Summary of rocket fired into Israel, December 2011

Closing another year and another month, its’ summary time again. Overall 41 rockets and mortar shells were fired at Israel from the Gaza Strip in December of 2011.

On December 7th, Israeli aircraft thrawted a launch just the militants were preparing to shoot.

On December 8th, Israeli aircrafts killed terrorists in the Gaza Strip, planning an attack on Israel from the Egyptian border. This sparked three days filled with rockets and mortar shells on civilians.

On December 14th, A rocket that was launched failed to explode (and is not counted above).

On December 27th, two terrorists were killed by Israeli aircrafts. A rocket launched earlier that day, landed within the Gaza Strip territory.

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One Response to “Summary of rocket fired into Israel, December 2011”

  1. jrelterman Says:

    Interesting facts. Too bad most people aren’t caring right now. Just started a blog about my experiences living in Sderot. Check it out:

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