Happy New Year: Summarizing Rockets & Terror on Israel in 2011

The end of December is not just the end of a month, but also the end of year – 12 whole months wrapped together.

The following is a summary of terror acts committed by Palestinians – either independant of part of a militia – against Israel and Israelis in the year 2011. I will also dedicate a post later to the other side of the coin which is the acts of extreme settlers, laundered as ‘Price Tag’, which worsened the past year. It should be noted that the following takes the pot in magnitude, quantity, and effect.

665 Rockets and Mortar Shells From the Gaza Strip in 2011

The numbers really speak for themselves – here’s a year-long count on the rockets and mortar shells fired from the Gaza Strip.

Dozens were injured, 4 [empty] schools and playgrounds were hit, and 2 Israeli citizens died – Yossi Shusan (age 38) on August 20th, and Moshe Ami (age 56) on October 29th.

An anti-missile attack on a school bus (not counted below!) also killed 16 years old Daniel Viflic.

997 Terror incidents on Israeli citizens or soldiers

The following are taken from the statistics of ISA – Israel’s Security Authority, also known as Shabak.

Overall, 107 citizens injured in terror attacks in 2011, and 18 citizens killed (of which one is a not an Israeli citizen but a British citizen) in 2011. In addition, two security forces personnel were killed. 7 of the citizens killed were settlers in the West Bank, and the rest were Israeli citizens within Israel’s territory.

These describe incidents only (for instance, a barrage of 5 rockets fired at Israel is counted as 1 incident) –

The following table summarizes the terror incidents described in the above graph, where:

All incidents refer to the West Bank, from the Gaza Strip or Jerusalem, unless appearing as simply “Terror Attack”.
Rockets refer to both rockets and mortar shells.
Shootings refer to both guns and anti-missile.
Explosives are explosives or improvised such as pipe bomb.

Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Rockets 12 5 30 45 1 4 17 107 8 40 9 25
Mortar Shells 13 9 17 18 0 1 1 27 1 3 1 5
Shootings 5 2 4 5 3 0 2 2 3 5 0 1
Explosives 2 2 3 0 1 0 2 1 2 4 0 1
Stabbings 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 1
Grenades 4 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Molotov Cocktails 47 41 72 32 64 40 32 34 54 30 33 48
Stone Throwing 0 0 1 1 3 1 0 0 1 0 0 0
Terror Attack 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 7 0 0 0 0
Total 83 61 128 101 73 47 53 178 68 80 44 81

Notable Terror attacks in 2011 are:

  • Itamar Attack – 5 memebers of Fogel Family are knived to death including two parents and three children, the youngest being a 3 months old baby. 12 years old daughter returns home to find their bodies.
  • Explosive bomb go off in a bus station in Jerusalem. One British citizen, Mary Jean Gardner, is killed.
  • An explosive pipe goes off in a city worker’s hand two weeks prior to that.
  • An anti-Missile rocket fired from the Gaza Strip at a yellow school bus. 16 year old teenager dies.
  • Israeli-Arab goes on a killing spree on May 15th – the Palestinian Nakba, killing 29 years old Aviv Morag. Six months later the victim’s dad commits suicide.
  • The August 18th terror attack through the Egyptian border in the Sinai Peninsula. Six citizens are killed, as well as two security personnel, one from “friendly fire.” Egyptian soldiers get caught in the cross-fire as well.
  • Palestinian from Nablus (Sche’em) hijacks a taxi and tries to run it in to a teenagers-filled club in Tel-Aviv.
  • Palestinians throw stones at passing vehicles in the West Bank – Asher Palmer is hit and crashes his car, killing both him and his 1 year old son.

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2 Responses to “Happy New Year: Summarizing Rockets & Terror on Israel in 2011”

  1. ordergood Says:

    I’m not going to show you documentation detailing the Israeli attacks on Palestinians in 2011 for the following reasons. (A), we lost count. (B), you won’t find most of the attack info online because of the bias or weak media in the region. Finally and most importantly C, because human life is so valuable and comparing attack and fatality numbers to see whose situation is worse or who is more innocent is pathetic. One lost life from either side is enough and God says in the Quran, killing one person unjustly (like the people you mentioned) is like killing all of humanity.

    happy new year!

    • Ori Lentzitzky Says:

      I do not wish to compare numbers and I did not post this to start a “whose worst” competetion, of course (though I believe your statement of “losing count” exaggarted, and what you might be losing count of is how many Palestinian deaths are caused by Palestinian, mainly in Gaza). I, for one know of a Wikipedia page that keeps track of all those you can’t keep track of, but no page or global NGO that manages or even seeks to keep track of the latter (not to mention that it’s difficult due the vacany of journalists in the strip since 2007). Also, as henious and despicable as the terror acts extreme settlers may be, they’ve yet to reach the sick level above (and I sincerely hope they will never do).

      I posted this for one main purpose – As I’ve stated many times before, there’s a duplicity when it comes to this conflict. Many in the international community simply live in this notion that Israel should just fold and cave, while they stand and do nothing as these countless rockets continue to be fired. While they refuse to issue one simple condemnation. Which is exactly the kind of thing that boasts Mahmoud Abbas, the PLO and every Palestinian leader dimmed legitimite by the international community, to do everything but end this conflict (which I believe currently is an impossible mission). I guess it’s easy to that when your soldiers are battling in a different continent that nobody really cares what’s going on there and where you citizens aren’t terrorized on a daily basis.

      I also posted this for another huge reason – A small miniroty (as the numbers clearly indicate) is still attempting to hurt and harm many security personnel (among them soldiers, policemen and so on) and as a result, many ristrictions and regulations concerning the checkpoints will never even be reconsidered.

      But yes, ultimately, there is another side to this story and to this conflict. Just this week we saw a facade of peace talks starting in Amman, while no Palestinian party is seeking direct negotiations but still puts up demands for negotiations because stiil, to this day, not only are they unable to end this conflict (unwilling is also applicable, but a whole other issue), they continue to be showered with gifts for doing everything in their power to avoid peace and ending this conflict (which would of course mean giving up the fictitious right of return and so on. As far as given up fictitious facts and the various distortions, i’m not holding my breath that will ever happen).

      And by the way, in 2011 four people died from rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip. I only posted two names I could find quickly. And yes, though you may claim to not want to compare numbers, you’d end up thinking that this is a relatively small number compared to the casualties on the Palestinian side (many of which are caused because they are forced to live in a constant state of war, be used as nothing more than human sheilds for morons and ignorant chickens), but I assure you – there is not a country in this world that would tolerate this as much as Israel does, and yet Israel is often looked upon as the villian in this way-too-gray conflict. Russia has proved what it can do to a small aggrevation in its’ attack on Georgia. The US and Euopre would oblivate whoever sent rockets on its citizens on a monthly basis. Many countries, not fans of Israel, proved this past year what they can do to their own citizens (many countries still do that on a daily basis in a dark horrifying “law” system), so I’d hate to think what they’d do to a neighboring country or an entity firing rockets upon it in such magnitude. And of course there’s the classic case of Sri Lanka.

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