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December 27th: Three Years to Israel’s Offensive in Gaza

December 27, 2011

Today, December 27th 2011, marks three years to the beginning of Israel’s three-week offensive in the Gaza Strip, labeled Operation Cast Lead. You might have heard about it under some other one-sided inciting (and might add super-ignorant) name, but you’ve surely heard about it. It seems almost redundant to try and make a case for it now, three years later, but having its’ echoes still feed the de-legitimacy campaign against Israel, it seems more than necessary.

Let me make one thing clear right off the bat – the result is utterly horrifying. Death, so random and so cruel, and in such quantaties is never anyone’s desire, or anyone’s hope. At least not for the majority of the people on my side of the border, especially not the left-center government at the time that conducted it. Unfortunately, a large amount of people, Gazans, were turned unwillingly to vessels, human sheilds for fanatics, for the same people that’s been holding them hostage since the Summer of 2007 where a violent and bloody coup forced them to continue living in a constant state of war.

A little background is in order – 

In August of 2005, Israel unilaterally withdrew from the Gaza Strip. Removing almost 10,000 settlers, all settlements and all soldiers from the region, the strip was given to the Palestinians for full control. In the following year, 946 rockets were fired and landed in Israel from the evacuated strip. Adding 22 mortar shells, 2006 has seen almost 1,000 bombing attacks on Israeli civilian population.

The rocket count was getting worse by the month. In the first six months of 2008 alone, 1,075 rockets and 1,204 mortar shells were fired at Israel. In six months, 2,279 bombings.

Luckily, Israel’s southern areas are mostly filled with open spaces and agricultural territories, and the casualties were relatively low. That doesn’t go as far as saying there were no tragedies. One story, out of dozens and hundreds and many more, is of 8 years old Osher Twito whose house was hit by a Qassam rocket and his leg had to be amputated. 70 years old Shuli Katz was killed when a rocket hit his backyard on May 12th. And many more horrifying stories like this happened.

8 year old Osher Twito lost his leg when a rocket hit his home in Febraury 2008. Photographed By: Naor Rahav

8 year old Osher Twito lost his leg when a rocket hit his home in Febraury 2008. Photographed By: Naor Rahav

This is not a comic book or a Hollywood movie but a devastating reality – there are casulaties and tragedies on both sides. However, only one gets constantly criticized and delegitimized.

Click here if to learn what transpired the week leading to the offensive


Fact Check: November 29th 1947 – The Partition Plan Approved

November 29, 2011

With so many distortions of history in the past year that have recieved no condemnation or any kind of reference around the international community, I find it important to set the record straight today, on the 64th anniversary of the approval of the partition plan which effectively formed Israel and another grave milestone in what has been known as The Middle-East Conflict.

In his speech before the United Nations’ General Assembly, in his op-ed article in The New York Times (published May 17th 2011), Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has significantally distorted the facts and the truth. The same actions of lies and distortion is one of the main reasons why generations of Palestinians, of Muslims and Arab around the region, hate Israel from birth. I’m here to set the record straight.

I encourage you to check various reliable sources and verify the FACTS below. As a person who lives in a democratic society that encourage free mind and knowledge seeking. Given my full disclosure, I encourage you to discover that what I have written here is the truth.

A little background if you will…

In 1888 a Jewish movement seeking to restore the Jewish State where it once stood over 2000 years ago, began one of five large immigrations to the area, then in control of the Ottoman Empire. They have joined generations of Jewish people who have lived on the land for thousands of years, as well as many other religions, most of which are Arab (Muslim and Christians) who were living as part of the Empires that conquered and ruled the middle east. Taking a wasteland, the Jewish immigrants started modernizing the land (Draining swamps, building infrastructures such as running water and so on).

In 1917, as both the British and French Empire conquered parts of the middle east during World War I, They signed an agreement dividing the area between them after the demise of the Ottoman Empire.

In 1917, The British Foreign Minister released the Balfour Declartion asserting that part of that land is now obtained would be given to the Jewish Community and its’ efforts to reclaim its’ home.

In 1920, The League of Nations authorized The British Mandate of Palestine and have states its’ goal of forming the national home for the Jewish people.

In 1922, The Colonial Secretary Winston Churchill released a document stating that Britian would not complete its’ task in full – The land east of the Jordan River was handed to an Arab Monarchy and is today known as the state of Jordan while only on the west side of the river would form the Jewish homeland.
This is the territory PA President Abbas refers to as “our natrual homeland”. Actually, this is just the territory Britian decided it was not given to the son of Hussein ibn Ali and the only territory in the region not given to other Arab / Muslim entities.

In 1930, following acts of terror, Colonial Secretary Passfield released another document that almost complete abolished the idea of a Jewish State.

In 1939, following a three-year round of terror, Colonial Secretary Macdonald released a third document announcing Britian would form a Bi-national state with an Arab majority and complete abandoned the idea of a Jewish homeland.

Following World War II came the parition plan…

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