Not Just From the Strip: Rockets Fired From Lebanon Into Israel Overnight

As if it wasn’t crystal clear already that Security Council Resolution 1701 is constantly breached and that terror organizations have filled South of Lebanon (South of the Litani River) with rockets and weapons, tonight came another proof.

Overnight, rockets of the type Katyusha were fired from Lebanon into Israel’s north, to the Galilee hills. The firing occurred shortly before 1 A.M. with residents in their homes, in their beds. Rockets fell in open fields. Residents reported of three explosions but the army has managed to track down only two rockets so far.

Lebanon’s army claimed only one rocket has been fired from its’ territory and that Israel’s army retaliated with firing rockets to the location where the rockets origniated (Aiita-Shaab), causing only damage to buildings and property.

Katyusha rocket fired overnight from Lebanon to Israel

Katyusha rocket fired overnight from Lebanon to Israel. Photograph By: Adrian Herbstien

This is yet another example of the constant threat Israel faces from various terror groups on its’ various borders.

This is another example at how these terror groups provoke and shoot blindly at civilian populations.

This is another example at how UNIFIL hasn’t managed to enforce Resolution 1701. Another example at the fact that weapons, militants, weapons and more are “at the ready” in the South of Lebanon, ready to provoke and start a war, harm  civilians.

This is another example of how an international community that assures its’ dedication to Israel’s security, turn a blind eye when the threats against it grow and only speak of “restraint” and un-dismantaling-the-terror actions when these militants finally strike. A situation, by the way, that I find hard to believe any other country would agree to live in, should it be in Israel’s place.


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