Dear Mr Sarkozy: Why can you stand the Liar Mahmoud Abbas?

I’m sure you’ve all heard by now the “embarassing” exchange of words between French President, Nicolas Sarkozy, and United States Presdient, Barak Obama. In case, you haven’t, allow me to fill you in. Unbeknownst to the two leaders who were meeting at the G20 conference, reports have plugged in their own headphones and heard a backroom conversation between them, in which Sarkozy said to Obama, regarding Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu:

I cannot bare him. He’s a liar.

Dear Mr. Sarkozy, allow me to give you a page out of the Dr House thumb rule to life – Everybody Lies. Especially politicans. As one, you should know that better than anyone. Surely, you’ve practiced it many times before. Surely, you’ll use this method many times in the future.

What is outraging about this, is that once again a personal distaste to the Israeli Prime Minister brings those who shout they hold Israel’s security to their heart act in every way but protecting Israel and its’ security or existence. More shocking is that this personal distate transforms all logic and continues to remember all the counterproductive acts made by Benjamin Netantahu, and only those made by him, whilst conveniently forgetting the many steps and actions towards peace he took that were not met with the side that is always being forgiven – Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

While France and Sarkozy seem to be more than able to bare Abbas’ lies, and help with dialogue-circumventing moves such as the UNESCO bid, allow me to remind the French President, what liar he can more than bare and only a small handlful of his lies.

In brevity, Mahmoud Abbas’ short list of lies include –

  • Lies and distortions of history and of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
  • Lies about the Palestinian unity and of his own control over the Gaza Strip and its’ over 1.5 million Palestinian people.
  • Lies about abandoning the ways of terror.
  • Lies about choosing dialogue and peace.
  • Lies about negotiations with former Israeli Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert.
  • Lies that continue perpetuate the conflict, the hatred towards Israel and the fictitious “Right of Return”
Or in short –> Lies and actions that prevent any chance peace, dialogue or an end to the conflict.

I’ll now explain each one of them –

  • On May 17th 2011, Abbas posted an op-ed article in the New York Times, titled The long overdue Palestinian State. His article was filled with lies and distortions of truth (Some of which I’ve listed before). None of these lies and distortions got a single reference from Sarkozy or any member of his government.
  • Ever since May 2011, Abbas has been claiming that he and his bitter rivals, Hamas, have been unified. Over the stage in the UN he claimed that the Palestinian people are in complete unity. THAT IS A LIE.
    Ever since a signing of a paper in Cairo in May, Abaas’s Fatah faction and Hamas have remained rivals – neither side has visited the other’s region (Abbas in the Gaza Strip, Hamas’ officials from the Strip in the West Bank), a joint government was never declared, a date for elections was not named and a short announcement about mutual release of prisoners in a few short weeks has still, after months, not been done. Moreover, the Palestinian people are still living under two complete different entities – one in the West Bank and one in the Gaza Strip. Each has its’ own police force that imposes and enforces a completely different set of laws.
    Moreover, Abbas has no part whatsoever in achieving peace or clam when factions from Gaza fire rockets at Israel. He is not a party to anything having to do with the Strip.
  • Abbas continues to tell the leaders of the world he has abandoned the way of terror (which once again begs the question – how are you in unity with a faction whose declared purpose is terror and jihad against Israel?). ANOTHER LIE.
    Not only is Abbas and his Prime Minister, Salam Fayyad, are building a state that cherishes, honors and worshipers terrorists (naming streets and sqaures after them; making them role-models and heros to children; building homes especially for heinous terrorists released in the Gilad Shalit swap deal to the West Bank and more).
    This can be seen more specifically after the slaughter of the Fogel family – after two palestinians knived 5 members of one family in the settlement Itmar, among them three children ranging from 3 months old to 7 years old, Abbas claimed to have been speaking to the Palestinians against terror. While in all Israeli and Western media, Abbas condemned terror, both himself and his ministers refused to tell the Palestinian people this was an “inhumane” act and only stressted that this is “unhelpful to the Palestinian cause today“.
  • Abbas claims that he wants and would always choose dialogue with Israel, rather than a unilateral move. LIE, LIE, LIE! If you look objectively at Abbas actions over the past two years, you’d know that’s not true. You’d see how he rejected the settlement freeze “liar Benjamin Natanyahu” gave him, only to make it the most important things since then once the ten month of the moratorium were over. If you look at his actions objectively, you’d see how little effort and time he spends in trying to find a solution, in trying to get to the negotiations table, and how much time he spends going around the world, country after country and how he devotes his time to bring forth a Palestinian state that will not live in peace with Israel – he’s doing everything but trying to work towards peace. And when lies and says it’s just the opposite… France gives him a reason to not enter negotiations yet again in the form on a political-jihad against Israel in UNESCO.
  • During one of the aforementioned trips, Abbas visited Columbia a short while ago. Over there, he said he was ready to sign a deal with the former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and that he suspects that is the reason Olmert was forced to step down and resign. AND THE LIES KEEP ON COMING – Olmert was removed from office due to corruption charges and was forced to resign after a sixth case was opened against him by Israel’s police. After that, in May 2008, Olmert began to make far-reaching proposals and in September 2008 even asked Abbas to sign a map that settles the issue of borders. Abbas asked for time, did not answer for three months, at which point Olmert initiated an offensive in Gaza to end the rain of 8-years of rockets on Israel’s south. Then, Abbas said in public he will never talk with Olmert again.
  • To this day, and very much reflected in his speech before the UN’s General Assembly and his New York Times op-ed, Abbas continues to nourish the false and fictitious claim of Palestinian people about “The Right of Return”. Just last August, while visiting Lebanon, Abbas did not speak about the horrible conditions and the lack of rights the Labenese governments of the past 60 years gave the Palestinians, but instead continued to promise them, that all will return to this homes inside the terrotiroy of Israel – he promises 4 million people to go back to where their grandparents lived before starting a war they lost 60 years ago. Yet, he claims he wants and is ready for peace – does that sound a man who wants a peace or a man who wants to annihilate Israel?
Again… This is only a short list. So, please, Mr Nicolas Sarkozy, why is is that you find it so easy to bare these lies and this liar?

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2 Responses to “Dear Mr Sarkozy: Why can you stand the Liar Mahmoud Abbas?”

  1. barbara Says:

    Lies even about his personal histoty…

    • Ori Lentzitzky Says:

      Yes, thank you barbara. The mentioned New York Times article is actually the first on my detailed list.
      I’ve also talked about it extensively in the past, including in my “reject the unilateral move” post
      Yes, the lies and distortions flow freely from that man. Not one leader around the world cares or talks about it.
      If Benjamin Netanyahu would have written an op-ed even trying to distort the truth (and in some instances – say the truth), he would be attacked by all leaders keeping quiet at this!

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