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Fact Check: November 29th 1947 – The Partition Plan Approved

November 29, 2011

With so many distortions of history in the past year that have recieved no condemnation or any kind of reference around the international community, I find it important to set the record straight today, on the 64th anniversary of the approval of the partition plan which effectively formed Israel and another grave milestone in what has been known as The Middle-East Conflict.

In his speech before the United Nations’ General Assembly, in his op-ed article in The New York Times (published May 17th 2011), Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has significantally distorted the facts and the truth. The same actions of lies and distortion is one of the main reasons why generations of Palestinians, of Muslims and Arab around the region, hate Israel from birth. I’m here to set the record straight.

I encourage you to check various reliable sources and verify the FACTS below. As a person who lives in a democratic society that encourage free mind and knowledge seeking. Given my full disclosure, I encourage you to discover that what I have written here is the truth.

A little background if you will…

In 1888 a Jewish movement seeking to restore the Jewish State where it once stood over 2000 years ago, began one of five large immigrations to the area, then in control of the Ottoman Empire. They have joined generations of Jewish people who have lived on the land for thousands of years, as well as many other religions, most of which are Arab (Muslim and Christians) who were living as part of the Empires that conquered and ruled the middle east. Taking a wasteland, the Jewish immigrants started modernizing the land (Draining swamps, building infrastructures such as running water and so on).

In 1917, as both the British and French Empire conquered parts of the middle east during World War I, They signed an agreement dividing the area between them after the demise of the Ottoman Empire.

In 1917, The British Foreign Minister released the Balfour Declartion asserting that part of that land is now obtained would be given to the Jewish Community and its’ efforts to reclaim its’ home.

In 1920, The League of Nations authorized The British Mandate of Palestine and have states its’ goal of forming the national home for the Jewish people.

In 1922, The Colonial Secretary Winston Churchill released a document stating that Britian would not complete its’ task in full – The land east of the Jordan River was handed to an Arab Monarchy and is today known as the state of Jordan while only on the west side of the river would form the Jewish homeland.
This is the territory PA President Abbas refers to as “our natrual homeland”. Actually, this is just the territory Britian decided it was not given to the son of Hussein ibn Ali and the only territory in the region not given to other Arab / Muslim entities.

In 1930, following acts of terror, Colonial Secretary Passfield released another document that almost complete abolished the idea of a Jewish State.

In 1939, following a three-year round of terror, Colonial Secretary Macdonald released a third document announcing Britian would form a Bi-national state with an Arab majority and complete abandoned the idea of a Jewish homeland.

Following World War II came the parition plan…


Not Just From the Strip: Rockets Fired From Lebanon Into Israel Overnight

November 29, 2011

As if it wasn’t crystal clear already that Security Council Resolution 1701 is constantly breached and that terror organizations have filled South of Lebanon (South of the Litani River) with rockets and weapons, tonight came another proof.

Overnight, rockets of the type Katyusha were fired from Lebanon into Israel’s north, to the Galilee hills. The firing occurred shortly before 1 A.M. with residents in their homes, in their beds. Rockets fell in open fields. Residents reported of three explosions but the army has managed to track down only two rockets so far.

Lebanon’s army claimed only one rocket has been fired from its’ territory and that Israel’s army retaliated with firing rockets to the location where the rockets origniated (Aiita-Shaab), causing only damage to buildings and property.

Katyusha rocket fired overnight from Lebanon to Israel

Katyusha rocket fired overnight from Lebanon to Israel. Photograph By: Adrian Herbstien

This is yet another example of the constant threat Israel faces from various terror groups on its’ various borders.

This is another example at how these terror groups provoke and shoot blindly at civilian populations.

This is another example at how UNIFIL hasn’t managed to enforce Resolution 1701. Another example at the fact that weapons, militants, weapons and more are “at the ready” in the South of Lebanon, ready to provoke and start a war, harm  civilians.

This is another example of how an international community that assures its’ dedication to Israel’s security, turn a blind eye when the threats against it grow and only speak of “restraint” and un-dismantaling-the-terror actions when these militants finally strike. A situation, by the way, that I find hard to believe any other country would agree to live in, should it be in Israel’s place.

Explosion in South Lebanon is another evidence of Hezbollah’s breach of Resolution 1701

November 23, 2011

Late last night, around midnight, an explosion rocked the South Lebanon town of Siddiqin. Reports suggest that explosion took place in a weapons armory of terrorists group, Hezbollah. This is yet another evidence that Hezbollah is in constant violation of Security Council Resolution 1701.

At the end of the war between Israel and Hezbollah in Summer of 2006 (initiated by Hezbollah militants who crossed the international border, attacked an Israeli army patrol and abducted two resorved forces soldiers), the Security Council passed a resolution to enforce peace throughout the border – it stationed an international force UNIFIL to South Lebanon and have clearly stated that no arms are along south of the Litani River.

De-facto, said resolution has been breached from almost day one. Since the end of summer of 2006, Both Iran and Syria have been heavily arming Hezbollah who admits he has more weapons and militants today than in 2006, and most Western intellegint agencies (including Israel’s) say clearly that Hezbollah has over 40,000 rockets ready to be fired at Israel’s civilian population at any moment, especially in case of an international intervention in Syria (a la Libya).

Ever since summer of 2006 tensions have been rising high. A well-equipped Hezbollah is still deterred but as time fades it seems its’ next attack is not far. In the years that have passed, Hezbollah has estabilished itself stronger into government branches and is today almost the ruling party of the Labanese parliment. A terror group, no less, which has much more ammunition and soldiers than Labanon’s own official military. A terror group which single-handedly brought down the previous Labanese goverment after the International Court in Hague issued arrest warrants to five of its’ members with charges of murdering the former Labanese prime minister in 2005.

For over six years now, South of the Litani River has been flowing with weapons and militants. It’s almost a well-known fact. This explosion, which Hezbollah tonight denied was an armory (and has refused to give access to authorities), is another one in a string of evidence to show Hezbollah’s preparation for an attack on Israel. While its’ militants and high-ranks hide within civilian population, and while UNIFIL seems more decorative than actually doing everything it can to enforce Resolution 1701 and dismantle Hezbollah (at the very least in the south of Lebanon), the entire world knows (not an exaggeration). Knows but does nothing.

Yet when Hezbollah finally attacks (a matter of time, especially now with the situation in Syria), the world that kept quiet would be enraged by the conflict, the war and the civilian casaulties. The Security Council whose resolution are a mockery would assemble to condemn and bring forth another resolution that would in turn too have no effect in dismantling terror or the threats of terror against Israel. It’s exactly what happened after 2006. It’s exactly what happens right now.

Quick Q&A – What is Israel’s problem with a Nuclear Iran?

November 21, 2011

Ever since I started this blog, I’ve never written once about the Iranian issue. It’s one that is very complex and honestly, while Israel is the country most associated with anti-Nuclear Iran news, it is not an issue that is exculsive to Israel. But now, 2 weeks since the IAEA report about Iran, I figured maybe it’s time to lay it out – simple, flat and avoid the complexities. At least attempt it.

The following are a few “brief” answers to the core issues regarding Iran and its’ nuclear program. If you have more questions I haven’t addressed here, I’d be more than happy to answer them in the comments and add them to the post.

Here we go –

Which countries have nuclear weapons today?

United States, United Kingdom, Russia, France, China, India, Pakistan, North Korea and South Africa. Only the first five listed have signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).

According to countless reports around the world, Israel also has nuclear bombs.

Iran claims it is no moving towards a nuclear weapon, just nuclear energy, isn’t it?

Iran also claims it has free elections and absolutely no gay people — shall I continue?

The IAEA report heavily relies on many (and various) intelligence agencies that suggest otherwise.

What are the threats a nuclear Iran posses NOT to Israel?

Iran poses many threats to many countries – Israel is certainly not the only (or the first) who is in danger, though it is the one being heard most loudly on this subject.

First and foremost, the Iranian regime seems to hold to a believe that Iran is not limited to its’ current borders, but is entitled to the entire Persian Gulf. Many countries, such as Iraq and Bahrain, fear an attack from Iran. This is also a religious matter – a war between Sunni and Shiite, but goes much further than that. The fear is with nuclear weapons, Iran would not hesitate to attack its’ neighbors in an attempt to seize control over the Gulf area (where still currently many NATO soldiers are deployed), knowing that many countries would fear retaliation due to the possibility of a nuclear war.

Moreover, there’s a growing fear that the fear of a nuclear Iran would in fact ignite a nuclear race in the Middle East, which is the equivelant of lighting a match in a room filled with gas. The number of countries holding nuclear weapons would double, the instability would increase to unimaginable levels and chances for peace and calm in the area could very well be no longer possible. Many countries have already attempted to move towards nuclear energy in the past and were faced with pressure by the Western world recoginizing the instability ahead (close to home, some of these countries  are Jordan, Egypt and Hezbollah-ruled Lebanon. Syria’s nuclear powers were destoryed in 2007, supposedly by Israel).

Even further, there’s is a fear from what more Iran will allow itself to do (past possible attacks and attempts to conquer the Gulf area), such as the threats towards Europe. Iran’s missiles can now reach deep into Eastern Europe and could very well reach past Germany in the not-so-distant future. Iran’s declared contempt towards Western lifestyle and capatalism is no secret. Even without that, having Iran place missile battries that could fire at any second to the heart of Paris, Berlin, Brussels etc is a risk no many care to take, giving the behaviour of the Iranian regime.

And what are the threats to Israel itself?

First of all, the Iranian regime does not miss an opportunity to talk about what the call The need to wipe Israel off the map. They continually call Israel by the name of the zionist regime (and zionist dogs, devils etc) and refuse to call by its’ name, acknowledge its’ existence. Just today, an Iranian official said he hoped for an Israeli attack so Iran could have the chance to finally “throw Israel to the trashcan of history” — would you be comfortable having an ally that talks like that obtaining means of mass destruction?

Today, Iran funds many terror organizations working against Israel and mainly to hurt, harm and kill its’ citizens. Israel is faced with endless barraged of rockets fired upon it for almost 11 years now and it all comes from Iranian money. It was a major funder of Hamas until the uprising in Syria and it still funding over a dozen terror organizations in the Gaza Strip as well as Hezbollah – a terror organization with perhaps more weapons and soldiers than the Labanese army itself, which today almost completely de-facto rules the parliment of Lebanon, turning it in to a dummy state control by puppet master Ahmadinejad.

In 2002, while The Second Intifida was happening and suicide bombers were killing people on a weekly (sometimes daily) basis, Israeli army caught a ship, named Karin A, loaded with weapons on its’ way to the terrorists from Iran at sea. In 2006, Israeli Navy caught a ship, Franco, with large amounts of weapons headed to Hezabollah. The latest capture known was in March of 2011 when the ship Victoria was captured and was found loaded with weapons hidden by humanatarian supplies, meant to be taken by foot to Gaza from the port.

With so much money, effort and time the Iranian regime spends arming terrorists who aim to kill and injure as many Israeli people – soldiers and civilians alike – as possible, Imagine what a nuclear Iran would allow itself to do? With what weapons it might allow itself to arm these terrorists?

If [supposedly] Israel has nuclear weapons, why can’t others?

See above — Iran is openly calling for the destruction of Israel and is constantly arming terrorists with weapons turned against Israel. Many countries fear a nuclear Iran, Wikileaks leaks proved that, but most of the immediate-threat countries cannot speak up because there’s a silence norm (almsot conspiracy) among Muslim and Arab countries. Many countries are afraid but rely on Israel to do the dirty work for them – another reason why they would never speak up.

What measures have been taken against Iran’s nuclear program already?

The Western world has called for talks to find a solution to allow Iran to have nuclear plants for peaceful purporses with the proper measurement taken to promise it won’t be used for a military purposes as well. Iran has rejects most of these talks and have used them to stall. Two years ago, it even ended the talks by signing a deal with Turkey and Brazil that will enrich uranium on Turkey’s soil rather than its’ own — in much larger quantaties that the West was willing to accept in the aforementioned talks.

There have numerous reports of viruses developed by Israel and the United States that have been targeting Iran’s nuclear plants. Iran itself has admitted its’ plants were attacked and its’ program has been slowed down and have blamed Israel and the United States for the attack.

Aren’t sanctions helpful?

Not really. It may be that the sanctions so far have not been hard enough to yield results, but the truth is Iran is still moving fast towards in nuclear plans and not slowing down really. The sanctions have been painful, no doubt, but it mostly took its’ toll on the civilian population, most of which already suffering to begin with by the regime that’s controling them. In one of the most unfree societies in the world (an accomplishment all in its own), and with the amounts of torture and killings inflicted by the regime and its’ authorities, many don’t have the chance and the opportunity to fight for their rights, as well as jobs, the economy and lifting of sanctions.

With its’ economy still deteriorating by the sanctions and more sanctions forced upon it, the Iranian regime still spends so much money on military plans, nuclear programs and funding of terror organizations. I can’t imagine there’s a satisfying amount left for the wellbeing of the Iranian people (though again – their wellbeing never seemed to be an issue for the regime).

So what… a military action is the only option?

Israel has a saying – “Always keep all options on the table.” A military operation is one of them. I cannot speak (because I do not really know) what the consequences and effiency an attack can have, but all options are on the table.

Just as with his speech before the US Congress, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu always says that If you make sure the military option is placed on the table, you’d less likely need to use it. He hoped the deterance of such operation, just like the one Israel took before with Iraq in 1981 (and suppodely again with Syria in 2007), would be enough. Ironically, though, what many leaders around the world are doing is quiet the opposite – they’re revoking the military option time and time again, giving Iran the greener light to proceed in the meantime, and perhaps making the military operation they so oppose much more needed (unlike Israel’s stand that the more real it seems, the less likely it is to be used).

Seriously – Iran would actually use a nuclear weapon?

Honestly, I don’t really believe Iran having a nuclear weapon would mean it shall use it. But it will allow itself so much more, and will acquire psychological deterance… today it only sends “conventional” weapons to terrorists. Who will dare attack it tomorrow when it starts sending chemical weapons (such as mustard gas) to Hezbollah and the other terrorists it funds today and that today shoot blindly and proudly into civilian populations? Moreover, how much deterance will those terror groups get? How much power? That is the true danger of a nuclear armed Iran.

Dear Mr Sarkozy: Why can you stand the Liar Mahmoud Abbas?

November 10, 2011

I’m sure you’ve all heard by now the “embarassing” exchange of words between French President, Nicolas Sarkozy, and United States Presdient, Barak Obama. In case, you haven’t, allow me to fill you in. Unbeknownst to the two leaders who were meeting at the G20 conference, reports have plugged in their own headphones and heard a backroom conversation between them, in which Sarkozy said to Obama, regarding Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu:

I cannot bare him. He’s a liar.

Dear Mr. Sarkozy, allow me to give you a page out of the Dr House thumb rule to life – Everybody Lies. Especially politicans. As one, you should know that better than anyone. Surely, you’ve practiced it many times before. Surely, you’ll use this method many times in the future.

What is outraging about this, is that once again a personal distaste to the Israeli Prime Minister brings those who shout they hold Israel’s security to their heart act in every way but protecting Israel and its’ security or existence. More shocking is that this personal distate transforms all logic and continues to remember all the counterproductive acts made by Benjamin Netantahu, and only those made by him, whilst conveniently forgetting the many steps and actions towards peace he took that were not met with the side that is always being forgiven – Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

While France and Sarkozy seem to be more than able to bare Abbas’ lies, and help with dialogue-circumventing moves such as the UNESCO bid, allow me to remind the French President, what liar he can more than bare and only a small handlful of his lies.

In brevity, Mahmoud Abbas’ short list of lies include –

  • Lies and distortions of history and of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
  • Lies about the Palestinian unity and of his own control over the Gaza Strip and its’ over 1.5 million Palestinian people.
  • Lies about abandoning the ways of terror.
  • Lies about choosing dialogue and peace.
  • Lies about negotiations with former Israeli Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert.
  • Lies that continue perpetuate the conflict, the hatred towards Israel and the fictitious “Right of Return”
Or in short –> Lies and actions that prevent any chance peace, dialogue or an end to the conflict.


Summary of rocket fired into Israel, October 2011

November 1, 2011

The same day that “Palestine” was accepted into the UNESCO, with no clear borders, answers, end of conflict or demands, and not even a clear law system (not to mention a unified one – two complete and different forces work to enforce two very different kinds of laws in the West Bank and in Gaza), five rockets were fired into Israel.

Overall 49 rockets were fired October of 2011. While victims injured of August are still being treated in hospitals for their injuries, another round of terror injured more people and even killed one man – 56 year old Moshe Ami was on his way home when a rocket fell in the street of his residental community.

In the past four days alone, over 40 of these rockets were fired. Almost 10 of them were intercepted by Israel’s pioneer defense system, the Iron Dome, meaning they were about to hit populated areas and not open empty fields.

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