negotiating a way back to negotitations, knowing that what they’ll be promised at the start will only get bigger and better for them and worse for Israel when it is over.

      I hope one day they’ll be willing to make peace with all the pain that comes with it.Israel has been waiting for over a decade now, over 2, and it’s people are growing tired and losing their trust in the other side. I hope they will make the necessary change, but I know they’ll probably won’t.

  3. Raaj K Says:

    Hi Ori, I’m learning quite a bit about the Israeli-Palestinian situation too. Hmm.. so this fatah faction is playing a smart emotional game with the world to portray themselves as being the oppressed ones? But, is the world falling to this ploy of theirs and supporting them? I need to read some more. I’ll google a bit about this.

    Btw Ori, India will always be my country of birth and where I grew up. I definitely have emotional and cultural ties to India which will last forever. I meant that ,now that I am a U.S citizen, I also have a duty towards it and if the need arose, I would stand behind it firmly. And I wrote that in the context of some muslims in India who are being ungrateful to India even though it is the land where they were born and lead free lives, yet many of them have their loyalty to neighboring Pakistan. That, in my opinion is not right.

    Btw, I may have come across as a bit harsh with some of my statements in the previous post. If you feel they may be inappropriate, you could edit any unwanted or controversial comments.

    Thanks 🙂

    • Ori Lentzitzky Says:

      Thanks, Raaj. I will not edit your comment – I don’t think I will edit any of your comments because at the end of the day I feel they do fall under the category of freedom of speech without containing incitement.

      If you want to read about the fatah faction, I have written some posts on my blog. Mainly, the one explaining why the UN should oppose their unilateral move at the UN:

      I get what your saying about Muslims in your country. In Israel, I believe most Arabs are peaceful people who know that they have a better life in Israel than in any other Muslim or Arab country around, and most choose to live somewhat peacefully with the other communities in Israel. I also get what you’re saying about them getting more rights and benefits – I’m not alluding that they are far better off then the Jews in Israel, but they have more abilities to play with the law – when an Arab village doesn’t pay its water bill or electricity bill, they will never be cut off from these infrastructure because of the possibility of the violence that will ensue. There was a huge social protest in Israel this past summer that started from the fact that so many working people cannot afford to buy or even rent a house. In the Arab community in Israel, on the other hand, the illegal building of houses and stuff is quiet common and the law’s not really enforced on them, again because of what might happen when police comes to tear down illegal buildings. The thing is that the vocal Arabs are very much inciting – they are not preaching for co-existence, but against the state of Israel itself. It pains me sometimes to see that the choices Arabs get in the elections are that of parties (there are two Arab parties in Israel’s Knesset today, as well as a third joint party. They are called Balad, Ra’am-Ta’al and Hadash respectivly) who care more about perpetuating their high unemployment rate and poor educational system, than help them live a better life, all the while knowing that come election time they don’t really have an alternative besides those parties, who basically does a job similiar to that of an Al-Jazzira reporter – they lash out against Jews and the Israeli government and they talk about the Palestinians but not the Israeli Arab citizens who actually voted for them (unless that talk can be used to incite rather than to help).

      This is pretty much the say way I view the tactic of the Fatah (which is today the ruler of the Palestinian Liberation Organization, formed officialy in Jordan in 1964 and attempted their first terror attack against Israel in 1966. The fact that the world still belives this conflict is about a war in 1967 continues to astonish me) – they go around the world, literally, campaigning their people’s misery under the so-called Israeli Occupation (Israel for instance withdrew from the entire Gaza Strip unilaterally six years ago, but they still consider Gaza to be occupied…) They portray themsleves as the weak ones, the oppressed ones, the helpless ones. Yet when the entire world (again – literally) puts up an effort to help them get out of their so-called miserable situation, they put up demands. In the past years, they’ve done more the keep that misery going to its’ people than actually help them get out of it. It works to their benefit – with Israel still perceived as the villian, they gain more support and are driven further away from negotiations and from making concessions on their own in a conflict they had a huge part in creating.

      People say the world is fed up with Israel. I would assume they are. But it’s not Israel’s total fault. The Palestinians have much of the blame to share but they get cleaned and walk away scot-free time and time again. All they receive is presents and gifts showing them they don’t have to talk with Israel to become a state.

      At the end of the day this conflict can be summed up very shortly -Israel wants peace and the end of conflict which will create a Palestinian state as a result. The Palestinians want a state as a purpose, not ending the conflict (Yasar Arrafat, the former chairman of the PLO, had a two-stage plan: first a Palestinian state besides Israel, then a Palestinian state in stead of Israel).

  4. Raaj K Says:

    Thanks Ori. I find your content very interesting. I did read that post about the U.N. Btw, have you ever tried hosting this blog with your own domain name? I mean, I see that you are now using a subdomain of WordPress. But, your blog could get better SERP’s if had your own domain name…like maybe oriforisrael dot com. Have you ever given this a thought?

    • Ori Lentzitzky Says:

      Wow, thanks. Really. I’ve thought about it actually, but there’s pros and cons either way.

      Anyway, thank you. And thank you for being interested in my blog and what I have to say and most importantly for commenting (and even more importantly – commenting in a civilized manner 🙂 )

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