European UN Ambassadors Help… Kill the Peace Process

Two months ago, I’ve written a lengthy post detailing what I believe is the obstacle for peace in the Middle East (meaning, between the Israelis and the Palestinians). In case you haven’t gotten through it, let be give you the abbreviated bottom line –

The main obstacle for peace is the special treatment the Palestinians receive from the international community. I’m not talking about the whole seperate UN refugee agency that makes a mockery of real refugees around the world and lives to perpetuates this conflict, rather than helping put an end to it. I’m talking about accepting their ridiculous demands. I’m talking about not condemning them when needed. I’m talking about one-sidedness that seems to only present itself in such an ugly form when it comes to this conflict.

Before the Palestinians attempted to yet again circumvent negotiations, I’ve written a post detailing what they have done in the previous year in order to not bring forth a peace settlement, to not end this conflict. And I’ve said in that post, more times than I’d like to bare or count, the Palestinians get away with it. No one seems willing to condemn them for anything. To the contrary, when they were putting up demands and making it difficult to even discuss the possibility of a peace agreement, countries such as Ireland, Norway and even the United States awarded them with upgrades of status to their envoys.

This week, four ambassadors proved this point exactly. The Ambassadors to the UN of the four European countries currently holding a seat in the security council – France, Britain, Germany and Portugal – issued a one-sided condemnation to Israel. For what? Issuing a bidding for house settlements in East Jerusalem (a cabinet response to the Palestinian’s unilateral move in UNESCO that started coming to frution this week) and for its’ inability to stop and persecute the perpetrators of Price Tag operations (which stems from Israel being a democracy, Irnoy of all ironies – but more on that in a later post).

Here’s the thing, though – It’s not the condemnation itself that’s the problem. It’s the fact that its’ directed towards one side and one country only. This isn’t a Security Council resolution (the United States would have vetoed that), but nonetheless, it is using the Security Council platform for such harsh critism. Critism these ambassadors didn’t seem fit to issue to Israel’s neighbors, Egypt or even Syria (Russia and China would have vetoed that), given the latest occurances there. In fact, taking a quick look around the region (not to mention the world) and this condemnation seems a bit pesky.

But let’s not look at the world itself – let’s look at the other side of this conflict and where is its’ condemnations? When rockets are being fired upon Israel, dozens a month, you don’t see a condemnation. When Israelis are severly injured or die from these rockets, or when they hit near a playground or a school, there’s no condemnation. Hell, even when Lebanon prevented a condemnation for the terror attack last August that took the lives of eight Israelis, these ambassadors didn’t see fit to issue this kind of collective condemnation.

Earlier this week, Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas met with terrorists in Turkey. He has been building a country that worships terrorists. You might think these four European countries have no terror threats of their own that they’re dealing with, that they allow themselves to keep quiet. Abbas has been avoiding negotiations at all cost for almost two years now, lying even when standing atop the UN General Assembly podium, completely denying any connection or claim that the Jewish people might have to the land in question, completely distorting history. Just this week, the so-called “unity” he’s cooking up is bringing Hamas, an entity recognized as a terror organization to all these countries, into the PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization, formed officially in 1964). When every year Abbas conducts parades of kids walking with keys, demanding to flood Israel with Palestinians (so called refugees), nurturing hate in the youngest – no condemnation whatsoever.

There is not a country in this world that has ever stood up and said the truth, that forced the Palestinian to stop this passing of hatred between generations, these distortions, these unwillingness to form a society that seeks the end of this conflict, instead of a Palestinian state as some kind “Phase 1 of annihilating Israel”.

There’s not a country or an ambassador that ever went public and said to the Palestinian – Your demands are unrealistic. Not ever, in any conflict, in the past or ever again in the future, was there a right called The Right of Return. This is the special treatment the Palestinians receive.

Abbas has been refusing to accept the Quartet outlines for negotiations, for peace, for over three months now! He’s been doing everything in his power to not enter negotiations, to not reach a settelment, to not even attempt (using mere six hours of mostly press time in September 2010, to claim he doesn’t see a future in negotiations — IT TAKES MORE THAN SIX HOURS TO END THIS CONFLICT!). And yet he recieved no negotations. France even went as far as voting for their acceptance to UNESCO!!

And here we are – the European Union and its’ members, the United States and many more around the globe condemn Israel for every little house it’s building as if that is the obstacle for peace (or so they claim), but fail time and time again to condemn or make the Palestinian actions even remotely public. US Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton, knows how to be vocal when it comes to Israel expanding the settlements and establishing facts on the ground – why is she so quiet when it comes to the Palestinian similiar actions? Why is only one side recieving the heat and the other the gifts? I mean, taking a look at only the things I managed to pull quickly, the other side of this conflict is far from angelic. Neither are the two mortar shells fired earlier today from the Gaza Strip that would probably get zero coverage or condemnations from the world.

So tell me, please, why, why, WHY, with all these gifts handed to the Palestinians for not entering negotiations to end this conflict and reach peace would they, in their right mind, try to reach a peace settlement? Can’t you see how much progress they’re making without lifting a finger towards peace?

If you want to see a Palestinian State,
If you seek Peace in the Middle East –
Don’t be Anti-Israel. Be Anti-Palestinian-Leadership!


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