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Palestine & Human Rights: Praising Gaddafi, Supporting Death Penalty for Homosexuality

March 4, 2012

Another session of United Nations’ Human Rights Council has opened last week in Geneva, and on its’ agenda is full.

Two things, as the very least, are worth noting about this session regarding a entity that seeks independance while avoiding negotiations and peaceful ways to achieve that – The Palestine Authority:

  1. Its’ praisal of the Gaddafi regime and its’ supposed human rights protection.
  2. Its’ part in the OIC – the block of Muslim nations – letter to the UNHRC condemning it for having a panel discussing the death penalty for the “crime” of homosexuality (supporting the death penalty!!)

It should be noted that the Palestine Authority is the moderate of the Palestinian factions and the internationally-recognized entity that controls the PLO – a body claiming to represent all of the Palestinians world-wide and in de-facto control of the West Bank only (and no such control in the Gaza Strip as well, even 10 months after the first announcement of the farcical unity with Hamas).

It is peculiar, to say the least, that a governing entity that cries worldwide of its’ own human rights violations, would go to such lengths to support another regime’s human rights violations (much more blatant, hurtful and destructive), and raises questions as to the kind of “democracy” Palestine Authority president, Mahmoud Abbas, is talking about, not to mention the enourmous amount of pro-Palestine activists around the world.

Click here to read more about Palestine’s support for human rights violations


Israel Inaugurated New Village For Turkish Earthquake victims

March 3, 2012

On October 23rd, 2011, a devestating earthquake hit the city of Van, Turkey. The earthquake, measured in 7.2 on Richter scale, destoryed over 2,000 buildings and killed hundreds of people.

Following months of aid, Israel has inaugurated on February 13th, 2012, a village it helped build to house the victims that were left homeless and provide them a functioning community life. The village is build out of 130 portable structures and can house up to 1,300 people. Establishment is expected to fully end during March 2012, by many can begin to move in already.

Israel's Turkish village

Photographed by: Ariel Harmoni, of Israel's Ministry of Defense

This is not the first time Israel helps Turkish earthquake victims. Following 1999’s catastrophic earthquake, Israel built a village that housed 3,000 people and contained 312 housing units, a shopping center, a clinic, playgrounds, a school that about 420 children attended, as well as sent rescue teams that helped dig and recover people from under wreckage. On this earthquake, due to the tensions between the countries, Turkey did not wish to have Israeli rescue teams on its’ soil. Nonetheless, Israel helped them house the victims, despite said tensions.

Israel aids the Turkish victims of earthquake

October 28, 2011

This past sunday, a devastaing earthquake shocked a region in East Turkey. I’m sure you’ve heard about it – as with every natrual disaster, the horrifying stories of the wreckage, the victims and the amazing stories of those survived and pulled out of debris after so many days makes headlines and front-page news. The earthquake in Turkey was no excpetion of course.

As the magnitude of the disaster came to light, a few short hours after the earthquake happened, Israel did what is always does in these situations – it began to offer help to Turkey in handling this disaster. As a policy, Israel offers help whenever it can to whomever it can help. It did so in Haiti, Japan, New Zealand and much more.

In 1999, when a truly catastrophic earthquake hit Turkey, an Israeli team build a camp for people who suddenly became homeless. In a short while, it builded a village that housed 3,000 people and contained 312 housing units, a shopping center, a clinic, playgrounds, a school where about 420 children contiuned to study and much more. It also sent rescue teams that helped dig and recover people from under wreckage.

Today, even though ties between the governments of Israel and Turkey are strained, Israel offered help in a short while and from four different fronts – through the Israeli Prime Minister, through the Israeli Prisdent, through the Ministery of Defense and through the Ministery of foriegn relations.

On Tuesday, Turkey agreed to receive help from the world and has asked Israel to faciliate in forming a similiar village, only smaller this time. Israel has sent an airplane full of 5 transportable housing units that can easily be hooked up to water and electricy, and in addition sent 2,000 brass coats, 2,000 brass blankets and 100 inflatable matresses. This morning another airplane took off with more aid to Turkey and Israel is preparing to send much more transportable housing units through the sea (since a ship can carry much more than an airplane).

This of course does not change the diplomatic relations between the countries. Turkey is still holding to its’ hardline policy against Israel. The reasons for their acts as “the neighborhood bully”, especially against Israel (but not exculsive, as Cyprus can tell you), I have already explained.

It is amazing though how the public, to whom this animosity has trickled to, doesn’t stop for one second to think – They’re accusations are that Israel delibertly attacked a humanitarian convoy, not that it was trying to impose a blockade (one that they view as illegal) on a convoy that refused to comply peacefully. Yet, here is one of great examples that Israel is helpful to humanitarian causes and takes an active part in them. Even when it comes to people living under governments who act against it. It’s surprising they won’t stop to ask for one second, if perhaps that convoy and the relatively small number of people upon it who chose violent and incitement that ended in nine casualties and many wounded on both sides was also in the wrong. At the flotilla incident on May 31th, Israel offered many times to deliver the humanitarian aid aboard the vessels through the land corssings. It has no problem with humanitarian aid, it does not act in a none-humanitarian way. It’s sad that even now they won’t open their eyes and ask – maybe not just one side was in the wrong?

Israeli government approves deal to swap over 1,000 prisoners for GILAD SHALIT

October 12, 2011

Last night, the Israeli government approved a deal to bring Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit back home after 1,935 days in captivity. Shalit was abducted in a cross-border attack by Gaza militants on June 25th, 2006. He has since been held incommunicado and his abductors – the terror militia Hamas – has been holding him for over Five years and Four months against all international humanitarian norms and laws. In fact, in 2009 Israel had to release a few dozens low-level terrorists just to receive confirmation for his well being. But tonight, after over 5 years in captivity, Israel and Hamas have agreed that for one Israeli soldier, Israeli will release 1,027 terrorists.

Click here to read more about Shalit’s abduction, the campaign for his release and more about Hamas’ treatment and complete disregard for all international humanitarian laws.

The details of the deal would be released shortly and will begin its’ execution in a matter of days. Israel is obligated to post the full list of prisoners who will be release for the public’s view beforehand. That is in order to inform families of terror victims that their loved ones’ heinous killers would be released. Some of them will attempt to appeal to Israel’s supreme court against the swap deal, however the Supreme court has a policy of not intervening in such decisions. The deal is expected to be executed in two parts – next week 450 terrorists will be release in the span of two months, another 550 terrorists.

Make no mistake – the first batch of terrorists are despicable murders responsible for the deaths of dozens of innocent Israelis (men, women and children alike). They attempt to disguise their acts of slaughter and murder as nothing short of fighting for freedom. That is an absurd and a vicious lie – when giving the choice to talk or dialogue, they’ve chosen (and some declare they still do) war and bloodshed. They’re problem is with the very existence of Israel and not with its’ borders and they perceive all Israeli people to be valid targets. The only thing they are fighting for is death, not freedom.

There are many downfalls that can be seen for this deal –

  • The statistics show that in every past prisoners swap Israel has made, over 60% of those released returned to the ways of terror.
  • This is a huge boost to Israel’s rival Hamas at the expanse of the more moderate fraction in the Palestinian leadership, Fatah and Mahmoud Abbas. The Palestinian unity agreement declared elections – this definitely strengths the extremists and weakens the moderates.
  • In accordance with the last point, this act sends a message to the Palestinians that strength and terror against Israel are helpful. As with the unilateral Israel withdrawal from Gaza in 2005 (that boosted Hamas who received most of the votes in the following years’ elections), this strengthen those opting for jihad and terror and oppose dialogue.
  • Another message this swap deal sends is that cross-border attacks, abductions and ignoring all International Laws help the fights “against Israel”. This is an incentive for repeated abductions of Israeli soldiers.
  • This can be perceived as somewhat of an injustice. Murders captured, trialed and sentenced to pay for their crime are sent home scot-free while the people who lost their loved ones get to see them return to their lives as if they did nothing.
  • Some of the prisoners would not be returned to Palestinian territories but instead would be exiled due to fear of their return to terror activities. They will be free to act in European countries against Israel, telling a complete distorted half-side and half-truth of the story. In a time where Israel is facing a disproportional campaign against its’ legitimacy to exist and protect its’ citizens from terror and death, it basically sends dozens and hundreds into the battle fields against it.

And the downfalls don’t stop here. Yet Israel’s public supports this deal in an overwhelming majority (close to 90% support according to most polls) and that Israeli government approved it. Why? Because unlike its’ enemies and those calling to destroy and kill its’ people blindly, unlike those who celebrate their child death by blowing himself up in a crowded place, Israel is a country that cherishes LIFE, even that of a single soldier, rather than cheering for his death!


Congratulations to Israeli Scientist Dan Shechtman for his Chemistry Nobel Prize!

October 5, 2011

Israeli scientist, Dan Schechtman, was announced today in Stockholm as the Nobel Prize Laureate for Chemisty in 2011. Congraultions!

Schectman, a professor in the prestige Israeli academic institue The Technion,  is awarded this Nobel Prize for his discovey of quasicrystals. In 1982, he stumbled upon crystals whose atomic form was different than that believed to be to all crystals. Though declared foolish and outcasted for his discovery and belief in its’ truthfulness, to the point were he was removed by his own collegues from a joint research, Schechtman’s adherence to his discovery was uncompromising. The exact notes he wrote and distributed allowed his experiment to be reproduced by other scientists and to finally come to the realizations that there are some crystals that exists in our world which have imprefect forms and non-repeating patterns.  This discovery was not only groundbreaking in the world of science, but has also managed to help the industry and our everyday lives and products we sometimes take for granted.

Dan Shechtman. Photographed taken by Dror Einav

Schectman is the tenth Israeli to win a Nobel Prize, in Israel’s 62 years of existence, and the forth to win the prize in the field of Chemistry. The previous Israeli awarded the Nobel prize were Avraham Hershko and Aaron Ciechanover in 2004 and Ada Yonat in 2009. They are joined by Economics Nobel Laureates Daniel Kahneman in 2002 and Yisrael Aumann in 2005, Literature Nobel laureates S.Y. (Shmuel Yosef) Agnon and Peace Nobel Prize laureates Menachem Begin (for the groundbreaking peace treaty between Israeli and Egypt) and Shimon Peres (Israel’s current President) and Yitzhak Rabin for their work and contribution to the signing of the Oslo Accords (signed between Israel and the Palestinians, recoginizing, establishing and funding the Palestinian Authority and declaring the wish and work towards peace between the parties).

So once more – congratulations to Professor Dan Shechtman for his discovery, work and for this very honoring award.

The untold stories: Israeli soldiers saved Palestinians in Erez crossing

August 26, 2011

Here is one of the stories that never seem to get to the international media, and when it does its’ thrown somewhere few to zero people see it.

This Thursday, August the 25th, Palestinian families from the Gaza Strip were returning from Israel to the strip after receiving medical care in Israeli hospitals. Most of them were women and children. During their arrival at Erez crossing, a barrage of Qassam rockets and mortar shells were fired from the Gaza Strip towards Israel’s south. Some of them hit the crossing area and crashed the electrical and computer systems.

While rockets were still firing at the crossing, Israeli soldiers were rushed to the scene and helped evacaute the Palestinians to a protected space until the barrage had stopped, the systems were fixed and the Palestinians could return to their home.

Lieutenant Colonel Waal Tafesh, who headed the evacuation said: “The women and children returned from their treatments in Israel. Suddenly the crossing was bombarded and we were called to the terminal to assist. We heard the yelling and the crying of a baby. They were in complete shock. It was dark, there was smoke, they barely made it. […] We quickly extracted them to the back because the shooting was still happening.”

While the Palestinians waited in the crossing for the systems to be up and running again, the soldiers actually offered them food to break the Ramadan fast.

It’s amazing how stories like this never get told and are more oftenly ignored.

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