Hamas Boasts Terror and Bloodshed on its’ 24th Anniversary

Today Hamas, a terror organization devoted to the destruction of Israel as a state and the death of its’ Jewish people, organized a power demonstration in Gaza City celebrating 24 years to its’ establishment. The “joyous” occasion also celebrated the many terror activities and countles blood it is responsible for shedding (on the Israeli side – they don’t assume responsibility for deaths of their side).

It also used the occasion to call all Muslim countries going through an Arab Spring (or an Islamic Winter – depends on your point of view) to join their ideology and align themselves together.

Here is what the celebrating openly boasted and was proud of (the numbers were published by Hamas military wing – I cannot testify to their veracity, only to the fact that this is what they were celebrating:)

11,093 rockets and mortar shells the organization has fired upon Israeli civilians.

1,365 Israelis killed by the organization.

1,117 “jihad” activities (=terror acts) against Israeli civilians – 87 of which are suicide bomber attacks!

6,411 Israelis wounded by the organization.

24 Abductions.

Hamas' celebration of terror and death on its' 24 anniversary. Picture By Reuters.
Hamas’ celebration of terror and death on its’ 24 anniversary. Picture By Reuters.

In case you managed to miss hearing about this deadly organization, then here’s an (exteremly) quick answer to who is Hamas?

Formed in late 1987, Hamas is a Palestinian faction of the extreme kind. His agenda persists of forming the land of Palestine overall of both Israel and Palestinian territories, annihlating the Jewish people and even alludes to restoring the Islamic empire that once stood from Arabia and over parts of Europe, including Spain.

For the past ten years, Hamas has been firing rockets onto Israeli civilian populations. In the past few years, the ranges of these rockets have been widened and today more than 1.5 million Israeli citizens are living under the threat of various rockets. In the past twenty years, Hamas has been responsible for many terror attacks on Israel, uncluding numerous suicide bomber attacks. The most memorable one of them took place at Park Hotel on Passover Eve where families gathered for a holiday meal together – 30 people died, dozens were injured in a single terror attack.

Hamas encourages terror attacks against Western targets and have condemned the United States and its’ president Obama personally for their killing of who they refered to as a “saint”: Osama Bin-Laden.

In 2007, after a year long blood-filled war against another Palestinian faction, Fatah, Hamas siezed control of the Gaza Strip in a violent coup. Fatah members who were not able to escape to the Israeli and Egyptian borders (where they recieved sanctuary) were punished for their membership to Fatah by having their limbs amputated. Since then, Hamas have been holding over 1.5 million people in Gaza hostage. It enforced an extreme Islamic law upon them, another Arab dictatorship in the Middle East. Hamas’ refusal to abandon the ways of terror and talk peace with Israel has led to the land blockade Israel implemented in 2007 and a naval blockade it implemented in 2009. Today, the land blockade is barely in effect, however Hamas works hard to stop goods that Israel is sending to the Strip and deliver them through underground tunnels under the Egyptian border in order to portray Israel as the villian and itself as the merciful angel rescuing the people of Gaza, the same people it holds hostage.

Until recently, Hamas was backed by the Ayatollah regime in Iran, but their unwillingness to support the slaughter of the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria for the past eight months, has stopped such connection and years of arms shipments from Iran and has made Hamas turn to other sources. Today, Hamas holds over 40,000 rockets covering half the region of Israeli civilian population and boasts about his intention to use them against civilians. As of December 14th, a total of 29 rockets have been fired so far in December 2011 from the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip onto Israeli populations, some of which were intercepted by Israel’s Iron Dome Defense System and prevented casualties.


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