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Police evacuating Jewish illegal settlement at night causes ‘Tag Price’ actions

September 5, 2011

Tonight, heavy Israeli police forces came to the illegal settlement of Migron in order to evacuate and destroy it. Unfortunately, these stories never make it to the international press or to the headlines, unless they are followed by what followed tonight. Extreme settlers have committed actions they call ‘Tag Price’ actions – a supposed show of force to indicate to any Israeli government that their actions won’t go unpunished, in their view. Beyond the label and the self-rationalism lies a minority of anarchists and terrorists. Their actions tonight – Burning of a mosque and writing Graffiti on its’ walls – are the acts of cowards.

Let me make that very clear right off the bat – As with any group of people, even the group of settles and of Israelis and of Jewish people and so, have extremists within them. By definition, extremists are a minority. The Israeli government and security forces and working to put a stop to their actions, which can only be considered as anarchy. The Israeli government and its’ security forces has complete branches and departments dedicated to what they themselves call “Jewish terror”. And though, they acknowledge it as terror and are dealing with the matter in all seriousness, the terror committed by a group of extreme illegal-settlers cannot be compared to the one inflicted by Palestinian terror. It done with the sole purpose of harming symbols and property, but does nowhere intended against the lives of Palestinian people – man, woman or child.

It should be noted that according to police, burning tires were thrown towards an inactive mosque and that there were no holy books inside.

The democratic way in Israel

Various NGOs have appealed to Israel’s supreme court against the illegal settlement activity in Migron. Illegal settlement is done when groups of people decide, on their own, to simply settle somewhere in the West Bank. Just with any other country, Israel too has a long line of bureaucracy when wanting to build a home. These people considered themselves above the law, and for “ideological” reasons (and since they know they would get a big “NO” from the government and its’ branches), simply started either building or bringing trailers to form a “community”.

The Supreme court has ruled decisively against the illegal settlement and has order police to evacuate the people and destroy the illegal homes they’ve made there. It gave them until March of 2012 to complete the task.

Tonight, On September 5th of 2011, Police came at around 1 A.M. (UTC +03:00) and a struggle ensues. Again, evacuation of illegal settlement activity happens from time to time in Israel and usually is followed by a confrontation between police forces and the evacuating settlers. The same happened tonight. Six settlers were arrested. During the evacuation, settlers appealed to the supreme court for the abrupt evacuation and a judge orders to stop evacuation until the case will be discussed later that same day. The public prosecution in Israel appealed the order and the Supreme court revoked it, giving permission to police forces at the scene to continue with destroying the houses. By 5:00 A.M., the incident has been done.

“Price Tag”

A couple of hours later and the group of extremists left their “price tag” marks. I would like to stress again this is the actions of group of believes they are entitled to be above the law or that their ideology is superior to whatever the government, or the supreme court, says. This is the definition of anarchy, and again – this is a minority who police and other security forces work constantly to stop. Since morning hours, condemnations to this despicable action have came and more will show follow as the day progresses.

Too bad this kind of stories only make it to the intentional press when “Price Tag” actions occur, and even then the focus is primarily on the heinous “consequent” rather than divided equally between both parts of the story.

Seeing as we’re already in September, it is also very unfortunate that the Palestine Authority has spent the entire past year promoting a unilateral move, instead of promoting a peace process that will declare clear borders between Israelis and Palestinians, borders that could have been enforced.

Update – Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu’s condemns the attack

“Acts by extremists, like this one, are destined to hurt the fabric of relations between various religions and cultures in Israel. I have instructed all law enforcement authorities to work determinedly to arrest and bring those responsible to justice.”


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