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Israeli Prime Minister Forms Unity Government, Reminds me of the Non-Unity of the Palestinians

May 8, 2012

Israel has been buzzing the past few weeks with the speculations regarding the intent to disperse the current Israeli Knesset and hold early elections in the coming September (rather than allowing the Knesset and government to stay in tact for one more year, bringing its’ term to a total of four years). Since Sunday, it was official and a bill to for dispersing the Knesset was in motion, as well as several “no confidence” votes, which weren’t successful.

Then, late into last night, the elections which seemed so close (set for September 4th), now seem much further away, maybe even in their scheduled date of October 2013.

Israeli leading government party, Likud, has formed a unity government with the leading opposition party, Kadima. Together, they hold 55 of the total 120 seats of the Knesset. Kadima has joined the current Israeli coalition (in power since the 2009 elections), making it the widest coalition Israel has ever had.

The chairwoman of the Labor party, Shelly Yachimovich, is expected to be nominated the new opposition leader, now that she’s the chairwoman of the biggest opposition party (after Kadima’s entrance to the government).

The unity was formed with several key issues in store, and whether or not it will hold remains to be seen.

Israeli unity government - Netanyahu and Mofaz

Israeli prime minister and Likud party chairman, Benjamin Netanyahu, [left] and former Israeli opposition leader and Kadima party chairman [and now Vice Prime Minister], Shaul Mofaz, [right] at a press conference declaring their coalition agreement, today at noon.

Why am I even writing a post about this and why should you care?

Because Israel is in focus in worldview on two issues: Iran and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. And while some speculate what this may mean regarding Israel’s stance over Iran’s nuclear program, and will this spark new negotiations with the Palestinians (the Palestinians themselves seem very unimpressed. Kadima was the ruling party in government before this current government and has conducted the offensive in Gaza. Its’ former chairman, Ehud Olmert, made the Palestinians the most advance offers ever made by Israel in order to reach peace!).

Shelly Yachimovich, Labor party chairwoman

Labor party chairwoman, Shelly Yachimovich, is expected to be nominated the new opposition leader.

I want to focus on the second – the Palestinian issue. And on their own so-called Unity.

You see, it just so happens to be that not only are we in May, but that last May (of 2011), the Palestinian factions of Fatah (in control over the Palestinian Authority and the West Bank) and Hamas (controling the Gaza Strip since a violent and bloody coup in Summer of 2007), have stood together in Cairo, and later in Doha, and announced they’re putting their “differences” aside, neverminding the fact Hamas was gunning down and punishing by amputations and torture any Fatah member in the Gaza Strip. They announced a unity.

Well, we’re one year past it and no unity in sight.

  1. They were supposed to make mutual releases of prisoners. Barely happened. All they can agree upon is that Israel should release all Palestinian prisoners (including the “heros” involved in terror and murders). Nothing about the prisoners they each have of the other faction.
  2. Elections – what elections? The so-called “democracy” of the Palestinians (as PA President Mahmoud Abbas described it in his op-ed article in The New York Times on May 16th, 2011) hasn’t held elections since 2006. The unity was supposed to bring forth elections in September of 2011 – did not happen. Moreover, since the last round of election were unaccepted in full by both large parties and led to the violent coup, who’s to say even if such elections were held they would succeed?
  3. Hamas was supposed to join the PLO, a supposed body formed in early 1960s in Jordan, to represent all Palestinians (this is the body officialy holding a seat in UNESCO and the UN, although it’s the Fatah and PA that de-facto controls it). It did not happen (which is good, the PLO recieves international recognition while Hamas refuses to follow basic international demands made by the Quartet).

And the list can go on. It seems the only thing the Palestinian factions can agree upon is hating Israel and de-legitimizing it. Each in their own way, of course.

But what do you except? Since Hamas leader Khaled Mashal said in December (in order to enter the PLO) that Hamas will abandon it’s ways of terror, over 300 rockets and mortar shells were fired into Israel. Now true, Hamas wasn’t the one shooting these rockets at Israeli citizens. It was the other 15 terror organizations in Gaza, being armed daily by the Ayatollah regime in Iran. But, and this is a huge but, Hamas made sure to not enforce its’ governace it so claims to have and did nothing to stop these shootings, until Egypt intervened to broker a truce.

Now there’s a lot of reasons why the Palestinians won’t hold any negotiations with Israel regarding peace and ending the conflict (even after this unity government). The non-unity of Hamas is just one of them.

But here’s a key issue –

If Israel’s unity government will fail, Israel will hold fair, honest and open elections as it has done in the past 64 years. Even if the unity will succeed, Israel will hold elections in due time as set by law.

If the Palestinian unity will fail, elections can never be held. The de-facto situation of two states with two people (West Bank and Gaza) will remain. Even if elections could be held, the prior ones clearly show no party is really truly obligated to honor the results. Each faction interpreted the results as was most convient and thus a violent coup, a bloody tear, ensued.

There are many reasons why this conflict continues to exist. Israel is the not the sole, nor necessarily the main, reason!!


Summary of rocket fired into Israel, January 2012

February 1, 2012

Sorry I haven’t been uploading the blog this past month, life got busy and then some.

I’m even more sorry that I couldn’t find suffient time to write adequate posts about several issues, since January 2012 was far from a quiet month. Among the events taking place were:

  • Thwrated terror attacks against Israeli and Jewish targets around the world, originating from Hezbollah and its’ “sugar daddy” Ayetollah regime in Iran – An explosive was found under an Israeli tourist bus in BulgariaAzerbaijan uncovered a plot to attack the Israeli ambassador and the jewish home of Chabad; Israeli and US intellegince forwarded information to  Thailand about terrorists planning to bomb a central market street populated with Israeli tourists. Two terrorists were captured and a third managed to escape. The captured led local police to a stash of enormous explosives and various materials used to create lethal bombs.
  • Two seperate attacks were thwarted at a military checkpost where a group of armed Palestinian carrying pipe bombs and explosives were captured. It is believed they were trying to commit a terror attack at the near-by army courthouse.
  • One of these incidents occured during the sentencing of one of the Fogel Family killers. Ten months after taking the lives of five family members (two parents and three children), Amjad Awad was sentenced to over 5 consecutive life sentences. During his trial and sentencing, he showed no remorse and continued kept a smile on his face.
  • Jordan is tightening its’ relations with Hamas, in an attempt to soothe its’ own Arab Spring that, just like in every other country, has more religious Islamic undemocratic aspects to it, than anything aspiring to true freedom. The attempt is due to the fact that the majority of Jordan’s tribal population are Palestinians who aline themselves with Hamas’ ideology.
  • Israel officialy appointed its’ first ambasasdor to newly formed South Sudan.
  • International pressure finally got the Palestinians to reach indirect peace talks with Israel. Just like in September 2010, they came to the table unwillingly with the sole purpose of leaving by the 26th. Again, wanting an international pressure that would force Israel to cave and them to make no real concessions on key and core issues, Palestinian Authority leaders walk away from the table without having disccused anything serious and given the chance for real peace.
  • 12 rockets and mortar shells were fired upon Israeli civilian population during January 2012. On January 1st, three mortar shells contained phosphorescent material. Here is the usual summary:

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European UN Ambassadors Help… Kill the Peace Process

December 23, 2011

Two months ago, I’ve written a lengthy post detailing what I believe is the obstacle for peace in the Middle East (meaning, between the Israelis and the Palestinians). In case you haven’t gotten through it, let be give you the abbreviated bottom line –

The main obstacle for peace is the special treatment the Palestinians receive from the international community. I’m not talking about the whole seperate UN refugee agency that makes a mockery of real refugees around the world and lives to perpetuates this conflict, rather than helping put an end to it. I’m talking about accepting their ridiculous demands. I’m talking about not condemning them when needed. I’m talking about one-sidedness that seems to only present itself in such an ugly form when it comes to this conflict.

Before the Palestinians attempted to yet again circumvent negotiations, I’ve written a post detailing what they have done in the previous year in order to not bring forth a peace settlement, to not end this conflict. And I’ve said in that post, more times than I’d like to bare or count, the Palestinians get away with it. No one seems willing to condemn them for anything. To the contrary, when they were putting up demands and making it difficult to even discuss the possibility of a peace agreement, countries such as Ireland, Norway and even the United States awarded them with upgrades of status to their envoys.

This week, four ambassadors proved this point exactly. The Ambassadors to the UN of the four European countries currently holding a seat in the security council – France, Britain, Germany and Portugal – issued a one-sided condemnation to Israel. For what? Issuing a bidding for house settlements in East Jerusalem (a cabinet response to the Palestinian’s unilateral move in UNESCO that started coming to frution this week) and for its’ inability to stop and persecute the perpetrators of Price Tag operations (which stems from Israel being a democracy, Irnoy of all ironies – but more on that in a later post).

Click here if you’re interested in reading about the other side of this conflict

UNESCO passes a political resolution and accepts “Palestine”

October 31, 2011

Note: You can read more about the politics and anti-Israeli actions of UNESCO in my earlier post.

Well, not really a surprise, but it happened. The none-political organization passed a political decision to accept as a full-member state… a state which does not exist. A state whose political status has yet to be decieded by the roof organizations, the UN Security Council itself.

While the Israeli ambassador recieved laughter in his speech, the Palestinine foreign minister recieved appluase. I’m glad to see this is the kind of culture and education the international body in charge of education and culture projects.

UNESCO passed yet another resolution against Israel and has accepted “Palestine” as its’ member. Why the quoatation marks? Because I’m presonally not really sure what Palestine is. Maybe the 107 countries that voted for this resoltuion can answer either of the following questions:

  • What are the borders of this newly-accepted state?
    (There’s a difference between “based on the 1967 borders” and the actual final borders which should have been decieded in a bilateral move, meaning negotiations, rather a unilateral move).
  •  A follow up – What is its’ jurisdiction?
    (For example, when it comes to East Jerusalem – a contention point full of holy places to all faiths and to where Jewish people as a whole were deined access before 1967 – should it be decided through negotiations what happens with the cultural places of this area?)
  • Does the education and culture that UNESCO wishes to promote involved the blind fire-rocketing of hundreds of rockets into civilian unarmed populations with the intent of killing and harming civilians? Is it to encourage terror? FOUR rockets have been fired today into Israel… so far!
  • Who represents this state of “Palestine” in UNESCO?
    (Fatah has no real control in Gaza, Hamas has limited control over the West Bank. True, there is this fake and farcical unity agreement, but no government or representations agreed upon by both sides have been agreed upon since MAY. Should the fact that the Fatah memeber was speaking in UNESCO means Gaza is no longer a part of this Palestine? Or are we just getting back to borders and security issues which were not agreed upon by any side or in any kind of negotiations?)
  • How does this help promote peace and dialgue between Israel and the Palestinians? Or is UNESCO simply advocating war? (It certainly seems to advocate for terror – see the above).

And the list goes on… I can ask many more questions. For instance the claims on Amnesty reports on journalists (eight in numbers) who are tortured in Palestinian prisons – a big “no-no” in UNESCO‘s own charter.

Congratulations! Another win for terror, another blow to Israel and another day where peace can be officialy deleted from the UN’s to-do list. This is what the body responsible for education around the world wants to educate.

As for the Palestinian people themselves – your [West Bank] leadership has now committed to funding a UN organization. Can your fiscal status really afford it? Most of your economy is still dependant on donations, the unemployment rate is nothing to brag about and you consider yourself refugees. So why is your leadership so eager to be sending the money elsewhere?

And a good word to the countries with conscience who wanted to give peace a chance – United States, Israel, Canada, Australia, Czech Republic, Germany, Lithuania, The Netherlands, Sweden, Panama, Samoa, Palau, Vanautu and Solomon Islands.

Among the countries who just painted their hands with thick red and should not search for nice comforting words to conceal that fact are France, Spain, Belgium, India and many more (most of which are none-democracies so there was no real point in mentioning them).

Will UNESCO accept “Palestine” as a State?

October 30, 2011

Tomorrow, Monday October the 31st, is possibly a scary day. Not just because in the Christian faith is marks All Halloween’s Eve, a day notorious for its’ tacky costumes and “Trick or Treat”s. Tomorrow, UNESCO‘s [United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization] own general assembly will decide whether or not to accept the non-existing state of Palestine as its member.

Don’t get me wrong – personally I believe in a resolution that will end the Israeli-Palestine conflict and will result in the birth of a Palestinian state. But as of tomorrow, Monday October the 31st 2011, such a state does not exist. Such a state cannot exist until the Palestinians sit down and work out a resolution with Israel. A resultion to end this conflict. To stop the demands. A resultion where both sides made concessions, not just shouting at Israel to go back to the [indefensible] 1967 borders, which they’ve proven to be indefensible. Not until terror, the same kind that continues to attack people and that only yesterday killed an innocent 56 year old man in Ashkelon, Israel, will stop.

Much like any other UN body, UNESCO too now has very little to do with its’ mission statement and much to do with politics. More specifically, Anti-Israeli politics. This is why this ridicolous request is even being considered. If not for political reasons, this wouldn’t be an issue. UNESCO is not supposed to be a political body that recognizes one entity or another as a state. And the UN haven’t even discussed the Palestinian request yet, let alone its’ Security Council. The request is still in committee and is supposed to be brought before the Security Council around Novermber 11th. It is expected to not pass (as it seems now, without the need for an American veto).

Yet, as they’ve done in the past years, the Palestinians (meaning their leadership – the “moderate” faction Fatah, only in control of the West Bank) continue to work towards unilateral moves, than to actually negotiate a resolution, an end to this conflict. They much rather perpetuate it. Not make any concessions. Attack Israel with diplomatic terror, the one they enjoy because of the automatic Anti-Israel and Anti-American majority at international bodies. When will they finally sit down and attempt to talk peace instead of always trying to circumvent it??

UNESCO has long become a political power play in the hands of the anti-Israelis. The Palestinians are preparing to use that once they become members. They plan to have UNESCO officialy declare sites sacred to the Jewish faith and residing inside their claimed territory (mainly the West Bank) as exactly the opposite. They’re planning, announcing their intention, to attack not just Israel, but the Jewish faith as a whole, but having various locations declared “world heritages”.

This is a process already in the making. A year ago, on October 21st 2010, UNESCO adopted five anti-Israeli resolutions. Among them, they’ve denounced any right or connection Israel or the Jewish people have to two of the holiest sites in the Jewish religion, sites considers holy for over 4,000 years – Rachel’s Tomb in Bethlehem, and the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron.

Click here to read about how UNESCO denounced 4000 years of belief

What is the ‘obstacle for Peace’?

October 25, 2011

The Quartet (an intentional body constructed from the United Nations, European Union, United States and Russia) will attempt to jump start peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians later this week. This of course comes in the midst of the Palestinian unilateral move in the UN, which is expected to either not pass or be vetoed early November. Everyone is pessimistic about the option that the peace process and direct talks would be started and some even claim it would take nothing short of a miracle to make that happen. Honestly? They’re probably right. There’s hardly any chance the parties will engage in bilateral talks and the Quartet is simply trying to see if indirect talks – a really bad idea – could take place.

The main reason for that is probably that the parties are so far away in how they perceive a peace process, including on the integral key issue: the goal. Israel has always wanted the goal to be one thing – the end of conflict and the end of mutual demands that as a result will give birth to a Palestinian state living side by side with Israel. The Palestinians however wanted the goal to be a Palestinian state. There is a huge difference between the two.

Now the parties are even further away – Israel wants what it always wanted: a peace process with no predetermined results, with no prior conditions. The Palestinians want a lot more: They have a list of demands they require (which just grew this week – I’ll explain later on) for them to even think about negotiations and a peace process (a bilateral process as opposed to the unilateral one they’ve worked so hard, much harder, to advance). When Israel dared put one condition in response to their condition, the Palestinian refused it and demanded that only their demands will be met. The Israeli condition, by the way, was a Palestinian recognition that Israel is not just any state, but the birthright state of the Jewish people. That is due to the fact that to this day, the Palestinian distort facts, truths and history and refuse to acknowledge the connection between the Jewish people and the land of Israel. This goes to show how unwilling they are to end the conflict and the mutual demands, but instead only seek a Palestinian state alone.

Israel at this point, especially after the outraging move in UN, is done with favors and gestures. It is done negotiating how to start negotiations. It has given the Palestinian a huge unprecedented gesture in the form of 10 months moratorium on all Jewish buildings in the West Bank, which the Palestinian rejected. They refused to enter negotiations until they were pressured to do so by the international community and then demanded, still does, the renewal of the moratorium, the same one they’ve thought so little about when it was first offered and given. Now, they are putting up another demand, claiming that the former Israeli Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, promised he would release more Palestinian prisoners after a swap deal for Gilad Shalit would be made. They demand that in addition to 1,027 prisoners released, Israel will release more. The former PM of Israel released hundreds of prisoners on several occasions as good-faiths gestures with the Palestinians. None of this helped bring forth a peace agreement. And there is certainly no good-faith between either parties at the moment.

In a trip to Colombia last month, Palestinian Authority President claimed he was close to signing a deal with former Israeli Prime Minister Olmert, and that he believes that is why his term was cut short. FALSE!!! History distortions and lies are not new to the tactic of Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas (as can be vividly seen in his article at The New York Times on May 17th, or his speech before the UN General Assembly last September). Maybe it’s because he cannot grasp the notion of democracy, but Ehud Olmert was removed from office due to many corruption charges against him, for some of which, severe in nature, he is standing trial today. Moreover, in his claims he forgets to mention that Olmert made proposals to end the conflict, which were even greater than those of Bill Clinton (which former PA President Arafat rejected) – proposals that led nowhere near a peace agreement. He also forgets to mention how he walked away from the table when Olmert himself launched an offensive against the 8 years of rocket barraged fired at Israeli citizens from the Gaza Strip, but Abbas’ rivals – Hamas.


A response to Bill Clinton’s “Netanyahu is to blame for failure of the peace process”

September 23, 2011

I was outraged to read this morning the account former U.S. president, Bill Clinton, gave yesterday regarding the current “no process” status of the Middle East peace process (meaning, the peace process between Israel and the Palestinians). In a speech to prominent bloggers as part of “Clinton Global Initiative” conference in New York, Clinton blamed the the deadlock of negotiations solely on Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. This is completely outrageous. I have already stated, more than once, how the Palestinians contributed greatly to the fact that there haven’t been much peace talks in the past two years. Moreover, I’ve given my account to how the Obama administration unintentionally drove the parties away from the negotiations table and helped progress the Palestinian unilateral move.

In responding to Clinton’s bizarre claims, I am not advocating for Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, himself but I am advocating for Israel as a whole. Blaming Netanyahu, and in such a way, for the  moratorium of the peace process is basically blaming Israel for it alone. That is completely false!

Bill Clinton has said: “Israelis always wanted two things that once it turned out they had, it didn’t seem so appealing to Mr. Netanyahu. They wanted to believe they had a partner for peace in a Palestinian government, and there’s no question — and the Netanyahu government has said — that this is the finest Palestinian government they’ve ever had in the West Bank.”

I must agree, actually. This is the finest Palestinian government and partner Israel has ever had. In the West Bank. While rockets are still being fired from Gaza and an entity named Hamas controls the strip and forces its’ 1.5 millions to live in a constant state of war against Israel, the Palestinian government residing in the West Bank is the most moderate one ever in power. However, the keyword here is “most”. This is only spoken about in relativity.

What can also be said about the Palestinian government of the West Bank:

  1. They are building a country honoring terror. Despite U.S. and European Union requests that they would stop naming streets and squared after terrorists who have taken part in killing dozens of innocent Israeli men, women and children, the Palestinians have continued to do so. No public condemnation, if any, not one to speak of. When the Palestinians refused Joe Biden demand that they would not name the square outside their government building after terrorists Dlal Mugrabi (responsible for the death of over 30 Israelis, among them 12 children), the world was completely silent. As recent as last March, the Palestinians refused to refer to the Fogel family murder as inhumane when talking to the Palestinian people. Outside of Western media, they only iterated “terror is an helpful to our cause today.”
  2. Palestinian Authority Abbas has written a complete distortion (one could even say lies) of history in an op-ed article on May 17th (published in The New York Times). The tone he used, as well as the fabricated story he told, show once more than the Palestinians refuse to accept that this conflict is made of two sides who make mistakes throughout the years and have shown clearly he is unable to make concessions on key issues – maybe the most important concession he is not willing to make is regarding the fictitious Right of Return.
  3. The events of last May 15th, the Nakba day (today used to distort and incite against Israel rather than to truly commiserate over a tragedy), and the aforementioned article written a few days after it, are another example of that. Four weeks ago in a visit to Lebanon, Abbas has promised Palestinian refugees (most of them descendants of refugees but are awarded the title – only the Palestinians offspring receive refugee status from the UN) they will go back home. He is not referring to the future Palestinian state, but is in fact perpetuating the fictional claim to one day return and flood the state of Israel with thousands of refugees. He is referring to people who were born in refugee camps or have been living there for over 60 years, without getting a single right from the regime they are under (in this instance Lebanon, but much more acute is the refugees on Syrian territory) and all he has to say is that their situation won’t change until they will get the chance to live one day.. not in a Palestinian state. But in Israel. This is of course unacceptable to Israel, nor should it be. But Abbas continues, to this day, to make that promise in stead of speaking the truth: “This is unrealistic. “We should be working towards our own country, not to demographically destroy another”.
  4. The current Palestinians government has no control whatsoever over Gaza or its’ people. The farcical unity between sworn enemies, Fatah and Hamas, is futile and only becomes more ridiculous as the days go by. No government to speak of, no real elections on the horizon. Nothing to make this unity more than a piece of paper signed in Cairo. Yet with Abbas unable to represent Gaza, or ensure that a peace treaty and security would be enforced to Israel’s citizens who are still, to this day, living with the barrage of rockets fired upon them,  Clintons only faults Netanyahu and by proxy Israel.
  5. The past two years the Palestinians have made it clear – this is not about a negotiations for peace, this is about negotiations  for the purpose of negotiating peace. The hoax of the settlement freeze is only one of the examples to how they’ve been avoiding negotiations which would force them to make concessions. Painful ones. Concession they are unwilling to make. Concession they must make in order to achieve peace. But instead, they’ve been going around the world, screaming and crying over the oppression and mistreatment. Yet when the entire world (seriously, the ENTIRE world) work to get them out of said miserable situation, they put up demands. They have conditions to how their oppression will end. Until these demands will end, they will continue with the status-quo. In fact, not only in the unilateral move won’t change anything in the short-run, in the past two years, the Palestinian leadership has done nothing to actually get its’ people out of the “Israeli oppression”. By the way, all the while ignoring the oppression of Hamas in Gaza who imposes a strict dictatorship and an extreme Islam law on its’ citizens.

1 week countdown to the Palestinian unilateral move: Violence is on the horizon

September 16, 2011

Earlier this week, the 66th General Assembly of the United Nations has been opened. In the following week leaders around the world would begin to take stage and give a speech. Some will talk about their own country, some will use the opportunity to incite against others rather than handle talking about themselves (anyone holding their breathes for Iran to mention anything about the protests it still violenty “shuts up”?). But one issue will hover over the entire assembly – The unilateral Palestinian move.

Now, I’ve already shared my views on why the Palestinians have been stalling on any effort for true peace before, and even expanded a bit on some key issues (such as the hoax of the settlement freeze or the farcical unity between the two biggest factions and enemies).

So what is expected to happen? Unless the Quartet manages (doubtfully) to get the Palestinians off their high tree and resume what they’ve been refusing to do with a bag full of excuses for almost two years now – enter negotiations and try to achieve peace – On Tuesday the show will begin. The Palestinians will try to get the Security Council to approve their request to be recognized as a state. This will not happen. It needs to majority of 9 “yes” out of 15 countries, with a declared United States veto on the horizion. But the point is pressure. Mostly on the European countries. Having Qatar and Lebanon as the presidents of this General Assembly and Security Council, accordingly, would help the Palestinians greatly with bureaucracy issues. It wouldn’t be long before the General Assembly and its’ automatic majority (as well as some other countries who are not part of that majority) will accept the Palestinians as a “none member state”.

This has a very declarative value, the kind that makes headlines. But it won’t change anything for real. At least, not towards anything good.


A Response to Robert Gates, and How the Obama Administration is [unintentionally] hurting Israel

September 9, 2011

A few days ago, the White House did not deny a quote giving by a reliable journalist of former Secretary of US Defense, Robert Gates, in which he referred to Israeli Prime Minister as an “ungrateful ally”. This, of course, was not really news worthy. The grave relations between the current Israeli government and the current US administration are not new. But unfortunately, since day 1, this has been the state of mind in the White House regarding the Israeli government. What is much more saddening is that the Obama Administration never attempted to truly hide that fact.

The truth is that as much as its’ easy to criticize to no end (as the following post will demonstrate), the US administration has probably more to do with Israel’s isolation that Israel itself. Now, at no point during this post am I claiming this was done internationally in anyway, but the end result is the same – The Obama administration has contributed greatly to the current situation and the unilateral Palestinian move. Problem is, they don’t seem willing to face it.

Over the past two years, U.S. President Obama has tried to invoke peace talks and promote the peace process in various ways. None of them succeed. True, much can be said for both parties of the process (Israel and the Palestinian Authority), yet Barrack Obama has played a huge part in making the short distance between Jerusalem and Ramallah seem much further.

I want to make it abundantly clear, right off the bat, that I do not think that President Obama had any intention to do so, nor do I believe he is an anti-Israeli. The past two years have been an endless series of mistakes, not predetermined evil master plans. But the fact is, where we stand today, President Obama’s actions have weakened Israel and helped, more than anything, the de-legitimacy campaign against Israel. As a result, he too shares the blame for the almost complete death of the peace process and the growing isolation of Israel.

This is not an anti-Obama article and I am not seeking to intervene in internal U.S.politics and be on the side of one presidential campaign or another. I can’t say that replacing Barrack Obama in 2012 would change anything for better or worse, and I can’t say that he is not capable of learning from his mistakes and achieving great things in the future. This is not a political article (about U.S. politics), but an opinion one.

So why do I believe Barrack Obama has been hurt Israel repeatedly?


2 weeks countdown to the Palestinian unilateral move: The settlement freeze is a hoax

September 9, 2011

Note: This is an abbreviated post summary focusing on one of five arguments I’ve made earlier to why the UN should, had it been interested in promoting peace, decline the Palestinian unilateral move this September. Click here to read the original full post.

Yesterday, though it surprised no one, the Palestinian Authority has issued a letter to the UN secretary-general, asking to be accepted to the UN as a new country to be taken upon vote in the coming 66th General Assembly. Surely, this resolution will pass. It should be noted that only the Palestinian Authority, in control of the West Bank, has issued the letter and not Hamas who violently controls the lives of over 1.5 million Gazans. While a farcical unity has been reached between Hamas and The Palestinian Authority, supposedly ending their long blood-filled feud, Hamas remains committed officially not to peace but to war, bloodshed and death. Hamas is an entity declared a terror organization by the Quartet (which the UN is a member of).

For the past two years, the Palestinian Authority refused entering negotiating with Israel. One could be surprised how a leadership screaming constantly at its’ own people’s agony would continually refuse entering negotiations to end such suffering (The answer is of course the shower of gifts raining upon them from all around the world, this unilateral move only one out of many, without them having to make a single concessions in term of negotiations). Their excuse has been that Israel continues to build settlements in the West Bank, which renders them unable to talk peace. FALSE! This is merely an excuse, one that has worked well in their benefit, but only that. An excuse.

It could be that the Palestinians refuse to sit down with the current Israeli government (who has made several public announcements to its readiness to a two-state solution and negotiations, starting with Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu’s Bar-Ilan speech). If that is the case, then the Palestinians should know that you don’t get to choose your partner in peace, but if you desire peace, you make an honest effort despite that. A negotiation on a peace deal so complicated and on a conflict lasting so long is not about to be resolved easily no matter what. You don’t start by agreeing on all issues, but you start on agreeing that you want to go somewhere. That agreement has been lacking.

If for you’re unaware of what a settlement freeze is, let me explain. Israel has froze building of settlements in the west bank for 10 months (starting November 26th, 2009) in an attempt to get the Palestinian to sit down to talk to them (this was done due to international pressure, mainly by U.S. President, Barrack Obama, but nevertheless – the settlement freeze happened). During most of these ten months there we no peace talks. The Palestinians refused to see this as a trust-building step and did not agree to start direct negotiations with Israel. The U.S. tried to sponsor indirect talks during that time, but that failed as well.


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