A Response to a Hateful Commenter (though i’m sure he doesn’t consider himself one)

I received a comment today on an earlier post of mine, regarding Israel’s problem with a nuclear Iran, by someone simply going as Martin. More than most, while his comment accused me of blatant ignorance, he wrote a lengthy comment of the kind only Israel-Haters can right, filled with ignorance stemming mainly from the choice of being an ignotant in this subject, as well as premeditated one-sided conclusions and quite a few inflammatory comments. Mostly, when he couldn’t find anything more to write, he just chose to routinetly criticize the way I write. Well, congratualtions, Martin – you’re the first person to receive a post from me in reply to your comment.

I’ve decided to post Martin’s comment, to the letter, as I am pro free-speech and because for the most part, his comment didn’t any true incitement. Also, most of his comments will be brought here to comment on.

I do not wish to change his mind or of anyone belonging to his group – I’ve been around the web for enough time now to know that some would continue to be happy in their preset opinion.

This whole article was an interesting read, though not very well written. It was interesting based solely on the fact that your ability to combine opinion and fact is supreme, but the opinion is a very sympathetic one toward what is sometimes still considered an illegal state (Israel), and a derogatory one toward the Muslim countries which, through the words you use, connotes a deep feeling of hatred towards the Muslim people in general.

First of all – I do not hate Muslims! DO NOT! I have no idea where you got that from, but that could be said to most of your comment. I come in contact with Israeli Arabs almost daily (Muslims) and I completely respect both them as people and their religion. I truly have no idea why you decieded to conclude what it is you concluded, but it shouldn’t come as a surprise. If anything, I spoke against regimes and leaders in the Muslim world, which for the most part (bordering strong on 100%) are dictators who are torturing their own people. I do not hate the people themselves. The Iranian people, for example, have my deepest sympathies for what they’re going through and that unlike the people of Syria (who also recieve my sympathies and utter shock at what the Assad-regime is doing), don’t manage to leak many videos of what truly goes on in their streets.

Second, your comment was filled with so-called facts, based almost completely on your opinion. So kettle? You’re black.

Third, Calling Israel “an illegal state in the eyes of some” shows your true colors. Israel is a country that recieves it’s right to exist long before you and I were in this world, and has recieved its’ right again on November 29th, 1947. After war was waged against it, in 1949, while the wording was very careful, the state of Israel was internationally formed through agreements with all its’ neighboring countries, some of which went on to sign an actual peace treaty with Israel. To bring this point up now, almost 64 years past Israel’s establishment as a fully legitimate state, as I’ve said, reveals your true colors. Some countries in Latin America don’t recognize the United Kingdom and have no diplomatic ties with it, would you bring that up in a claim regarding the UK? Or is this ridiculous claim spotlighted specifically for Israel?

Israel was not content with the land it had, and has been trying to increase its borders (and in a lot cases has succeeded) for more than 11 years. Let us not forget the image of the Arab throwing a stone and the Israeli firing a gun. Israel has killed thousands of people in its attempt to increase its borders, many of them civilian women and children. These various terror organisations, as you say that are trying to kill and harm Israeli citizens are doing so as a direct result of Israeli action.

Israel was more than content with its’ territory and its’ borders. For evidence, you can open a map and see the size of Israel vs. the size of the Sinai Peninsula and see what Israel gave back to Egypt in 1979, as part of the peace treaty between the countries.

Israel would have been happy to be established along side an Arab nation back in 1948, had the Arabs (population, and then nations) not started war and bloodshed time and time again. In fact, after Israel was established, it was the Palestinians who attempted many terror attacks against Israel (all territories claimed by Palestinian today were under Jordanian and Egyptian control!), which led to the war between Israel and Egypt in 1956.

The Palestinian Liberation Organization and its’ today de-facto holder Fatah were both formed long before 1967, when Israel was provoked by Egypt to a war that lasted six days and ended with Israel’s trimputh over its’ 4 neighboring Arab nations, in which Israel won control over The West Bank, East Jerusalem and The Gaza Strip, to same the least. Fatah attempted their first official terror attack on June 1st, 1966, over a year before Israel had any control over these regions or over the Palestinian population, which was (and sometimes still is) used in the most cynical of ways by Arab and Muslim leaders throughout the world.

As far as your ludicrous claims regarding “Israel killing innocent civlians in its’ attempt to increase its’ borders” – it’s one of those issues, where I know, no matter how much facts I’ll say, you’ll stay true to your convictions. So I’ll do something brief instead – beyond the fact that it’s a flat-out lie, you might be talking about the security fence which came as a result to the endless suicide bombing attacks in Israeli cities (months after the Palestinians rejected Bill Clinton’s peace proposal, while Israel agreed to it – a recurring pattern over the past two decades). You might also be talking about the issue of settlements which is very complex but suffice to say that in any other region around the world, if it wasn’t Israel, this wouldn’t even have been an issue (seeing as Israel was provoked to war, won said war, and today has a military hold over a piece of land that its’ pre-war owner has absolutely no desire of [as clearly seen when Egypt refused to take back the Gaza Strip in the peace treaty in 1979] and its’ current claimer refuses to enter any kind of negotiations over the land in question).

Of course, your claim that terror organizations are fighting “their evil occupier” would hold unless – terror against Israel started long before the occupation in 1967 (see above, the Israeli-Egyptian war of 1956 and more), and if Israel hadn’t fully withdrawn from the Gaza Strip completely and handed the territory in full to the Palestinians only to recieve more rockets and more terror in return since August of 2005. In actuality, the majority of Gazans today are held nothing more than captive in the arms of extreme terrorists who took control over their lives in a violent coup in 2007 and are forcing them to live in danger and war, and are raping them to be their own personal human sheilds.

Remember also, that whilst Iranian money may have been funding these attacks, Israel has the force of America on its side, and this has been the case through the murders of masses of women and children, including Western civilians (Israeli air strike on a UN building in January 2010). It is important for you as an Israeli to remember that your country is essentially weak without America. And you are of no strategic value to America whatsoever.

While the fabric of Israel-US relations are much more complex than you so absentmindedly described, your words against Israel show exactly who and what you are. I am not even going to comment (again) on your stupid claims that Israel commits massacars (and as Richard Kemp, a UK army man said himself, Israel does more than NATO during war, though it is, like any other country and army around the world, makes mistakes in the battle field). By the way, I don’t suppose your claims are also towards the Palestinian militia terrorists who, as even The Goldstone Report does not deny,  dress in civilian clothes, walk among civilians and fire from civilian populations.

Also, The United States is giving Israel military aid, which Israel is then (sometimes even obligated) invests back to the United States in the form of purchase of supplies, thus basically creating jobs in the United States (today, a shoe factory in Israel is about to close down because Israel has no choice but to start purchasing from factories in the US). Also, the United States has funded Israel’s defense systems, mainly the Iron Dome. Since its’ deployment, the Iron Dome has intercepted dozens of rockets fired from the Gaza Strip (again, over six years after Israel’s full withdrawal from the Gaza Strip, which could have been a truly floorishing area, had it not been taken hostage by terrorists such as Hamas). The Iron Dome system only intercepts rockets it detects are about to land in residental areas – dozen of rockets intercepted. Had they weren’t, they could have caused great and horrific impacks, and might have taken Israeli lives. Then, Israel’s retaliation (which you rarely even hear of) would have been much harsher. The rockets fired only this week were simply met with bombing of empty factories belonging to terror groups in the strip, while they were empty and not a soul inside! If Israel didn’t have Iron Dome, more lives would have been lost on both sides, to say the least. So while the US aid to Israel helps maintain Israel’s strength and protect lives, on both sides, the Iranian money is done with the sole purpose of a massacare, which you so infuriatingly accept and act like its’ nothing, while blantaly attacking Israel. Again, your words show I’m wasting my time on you and you have absolutely no interest in climbing out of your one-sidedness and ignorance.

But to say that it is carrying out the dirty work of other countries is preposterous. These countries that you speak of are much stronger and much more powerful than Israel.

Once again – you are completely wrong! Why do you think Saudia was so happy to say it’ll supply oil instead of Iran after the European sanctions? Why does Wikileaks documents show that many Muslim nations hate and fear Iran.

In 1990, a coalition of countries band together against Saddam Hussain in Iraq. Israel was not one of them. Why? Because Israel joining the coalition would have meant that all the Muslim countries would have dropped out of the coliation. The same thing is happening today – Israel is being very moderate in its’ statements about Syria, because it knows the Muslim world hates to be on the same side with Israel. It’s illogical and sometimes plain out stupid, but it’s a fact. There’s this “conspiracy of silence” regarding the bloodshed within the Arab and Muslim world, many of which is nothing more than a tribal matter. Most of it would still be going on if it hadn’t been for the internet. When Assad’s father slaughtered the city of Homms back in the 1980’s, the Muslim world said no word. This is one example out of many others.

As for your other, just as ridiculous claims at this matter, I really have no more energy.

Although I will say that on a personal note, the Obama adminstration is not holding Israel back from attacking Iran, the two countries are creating, for the first time, a reliable alternative to the sanctions, which the international community took a long time to implement (two years ago, the European Union thought allowing Iran to have 20% enrichment was crazy, today it’s the starting point of the negotiations).

This infuriated me the most, based on the fact that you mention a regime. Jews and Muslims (Israelis and Arabs) are living in Israel even today. Some have been there for generations. Yet Arabs families are being evicted from their homes in East Jerusalem so that Jews can move in. And the Mayor of Jerusalem has said that this was because he wanted Jews all over. Now the humorous part of your paragraph is that you say Iran doesnt care about its citizens’ wellbeing. Arabs that have lived in Israel for generations are citizens of Israel. Why is it that you have no problem mocking the Iranian regime, but ignore the fact that Israel has a regime that degrades Muslims?

This is actually a very complex issue that would take much more time than I’d care to comment on it, seeing as I’m already commenting to someone who is a full-fledged hater (see your comments above).

The situation in East Jerusalem is very complex. I’ll agree that you make very good accusations, for the first time, regarding something. I’m going to bypass your comment about Jeruslam’s mayor as his actions speak very differently than his election campaign (for instance, as a candidate he promised to build housing units for Jews in East Jerusalem below the French Hill, but once in office turned the designated area into a city dump). There are neighborhoods in East Jerusalem that have legal disputes about them (people who are claiming that the territory belongs them and was annexed by Jordan during the 1948 war claim it back now, while the activists and people there recieve major funding for their legal case by the French, German, Sweadish and much more taxpayers).

The main reason I’m avoiding this issue, beyond its’ complexity, is that personally I don’t necessarily agree with everything my government does and I have no problem admitting that. However, your analogy and comparison is far-fetched, if to be kind. Israeli Arabs enjoy a large range of possibilities and rights (starting from Affirmative action, though their appearance in prime-time television shows and reality TV, and have the right to leave as secular or as religious as they’d like. I’m not claiming the stauts is perfect, but it’s far from dire). I could give many examples to show that Israel does not degrade Muslims, as you claim it does, but I do want to spotlight this horrible analogy you gave – the Iranian regime is starving and toruting its’ own people, for the benefit of its’ parliment, its’ leaders and its’ spiritual leader. By your worst scenario described, Israel is “degrading” a miniority only (again – this is far from the truth). I made a point that the Iranian regime would rather fund terrorists and its’ nuclear program than think of the wellbeing of all its’ people. You claim, what? Israel puts the best of one majority over another miniority? Nevermind the fact that most European countries do the same (and you might as well take a look at a Latin neighborhood in California), and none of this comes to serve as an execuse to both Israel or the countries just mentioned, but your analogy is, in best stretching and in worst… I don’t even want to think about what.

I do want to adreess one point you concluded your comment with, Martin

The conclusion is that Israel will indeed be at more risk than it is now, but no more than South Korea is of attack by North Korea, and no more risk than any country is of any nuclear power

Though I have no idea which terror groups targeting South Koreans daily, North Korea is funding daily (but it is a great analogy to Iran, by the way), the world stood together and promised South Korea it wouldn’t let the north aquire nuclear weapons. Guess what happened. So why should Israel rely on the world’s promise that it will not accept a nuclear Iran? Moreover, you are completely wrong, because the region as a whole would be affected by an Iranian bomb. Moreover, the animosity between so-called friendly Muslim nations, would lead to a Nuclear race between these countries. Neverminding the obvious dangers, unlike cut-from-the-world North Korea, the dangers of a terror organization (in either the Middle East or Africa) would acheive more unconventional weapons grows greater with a nuclear Iran. The deterance of terror groups funded by Iran grows, who knows what about their weapons cache. This is hardly an issue between Israel and Iran, or the West and Iran. This is a global issue, even if you’re trying to downplay and simplify it.


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