Grad missile from the Gaza Strip hit Be’er Tuvia

I don’t usually take the time to write about single missiles fired at Israel from the Gaza Strip, unless their results are catastrophic. The rocket launched last night, after 11:00 PM at night from the Gaza Strip, may not have caused any injures or worse and has landed in an open field, thankfully, but it is another example of yet another catastrophe so easily overlooked.

The image to the right is of a map from Google Maps showing the region – marked in red are both the Gaza Strip itself, and in an X the location where the missile hit – a residential community by the name of Be’er Tuvia, population of almost 800. The distance between the two is over 18 miles (over 30 kilometers) – That’s how far various militia terror groups’ rockets reach inside Israel, at least they ones they’ve fired so far. Right now, at any given second, over 1 million Israeli citizens – men, women and children alike – are living under the constant fear of rockets. At any given moment in time, they might get a short warning (up to 60 seconds in the most remote areas today), of a rocket that has been fired. Sderot, for instance, has only 15 seconds to take cover. Israeli police personnel extracting the rockets from the ground

In a time frame that ranges between 15 seconds to one minute, people must take cover and find safe places (Israel’s Home Front Command recommends behind inner walls inside the houses and such). Yesterday, the rocket was launched past 11:00 PM at night. Could you take cover with your entire family when a siren is suddenly heard at the hour?

The sad truth is that the aforementioned Sderot, a large city near the Gaza Strip, has lived with these rockets been fired upon it daily and the 15 second warning for 10 years now. It wasn’t until 8 of these years have passed, 8 years of fear, injuries and even casualties before Israel opened a military campaign to deter from these rockets. This deterrence only held so long – there are forces in the Gaza Strip (around 16 different military militias armed with weapons and rockets) that are more interested in causing harm, engaging in violence and war, then maintain a cease fire for the well being of the Gaza people.

This terror, over 1 million Israelis (and the number continues to grow as the weapons reaching Gaza become more advance), gets hardly ever mentioned. Many around the world are simply tired to hear about Israel’s need for security. About the terror is too faces today. I am astonished each time to see how many people around the world simply enjoy the view that Israel is in the wrong about its’ handling of Gaza, but hardly give any kind of thought to this kind of terror it faces. Moreover, they simply refuse to address the fact that no peace agreement can’t be enforced in the Gaza Strip – a cease fire can hardly be enforced!

Israeli Police extrating the rocket from Be'er Tuvia

In response to this rocket, Israeli aircrafts targeted four terror sites in the Gaza Strip – three in its’ center and one in the south. They were facilities of Hamas – the terror group that seized control over the Strip in a violent coup in 2007 and who is Israel sees the main entity responsible for enforcing calmness – it is their job to prevent this firing from happening. The location in the center was a Hamas arsenal.

The problem with the Gaza Strip is the inflation of terror groups – the sad truth is that even when Hamas is deterred and wants to keep the border quiet, at least until the second part of the Gilad Shalit swap deal will be completed (in a few weeks, 550 more prisoners will be released, thus summing it up with a total of 1027 prisoners), it is still unable to enforce such peace. It does not work to disarm the terror militias, simply to achieve an understanding of a no-firing time frame. It is committed and devoted to terror and the destruction of Israel. In a situation like this, when so many terror organization live together and can sporadically and spontaneously decide to fire upon Israeli civilians – the outcome is nothing short of chaos. Hamas is in no way a legitimate entity.

Lending in open fields

Perhaps one of the main reasons for this lack on interest in all this rockets fired upon Israeli civilians, it becomes of a very low fire-hit ratio. You see, the amount of rockets fired is enormous but the amount that actually causes injures and casualties is fairly low. That is because it is targeted at Israel’s south – a relatively people-sparse area. Though hosting many citizens (and even one of Israel’s largest city, Be’er Sheva, which is also under constant threats of rockets and has the Iron Dome defense system deployed around it), Israel’s south is richer with fields and miles upon miles of land that has yet to be built on. It is also abundant with agricultural land. That is the ratio is low. But is does by no means take from the anxiety that this terror brings – people still live there and are still subjected to a random hit at any moment. THIS IS TERROR, PLAIN AND SIMPLE.

And as time passes, the weapons and rockets are not only getting “better”, they’re not only growing in numbers, but their areas they can reach grow wider as well. Now that many weapons from Libya has reached the Gaza Strip, now that more people are being targeted, the dangers are higher and the ratio could unfortunately change for the worse. Last August, severe injures were made a man lost his life. How so many people around the world choose blissfully to ignore this and continue to look at this conflict in the most one-sided way is beyond me…


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