Another Painful Israeli Confidence Building Measure Rejected by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas

Today, Israel has transfered 91 terrorists bodies to the possesion of the Palestinian Authority.

It is the bodies of terrorists who personally killed men, women and children with the sole purpose of killing as many as possible, as brutally as possible.

Teorrists who began randomly shooting at innocents.

Who boarded buses, went to crowded places with explosive belts wrapped around their waist and blew themsleves up.

Cold, blooded, vicious, blind to any part of humanity murders.

Israel dug their bodies after burying their remains, conducted DNA testing to verify that each body is labeled with the correct name, and transported them to the Palestinian Authority for burial.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas accepted the bodies, rejected the chance for peace.

He doesn’t want to talk.

Doesn’t want to negotiate.

And why should he? He enjoys the vast amount of world legitimacy of not ending this conflict, of not entering peaceful way. In the meantime, Israel is only hurt. Why should he have to even consider making any kind of consessions, when Israel can be blamed for everything?

You see, Mahmoud Abbas doesn’t see this as a confidence building measure.

Apparently, to him it’s easy for Israel to do this. To return the bodies of the people who sought mostly to hurt as many innocent civilians as possible.

That it’s easy and not at all painful for families and friends to see their loved ones’ killers recieve an honorable ceremony, a hero’s welcome. Their murder praised. Their blood celebrated.

Then again, he must feel that way.

Because it’s so easy for him to celebrate murder, and bloodshed. To teach kids that the killers blowing themselves up are heros.

Again – why should he even confess to his own atrocities and parts in this conflict, when everything can be blamed on Israel?

Who cares if it’s not true?

With this kind of education, peace must be so easy and so in Israel’s hands alone. How easy it is for many to think that. How easy it is to be so so wrong.


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