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The untold stories: Israeli soldiers saved Palestinians in Erez crossing

August 26, 2011

Here is one of the stories that never seem to get to the international media, and when it does its’ thrown somewhere few to zero people see it.

This Thursday, August the 25th, Palestinian families from the Gaza Strip were returning from Israel to the strip after receiving medical care in Israeli hospitals. Most of them were women and children. During their arrival at Erez crossing, a barrage of Qassam rockets and mortar shells were fired from the Gaza Strip towards Israel’s south. Some of them hit the crossing area and crashed the electrical and computer systems.

While rockets were still firing at the crossing, Israeli soldiers were rushed to the scene and helped evacaute the Palestinians to a protected space until the barrage had stopped, the systems were fixed and the Palestinians could return to their home.

Lieutenant Colonel Waal Tafesh, who headed the evacuation said: “The women and children returned from their treatments in Israel. Suddenly the crossing was bombarded and we were called to the terminal to assist. We heard the yelling and the crying of a baby. They were in complete shock. It was dark, there was smoke, they barely made it. […] We quickly extracted them to the back because the shooting was still happening.”

While the Palestinians waited in the crossing for the systems to be up and running again, the soldiers actually offered them food to break the Ramadan fast.

It’s amazing how stories like this never get told and are more oftenly ignored.


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