Reminding the European Union what “Calm” Is

After the hit of the chief-general of the Popular Resistance Committees in Gaza yesterday afternoon, in an attempt to thwart a terror attack through the Israeli-Egyptian border he was heading, Israeli cities and civilians made shleters their second-home following over 120 rockets and mortar shells in less than 24 hours!

Additional terrorists were killed in Gaza, most belong to the Islamic Jihad faction and occured while they were preparing to launch rockets.

Overall, Israeli aircarft killed 15 Palestinians belonging to terror groups (as the Palestinians themselves confirm).

As usual with terrorists, they’re attacking civilians as a result. The latests barrages, still happening and going close on 150 rockets and mortar shells soon, have been met with 3 defense systems deployed around city populations. The Iron Dome defense system, intercepts any rocket it senses is about to his a residential area. 27 rockets have been intercepted at the time of writing these lines! That’s 27 rockets that were about to hit a community, a house, innocent civilians and people. Intentionally!

While it is not clear yet if the terror attack was thwarted or simply delayed, its’ aparant Hamas is still not doing enough to implement its’ governance in Gaza, the one it so vigorously claims. While opposition and much extreme factions (yes, on Iran’s dime no less), shoot an inconceivable amount of rockets and mortar shells, Hamas is more than happy to sit back for awhile and not fire the rockets himself, but allow other organizations to fire the rockets, thus holding to some illusion of it not being responsible for these launches.

European Union Foriegn Policy Chief Cathrine Ashton said in a statement that:

It is essential to avoid further escalation and I urge all sides to re-establish calm.

What strikes me as most weird is not the lack of condemnation to the firing of rockets (I wonder how any European country would react if one of NATO’s operations in countries like Pakistan, Algeria, Afganistan, Somalia and so on where terrorists are killed by aircarft attack based on intellegence, was met with such an emormous amount of rockets on its’ citizens). No, what striked me the most weird is Ashton’s definition of calm.

In the last week of February, 10 rockets have been fired at Israel from the Gaza Strip.

In the first 8 days of March (prior to the aforementioned assasination), 8 rockets and mortar shells were fired at Israel.

Friday morning, hours before Israel’s attack on the chief of the PRC, 2 mortar shells were fired onto Israeli civilians.

Is this was Ashton calls as “calm”? Would she tolerate this if this was her country? Or any country in the EU?

Each of these “calm” barrages is followed by Israeli Ambassador to the UN, Ron Prosor, sending a letter to both Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon, and the Security Council members (who fails to condemn terror against Israeli citizens), urging them to condemn these attacks. Yet nothing. In times of “calm”, Kathrine Ashton and the international community’s voice cannot be found. But how long do they think this can go on?

It’s these times of so-called “calm” where the international community needs to act, needs to condemn, needs to do something other than sit idealy by… Because if they think that the current situation would not force Israel to eventually react harshly again, they’re wrong! So while they nod and fail to condemn Mahmoud Abbas’ symbolic gestures to Hamas and extremists who refuse to acknoledge past agreement with Israel or abandon the way of terror, while they award the Palestinian Authority for not entering negotiations for peace with a UNESCO seat or upgrades of status to their diplomatic envoys, they might want to actually do something helpful for once. Instead of condemn and critisize when its’ too late, or stall and allow Iran (the same Iran that’s funding these fanatic terrorists) to reach a whooping 20% enrichment level of Uranium.

I don’t wish this kind of “calm” on any country or any person.


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