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UNESCO passes a political resolution and accepts “Palestine”

October 31, 2011

Note: You can read more about the politics and anti-Israeli actions of UNESCO in my earlier post.

Well, not really a surprise, but it happened. The none-political organization passed a political decision to accept as a full-member state… a state which does not exist. A state whose political status has yet to be decieded by the roof organizations, the UN Security Council itself.

While the Israeli ambassador recieved laughter in his speech, the Palestinine foreign minister recieved appluase. I’m glad to see this is the kind of culture and education the international body in charge of education and culture projects.

UNESCO passed yet another resolution against Israel and has accepted “Palestine” as its’ member. Why the quoatation marks? Because I’m presonally not really sure what Palestine is. Maybe the 107 countries that voted for this resoltuion can answer either of the following questions:

  • What are the borders of this newly-accepted state?
    (There’s a difference between “based on the 1967 borders” and the actual final borders which should have been decieded in a bilateral move, meaning negotiations, rather a unilateral move).
  •  A follow up – What is its’ jurisdiction?
    (For example, when it comes to East Jerusalem – a contention point full of holy places to all faiths and to where Jewish people as a whole were deined access before 1967 – should it be decided through negotiations what happens with the cultural places of this area?)
  • Does the education and culture that UNESCO wishes to promote involved the blind fire-rocketing of hundreds of rockets into civilian unarmed populations with the intent of killing and harming civilians? Is it to encourage terror? FOUR rockets have been fired today into Israel… so far!
  • Who represents this state of “Palestine” in UNESCO?
    (Fatah has no real control in Gaza, Hamas has limited control over the West Bank. True, there is this fake and farcical unity agreement, but no government or representations agreed upon by both sides have been agreed upon since MAY. Should the fact that the Fatah memeber was speaking in UNESCO means Gaza is no longer a part of this Palestine? Or are we just getting back to borders and security issues which were not agreed upon by any side or in any kind of negotiations?)
  • How does this help promote peace and dialgue between Israel and the Palestinians? Or is UNESCO simply advocating war? (It certainly seems to advocate for terror – see the above).

And the list goes on… I can ask many more questions. For instance the claims on Amnesty reports on journalists (eight in numbers) who are tortured in Palestinian prisons – a big “no-no” in UNESCO‘s own charter.

Congratulations! Another win for terror, another blow to Israel and another day where peace can be officialy deleted from the UN’s to-do list. This is what the body responsible for education around the world wants to educate.

As for the Palestinian people themselves – your [West Bank] leadership has now committed to funding a UN organization. Can your fiscal status really afford it? Most of your economy is still dependant on donations, the unemployment rate is nothing to brag about and you consider yourself refugees. So why is your leadership so eager to be sending the money elsewhere?

And a good word to the countries with conscience who wanted to give peace a chance – United States, Israel, Canada, Australia, Czech Republic, Germany, Lithuania, The Netherlands, Sweden, Panama, Samoa, Palau, Vanautu and Solomon Islands.

Among the countries who just painted their hands with thick red and should not search for nice comforting words to conceal that fact are France, Spain, Belgium, India and many more (most of which are none-democracies so there was no real point in mentioning them).


Will UNESCO accept “Palestine” as a State?

October 30, 2011

Tomorrow, Monday October the 31st, is possibly a scary day. Not just because in the Christian faith is marks All Halloween’s Eve, a day notorious for its’ tacky costumes and “Trick or Treat”s. Tomorrow, UNESCO‘s [United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization] own general assembly will decide whether or not to accept the non-existing state of Palestine as its member.

Don’t get me wrong – personally I believe in a resolution that will end the Israeli-Palestine conflict and will result in the birth of a Palestinian state. But as of tomorrow, Monday October the 31st 2011, such a state does not exist. Such a state cannot exist until the Palestinians sit down and work out a resolution with Israel. A resultion to end this conflict. To stop the demands. A resultion where both sides made concessions, not just shouting at Israel to go back to the [indefensible] 1967 borders, which they’ve proven to be indefensible. Not until terror, the same kind that continues to attack people and that only yesterday killed an innocent 56 year old man in Ashkelon, Israel, will stop.

Much like any other UN body, UNESCO too now has very little to do with its’ mission statement and much to do with politics. More specifically, Anti-Israeli politics. This is why this ridicolous request is even being considered. If not for political reasons, this wouldn’t be an issue. UNESCO is not supposed to be a political body that recognizes one entity or another as a state. And the UN haven’t even discussed the Palestinian request yet, let alone its’ Security Council. The request is still in committee and is supposed to be brought before the Security Council around Novermber 11th. It is expected to not pass (as it seems now, without the need for an American veto).

Yet, as they’ve done in the past years, the Palestinians (meaning their leadership – the “moderate” faction Fatah, only in control of the West Bank) continue to work towards unilateral moves, than to actually negotiate a resolution, an end to this conflict. They much rather perpetuate it. Not make any concessions. Attack Israel with diplomatic terror, the one they enjoy because of the automatic Anti-Israel and Anti-American majority at international bodies. When will they finally sit down and attempt to talk peace instead of always trying to circumvent it??

UNESCO has long become a political power play in the hands of the anti-Israelis. The Palestinians are preparing to use that once they become members. They plan to have UNESCO officialy declare sites sacred to the Jewish faith and residing inside their claimed territory (mainly the West Bank) as exactly the opposite. They’re planning, announcing their intention, to attack not just Israel, but the Jewish faith as a whole, but having various locations declared “world heritages”.

This is a process already in the making. A year ago, on October 21st 2010, UNESCO adopted five anti-Israeli resolutions. Among them, they’ve denounced any right or connection Israel or the Jewish people have to two of the holiest sites in the Jewish religion, sites considers holy for over 4,000 years – Rachel’s Tomb in Bethlehem, and the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron.

Click here to read about how UNESCO denounced 4000 years of belief

A response to Bill Clinton’s “Netanyahu is to blame for failure of the peace process”

September 23, 2011

I was outraged to read this morning the account former U.S. president, Bill Clinton, gave yesterday regarding the current “no process” status of the Middle East peace process (meaning, the peace process between Israel and the Palestinians). In a speech to prominent bloggers as part of “Clinton Global Initiative” conference in New York, Clinton blamed the the deadlock of negotiations solely on Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. This is completely outrageous. I have already stated, more than once, how the Palestinians contributed greatly to the fact that there haven’t been much peace talks in the past two years. Moreover, I’ve given my account to how the Obama administration unintentionally drove the parties away from the negotiations table and helped progress the Palestinian unilateral move.

In responding to Clinton’s bizarre claims, I am not advocating for Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, himself but I am advocating for Israel as a whole. Blaming Netanyahu, and in such a way, for the  moratorium of the peace process is basically blaming Israel for it alone. That is completely false!

Bill Clinton has said: “Israelis always wanted two things that once it turned out they had, it didn’t seem so appealing to Mr. Netanyahu. They wanted to believe they had a partner for peace in a Palestinian government, and there’s no question — and the Netanyahu government has said — that this is the finest Palestinian government they’ve ever had in the West Bank.”

I must agree, actually. This is the finest Palestinian government and partner Israel has ever had. In the West Bank. While rockets are still being fired from Gaza and an entity named Hamas controls the strip and forces its’ 1.5 millions to live in a constant state of war against Israel, the Palestinian government residing in the West Bank is the most moderate one ever in power. However, the keyword here is “most”. This is only spoken about in relativity.

What can also be said about the Palestinian government of the West Bank:

  1. They are building a country honoring terror. Despite U.S. and European Union requests that they would stop naming streets and squared after terrorists who have taken part in killing dozens of innocent Israeli men, women and children, the Palestinians have continued to do so. No public condemnation, if any, not one to speak of. When the Palestinians refused Joe Biden demand that they would not name the square outside their government building after terrorists Dlal Mugrabi (responsible for the death of over 30 Israelis, among them 12 children), the world was completely silent. As recent as last March, the Palestinians refused to refer to the Fogel family murder as inhumane when talking to the Palestinian people. Outside of Western media, they only iterated “terror is an helpful to our cause today.”
  2. Palestinian Authority Abbas has written a complete distortion (one could even say lies) of history in an op-ed article on May 17th (published in The New York Times). The tone he used, as well as the fabricated story he told, show once more than the Palestinians refuse to accept that this conflict is made of two sides who make mistakes throughout the years and have shown clearly he is unable to make concessions on key issues – maybe the most important concession he is not willing to make is regarding the fictitious Right of Return.
  3. The events of last May 15th, the Nakba day (today used to distort and incite against Israel rather than to truly commiserate over a tragedy), and the aforementioned article written a few days after it, are another example of that. Four weeks ago in a visit to Lebanon, Abbas has promised Palestinian refugees (most of them descendants of refugees but are awarded the title – only the Palestinians offspring receive refugee status from the UN) they will go back home. He is not referring to the future Palestinian state, but is in fact perpetuating the fictional claim to one day return and flood the state of Israel with thousands of refugees. He is referring to people who were born in refugee camps or have been living there for over 60 years, without getting a single right from the regime they are under (in this instance Lebanon, but much more acute is the refugees on Syrian territory) and all he has to say is that their situation won’t change until they will get the chance to live one day.. not in a Palestinian state. But in Israel. This is of course unacceptable to Israel, nor should it be. But Abbas continues, to this day, to make that promise in stead of speaking the truth: “This is unrealistic. “We should be working towards our own country, not to demographically destroy another”.
  4. The current Palestinians government has no control whatsoever over Gaza or its’ people. The farcical unity between sworn enemies, Fatah and Hamas, is futile and only becomes more ridiculous as the days go by. No government to speak of, no real elections on the horizon. Nothing to make this unity more than a piece of paper signed in Cairo. Yet with Abbas unable to represent Gaza, or ensure that a peace treaty and security would be enforced to Israel’s citizens who are still, to this day, living with the barrage of rockets fired upon them,  Clintons only faults Netanyahu and by proxy Israel.
  5. The past two years the Palestinians have made it clear – this is not about a negotiations for peace, this is about negotiations  for the purpose of negotiating peace. The hoax of the settlement freeze is only one of the examples to how they’ve been avoiding negotiations which would force them to make concessions. Painful ones. Concession they are unwilling to make. Concession they must make in order to achieve peace. But instead, they’ve been going around the world, screaming and crying over the oppression and mistreatment. Yet when the entire world (seriously, the ENTIRE world) work to get them out of said miserable situation, they put up demands. They have conditions to how their oppression will end. Until these demands will end, they will continue with the status-quo. In fact, not only in the unilateral move won’t change anything in the short-run, in the past two years, the Palestinian leadership has done nothing to actually get its’ people out of the “Israeli oppression”. By the way, all the while ignoring the oppression of Hamas in Gaza who imposes a strict dictatorship and an extreme Islam law on its’ citizens.

1 week countdown to the Palestinian unilateral move: Violence is on the horizon

September 16, 2011

Earlier this week, the 66th General Assembly of the United Nations has been opened. In the following week leaders around the world would begin to take stage and give a speech. Some will talk about their own country, some will use the opportunity to incite against others rather than handle talking about themselves (anyone holding their breathes for Iran to mention anything about the protests it still violenty “shuts up”?). But one issue will hover over the entire assembly – The unilateral Palestinian move.

Now, I’ve already shared my views on why the Palestinians have been stalling on any effort for true peace before, and even expanded a bit on some key issues (such as the hoax of the settlement freeze or the farcical unity between the two biggest factions and enemies).

So what is expected to happen? Unless the Quartet manages (doubtfully) to get the Palestinians off their high tree and resume what they’ve been refusing to do with a bag full of excuses for almost two years now – enter negotiations and try to achieve peace – On Tuesday the show will begin. The Palestinians will try to get the Security Council to approve their request to be recognized as a state. This will not happen. It needs to majority of 9 “yes” out of 15 countries, with a declared United States veto on the horizion. But the point is pressure. Mostly on the European countries. Having Qatar and Lebanon as the presidents of this General Assembly and Security Council, accordingly, would help the Palestinians greatly with bureaucracy issues. It wouldn’t be long before the General Assembly and its’ automatic majority (as well as some other countries who are not part of that majority) will accept the Palestinians as a “none member state”.

This has a very declarative value, the kind that makes headlines. But it won’t change anything for real. At least, not towards anything good.


2 weeks countdown to the Palestinian unilateral move: The settlement freeze is a hoax

September 9, 2011

Note: This is an abbreviated post summary focusing on one of five arguments I’ve made earlier to why the UN should, had it been interested in promoting peace, decline the Palestinian unilateral move this September. Click here to read the original full post.

Yesterday, though it surprised no one, the Palestinian Authority has issued a letter to the UN secretary-general, asking to be accepted to the UN as a new country to be taken upon vote in the coming 66th General Assembly. Surely, this resolution will pass. It should be noted that only the Palestinian Authority, in control of the West Bank, has issued the letter and not Hamas who violently controls the lives of over 1.5 million Gazans. While a farcical unity has been reached between Hamas and The Palestinian Authority, supposedly ending their long blood-filled feud, Hamas remains committed officially not to peace but to war, bloodshed and death. Hamas is an entity declared a terror organization by the Quartet (which the UN is a member of).

For the past two years, the Palestinian Authority refused entering negotiating with Israel. One could be surprised how a leadership screaming constantly at its’ own people’s agony would continually refuse entering negotiations to end such suffering (The answer is of course the shower of gifts raining upon them from all around the world, this unilateral move only one out of many, without them having to make a single concessions in term of negotiations). Their excuse has been that Israel continues to build settlements in the West Bank, which renders them unable to talk peace. FALSE! This is merely an excuse, one that has worked well in their benefit, but only that. An excuse.

It could be that the Palestinians refuse to sit down with the current Israeli government (who has made several public announcements to its readiness to a two-state solution and negotiations, starting with Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu’s Bar-Ilan speech). If that is the case, then the Palestinians should know that you don’t get to choose your partner in peace, but if you desire peace, you make an honest effort despite that. A negotiation on a peace deal so complicated and on a conflict lasting so long is not about to be resolved easily no matter what. You don’t start by agreeing on all issues, but you start on agreeing that you want to go somewhere. That agreement has been lacking.

If for you’re unaware of what a settlement freeze is, let me explain. Israel has froze building of settlements in the west bank for 10 months (starting November 26th, 2009) in an attempt to get the Palestinian to sit down to talk to them (this was done due to international pressure, mainly by U.S. President, Barrack Obama, but nevertheless – the settlement freeze happened). During most of these ten months there we no peace talks. The Palestinians refused to see this as a trust-building step and did not agree to start direct negotiations with Israel. The U.S. tried to sponsor indirect talks during that time, but that failed as well.


4 weeks countdown to the Palestinian unilateral move: The none unity of the Palestinians

August 26, 2011

Note: This is an abbreviated post summary focusing on one of fives arguments I’ve made earlier to why the UN should, had it been interested in promoting peace, decline the Palestinian unilateral move this September. Click here to read the original full post.

Today, barely four weeks before the Palestinian Authority will seek a unilateral declaration in the United Nations that will once again drive it further away from the peace process, the Palestinians are still divided and the rupture is deeper than ever. This is much more evidentiary this past week, since the terror attack on Israel that escalated the tension between Israel and the Gaza Strip.

While in the past the future Palestinian state was to be formed on the territories of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip (which mutually-agreed land swaps), it has become much more apparent that its’ in fact two separate states – One in the West Bank, controlled by the Fatah organization (the internationally recognized Palestinian Authority), and a whole other state in the Gaza Strip, controlled by the extreme militant terror organization of Hamas. These two are rivals, even today as they attempt to portray a farcical reconciliation.

The rivalry between Fatah and the Hamas came to an extreme “highlight” in summer of 2007 when Hamas took control of the Gaza strip by force, expelling Fatah completely out it and tormenting those left behind and captured (evidence to amputations as ways of torture and punishment are abundant). The bloodshed has left a deep split between the Palestinians, and two different entities were formed.

While Fatah enjoys world support and recognition, Hamas only enjoys the support of the extreme Muslim countries and the anti-American (thus anti-Israel) alliance. In fact, it is declared a terror organization by most European countries, as well as the United States and even the United Nation.

For the past five years that Hamas has been in control of Gaza (until its’ violent overtake in 2007, it has been clinging to false claim that it was the elected government though that is NOT true – it won most of the votes (44%) but failed to form a coalition. That is one of the reasons that let to the war between Fatah and Hamas which ended with said violent overtake and expulsion of Fatah from the strip), the international community has only demanded three things from it:


Why the U.N. should decline the unilateral Palestinian move… and why it won’t

August 13, 2011

Before I say anything:
I’d like to make a very general and very important comment – I usually try to make a very clear distinction between two almost different entities. The first is “the people” and the other is “their leadership”. I ask of you to keep this note in your head as you read this – when I simply say “the Palestinians”, I am only referring to its’ official leadership (usually, the Palestinian Authority, residing in Ramallah), and not the Palestinian people themselves. Please keep this distinction at mind.

This coming September, on 13th, the 66th General Assembly of the United Nations will take place. Sometime around the 20th, the Palestinian Authority will put to vote a resolution regarding their status – seeing as how the U.S. will veto a decision to recognize them as a state in the Security Council and having this move be a blatant breach of the Oslo Accords, this could either be an Arab league proposal or an “upgrade of status” resolution (like Kosovo). Either way, this resolution will pass. It will most definitely improve the Palestinian’s image in the public, upgrade their abilities in International forums and put more pressure on Israeli governments. At the end of the day, this resolution will have one great impact above all – It will distance even further the chance for any kind of peace.

Before I go to explain why I believe this resolution should not be passed, I’d like to make the case for why it will be passed. On one hand, it seems that an international entity like the United Nations should work solely to promote peace and the end of violence, instead of incite wars and drive the sides further away from the negotiating table. On the other hand, the U.N. is made up of countries, which is a proxy of people, and people have interests and make self-preservation moves who contradict all of the above. I mean, most of the world isn’t even respecting basic human rights of its’ own citizens, and interests are what kept most of these countries from having to answer or even be condemned for their actions by international forums (which is how democratic countries like India end up with a track record of voting against human rights because of these interests). Here is a small list of why this resolution will pass:


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