Israel Inaugurated New Village For Turkish Earthquake victims

On October 23rd, 2011, a devestating earthquake hit the city of Van, Turkey. The earthquake, measured in 7.2 on Richter scale, destoryed over 2,000 buildings and killed hundreds of people.

Following months of aid, Israel has inaugurated on February 13th, 2012, a village it helped build to house the victims that were left homeless and provide them a functioning community life. The village is build out of 130 portable structures and can house up to 1,300 people. Establishment is expected to fully end during March 2012, by many can begin to move in already.

Israel's Turkish village

Photographed by: Ariel Harmoni, of Israel's Ministry of Defense

This is not the first time Israel helps Turkish earthquake victims. Following 1999’s catastrophic earthquake, Israel built a village that housed 3,000 people and contained 312 housing units, a shopping center, a clinic, playgrounds, a school that about 420 children attended, as well as sent rescue teams that helped dig and recover people from under wreckage. On this earthquake, due to the tensions between the countries, Turkey did not wish to have Israeli rescue teams on its’ soil. Nonetheless, Israel helped them house the victims, despite said tensions.


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  1. BeliefInJustice Says:

    Great post. Let the world know: We are the good guys here.

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