The Killers Freed For Gilad: Wafa al-Biss encourages children to blow themselves up

The Killers Freed For GILAD is an account of only a handful of terrorists and murders Israel is freeing in order to save one life – the life of Gilad Shalit.

Wafa al-Biss was freed yesterday, Tuesday, in a swap deal for Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit. She was immediately crowned as a hero and was welcomed back to her family in Gaza, after serving barely half of her sentence – a mere six years out of 12.

Fortunetaly, al-Biss did not manage to kill anyone. This is why her sentence was relatively low. She was caught at an Israeli checkpoint in 2005 on her way to be treated in an Israeli hospital with explosives sewn into her underwear. Her plan was to go to the Israeli hospital where she was being treated, just like many other Palestinians, the Soroka hospital in Be’er Sheva, and blew herself up in the hospital.

It should be cleared – the injuries al-Biss was treated for were not related to the army or to the conflict, but to an accident that occurred in her home. Nevertheless, should she have been injured as a result of the conflict, she was being treated by Israel, the so-called offender who offered her excellent medical service, much better than she could have received by the Palestinian Authority. While being handed a branch of olive, she chose to drown it in blood.

Yesterday she was released. Today she stood in a Gaza schoolroom, an elementary schoolroom no less, and encouraged children to opt for war, bloodshed and death. “I hope you will walk the same path we took and God willing, we will see some of you as shahids.” Shahid is of course the Muslim term for a martyr – someone who sacrafices his life for the greater good. This is of course a distortion – the sacrafice she’s encouraging isn’t for a greater good but a perpetuated war that refuses peace and dialogue. The children in turn, taught that she’s a hero, cheered.

Speaking to the kids, al-Biss claimed that she was actually planning to blow herself up in the checkpoint (where many other Palestinians walk everyday) and that she wasn’t caught but that the detonator malfunctioned. She of course regrets not killing anyone, vowed to try again, and again – encouraged the children to follow suit.


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One Response to “The Killers Freed For Gilad: Wafa al-Biss encourages children to blow themselves up”

  1. BeliefInJustice Says:

    This is a very important issue for good people everywhere. If you are interested, you should sign the petition to get these violent criminals re-prosecuted in the U.S., if they killed American citizens:

    Also, see my blog fully dedicated to the issue of prisoners released for Gilad Shalit:

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