Terror intesifies: Israeli Man Dies of Wounds, Footage of Thwarted Rocket Attack

The day of October 29th 2011 is winding down on Israel and Gaza, but the round of escalation seems to be worsening.

I should make it clear – Israel is not interested in war, only in deterrence, in stopping rockets from being randomly and blindly fired at its people. The attacks on Israel are unprovoked and sereve only a way of terror, of illegal war, of the desire for death and bloodshed from the extremists in the Gaza Strip, in the Palestinian population.

The Islamic Jihad terror cell that fired a rocket on Thursday, was about to launch another rocket. Israel learned of this intention, is even documented it. In the video footage captured by an Israeli UVA this noon and released this evening by the IDF, terrorists from the Islamic Jihad movement are clearly seen in an open area, preparing to launch a long-range missile (Grad):

This terror cell was about to shoot at civilian population. It was doing so with the intent to fright, and hopefully – yes, hopefully – harm, injure and kill. Randomly. Blindly. As a policy, Israel thwartes these attacks on the spot when learning of it, killing the terrorists if necessary. If you can blame it for that action – you are truly gifted with blindness and hatred. If you can blame Israel for this, just answer what would you do instead? How would you like to live with this kind of terror for years?

One of the members of this cell was a high-rank terrorist of the Islamic Jihad. The movement, blaming Israel for his death and not his own militant action of terror and war, decided on a harsh result.

As the day is winding down, about 30 rockets have been fired at Israel. A few hit near homes. In a stroke of luck, two rockets hit near a populated building, filled with families on a Saturday afternoon. It hit the parking lots and the yard. A few short inches, a stronger wind and this would have been a catastrophe. A disaster. And Israel would have to retaliate hard for this kind of lost. It is by mere chance that these terrorists don’t hit, and more often they enjoy that. Because if their blind and random shooting made more hits, if less near-miracles like this happened, Israel’s reponse would be much much harsher. But Israel is not interested in escalation. It want calm and peace. It want children to walk to school without fear and parents to not live with a burdening anxiety all day long. Tomorrow, neither kids nor parents would enjoy this previllege.

Unfortunately, the 30 rockets fired until now have not only caused severe injured, shock victims and damage to properties. A rocket that landed in the city Ashkelon took the life of a man. This terror strike, this terror “round”, has already taken the life on an innocent.


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