UNESCO passes a political resolution and accepts “Palestine”

Note: You can read more about the politics and anti-Israeli actions of UNESCO in my earlier post.

Well, not really a surprise, but it happened. The none-political organization passed a political decision to accept as a full-member state… a state which does not exist. A state whose political status has yet to be decieded by the roof organizations, the UN Security Council itself.

While the Israeli ambassador recieved laughter in his speech, the Palestinine foreign minister recieved appluase. I’m glad to see this is the kind of culture and education the international body in charge of education and culture projects.

UNESCO passed yet another resolution against Israel and has accepted “Palestine” as its’ member. Why the quoatation marks? Because I’m presonally not really sure what Palestine is. Maybe the 107 countries that voted for this resoltuion can answer either of the following questions:

  • What are the borders of this newly-accepted state?
    (There’s a difference between “based on the 1967 borders” and the actual final borders which should have been decieded in a bilateral move, meaning negotiations, rather a unilateral move).
  •  A follow up – What is its’ jurisdiction?
    (For example, when it comes to East Jerusalem – a contention point full of holy places to all faiths and to where Jewish people as a whole were deined access before 1967 – should it be decided through negotiations what happens with the cultural places of this area?)
  • Does the education and culture that UNESCO wishes to promote involved the blind fire-rocketing of hundreds of rockets into civilian unarmed populations with the intent of killing and harming civilians? Is it to encourage terror? FOUR rockets have been fired today into Israel… so far!
  • Who represents this state of “Palestine” in UNESCO?
    (Fatah has no real control in Gaza, Hamas has limited control over the West Bank. True, there is this fake and farcical unity agreement, but no government or representations agreed upon by both sides have been agreed upon since MAY. Should the fact that the Fatah memeber was speaking in UNESCO means Gaza is no longer a part of this Palestine? Or are we just getting back to borders and security issues which were not agreed upon by any side or in any kind of negotiations?)
  • How does this help promote peace and dialgue between Israel and the Palestinians? Or is UNESCO simply advocating war? (It certainly seems to advocate for terror – see the above).

And the list goes on… I can ask many more questions. For instance the claims on Amnesty reports on journalists (eight in numbers) who are tortured in Palestinian prisons – a big “no-no” in UNESCO‘s own charter.

Congratulations! Another win for terror, another blow to Israel and another day where peace can be officialy deleted from the UN’s to-do list. This is what the body responsible for education around the world wants to educate.

As for the Palestinian people themselves – your [West Bank] leadership has now committed to funding a UN organization. Can your fiscal status really afford it? Most of your economy is still dependant on donations, the unemployment rate is nothing to brag about and you consider yourself refugees. So why is your leadership so eager to be sending the money elsewhere?

And a good word to the countries with conscience who wanted to give peace a chance – United States, Israel, Canada, Australia, Czech Republic, Germany, Lithuania, The Netherlands, Sweden, Panama, Samoa, Palau, Vanautu and Solomon Islands.

Among the countries who just painted their hands with thick red and should not search for nice comforting words to conceal that fact are France, Spain, Belgium, India and many more (most of which are none-democracies so there was no real point in mentioning them).


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