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In Preparation For the Violent “March to Jerusalem”

March 29, 2012

It has been a busy month. I’m sorry for now writing more and posting more. Unfortunately, there’s always things to write about. The horrible terror attack in Toulouse, the horrific escalation with Gaza militans a few weeks ago (which I wrote about at its’ start), and much more. And while “calm” has been restored the south of Israel (three mortar shells were fired tonight from the Gaza Strip so far), I had to take a little bit of time from my personal life, to address something that’s potentioally big.

You see, while I hope it doesn’t open any news broadcasts tomorrow because I truly hope (as well as the majority of people in Israel, and the most high of ranks in its’ government and military) tomorrow will be a casualties-free day. Unfortunately, odds are it won’t be this way.

A large group of Islamic organazations as well as radical-left activists (whose actions speak about their lack on interest in true atrocities and the excessive war against one entity in the whole world), are planning tommorow a provacation. One that is knowingly putting lives at danger, all for the cold cynical and despicable prospect of media attention and distortion.

While protests may take place around Europe (one is planned in front of the Israeli embassy in London), some may be a lot less peaceful. Organizers are planning to have people march towards Israel’s borders, inflitrate it, defy its’ soverignty and hope that camera worldwide would see them either blown up by mine fields and shot dead while committing the crime of “breaking and entering” a country, illegally, in defiance. THEY ARE OPTING FOR DEATH – AS LONG AS IT MAKES ISRAEL LOOK BAD – THEY’RE VICIOUSLY PRO-DEATH!



Fact Check: November 29th 1947 – The Partition Plan Approved

November 29, 2011

With so many distortions of history in the past year that have recieved no condemnation or any kind of reference around the international community, I find it important to set the record straight today, on the 64th anniversary of the approval of the partition plan which effectively formed Israel and another grave milestone in what has been known as The Middle-East Conflict.

In his speech before the United Nations’ General Assembly, in his op-ed article in The New York Times (published May 17th 2011), Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has significantally distorted the facts and the truth. The same actions of lies and distortion is one of the main reasons why generations of Palestinians, of Muslims and Arab around the region, hate Israel from birth. I’m here to set the record straight.

I encourage you to check various reliable sources and verify the FACTS below. As a person who lives in a democratic society that encourage free mind and knowledge seeking. Given my full disclosure, I encourage you to discover that what I have written here is the truth.

A little background if you will…

In 1888 a Jewish movement seeking to restore the Jewish State where it once stood over 2000 years ago, began one of five large immigrations to the area, then in control of the Ottoman Empire. They have joined generations of Jewish people who have lived on the land for thousands of years, as well as many other religions, most of which are Arab (Muslim and Christians) who were living as part of the Empires that conquered and ruled the middle east. Taking a wasteland, the Jewish immigrants started modernizing the land (Draining swamps, building infrastructures such as running water and so on).

In 1917, as both the British and French Empire conquered parts of the middle east during World War I, They signed an agreement dividing the area between them after the demise of the Ottoman Empire.

In 1917, The British Foreign Minister released the Balfour Declartion asserting that part of that land is now obtained would be given to the Jewish Community and its’ efforts to reclaim its’ home.

In 1920, The League of Nations authorized The British Mandate of Palestine and have states its’ goal of forming the national home for the Jewish people.

In 1922, The Colonial Secretary Winston Churchill released a document stating that Britian would not complete its’ task in full – The land east of the Jordan River was handed to an Arab Monarchy and is today known as the state of Jordan while only on the west side of the river would form the Jewish homeland.
This is the territory PA President Abbas refers to as “our natrual homeland”. Actually, this is just the territory Britian decided it was not given to the son of Hussein ibn Ali and the only territory in the region not given to other Arab / Muslim entities.

In 1930, following acts of terror, Colonial Secretary Passfield released another document that almost complete abolished the idea of a Jewish State.

In 1939, following a three-year round of terror, Colonial Secretary Macdonald released a third document announcing Britian would form a Bi-national state with an Arab majority and complete abandoned the idea of a Jewish homeland.

Following World War II came the parition plan…

Explosion in South Lebanon is another evidence of Hezbollah’s breach of Resolution 1701

November 23, 2011

Late last night, around midnight, an explosion rocked the South Lebanon town of Siddiqin. Reports suggest that explosion took place in a weapons armory of terrorists group, Hezbollah. This is yet another evidence that Hezbollah is in constant violation of Security Council Resolution 1701.

At the end of the war between Israel and Hezbollah in Summer of 2006 (initiated by Hezbollah militants who crossed the international border, attacked an Israeli army patrol and abducted two resorved forces soldiers), the Security Council passed a resolution to enforce peace throughout the border – it stationed an international force UNIFIL to South Lebanon and have clearly stated that no arms are along south of the Litani River.

De-facto, said resolution has been breached from almost day one. Since the end of summer of 2006, Both Iran and Syria have been heavily arming Hezbollah who admits he has more weapons and militants today than in 2006, and most Western intellegint agencies (including Israel’s) say clearly that Hezbollah has over 40,000 rockets ready to be fired at Israel’s civilian population at any moment, especially in case of an international intervention in Syria (a la Libya).

Ever since summer of 2006 tensions have been rising high. A well-equipped Hezbollah is still deterred but as time fades it seems its’ next attack is not far. In the years that have passed, Hezbollah has estabilished itself stronger into government branches and is today almost the ruling party of the Labanese parliment. A terror group, no less, which has much more ammunition and soldiers than Labanon’s own official military. A terror group which single-handedly brought down the previous Labanese goverment after the International Court in Hague issued arrest warrants to five of its’ members with charges of murdering the former Labanese prime minister in 2005.

For over six years now, South of the Litani River has been flowing with weapons and militants. It’s almost a well-known fact. This explosion, which Hezbollah tonight denied was an armory (and has refused to give access to authorities), is another one in a string of evidence to show Hezbollah’s preparation for an attack on Israel. While its’ militants and high-ranks hide within civilian population, and while UNIFIL seems more decorative than actually doing everything it can to enforce Resolution 1701 and dismantle Hezbollah (at the very least in the south of Lebanon), the entire world knows (not an exaggeration). Knows but does nothing.

Yet when Hezbollah finally attacks (a matter of time, especially now with the situation in Syria), the world that kept quiet would be enraged by the conflict, the war and the civilian casaulties. The Security Council whose resolution are a mockery would assemble to condemn and bring forth another resolution that would in turn too have no effect in dismantling terror or the threats of terror against Israel. It’s exactly what happened after 2006. It’s exactly what happens right now.

Israeli Cabinet approves deal to free Israel-US Citizen Ilan Grapel

October 25, 2011

Israeli cabinet approved today unanimously a deal to release 27 year-old Ilan Grapel from Egyptian prison. In exchange, 25 Egyptian citizens will be released from Israeli prisons, including 3 minors. The prisoners released were not imprisoned for security reasons, but their offenses are of criminal nature – most have used the Israeli-Egyptian border to facilitate smuggling illegal drugs or trafficking – mainly “smuggling”, sometimes trading, women who are coerced to work as prostitutes, through the Sinai Peninsula.

Who is Ilan Grapel?

Ilan Grapel is a 27 year-old man from Queens, New York. Up until his arrest in Egypt, he was studying law in Atlanta, at Emroy University. He has a dual-citizenship, both American (US) and Israeli. In 2005, He enlisted into the Israeli army and served as a paratrooper. He was injured during the 2006 war against Hezbollah terror militia (known in Israel as  The Second Lebanese War). According to his parents, Grapel entered Egypt with a group called Africa and Middle East Refugee Assistance. The group was established by Barbara Harrell-Bond, who also founded the Refugee Studies Center at Oxford University. According to his parents, Grapel was working with the group to give legal aid and other kinds of help to refugees in there. According to his friends, he was intrigued by the uprising in Egypt last January and demonstrated with the Egyptians at Tahrir Square in an act of solidarity.

On June 12th, 2011, Grapel was arrested. Egyptian personnel claimed he was an Israeli spy, an agent of the Mossad, sent there to gather intelligence about the people, the revolution and the clashes with the military – THAT IS PREPOSTEROUS!

Is Ilan Grapel a Spy?

Today, four months after his arrest where he’s kept in solitude, Egyptian personnel, the same ones who shouted “dangerous spy” when arresting him, almost arbitrarily, admit he is not spy and have posed no danger to Egypt. That is why they are willing to free him for 25 Egyptian criminals.

But the fact that this was a ridiculous accusation was apparent from the start. The main evidence to that was his own Facebook page – Not only did this supposed “spy” had a Facebook page, he also kept updating it with information about his trip to Egypt. Pictures, posts, statuses… Moreover, this so-called spy had his Facebook page filled with pictures from his days in the service, mainly of him in uniform or from the war. In fact, all the picture I’ve posted in this post are from Grapel’s own Facebook profile. If he was really a spy, then he wasn’t a very clever spy. No Israeli agent would boast about his military past or flaunt his service in the Israeli Army, especially not in an Arab / Muslim country.

Egypt knew that very well. This is why he was kept for four months under these horrible accusations, but was never charged or indicted. I couldn’t even find a record of him being brought before a judge.

At the end, the bottom line is this was simply put an abduction. An extortion. For falsely incarcerating Ilan Grapel and denying his due process, Egypt managed to released 25 of their people who committed unspeakable crimes and were trialed properly for said crimes. To Egypt’s defense, I will say that Grapel was granted fair and somewhat humane conditions, including visits from the American consulate, his parents and at the end even Israeli personnel (Whether it was due to his US citizenship alone, I can’t say, but I personally believe it helped).

In the new Middle East around Israel, in an chaotic Egypt that knows more unrest as time grows, after the West was so quick to dispense with Hosni Mubarak and is today facing the possibility that not all could be for the best, Israel has its back to the wall. Because it is certain that the hatred towards Israel just for the purpose of hating with merely no logical or rational merits to it will only grow, that the Muslim Brothers movement will get a large (if not a majority) part of the power after the elections – Israel has very little to do. Absurdly enough, because it wishes to maintain good relations with Egypt, it can’t bluntly accuse it of such blackmail for ransom. It even went as far as to apologize to Egypt for the death of Egyptian personnel during a terror attack that originated from Egyptian soil, near an Egyptian post in broad daylight and killed 8 Israelis. This is seriously getting ridiculous. But in order to maintain peace, Israel allows itself to be taking blows, to not speak when blind hatred towards it is being spread by her allies in the region, because more than anything –

Israel is country and a society that cherishes life and peace. It does not seek the kind of hatred and rage displayed in the society and sometimes leadership of its’ neighbors in the middle east, it does not possess it.

Response to Jordan’s King Abdullah “If I were an Israeli, I would be afraid”

September 14, 2011

Earlier this week, King Abdullah of Jordan has spoken about recent events in the Middle East and has also talked about Israel. Jordan, it should be noted, reached a peace agreement and formed diplomatic relationships with Israel in 1994. These relationship endure to this day, even after a Jordanian soldier, Ahmed Daqamseh, opened fire at a field trip of an Israeli school in a joint Israeli-Jordanian tourism site, killing 7 girls aged 13 and 14.

What did King Abdullah say? He mainly referred to Israel as the outcast, talked about how its’ situation is worsening in the region and said that Jordan is stronger while Israel is weaker and that Israelis should be afraid. Without disputing or claiming that some of what he said has merits, once again it is proven that the easier defense in the Middle East is an offensive against Israel. Merits have nothing to do with that. Just two weeks ago, Abdullah urged Palestinian Authority President Abbas to rethink his unilateral move. A few months ago it was published that Jordan would not vote for the Palestinian state’s vote in the General Assembly.

The Truth is – Abdullah is the one most afraid. Though a moderate, Jordan is too an oppressing Arab regime. It too had some mild protests and is currently enjoying the luxury of helping deflect its’ public’s anger towards Israel. But the “Arab Spring”, the changes going through all those oppressing leaders in the Arab states around the Middle East does not pass by him. While Jordan is a monarchy (Abdullah got the leadership from his father, King Hussein) and relatively moderate dictatorship, it is also made up of different tribes. While the kingdom is considered a Hashemite kingdom, the majority of its’ population is Palestinian. Just like most Arab nations, Jordan too continues to view Palestinians as merely refugees from 1948 (after over 60 years of them residing in its’ territory and under its’ rule), which is yet another example of the ridiculous “Right of Return” – for over 60 years, Arab nations who are hosts to Palestinians consider them as nothing more than refugees and continues to encourage them to one day flood Israel back and annihilate it (the realistic outcome of receiving this so-called right, a right which no other refugee in the world received, including in post World War II and Yugoslavia).


Violent Egyptian Protestors break into the Israeli Embassy

September 11, 2011

On Friday, a quiet Tahrir square protest in demand for  movement towards democracy, free elections and the end of the regime of the supreme military council turned violent. Not in demands for democracy and freedom, but in demand of bloodshed. A handful of protestors, a huge handful to be exact, walked from Tahrir square to the Israeli Embassy building in Cairo. Their protest? For war and bloodshed and the end of peace with Israel. This, of course, is not new – the falling of the walls of fear in a previously oppressing regime finds outlet in all aspects. Once again, the hate for Israel is simply the lowest common denominator.

This Friday was different – For hours the demonstrators took hammers to a concrete wall put around the Embassy building to protect it after previous protests. For hours they hit, and broke, and hammered as the wall was broken. But unlike what the breaking of a wall could symbolize in another region at another time – this was an act of VIOLENCE, promoting violence, hailing violence.

The call to cancel diplomatic relations in the prospect of war, all the while working towards violently breaking into an Embassy building, looting it, and attempting much (MUCH) worse – extremists are always minorities, but in a country with 80 million citizens, a minority is quiet a large group of people standing in front of building. Honestly, in a country with 7 million citizens (like Israel) a minority is still a large group (should be noted of course that not all minorities are extremists – it does not work both ways).

It seems almost astonishing that for hours the protestors were not only protesting, but always taking hammers to a wall, attacking an Embassy building, and no security forces (from police to worse) intervened or managed to stop them. It seems some what odd that it takes a phone call for the United States President himself, hours after the event has started, to finally have a commando unit intervene – after protestors have broken in past the concrete wall, made it two floors up, took down the flag and were ONE DOOR away from six security personnel who were locked in their room, fearing for their lives. These are only some of the troubling questions arising for this events, questions every peace-seeking freedom-advocating person should ask. Not to mention of course that while Israel is the easiest focus, extremist have tendencies to dislike not only one group – what happens if next Friday its’ the British Embassy? Or the French? The Dutch? The Australian? and so on. This is not exclusive to Israel – Israel is just the easiest first target to wrap as many people around it as possible.

Violent Egyptian protestor climbing the Embassy building and taking down the Israeli flag. Make no mistake – this no hero, but an aggressor. Photos By: AP

Some people might easily believe there are merits to this protest.

Well, first of all – No merits in the world justify (or can justify) this act. If you think there are or that this one was, please leave my blog, ’cause it seems I have nothing to say to you or cannot even attempt to change your mind. An attack, against all International Regulations, with nothing stopping it in the process is anarchy, as simple as that. And As I’ve said – this was an attack that asked to promote violence and war. Instability. Future bloodshed. The end of peace. If you think that is justified, I repeat – please leave my blog.


The Egyptian Rage Towards Israel – Violence and Hate

August 25, 2011

Ever since the walls of fear have been shattered inEgypt, a lot of Egyptians found themselves with the sudden courage and the ability to say and do what once they were not able to. Some of it was directed towards the government, some of it is still directed towards the Military Council that is their regime today and others have finally managed to release their rage towards Israel.

In the months that have pasted since the fall of Hosni Mubarak, more and more Egyptians gather to protest… not against their still deteriorating condition, not against the unemployment, not against the lack of free election on the horizon, not even against the lack of tourism since the revolution. No, they are directed rage filled with enormous amounts of hate towards Israel. As all hate goes, this too is irrational. If protestors took pride in the none-violence of the coup, their demonstrations against Israel is the complete opposite. For months now they’ve been burning flags, shouting blasphemous curses, blocking the Israeli Embassy and calling to end the ties with Israel, to Shred the peace treaty and have even gone as far as to threaten the Ambassador (Haim Levanon).Israel’s envoy sent their families home, security has been tightened and there were periods of time where they were not able to leave their homes and go to the Embassy. This, with the added constant threats to the lives and welfare of the delegation, is by definition pure violence and terror.

This has of course escalated over the past week. Ever since the terror attack that originated in Egypt, from its’ soil, and managed to come to fruition, in part, because of Egypt’s inability to stop the incredible growth of terror cells in the Sinai Peninsula, the results of casualties on the Egyptian side have been automatically put on Israel. It’s easy. It’s always done. Just last year when a shark attacked a tourist in El Arish, the Egyptian street was quick to blame the Israeli Mossad for that. A rational explanation for this, as usual, could not be found.

Burning of an Israeli flag, one of many, in Egypt
Burning of Israeli flag, an almost tradition and hobby in Egypt, last week in front of the Israeli Embassy.
Photograph By: AP News Agency

While completely ignoring huge chunks of the truth, and of other incidents (for example, on Wednesday a rocket fired at Israel landed in the Rafah crossing, on the Egyptian side. It hit close to a house and woman was lightly injured. No one walked out on the streets of Egypt because of that), the Egyptians are letting loose of all their inhibitions, in any way possible.

This week they are calling for a million people demonstration. It’s goal: Not democracy, not peace, not dialogue. It’s hate, violence and incitement. It’s bloodshed. It’s a demand to break a peace treaty for the option of war.


The duplicity and hypocrisy of the Arab world

August 21, 2011

It is almost astonishing how the Arab world never misses an opportunity to incite against Israel. With regards to the terror attack against Israel this past Thursday and the aftermath (that is still happening), this is yet another example as to how one of the biggest powers in the world are constantly acting and teaching with hate, forming a common enemy and a distraction for their opposed citizens under the iron fist.

The Arab League, representing the Arab world, is another international entity that directs most of its’ effort towards the annihilation of Israel (even long after they’ve revoked it from their official charter and allowed Arab countries to negotiate and achieve peace with Israel, a big no-no destined for sanctions until the 1970s).

While most of the Arab world oppresses people on a daily basis and practiced the elimination of the most basic human rights as a way of life, it constantly directs its’ attention towards Israel.

When Hafez Al-Assad, Syria’s former President (father of Bashar al-Assad, current President of Syria) sent his military to slaughter Sunni uprising in Hamma, in February 1982 with a total death count of over 10,000 civilians (some Human rights organizations claim it made it to 40,000), the Arab League did not condemn and did not act.

When “Little 3 year old boy, Salam Balousha, and his two brothers, were murdered in their car by [Hamas] Prime Minister’s Haniyeh’s troops” (the words of UNWatch President, Hillel Neuer), The Arab League said and spoke nothing, as did the rest of the international community.

In 2009, when young men and women filled the street of Tehran, wearing green strikes to symbolize their call for freedom and free election, Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, fired live ammunition at his own people who had the audacity to ask for their basic human rights. Many died, were imprisoned, raped and tortured. All the Arab League did was the congratulate Ahmadinejad. Amr Moussa, a candidate today in the so-called free Egypt, only said: “We hope that the next term would witness progress on the relations between Iran and the Arab world and cooperation in establishing peace in the Middle East.”

Today, it took the Arab League and the Arab world over five months to join the consensus against Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad. Over five months of daily tanks shooting to kill civilians demanding their rights from their regime, and it wasn’t until August 7th, 2011 (when the uprising began in March), Arab League’s secretary general, Naril Elaraby, called for the end of violence. He did not demand Assad would be removed, but instead plead for a chance to his supposed “reforms”.

These are, as usual, only a small tiny list of examples that define the way the Arab League operates. While most of its’ countries torture their own people, inflict corporal punishment in the most disturbing and heinous of ways, and deny their people  the freedoms many people in the Western world take for granted, they time after time after time condemn Israel while ignoring and leaving out complete facts.

The same has happened today. You didn’t need to scroll down all the way here to realize that, I’m sure. Just like in (yet another one of many examples) 2006 when it ignored Hezbollah’s role in what became the Israel-Lebanon [second] war, today as well it condemned Israel completely for its’ airstrikes in Gaza without even mentioned the endless barrage of rockets fired into Israel (over a hundred in two days!) and the terror attack that ignited it all.

Jordan, whose intelligence forwarded info regarding the cross-border attack shortly before it happened, issues a condemnation against Israel while completely ignoring both the terror attack and the rockets (and automatically accusing Israel for the deaths of Egyptian soldiers, though the joint military investigation hasn’t even begun and the attack happened near Egyptian army posts on Egyptian soil). Jordan, by the way, has been deliberately blind towards the gruesome deaths and slaughtering of Arabs by other regimes around the area, especially since it too is an oppressive regime. As late as August 7th, the Jordan’s Foreign Ministry still called for reforms under the regime of Assad. On August 13 th, all Jordan did was not condemn Assad, but simply express regret over “the increasing number of victims.”

As I said – the duplicity and hypocrisy of the Arab world.

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