In Preparation For the Violent “March to Jerusalem”

It has been a busy month. I’m sorry for now writing more and posting more. Unfortunately, there’s always things to write about. The horrible terror attack in Toulouse, the horrific escalation with Gaza militans a few weeks ago (which I wrote about at its’ start), and much more. And while “calm” has been restored the south of Israel (three mortar shells were fired tonight from the Gaza Strip so far), I had to take a little bit of time from my personal life, to address something that’s potentioally big.

You see, while I hope it doesn’t open any news broadcasts tomorrow because I truly hope (as well as the majority of people in Israel, and the most high of ranks in its’ government and military) tomorrow will be a casualties-free day. Unfortunately, odds are it won’t be this way.

A large group of Islamic organazations as well as radical-left activists (whose actions speak about their lack on interest in true atrocities and the excessive war against one entity in the whole world), are planning tommorow a provacation. One that is knowingly putting lives at danger, all for the cold cynical and despicable prospect of media attention and distortion.

While protests may take place around Europe (one is planned in front of the Israeli embassy in London), some may be a lot less peaceful. Organizers are planning to have people march towards Israel’s borders, inflitrate it, defy its’ soverignty and hope that camera worldwide would see them either blown up by mine fields and shot dead while committing the crime of “breaking and entering” a country, illegally, in defiance. THEY ARE OPTING FOR DEATH – AS LONG AS IT MAKES ISRAEL LOOK BAD – THEY’RE VICIOUSLY PRO-DEATH!

These organizations are hoping to recaptures the shots of May 15th and June 6th of last year (which I chose to not post here), where these protestors did exactly that and where either shot by soldiers where they refused to stop from cutting down the barbwire fence (=the border), or when walking past the it (after cutting it down) or when stepping on mines. Honestly, why someone would agree to do that is far beyond me (then again, I can never see myself strapping on a bomb around my waist and blowing myself up in a public place as well, so this is one my mortal mind can never comprehend).

The Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center has a full report of the preparations, the organizations and the organizers themselves.

While Israel sent many messages through third-party countries and various brokers that it would not tolerate any threat to its’ soveriegnty and that it holds the countries where activists are at responsible for making sure there won’t be any attempts to breach the border (it is their legal responsibility, after all – the protests are on their soil, their territory), It seems one country – like last time – is determined to get global attention away from it, even if for one day. Bashar al-Assad’s murderous regime in Syria is once again funding (with Iranian help and money) these protests. It seems there’s one place in Syria where security forces hold their fire and their power completely.

Tomorrow, March 30th, marks “Land Day”, a day where Israeli-Arabs mark the begining of their “awakening” (a movement to demand equal rights and treatment for various government branches, “celebrated” tomorrow for over the 30th time), and the death of six protestors who died when a peaceful protest of Israeli-Arabs spiraled out of control due to the actions of individuals. Throughout the years, many Palestinian factions transformed this day to plant the seeds of hatred towards Israel, accusing it of hurting the Islamic holy places in Jerusalem (When in fact, Israel maintains freedom of religion and preservation of holy places to all religions, at the very least, to a significant higher degree than when East Jerusalem was under Jordianian possesion before 1967. None of it matter of course, see Apendix regarding Mughrabi Gate).

This is another example of how radicals use violence and terror, in the form of progranda and distortions, to do everything possible to keep peace a non-option. To spread venom and lies regarding Israel, to nurture the hope of a false never-to-be-existed-anywhere-else “right” of return, to never acknowledge Israel, or it’s borders, or its’ existence. This horrible “initiative” is about death, prolonging conflicts, perpetuating hate, and a constant illogical war against Israel or any kind of peace with it.

What tomorrow would hold I cannot tell. I can only hope. Hope that there won’t be much responsiveness to this “initiative”. That few and perhaps no one will agree to sacrafice its’ life for the purpose of hate-speech and propaganda. That countries would actually be resillent in safeguarding their own borders, not allowing even the most determined of protestors to use their soil to break another country’s soverignty. I truly hope tomorrow won’t have casualties. I fear the opposite.

P.S. Did you know? The Mughrabi gate in East Jerusalem is the only passage way today for non-muslim visitors to the temple mount. It’s in a shaky conditions for nearly a decade now, ever since a snow blizzard in 2004. Israel has closed access through the Mughrabi gate and has built a temporary passageway. Today, this passage way is, according to many experts, including Jerusalem’s own city engineer, life-threatening. Why? Israel wants to build a monument to the gate, and a has planned to rehabiliate it. The passageway was only supposed to be, as its’ name, temporary. But as Israel even went on to ask for Jordan and the Palestinian Authority consent, when Jerusalem’s mayor finally closed the passageway last December, Jordan threatened to act against it and cut diplomatic ties, releasing a statement that Israel is trying to harm the scared locations in Jerusalem. Again, this is a passageway, the only passageway, for none-muslim visitors. Israel was quickly formed under pressure to reopen the passageway – each day people pass on this wooden bridge and risk their lives! Jordan and the Palestinian Authority, and for that matter the Islamic world, don’t care about the dangers – should Israel start rehabiliation tomorrow, it’ll see many violent riots, some organized, that also threaten to end in casulaties. When it comes to Israel, it seems some don’t really care about the sanctity of lives, and the importance of saving them. It only cares of value of death in media coverage and the exploitations of it. Tomrrows’ events are not different!


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