Another day of terror, Another day of rockets on Israel

Eariler today, Israeli aircraft attacked terrorists of the Islamic Jihad in Gaza – Israel’s intelligence brought information that this organization is responsible for the rocket launched last Thursday. The rocket was launched at a time of calm, in between the executing of two parts in the Gilad Shalit swap deal, and on the anniversary of an Islamic Jihad‘s official death by Israel.

As I’ve mentioned countless times before – Gaza is flooded with many terror groups. While Hamas is the de-facto ruler, it has little control over the other militias. This is an example of the chaos of Gaza, of the unwillingness and inability to enforce peace or a cease fire from the Gaza Strip.

Five militants – terrorists – were killed. As always, the retaliation was targeted to Israel’s civilian population. At the moment of writing these lines, Six missiles have been fired at Israel. A 50 year old man was injured in his legs by shrapnel, in Gan-Yavne:

50 year old man injured by shrapnel in Gan-Yanve rocket launched and hits Gan Yanve
Picture taken by Avi Rokach Picture taken by Roee Cooper

Another rocket hit a school’s yard in Ashdod! – thankfully it was a Saturday and the school was empty:

Rocket hits school in the port city of Ashdod Rocket hits school in the port city of Ashdod
Pictures taken by Avi Rokach

From the time I’ve began writing this short post to now, another rocket hit near a house in Ashdod.

Islamic Jihad‘s reponse so far: “This is just the begining.” Terror, unfortunately, is an everyday part of Israel’s existence. It always prefers to aim and target citizens, civilians and blindfully attack people. And yet it seems too many people are just not interested in hearing that part of the story. They’d much rather critize Israel for its’ handling of such terror. They make up facts, distort the truth and do what’s necessary to fault Israel always.

Such distortion often includes the complete ignoring of the fact that this terror only intesified when Israel completey and fully withdrew from the Gaza Strip, when it handed it in full to the Palestinians! They of course find it easy to forget that it wasn’t until two years after the withdrawal, two years of continued rockets that a blockade was put a Gaza to prevent the smuggling of these rockets, of these weapons. The above is only a short example of one day, one of many, that Israeli citizens are living with.

How many of these rockets would Israel’s criticizers put up with before responding like Israel, if not much harsher? How long would you take this kind of terror?


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