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In Preparation For the Violent “March to Jerusalem”

March 29, 2012

It has been a busy month. I’m sorry for now writing more and posting more. Unfortunately, there’s always things to write about. The horrible terror attack in Toulouse, the horrific escalation with Gaza militans a few weeks ago (which I wrote about at its’ start), and much more. And while “calm” has been restored the south of Israel (three mortar shells were fired tonight from the Gaza Strip so far), I had to take a little bit of time from my personal life, to address something that’s potentioally big.

You see, while I hope it doesn’t open any news broadcasts tomorrow because I truly hope (as well as the majority of people in Israel, and the most high of ranks in its’ government and military) tomorrow will be a casualties-free day. Unfortunately, odds are it won’t be this way.

A large group of Islamic organazations as well as radical-left activists (whose actions speak about their lack on interest in true atrocities and the excessive war against one entity in the whole world), are planning tommorow a provacation. One that is knowingly putting lives at danger, all for the cold cynical and despicable prospect of media attention and distortion.

While protests may take place around Europe (one is planned in front of the Israeli embassy in London), some may be a lot less peaceful. Organizers are planning to have people march towards Israel’s borders, inflitrate it, defy its’ soverignty and hope that camera worldwide would see them either blown up by mine fields and shot dead while committing the crime of “breaking and entering” a country, illegally, in defiance. THEY ARE OPTING FOR DEATH – AS LONG AS IT MAKES ISRAEL LOOK BAD – THEY’RE VICIOUSLY PRO-DEATH!



Reminding the European Union what “Calm” Is

March 10, 2012

After the hit of the chief-general of the Popular Resistance Committees in Gaza yesterday afternoon, in an attempt to thwart a terror attack through the Israeli-Egyptian border he was heading, Israeli cities and civilians made shleters their second-home following over 120 rockets and mortar shells in less than 24 hours!

Additional terrorists were killed in Gaza, most belong to the Islamic Jihad faction and occured while they were preparing to launch rockets.

Overall, Israeli aircarft killed 15 Palestinians belonging to terror groups (as the Palestinians themselves confirm).

As usual with terrorists, they’re attacking civilians as a result. The latests barrages, still happening and going close on 150 rockets and mortar shells soon, have been met with 3 defense systems deployed around city populations. The Iron Dome defense system, intercepts any rocket it senses is about to his a residential area. 27 rockets have been intercepted at the time of writing these lines! That’s 27 rockets that were about to hit a community, a house, innocent civilians and people. Intentionally!

While it is not clear yet if the terror attack was thwarted or simply delayed, its’ aparant Hamas is still not doing enough to implement its’ governance in Gaza, the one it so vigorously claims. While opposition and much extreme factions (yes, on Iran’s dime no less), shoot an inconceivable amount of rockets and mortar shells, Hamas is more than happy to sit back for awhile and not fire the rockets himself, but allow other organizations to fire the rockets, thus holding to some illusion of it not being responsible for these launches.

European Union Foriegn Policy Chief Cathrine Ashton said in a statement that:

It is essential to avoid further escalation and I urge all sides to re-establish calm.

What strikes me as most weird is not the lack of condemnation to the firing of rockets (I wonder how any European country would react if one of NATO’s operations in countries like Pakistan, Algeria, Afganistan, Somalia and so on where terrorists are killed by aircarft attack based on intellegence, was met with such an emormous amount of rockets on its’ citizens). No, what striked me the most weird is Ashton’s definition of calm.

In the last week of February, 10 rockets have been fired at Israel from the Gaza Strip.

In the first 8 days of March (prior to the aforementioned assasination), 8 rockets and mortar shells were fired at Israel.

Friday morning, hours before Israel’s attack on the chief of the PRC, 2 mortar shells were fired onto Israeli civilians.

Is this was Ashton calls as “calm”? Would she tolerate this if this was her country? Or any country in the EU?


Barrage of Rockets On Israel Following a Chief Terrorist’s Assasination

March 10, 2012

Earlier today, Israeli aircrafts targeted a chief terrorist in Gaza and fired at his car, killing both him and another terrorist who was riding with him in his car (recently freed in the Gilad Shalit swap deal… and already back to associating with terrorists).

The chief terrorist was the secretary-general of The Popular Resistance Committee, Zuhir al-Qaisi, responsible for firing rockets onto civilians as well as planning and executing terror attacks through the Israeli-Egyptian border, like in August 18th.

The other terrorist is Ahmad al-Khanini, a convicted terrorist released last October in the aforementioend swap deal. Before his arrest, he headed a terror cell in The West Bank. His terror provided explosive belts for suicide bombers, one of which was caught on route to blow himself up in Jerusalem.

The Popular Resistance Commitee was one of the terror groups that kidnapped and held Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit captive for 1,940 days.

Last August, though Israel had intellegence about the terror attack (which it was unable to stop due to the assumption that the terrorists won’t cross the border in broad daylight near Egyptian army posts) and the whereabouts of the PRC’s leaders in Gaza, it decieded to not attack / assasinate the PRC leaders, in fear of an escalation. That didn’t help – in a terror attack that killed 8 Israelis, and wounded dozens, a round of escalation and rocket barrage were fired, and even causes fatalities. The Security Council, of course, failed to condemn the terror attack on civlians.

This time it was decieded to attack a chief terrorist in the hopes of ruining the shaping terror attack from coming to fruition.

The terrorists in Gaza of course did not fail to respond. While Israel specifially fired at a terrorists’ car, they are shooting wherever’s possible, blindly and with the hopes of hitting as many innocent civilans as possible.

At the time of writing these lines, over 40 rockets have been launched from the Gaza Strip. So far, 8 people were injured. 3 rocket launches were thwarted (killing 3 additional terrorists as they were about to fire). The Iron Dome defense system intercepted over 10 rockets about to hit residential areas.

A Response to a Hateful Commenter (though i’m sure he doesn’t consider himself one)

March 7, 2012

I received a comment today on an earlier post of mine, regarding Israel’s problem with a nuclear Iran, by someone simply going as Martin. More than most, while his comment accused me of blatant ignorance, he wrote a lengthy comment of the kind only Israel-Haters can right, filled with ignorance stemming mainly from the choice of being an ignotant in this subject, as well as premeditated one-sided conclusions and quite a few inflammatory comments. Mostly, when he couldn’t find anything more to write, he just chose to routinetly criticize the way I write. Well, congratualtions, Martin – you’re the first person to receive a post from me in reply to your comment.

I’ve decided to post Martin’s comment, to the letter, as I am pro free-speech and because for the most part, his comment didn’t any true incitement. Also, most of his comments will be brought here to comment on.

I do not wish to change his mind or of anyone belonging to his group – I’ve been around the web for enough time now to know that some would continue to be happy in their preset opinion.


Palestine & Human Rights: Praising Gaddafi, Supporting Death Penalty for Homosexuality

March 4, 2012

Another session of United Nations’ Human Rights Council has opened last week in Geneva, and on its’ agenda is full.

Two things, as the very least, are worth noting about this session regarding a entity that seeks independance while avoiding negotiations and peaceful ways to achieve that – The Palestine Authority:

  1. Its’ praisal of the Gaddafi regime and its’ supposed human rights protection.
  2. Its’ part in the OIC – the block of Muslim nations – letter to the UNHRC condemning it for having a panel discussing the death penalty for the “crime” of homosexuality (supporting the death penalty!!)

It should be noted that the Palestine Authority is the moderate of the Palestinian factions and the internationally-recognized entity that controls the PLO – a body claiming to represent all of the Palestinians world-wide and in de-facto control of the West Bank only (and no such control in the Gaza Strip as well, even 10 months after the first announcement of the farcical unity with Hamas).

It is peculiar, to say the least, that a governing entity that cries worldwide of its’ own human rights violations, would go to such lengths to support another regime’s human rights violations (much more blatant, hurtful and destructive), and raises questions as to the kind of “democracy” Palestine Authority president, Mahmoud Abbas, is talking about, not to mention the enourmous amount of pro-Palestine activists around the world.

Click here to read more about Palestine’s support for human rights violations

Israel Inaugurated New Village For Turkish Earthquake victims

March 3, 2012

On October 23rd, 2011, a devestating earthquake hit the city of Van, Turkey. The earthquake, measured in 7.2 on Richter scale, destoryed over 2,000 buildings and killed hundreds of people.

Following months of aid, Israel has inaugurated on February 13th, 2012, a village it helped build to house the victims that were left homeless and provide them a functioning community life. The village is build out of 130 portable structures and can house up to 1,300 people. Establishment is expected to fully end during March 2012, by many can begin to move in already.

Israel's Turkish village

Photographed by: Ariel Harmoni, of Israel's Ministry of Defense

This is not the first time Israel helps Turkish earthquake victims. Following 1999’s catastrophic earthquake, Israel built a village that housed 3,000 people and contained 312 housing units, a shopping center, a clinic, playgrounds, a school that about 420 children attended, as well as sent rescue teams that helped dig and recover people from under wreckage. On this earthquake, due to the tensions between the countries, Turkey did not wish to have Israeli rescue teams on its’ soil. Nonetheless, Israel helped them house the victims, despite said tensions.

Summary of rockets fired into Israel, February 2012

March 1, 2012

“Ten days, ten rockets and not one condemnation.”

At a week where various campuses and colleges are cynically used as the platform of one-sided hate-filled mostly blinded propaganda, it seems more than appropriate to quote this line from a letter Israel sent to the United Nations, two days ago.

The past month saw some tough weather in the area, which terrorists in Gaza took advantage of, hoping the bad weather would damange Israel’s detection systems capabilities.

Overall, in February 2012, 31 rockets and mortar shells were fired at civilian populations by terrorists in the Gaza Strip.

Count of rockets fired at Israel daily from the Gaza Strip
Count of rockets fired at Israel daily from the Gaza Strip

Among the incidents worth noting:

  • On February 10th, a rocket hit residential area between two private homes. Shrapnel hit a house with a family sitting in the living room. Thankfully, there were no injuries.
  • On February 18th and on February 26th, rockets fired from the strip landed inside the strip’s territory at Gazans’ homes.
  • On Febraury 24th, a rocket launch was thwarted during nighttime by Israel’s airforce.

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