Summary of rocket fired into Israel, November 2011

Another month, another summary (because there’s a summary to be made, because rockets continue to be fired upon Israeli civlians each month!

Overall, 11 rockets have been fired at Israel in the past month, not including rockets whose launch was thwarted. For the first time on this blog (and overall since 2009), I have to qualify and say these only refer to rockets which were fired from the Gaza Strip into Israel. Earlier this week, 2 rockets were fired from the South of Lebanon by an Islamic terror group associated with Al-Qaeda.

Summary of rocket fired in Israel from the Gaza Strip, November 2011

On November 6th, an immigrant working in agricultural fields were injured by a rocket.

On November 13th, Israel’s retaliation in the strip caused injures to a French Consul and his family, proving yet again that Hamas’ bases and armories are kept within civilian populations.

On November 15th, one of three rockets fired at Israel at evening hit near a preschool. Thankfully, it was a relatively late hour and the preschool was empty.

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