Terror Attacks Against Israeli Embassies In India, Georgia

After January 2012 saw three thwarted terror attacks against Israeli citizens and embassies around the world, Today one terror attack was luckily thwarted as well, while another could have ended much worse.

A Georgian embassy employee in Tbilisi, Georgia noticed an explosive in his car. It appears to have been an explosive gernade.

Almost simultaneously, A bomb went off near Israel’s embassy in New Delhi, India. Reports are still perlimentary, but it seems motorcycles threw an explosive at the car. The driver and two innocent bystanders were killed, as well as a diplomat’s wife, Tal Ishayahu-Koren, shortly after dropping her two kids in school. (

In the Pakistani terror attack on Mumbai in 2008, Israeli and Jewish locations were also targeted. Mumbai’s Beith Chabad (a branch of a jewish faction that caters to Jewish travelers around the world) was attacked. An Israeli tourists and the Rabbi and his wife that run the branch were brutally murdered. Their 3 year old son was heroically rescued by his nanny after over 48 hours of hiding inside the house.

Following the gruesome terror attack on India in 2008, Israel helped with its’ unfortunate knowledge and trained a newly established counterterrorism unit in India’s police force.

Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has already pointed the fingers at the obvious suspects – Iran and Hezbollah (who are also behind the thwarted terror attacks in January, at least according to officials in Thailand and Azerbaijan).

Yesterday marked the 4 anniversary of Imad Mornia, Hezbollah terror-group chief operations “officer”, death. Hezb0llah (whose men have been accused of assissinating former Labenese Prime Minister by the ICJ in Hauge) is blaming Israel for the explosion that killed him.


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2 Responses to “Terror Attacks Against Israeli Embassies In India, Georgia”

  1. Raaj Says:

    Hi Ori,

    I read about the terror attack in New Delhi. It’s really sad to see these brainless and senseless terrorists targeting innocent people. I just wanted to you let you know that nobody was killed in the attack. 4 people were injured and the diplomat’s wife Tal Yehoshua-Koren, is stable and recovering well. I read that her driver Manoj Sharma bravely pulled her out of the car in time even though he too was wounded.

    • Ori Lentzitzky Says:

      Thanks, Raaj. Like I said, these were from first minutes of reporting and they’re mostly filled with disinformation and choas. And when the dust settled, life took over and the media was (and is still) all about the Thailand almost-attack. I’ve edited to report the current condition, so once again thank you.

      I don’t know why but it still amazes me how much Israeli-hates go with their hate so blindly – say what you want about Israel (and people are saying offly a lot), but when was the last time it targeted diplomats so viciously in the middle of crowded streets, and on its’ nation-friends’ territory? I think it’s hard to find an example. I mean, just last year, Mr Iranian President himself came almost all the way to the Israeli-Labenese border to taunt us and curse us.. did we do anything? Did we threaten the guy talking about how we’re satans and pigs and talks about wiping us off the map? I’m sorry, I know you’re not-a-hater, but these people annoy me with their silence on some issues and vocality on others.

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