Will UNESCO accept “Palestine” as a State?

Tomorrow, Monday October the 31st, is possibly a scary day. Not just because in the Christian faith is marks All Halloween’s Eve, a day notorious for its’ tacky costumes and “Trick or Treat”s. Tomorrow, UNESCO‘s [United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization] own general assembly will decide whether or not to accept the non-existing state of Palestine as its member.

Don’t get me wrong – personally I believe in a resolution that will end the Israeli-Palestine conflict and will result in the birth of a Palestinian state. But as of tomorrow, Monday October the 31st 2011, such a state does not exist. Such a state cannot exist until the Palestinians sit down and work out a resolution with Israel. A resultion to end this conflict. To stop the demands. A resultion where both sides made concessions, not just shouting at Israel to go back to the [indefensible] 1967 borders, which they’ve proven to be indefensible. Not until terror, the same kind that continues to attack people and that only yesterday killed an innocent 56 year old man in Ashkelon, Israel, will stop.

Much like any other UN body, UNESCO too now has very little to do with its’ mission statement and much to do with politics. More specifically, Anti-Israeli politics. This is why this ridicolous request is even being considered. If not for political reasons, this wouldn’t be an issue. UNESCO is not supposed to be a political body that recognizes one entity or another as a state. And the UN haven’t even discussed the Palestinian request yet, let alone its’ Security Council. The request is still in committee and is supposed to be brought before the Security Council around Novermber 11th. It is expected to not pass (as it seems now, without the need for an American veto).

Yet, as they’ve done in the past years, the Palestinians (meaning their leadership – the “moderate” faction Fatah, only in control of the West Bank) continue to work towards unilateral moves, than to actually negotiate a resolution, an end to this conflict. They much rather perpetuate it. Not make any concessions. Attack Israel with diplomatic terror, the one they enjoy because of the automatic Anti-Israel and Anti-American majority at international bodies. When will they finally sit down and attempt to talk peace instead of always trying to circumvent it??

UNESCO has long become a political power play in the hands of the anti-Israelis. The Palestinians are preparing to use that once they become members. They plan to have UNESCO officialy declare sites sacred to the Jewish faith and residing inside their claimed territory (mainly the West Bank) as exactly the opposite. They’re planning, announcing their intention, to attack not just Israel, but the Jewish faith as a whole, but having various locations declared “world heritages”.

This is a process already in the making. A year ago, on October 21st 2010, UNESCO adopted five anti-Israeli resolutions. Among them, they’ve denounced any right or connection Israel or the Jewish people have to two of the holiest sites in the Jewish religion, sites considers holy for over 4,000 years – Rachel’s Tomb in Bethlehem, and the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron.

So after 4,000 years of generations upon generations of Jewish people believing in the holiness of these sites, UNESCO comes along and determines that it’s basically scared to Muslims and Israel is hurting these places. Ha?!

The Tomb of Rachel

Rachel’s Tomb is where the Jewish faith believes one of four great mothers of the faith are burried – Rachel. It resides in the city of Bethlehem. Besides its’ mentions in the bible, and the fact that the tomb’s shape and outer building has been on Jewish symbols and with Jewish hearts for thousands of years, it is believed to be a place scared to all monothesitic faiths.

UNESCO called it a mosque. It denounced any possible connection between the tomb and the Jewish faith. Even if for some obscure reason they’re right, even if say someone else is burried there and not the ancestor of the Jewish people (in that case – who is burried there and why is scared to other faiths?), the fact that this place has been scared to Jewish people for over 4,000 years – for over 2,000 years before the Muslim faith was even founded – Who gives them the right to single-handedly wipe out the belief of 13 million people around the world? What kind of education or culture does that promote??

It should be noted that after the 1949 ceasefire was declared and the Tomb of Rachel was on Jordian territory – it was covered by a large green curtain with inscriptions from the Koran on it. Around the Tomb, Jordan allowed the Wakf to expand cemeteries in three different directions around the tomb. In only 19 years, the area and the tomb were changed a lot. In fact, it wasn’t until 1967 when Israel captured control of the area from Jordan, that Jews were allowed anywhere the Tomb (even though the 1949 ceasefire agreement demanded that all with be allowed freely to all scared and holy locations).

The Cave of the Patriarchs

The Cave of the Patricrchs is a cave in Hebron where the Jewish faith believes most of its’ ancestors are burried. Again – for over 4,000 years, generation after generation of Jewish people came to the tomb to pray. What mandate UNESCO feels it has to kick these beliefes in the groin, I do not know.

Today the cave, scared to both the Jewish and the Muslim, faith has two seperate halls for both religions’ whorshippers to pray in, in order to prevent friction. It is under Israel’s control and security, perhaps the reason why both religions are still allowed there daily. Just for comparison, the tomb of Joseph – another holy site to Jewish people, residing in the Palestinian city Nablus (former Jewish city Schem), has limited access of Jewish people to it. It wasn’t until a few whorshippers entered illegally and were shot by Palestinian personnel last April (one died) that coordinations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority agreed to various visits to the tomb in very few dates (despite the fact that the Oslo Accords clearly state that free access to the tomb should be given at all times).

When Israel seized control of the tomb in the 1967 war, one of the first things they did was removed the stairs built to the tomb. That was done after grenades were thrown at Jewish people that came to the area. For hundred of years, Jews who came to the place where humilated and only allowed to get up the seventh stair and no closer to the tombs.

And there’s more – The Western Wall / Al-Aqsa Mosque

The Western Wall is the remaint of the four walls that built The Temple Mount and were destoryed in 70 AD by Herod. In 638, almost 600 years afterwards, the Muslim Ampire build Al-Aqsa Mosque and many other on those remaints.

Yet, UNSECO passed a resolution (one of those five) last October that Israel is harming the mosque. In the english language, the Western Wall is most known as the Wailing Wall – a name given by the Muslim Ampire, referring to the cries of Jewish people who were not allowed to pray there or reach the area. Today, Israel is conducting archaeological excavations under the western wall and is slowly discovering amazing pieces of history, of the Mount Temple and of earlier cultures. UNESCO – the international body in charge of culture and education – opposes such exacavations and culture discoveries.

Again – Unlike when Jews were unable to get anywhere near the Wall during Jordan’s rule of the West Bank, today both Jewish people and Muslims (and anyone) are allowed to come and pray there. True, at times of tension and due to prior events (the last of which occured a few months ago), the age of those allowed during mass-praying times is limited, to prevent friction and violence. According, by the way, Israel today prevents Jewish people from praying at The Temple Mount itself and only allows visitations, in order to not enflame the Muslims and Arabs of Israel.

And more, but not all, on UNESCO hypocrisy

Though it wouldn’t be a surprise if UNESCO accepts the non-existing state of Palestine as a member-state to the organization (though the US is threatening to cut its’ funding – 22% of the organizations resources – if such resolution should pass), it is yet another example of hypocrisy.

One of the principals of UNESCO calls for the promotion of freedom of press. currently, there 8 journalists in Palestinian prisons – 3 in the West Bank, 5 in Gaza – who according to Amnesty are being tortured.

The education that the Palestinian provide is based of half-truth at best and complete distortions and lies at worst. UN’s own decision of 1947 was distorted in Palestinian President’s Abbas article in The New York Times on May 17th 2011.

The Palestinian Authority has a unity agreement with the extreme Hamas group. Even with no unity (which is what you get when you realize this is a farce), the de-facto ruler of the Gaza Strip openly calls for war and the destruction of Israel. Is that the kind of education and culture UNESCO should wants to promote?

And just a tidbit I found ironic – in 2008, one of the most opperssing Arab regimes – Syria – was declared Arab Capital of the Culture for that year. Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad greeted the designation and named his country the leading one in the Arab resistance. It seems today, Assad is not so pleased with the resistance he’s facing. Not that his membership at UNESCO was revoked – Syria will get a vote tomorrow as well, despite the slaughtering of its’ own people for the past months.

Bottom line? UNESCO is just another one of those good-intetion charter international body that falls into the wrong hands of politics and interests.


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