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The countries boycotting Durban 3 Conference

September 22, 2011

Today, as the 66th United Nations General Assembly is gaining momentum, and with the shadow of the Palestinian unilateral move away from peace , the third Durban Conference takes place in New York. Originally a conference aimed to combat world racism, Durban has become nothing more than another global event designated to the de-legitimization campaign against Israel. A conference that has no place for facts or truths, but promotes hate, racism, antisemitism, the denial of the holocaust and much more.

Today, at an event marking more than anything the extreme countries taking part in it, many countries around the west side of the world took an important powerful stand to boycott the conference. These countries are:

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • France
  • Germany
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • New Zealand
  • Austria
  • Italy
  • Bulgaria
  • The Czech Republic
  • The Netherlands
  • Poland

And of course Israel itself. Go here to read more about my account on the so-called “anti-racism” conference.

By the way, about 25 of NGOs, led by UN WATCH organization, are holding today a counter-summit in New York called  We Have a Dream: Global Summit Against Discrimination and Prosecution. It’s goal is to present an alternative to bias UN bodies and talk about real issues of racism and oppose the participation of countries such as China, Cuba, Iran, Saudi Arabia and more in the UN human rights various forums. It’s intent into bring awareness to the flawed UN system which fails to truly regulates human rights violation around the world.

Another summit Perils of Global Intolerance will take place today in New York, led by Holocaust survivor and Noble peace prize winner Elie Wiesel, is also meant to serve as a counter to Durban 3 and address UN hypocrisy and the ways in which Durban “legitimizes hate speech on a global scale”. Also, StandWithUs is holding a demonstration against the event as well.


Britain boycotts Durban, changes ill law

September 15, 2011

Yesterday, British Prime Minister, David Cameron, announced officially that his country will not be attending the third Durban Conference in New York next week. With that, Britain join the United States, Germany, Australia, Italy and more countries. As I have previously stated, the Durban Conference, like many other international forums has become nothing more than a tool to blindly criticize Israel and pull resources from other areas around the world, some in dire need of it, all for the war against Israel.

In his statement, Prime Minister Cameron has acknowledged what the Durban Conferences have become and said Britain will not take part in what has become an event most identified with antisemitism.

In other news, the British ambassador to Israel, Matthew Gould, told Israel’s opposition leader, Tzipi Livni, that the queen has signed off on a correction to the British law that revokes the arbitrary right of everyone to file a lawsuit against every official. In 2009, Livni was suppose to attend a function, but canceled at the last minute. Her name still appeared on the program and pamphlet and was used as evidence by Pro-Palestinian (laundered word for anti-Israeli) Muslim groups to issue a warrant for her arrest for what they called “her part in human rights violations and crimes against humanity in the Gaza War.” The law in Britain simply allowed this to happen. Without having any merits truly be cleared and investigated, anyone can (or could until today) issue a warrant for the arrest of any official coming to Britain. The law was originally supposed to help bring war criminals to justice and was put to place at the end of World War II, but has been greatly misused by anti-Israelis in the past decade.

According to Gould, the law know requires that a director of Public Prosecutors l will approve this warrant and sign off on this actually having chances of going to trial. According to Gould, this will ensure that no warrant against Israeli officials will be issued from here on out (seeing as how, despite all the propaganda, the truth is that there is a huge distance between Israel’s actions and war crimes or crimes against humanity).

In Gould’s own words “The Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act, which has now received Royal Assent, includes an important amendment to ensure that the UK’s justice system can no longer be abused for political reason. The change will ensure that people cannot be detained when there is no realistic chance of prosecution, while ensuring that we continue to honour our international obligations.”

Tzipi Livni’s response was to these happy news was “I am glad that the arrest warrant issued against me served as a wake up call for Britain, and will bring an end to the cynical abuse of the British legislation against IDF commanders and soldiers. True justice has been served, and it will distinguish between leaders and commanders that defend their country against terrorism – such as the IDF soldiers – and real war criminal against whom this law was originally legislated.”

Thank you, Britain. Thank you twice for being a moral country.

Gemany to join boycotting countries of “Durban 3”

September 3, 2011

Yesterday, Germany’s Foreign Minister, Guido Westerwelle, has announced that Germany would not be attending the third Durban Conference against world racism. With that, Germany joins countries like Italy, The Netherlands, The Czech Republic, Canada and more. It should be noted that while many western countries did attend the second Durban Conference in France in 2009, many of them did so in an attempt to try and prevent the outcome and many have walked out during Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, in which he proceeded to deny the holocaust. In his statement, Westerwelle said that Germany cannot be sure that once again the Durban Conference will be a vessel for antisemitic statements.

What is the Durban Conference Against World Racism?

This September, New York will not only be noting 10 years in the memory of the 9/11 terror attack against the World Trade Center, but will also be “celebrating” 10 years to the first Durban Conference… by having the third Durban Conference take place in New York itself.

On September 22nd, 2011, world leaders who are attending the General Assembly of the UN, will take part in the conference.

The first conference, while supposed to have been about real concerns towards world racism and while focusing on the issue of past slavery of black people by Western countries, was quickly taken over by anti-Israel countries and NGOs and quickly turns into a political anti-Israeli conference, disregarding all racism throughout the world.


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