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The Mega-Terror Attack on Egypt and Israel This Past Sunday

August 8, 2012

An Egyptian APC stolen from the Egyptian Army Burns after Infiltrating Israel

Last Sunday, terrorists attempted a mega-terror attack on Israel. To further their terrorist agenda, they even went as far as to attack Israel’s neighbor – Egypt.

While most of the attack was blocked and there were no casualties on the Israeli side, I kept the title with the saying that a terror attack (and even a mega-terror attack) took place, because what wasn’t foiled was still pretty big.

16 Egyptian Officers were killed, An Egyptian APC was stolen and dozens of terrorists with hundreds of kilograms in explosives inflitrated Israel, in hopes of committing a mass murder.

It has been nearly a year since the big [successful] terror attack through the Egyptian border on Israel last August, which claimed the lives of eight and caused tensions between Israel and Egypt, when during gunshot battles with terrorists, Egyptian security personnels were caught in the crossfire.

It has been nearly a year since I first wrote about Egypt’s declining grip of its’ own territory – the Sinai Peninsula – and how one result of the Arab Spring is the enormous growth of terror cells in Sinai. Only last month, terrorists attacked Israeli construction workers on the border, killing one man.

This past sunday afternoon, Israeli air force attacked and killed a terrorist in the Gaza Strip. Barrage of rockets were fired upon Israel’s citizens “in return”. Later that day, Israeli Prime Minister announced that intel from Israel’s security forces brought forth the attack in an attempt to prevent a major terror attack planned.

A few hours later, a major terror attack began. Estimations are that over 34 terrorists took part in it.

Terrorists in Sinai attacked an Egyptian post. Soldiers of that post were in the middle of having dinner – after a long day of fasting due to Ramadan. They were shot at, their throats slit, and weapons and explosives taken from the empty base, as well as an APC and a truck.

The terrorists then headed towards Israel.

The truck ran into the security fence between Israel and Egypt, towards an Israeli Army post and exploded upon impact. Thankfully, the post was vacant at the time.

The APC infiltrated Israel, south of the Israel-Gaza-Egypt zone. All terrorists inside were wearing explosive belts and held guns. Their objective was to reach the nearest Israeli population (probably Kerem-Shalom) and commit a mass murder, a slaughter. The APC was repeled by Israeli forces, including tank fire and shots from the air.

IDF’s footage of the aerial attack on the APC from a UAV

Who knows what would have happened if that APC wouldn’t have been repeled. The body count, the horror, and quiet possible (and mainly this was also an objective) completely destroy the diplomatic relationships between Israel and Egypt, forcing Israel to handle the rise of terror cells in the Peninsula.

Once the APC was taken down, terrorists ran towards the nearest field – an agriculatural field near Yuval. Israeli soldiers shot at them and tracked them. A shootout took place until all terrorists were subdued. Dead.

Remains of the APC stolen from the Egyptian Army and used to infiltrate Israel

The remains of the APC

Weapons carried by the terrorists who infiltrated Israel

Weapons carried by the terrorists

Israel has closed the land crossing Kerem-Shalom with Gaza as a response. Egypt closed Rafah – its’ land crossing with Gaza. Kerem Shalon has been repoened on Tuesday morning. Rafah is still closed.

It seems the gruesome death of 16 Egyptian soldiers finally shook something – Egypt’s newly elected president Mursi declared three days of morning and the country is in shock. Egyptian Army moved forces (in coordinance with Israel) and began trying to expose terror cells. After shots at Egyptian personnel at the city of Rafah last night, choppers entered Sinai and bombed terrorists from the air. They even bombed several smuggling tunnels between Egypt and Gaza.

Egypt’s military personnel have even been quoted in the media saying these terrorists emerged, whether physically or idelogically, from the neighboring Gaza Strip. Hamas – the de-facto governing power in Gaza – denies all connections. At the moment, since Egypt’s president – a member of the Muslim Brotherhood movement doesn’t seem interested in publicly accusing Hamas for involvement.

Whether or not Egypt is capable, both in military power and financial capacity, to handle the terror which has risen in Sinai and the weapons flowing freely from the remains of post-Arab-Spring Lybia remains to be seen.

However it is clear, though the cost to the Egyptian nation has been grave, something far worse and with far more catastrophical consequences has been prevented.


The Jonathan Pollard Issue

April 11, 2012

United States is Israel’s best ally. That remains to be true, even if the current US administration does a poor job of presenting it, even if former presidents make ludicrious (sometimes racial) allegations. It’s an alliance, that despite what some may think, benefits both parties (for instance, did you know that many American soldiers, on their way to Afganistan, sometimes take training from Israeli soldiers, since the Israeli army has been facing combat in urban territory for decades, which is similiar to the challanges facing US and NATO forces these days?)

However, here’s one issue where that alliance does more damage than good to both parties.

Jonathan Jay Pollard is an American citizen (granted Israeli citizenship in 1996), and has been serving a life sentence in United States prison since November of 1987. He has been convicted of spying for Israel without the intent of actuallyharming US security.Pollard approched an Israeli official in 1984 about material he believed was vital to Israel’s security and that Israel was entitled to, due to a 1983 agreement between the countries.

In 1998, Israel officialy acknowledged Pollard as an Israeli agent.

Jonathan Pollard in his official picture

Jonathan Pollard in his official naval picture

Israel itself has formed 2 investigation committees, whose result found the Israeli Bereau of Science Relations (a branch of Ministery of Defense) to be responsible for accepting Pollard’s offer, without notifying the Defense Ministers of that time, and as a subsequent result the Bereau was dismantaled completely.
This is not a post about the rights or wrongs of the Jonathan Pollard issue.This is a post about US refusal for humanatarian release for Jonathan Pollard who is on practically on his death bed, after serving 26 years of his 30 years sentence.

A relatively recent picture of Jonathan Pollard

A relatively recent picture of Jonathan Pollard

This is also a post about the wrongs conducted by the freest country in the world, and some duplicities when it comes souley to Israel, its’ ally.

As of today, a large number of US officials, from the past and no-too-distant past (present are understandbly not allowed to speak openly about current policies, or undermine them in the press), some of which had a part in the issue back in the 1980.

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Israel Inaugurated New Village For Turkish Earthquake victims

March 3, 2012

On October 23rd, 2011, a devestating earthquake hit the city of Van, Turkey. The earthquake, measured in 7.2 on Richter scale, destoryed over 2,000 buildings and killed hundreds of people.

Following months of aid, Israel has inaugurated on February 13th, 2012, a village it helped build to house the victims that were left homeless and provide them a functioning community life. The village is build out of 130 portable structures and can house up to 1,300 people. Establishment is expected to fully end during March 2012, by many can begin to move in already.

Israel's Turkish village

Photographed by: Ariel Harmoni, of Israel's Ministry of Defense

This is not the first time Israel helps Turkish earthquake victims. Following 1999’s catastrophic earthquake, Israel built a village that housed 3,000 people and contained 312 housing units, a shopping center, a clinic, playgrounds, a school that about 420 children attended, as well as sent rescue teams that helped dig and recover people from under wreckage. On this earthquake, due to the tensions between the countries, Turkey did not wish to have Israeli rescue teams on its’ soil. Nonetheless, Israel helped them house the victims, despite said tensions.

European UN Ambassadors Help… Kill the Peace Process

December 23, 2011

Two months ago, I’ve written a lengthy post detailing what I believe is the obstacle for peace in the Middle East (meaning, between the Israelis and the Palestinians). In case you haven’t gotten through it, let be give you the abbreviated bottom line –

The main obstacle for peace is the special treatment the Palestinians receive from the international community. I’m not talking about the whole seperate UN refugee agency that makes a mockery of real refugees around the world and lives to perpetuates this conflict, rather than helping put an end to it. I’m talking about accepting their ridiculous demands. I’m talking about not condemning them when needed. I’m talking about one-sidedness that seems to only present itself in such an ugly form when it comes to this conflict.

Before the Palestinians attempted to yet again circumvent negotiations, I’ve written a post detailing what they have done in the previous year in order to not bring forth a peace settlement, to not end this conflict. And I’ve said in that post, more times than I’d like to bare or count, the Palestinians get away with it. No one seems willing to condemn them for anything. To the contrary, when they were putting up demands and making it difficult to even discuss the possibility of a peace agreement, countries such as Ireland, Norway and even the United States awarded them with upgrades of status to their envoys.

This week, four ambassadors proved this point exactly. The Ambassadors to the UN of the four European countries currently holding a seat in the security council – France, Britain, Germany and Portugal – issued a one-sided condemnation to Israel. For what? Issuing a bidding for house settlements in East Jerusalem (a cabinet response to the Palestinian’s unilateral move in UNESCO that started coming to frution this week) and for its’ inability to stop and persecute the perpetrators of Price Tag operations (which stems from Israel being a democracy, Irnoy of all ironies – but more on that in a later post).

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Quick Q&A – What is Israel’s problem with a Nuclear Iran?

November 21, 2011

Ever since I started this blog, I’ve never written once about the Iranian issue. It’s one that is very complex and honestly, while Israel is the country most associated with anti-Nuclear Iran news, it is not an issue that is exculsive to Israel. But now, 2 weeks since the IAEA report about Iran, I figured maybe it’s time to lay it out – simple, flat and avoid the complexities. At least attempt it.

The following are a few “brief” answers to the core issues regarding Iran and its’ nuclear program. If you have more questions I haven’t addressed here, I’d be more than happy to answer them in the comments and add them to the post.

Here we go –

Which countries have nuclear weapons today?

United States, United Kingdom, Russia, France, China, India, Pakistan, North Korea and South Africa. Only the first five listed have signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).

According to countless reports around the world, Israel also has nuclear bombs.

Iran claims it is no moving towards a nuclear weapon, just nuclear energy, isn’t it?

Iran also claims it has free elections and absolutely no gay people — shall I continue?

The IAEA report heavily relies on many (and various) intelligence agencies that suggest otherwise.

What are the threats a nuclear Iran posses NOT to Israel?

Iran poses many threats to many countries – Israel is certainly not the only (or the first) who is in danger, though it is the one being heard most loudly on this subject.

First and foremost, the Iranian regime seems to hold to a believe that Iran is not limited to its’ current borders, but is entitled to the entire Persian Gulf. Many countries, such as Iraq and Bahrain, fear an attack from Iran. This is also a religious matter – a war between Sunni and Shiite, but goes much further than that. The fear is with nuclear weapons, Iran would not hesitate to attack its’ neighbors in an attempt to seize control over the Gulf area (where still currently many NATO soldiers are deployed), knowing that many countries would fear retaliation due to the possibility of a nuclear war.

Moreover, there’s a growing fear that the fear of a nuclear Iran would in fact ignite a nuclear race in the Middle East, which is the equivelant of lighting a match in a room filled with gas. The number of countries holding nuclear weapons would double, the instability would increase to unimaginable levels and chances for peace and calm in the area could very well be no longer possible. Many countries have already attempted to move towards nuclear energy in the past and were faced with pressure by the Western world recoginizing the instability ahead (close to home, some of these countries  are Jordan, Egypt and Hezbollah-ruled Lebanon. Syria’s nuclear powers were destoryed in 2007, supposedly by Israel).

Even further, there’s is a fear from what more Iran will allow itself to do (past possible attacks and attempts to conquer the Gulf area), such as the threats towards Europe. Iran’s missiles can now reach deep into Eastern Europe and could very well reach past Germany in the not-so-distant future. Iran’s declared contempt towards Western lifestyle and capatalism is no secret. Even without that, having Iran place missile battries that could fire at any second to the heart of Paris, Berlin, Brussels etc is a risk no many care to take, giving the behaviour of the Iranian regime.

And what are the threats to Israel itself?

First of all, the Iranian regime does not miss an opportunity to talk about what the call The need to wipe Israel off the map. They continually call Israel by the name of the zionist regime (and zionist dogs, devils etc) and refuse to call by its’ name, acknowledge its’ existence. Just today, an Iranian official said he hoped for an Israeli attack so Iran could have the chance to finally “throw Israel to the trashcan of history” — would you be comfortable having an ally that talks like that obtaining means of mass destruction?

Today, Iran funds many terror organizations working against Israel and mainly to hurt, harm and kill its’ citizens. Israel is faced with endless barraged of rockets fired upon it for almost 11 years now and it all comes from Iranian money. It was a major funder of Hamas until the uprising in Syria and it still funding over a dozen terror organizations in the Gaza Strip as well as Hezbollah – a terror organization with perhaps more weapons and soldiers than the Labanese army itself, which today almost completely de-facto rules the parliment of Lebanon, turning it in to a dummy state control by puppet master Ahmadinejad.

In 2002, while The Second Intifida was happening and suicide bombers were killing people on a weekly (sometimes daily) basis, Israeli army caught a ship, named Karin A, loaded with weapons on its’ way to the terrorists from Iran at sea. In 2006, Israeli Navy caught a ship, Franco, with large amounts of weapons headed to Hezabollah. The latest capture known was in March of 2011 when the ship Victoria was captured and was found loaded with weapons hidden by humanatarian supplies, meant to be taken by foot to Gaza from the port.

With so much money, effort and time the Iranian regime spends arming terrorists who aim to kill and injure as many Israeli people – soldiers and civilians alike – as possible, Imagine what a nuclear Iran would allow itself to do? With what weapons it might allow itself to arm these terrorists?

If [supposedly] Israel has nuclear weapons, why can’t others?

See above — Iran is openly calling for the destruction of Israel and is constantly arming terrorists with weapons turned against Israel. Many countries fear a nuclear Iran, Wikileaks leaks proved that, but most of the immediate-threat countries cannot speak up because there’s a silence norm (almsot conspiracy) among Muslim and Arab countries. Many countries are afraid but rely on Israel to do the dirty work for them – another reason why they would never speak up.

What measures have been taken against Iran’s nuclear program already?

The Western world has called for talks to find a solution to allow Iran to have nuclear plants for peaceful purporses with the proper measurement taken to promise it won’t be used for a military purposes as well. Iran has rejects most of these talks and have used them to stall. Two years ago, it even ended the talks by signing a deal with Turkey and Brazil that will enrich uranium on Turkey’s soil rather than its’ own — in much larger quantaties that the West was willing to accept in the aforementioned talks.

There have numerous reports of viruses developed by Israel and the United States that have been targeting Iran’s nuclear plants. Iran itself has admitted its’ plants were attacked and its’ program has been slowed down and have blamed Israel and the United States for the attack.

Aren’t sanctions helpful?

Not really. It may be that the sanctions so far have not been hard enough to yield results, but the truth is Iran is still moving fast towards in nuclear plans and not slowing down really. The sanctions have been painful, no doubt, but it mostly took its’ toll on the civilian population, most of which already suffering to begin with by the regime that’s controling them. In one of the most unfree societies in the world (an accomplishment all in its own), and with the amounts of torture and killings inflicted by the regime and its’ authorities, many don’t have the chance and the opportunity to fight for their rights, as well as jobs, the economy and lifting of sanctions.

With its’ economy still deteriorating by the sanctions and more sanctions forced upon it, the Iranian regime still spends so much money on military plans, nuclear programs and funding of terror organizations. I can’t imagine there’s a satisfying amount left for the wellbeing of the Iranian people (though again – their wellbeing never seemed to be an issue for the regime).

So what… a military action is the only option?

Israel has a saying – “Always keep all options on the table.” A military operation is one of them. I cannot speak (because I do not really know) what the consequences and effiency an attack can have, but all options are on the table.

Just as with his speech before the US Congress, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu always says that If you make sure the military option is placed on the table, you’d less likely need to use it. He hoped the deterance of such operation, just like the one Israel took before with Iraq in 1981 (and suppodely again with Syria in 2007), would be enough. Ironically, though, what many leaders around the world are doing is quiet the opposite – they’re revoking the military option time and time again, giving Iran the greener light to proceed in the meantime, and perhaps making the military operation they so oppose much more needed (unlike Israel’s stand that the more real it seems, the less likely it is to be used).

Seriously – Iran would actually use a nuclear weapon?

Honestly, I don’t really believe Iran having a nuclear weapon would mean it shall use it. But it will allow itself so much more, and will acquire psychological deterance… today it only sends “conventional” weapons to terrorists. Who will dare attack it tomorrow when it starts sending chemical weapons (such as mustard gas) to Hezbollah and the other terrorists it funds today and that today shoot blindly and proudly into civilian populations? Moreover, how much deterance will those terror groups get? How much power? That is the true danger of a nuclear armed Iran.

Dear Mr Sarkozy: Why can you stand the Liar Mahmoud Abbas?

November 10, 2011

I’m sure you’ve all heard by now the “embarassing” exchange of words between French President, Nicolas Sarkozy, and United States Presdient, Barak Obama. In case, you haven’t, allow me to fill you in. Unbeknownst to the two leaders who were meeting at the G20 conference, reports have plugged in their own headphones and heard a backroom conversation between them, in which Sarkozy said to Obama, regarding Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu:

I cannot bare him. He’s a liar.

Dear Mr. Sarkozy, allow me to give you a page out of the Dr House thumb rule to life – Everybody Lies. Especially politicans. As one, you should know that better than anyone. Surely, you’ve practiced it many times before. Surely, you’ll use this method many times in the future.

What is outraging about this, is that once again a personal distaste to the Israeli Prime Minister brings those who shout they hold Israel’s security to their heart act in every way but protecting Israel and its’ security or existence. More shocking is that this personal distate transforms all logic and continues to remember all the counterproductive acts made by Benjamin Netantahu, and only those made by him, whilst conveniently forgetting the many steps and actions towards peace he took that were not met with the side that is always being forgiven – Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

While France and Sarkozy seem to be more than able to bare Abbas’ lies, and help with dialogue-circumventing moves such as the UNESCO bid, allow me to remind the French President, what liar he can more than bare and only a small handlful of his lies.

In brevity, Mahmoud Abbas’ short list of lies include –

  • Lies and distortions of history and of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
  • Lies about the Palestinian unity and of his own control over the Gaza Strip and its’ over 1.5 million Palestinian people.
  • Lies about abandoning the ways of terror.
  • Lies about choosing dialogue and peace.
  • Lies about negotiations with former Israeli Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert.
  • Lies that continue perpetuate the conflict, the hatred towards Israel and the fictitious “Right of Return”
Or in short –> Lies and actions that prevent any chance peace, dialogue or an end to the conflict.


Israel aids the Turkish victims of earthquake

October 28, 2011

This past sunday, a devastaing earthquake shocked a region in East Turkey. I’m sure you’ve heard about it – as with every natrual disaster, the horrifying stories of the wreckage, the victims and the amazing stories of those survived and pulled out of debris after so many days makes headlines and front-page news. The earthquake in Turkey was no excpetion of course.

As the magnitude of the disaster came to light, a few short hours after the earthquake happened, Israel did what is always does in these situations – it began to offer help to Turkey in handling this disaster. As a policy, Israel offers help whenever it can to whomever it can help. It did so in Haiti, Japan, New Zealand and much more.

In 1999, when a truly catastrophic earthquake hit Turkey, an Israeli team build a camp for people who suddenly became homeless. In a short while, it builded a village that housed 3,000 people and contained 312 housing units, a shopping center, a clinic, playgrounds, a school where about 420 children contiuned to study and much more. It also sent rescue teams that helped dig and recover people from under wreckage.

Today, even though ties between the governments of Israel and Turkey are strained, Israel offered help in a short while and from four different fronts – through the Israeli Prime Minister, through the Israeli Prisdent, through the Ministery of Defense and through the Ministery of foriegn relations.

On Tuesday, Turkey agreed to receive help from the world and has asked Israel to faciliate in forming a similiar village, only smaller this time. Israel has sent an airplane full of 5 transportable housing units that can easily be hooked up to water and electricy, and in addition sent 2,000 brass coats, 2,000 brass blankets and 100 inflatable matresses. This morning another airplane took off with more aid to Turkey and Israel is preparing to send much more transportable housing units through the sea (since a ship can carry much more than an airplane).

This of course does not change the diplomatic relations between the countries. Turkey is still holding to its’ hardline policy against Israel. The reasons for their acts as “the neighborhood bully”, especially against Israel (but not exculsive, as Cyprus can tell you), I have already explained.

It is amazing though how the public, to whom this animosity has trickled to, doesn’t stop for one second to think – They’re accusations are that Israel delibertly attacked a humanitarian convoy, not that it was trying to impose a blockade (one that they view as illegal) on a convoy that refused to comply peacefully. Yet, here is one of great examples that Israel is helpful to humanitarian causes and takes an active part in them. Even when it comes to people living under governments who act against it. It’s surprising they won’t stop to ask for one second, if perhaps that convoy and the relatively small number of people upon it who chose violent and incitement that ended in nine casualties and many wounded on both sides was also in the wrong. At the flotilla incident on May 31th, Israel offered many times to deliver the humanitarian aid aboard the vessels through the land corssings. It has no problem with humanitarian aid, it does not act in a none-humanitarian way. It’s sad that even now they won’t open their eyes and ask – maybe not just one side was in the wrong?

Israeli Cabinet approves deal to free Israel-US Citizen Ilan Grapel

October 25, 2011

Israeli cabinet approved today unanimously a deal to release 27 year-old Ilan Grapel from Egyptian prison. In exchange, 25 Egyptian citizens will be released from Israeli prisons, including 3 minors. The prisoners released were not imprisoned for security reasons, but their offenses are of criminal nature – most have used the Israeli-Egyptian border to facilitate smuggling illegal drugs or trafficking – mainly “smuggling”, sometimes trading, women who are coerced to work as prostitutes, through the Sinai Peninsula.

Who is Ilan Grapel?

Ilan Grapel is a 27 year-old man from Queens, New York. Up until his arrest in Egypt, he was studying law in Atlanta, at Emroy University. He has a dual-citizenship, both American (US) and Israeli. In 2005, He enlisted into the Israeli army and served as a paratrooper. He was injured during the 2006 war against Hezbollah terror militia (known in Israel as  The Second Lebanese War). According to his parents, Grapel entered Egypt with a group called Africa and Middle East Refugee Assistance. The group was established by Barbara Harrell-Bond, who also founded the Refugee Studies Center at Oxford University. According to his parents, Grapel was working with the group to give legal aid and other kinds of help to refugees in there. According to his friends, he was intrigued by the uprising in Egypt last January and demonstrated with the Egyptians at Tahrir Square in an act of solidarity.

On June 12th, 2011, Grapel was arrested. Egyptian personnel claimed he was an Israeli spy, an agent of the Mossad, sent there to gather intelligence about the people, the revolution and the clashes with the military – THAT IS PREPOSTEROUS!

Is Ilan Grapel a Spy?

Today, four months after his arrest where he’s kept in solitude, Egyptian personnel, the same ones who shouted “dangerous spy” when arresting him, almost arbitrarily, admit he is not spy and have posed no danger to Egypt. That is why they are willing to free him for 25 Egyptian criminals.

But the fact that this was a ridiculous accusation was apparent from the start. The main evidence to that was his own Facebook page – Not only did this supposed “spy” had a Facebook page, he also kept updating it with information about his trip to Egypt. Pictures, posts, statuses… Moreover, this so-called spy had his Facebook page filled with pictures from his days in the service, mainly of him in uniform or from the war. In fact, all the picture I’ve posted in this post are from Grapel’s own Facebook profile. If he was really a spy, then he wasn’t a very clever spy. No Israeli agent would boast about his military past or flaunt his service in the Israeli Army, especially not in an Arab / Muslim country.

Egypt knew that very well. This is why he was kept for four months under these horrible accusations, but was never charged or indicted. I couldn’t even find a record of him being brought before a judge.

At the end, the bottom line is this was simply put an abduction. An extortion. For falsely incarcerating Ilan Grapel and denying his due process, Egypt managed to released 25 of their people who committed unspeakable crimes and were trialed properly for said crimes. To Egypt’s defense, I will say that Grapel was granted fair and somewhat humane conditions, including visits from the American consulate, his parents and at the end even Israeli personnel (Whether it was due to his US citizenship alone, I can’t say, but I personally believe it helped).

In the new Middle East around Israel, in an chaotic Egypt that knows more unrest as time grows, after the West was so quick to dispense with Hosni Mubarak and is today facing the possibility that not all could be for the best, Israel has its back to the wall. Because it is certain that the hatred towards Israel just for the purpose of hating with merely no logical or rational merits to it will only grow, that the Muslim Brothers movement will get a large (if not a majority) part of the power after the elections – Israel has very little to do. Absurdly enough, because it wishes to maintain good relations with Egypt, it can’t bluntly accuse it of such blackmail for ransom. It even went as far as to apologize to Egypt for the death of Egyptian personnel during a terror attack that originated from Egyptian soil, near an Egyptian post in broad daylight and killed 8 Israelis. This is seriously getting ridiculous. But in order to maintain peace, Israel allows itself to be taking blows, to not speak when blind hatred towards it is being spread by her allies in the region, because more than anything –

Israel is country and a society that cherishes life and peace. It does not seek the kind of hatred and rage displayed in the society and sometimes leadership of its’ neighbors in the middle east, it does not possess it.

Response to Jordan’s King Abdullah “If I were an Israeli, I would be afraid”

September 14, 2011

Earlier this week, King Abdullah of Jordan has spoken about recent events in the Middle East and has also talked about Israel. Jordan, it should be noted, reached a peace agreement and formed diplomatic relationships with Israel in 1994. These relationship endure to this day, even after a Jordanian soldier, Ahmed Daqamseh, opened fire at a field trip of an Israeli school in a joint Israeli-Jordanian tourism site, killing 7 girls aged 13 and 14.

What did King Abdullah say? He mainly referred to Israel as the outcast, talked about how its’ situation is worsening in the region and said that Jordan is stronger while Israel is weaker and that Israelis should be afraid. Without disputing or claiming that some of what he said has merits, once again it is proven that the easier defense in the Middle East is an offensive against Israel. Merits have nothing to do with that. Just two weeks ago, Abdullah urged Palestinian Authority President Abbas to rethink his unilateral move. A few months ago it was published that Jordan would not vote for the Palestinian state’s vote in the General Assembly.

The Truth is – Abdullah is the one most afraid. Though a moderate, Jordan is too an oppressing Arab regime. It too had some mild protests and is currently enjoying the luxury of helping deflect its’ public’s anger towards Israel. But the “Arab Spring”, the changes going through all those oppressing leaders in the Arab states around the Middle East does not pass by him. While Jordan is a monarchy (Abdullah got the leadership from his father, King Hussein) and relatively moderate dictatorship, it is also made up of different tribes. While the kingdom is considered a Hashemite kingdom, the majority of its’ population is Palestinian. Just like most Arab nations, Jordan too continues to view Palestinians as merely refugees from 1948 (after over 60 years of them residing in its’ territory and under its’ rule), which is yet another example of the ridiculous “Right of Return” – for over 60 years, Arab nations who are hosts to Palestinians consider them as nothing more than refugees and continues to encourage them to one day flood Israel back and annihilate it (the realistic outcome of receiving this so-called right, a right which no other refugee in the world received, including in post World War II and Yugoslavia).


Violent Egyptian Protestors break into the Israeli Embassy

September 11, 2011

On Friday, a quiet Tahrir square protest in demand for  movement towards democracy, free elections and the end of the regime of the supreme military council turned violent. Not in demands for democracy and freedom, but in demand of bloodshed. A handful of protestors, a huge handful to be exact, walked from Tahrir square to the Israeli Embassy building in Cairo. Their protest? For war and bloodshed and the end of peace with Israel. This, of course, is not new – the falling of the walls of fear in a previously oppressing regime finds outlet in all aspects. Once again, the hate for Israel is simply the lowest common denominator.

This Friday was different – For hours the demonstrators took hammers to a concrete wall put around the Embassy building to protect it after previous protests. For hours they hit, and broke, and hammered as the wall was broken. But unlike what the breaking of a wall could symbolize in another region at another time – this was an act of VIOLENCE, promoting violence, hailing violence.

The call to cancel diplomatic relations in the prospect of war, all the while working towards violently breaking into an Embassy building, looting it, and attempting much (MUCH) worse – extremists are always minorities, but in a country with 80 million citizens, a minority is quiet a large group of people standing in front of building. Honestly, in a country with 7 million citizens (like Israel) a minority is still a large group (should be noted of course that not all minorities are extremists – it does not work both ways).

It seems almost astonishing that for hours the protestors were not only protesting, but always taking hammers to a wall, attacking an Embassy building, and no security forces (from police to worse) intervened or managed to stop them. It seems some what odd that it takes a phone call for the United States President himself, hours after the event has started, to finally have a commando unit intervene – after protestors have broken in past the concrete wall, made it two floors up, took down the flag and were ONE DOOR away from six security personnel who were locked in their room, fearing for their lives. These are only some of the troubling questions arising for this events, questions every peace-seeking freedom-advocating person should ask. Not to mention of course that while Israel is the easiest focus, extremist have tendencies to dislike not only one group – what happens if next Friday its’ the British Embassy? Or the French? The Dutch? The Australian? and so on. This is not exclusive to Israel – Israel is just the easiest first target to wrap as many people around it as possible.

Violent Egyptian protestor climbing the Embassy building and taking down the Israeli flag. Make no mistake – this no hero, but an aggressor. Photos By: AP

Some people might easily believe there are merits to this protest.

Well, first of all – No merits in the world justify (or can justify) this act. If you think there are or that this one was, please leave my blog, ’cause it seems I have nothing to say to you or cannot even attempt to change your mind. An attack, against all International Regulations, with nothing stopping it in the process is anarchy, as simple as that. And As I’ve said – this was an attack that asked to promote violence and war. Instability. Future bloodshed. The end of peace. If you think that is justified, I repeat – please leave my blog.


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