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Escalation Dying Out; Over 130 Rockets Total in 3 Days Were Fired

June 21, 2012

The escalation round that began earlier this week, after a few terror incidents, seems like it’s starting to die out.

The city of Ashkelon would even hold school days tomorrow, for the time being, after today schools were out due to two rockets fired at the city late last night.

Now, here’s the really annoying part – at the end of every one of these escalation round, and in order to seek relative “calm“, Israel must sustain, refrian from retaliating, and be in somewhat of restraints – at every end of this round, there are numerous rockets still fired that Israel does not respond for. Why? Because Israel seeks peace and not war!

The palestinian terror organizations, for some reason (I’d try to find logic, but everything their methods of “fight” is illogical to begin with, so…), can’t end an escalation round without firing more rockets. Sort of “saying the last word” or something stupid like that.

Usually, even when there’s a brokered understanding of a cease fire, rockets continue to fire and Israel does not responding, so that these will be the last rockets. If their intensity is quickly slowed down and if no real harm is done, Israel does not retaliate and relative calmness is temporarily retorted (see rocket counts in time of calm to see what relativity means!)

[Last round of escalation ended with a rocket hitting a parking lot of residential building in Netivot a few hours after the cease fire was in effect! Israel did not retaliate since there were no casulaties and again: it seeks peace, not war!]

In the meantime, Israel’s ambassador to the UN, Ron Pros’or, wrote again to the security council. One of many many letters frequently sent that have zero effect, and bring not even a single discussion of the council.


Summary of rocket fired into Israel, December 2011

January 1, 2012

Closing another year and another month, its’ summary time again. Overall 41 rockets and mortar shells were fired at Israel from the Gaza Strip in December of 2011.

On December 7th, Israeli aircraft thrawted a launch just the militants were preparing to shoot.

On December 8th, Israeli aircrafts killed terrorists in the Gaza Strip, planning an attack on Israel from the Egyptian border. This sparked three days filled with rockets and mortar shells on civilians.

On December 14th, A rocket that was launched failed to explode (and is not counted above).

On December 27th, two terrorists were killed by Israeli aircrafts. A rocket launched earlier that day, landed within the Gaza Strip territory.

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Summary of rocket fired into Israel, November 2011

December 1, 2011

Another month, another summary (because there’s a summary to be made, because rockets continue to be fired upon Israeli civlians each month!

Overall, 11 rockets have been fired at Israel in the past month, not including rockets whose launch was thwarted. For the first time on this blog (and overall since 2009), I have to qualify and say these only refer to rockets which were fired from the Gaza Strip into Israel. Earlier this week, 2 rockets were fired from the South of Lebanon by an Islamic terror group associated with Al-Qaeda.

Summary of rocket fired in Israel from the Gaza Strip, November 2011

On November 6th, an immigrant working in agricultural fields were injured by a rocket.

On November 13th, Israel’s retaliation in the strip caused injures to a French Consul and his family, proving yet again that Hamas’ bases and armories are kept within civilian populations.

On November 15th, one of three rockets fired at Israel at evening hit near a preschool. Thankfully, it was a relatively late hour and the preschool was empty.

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Summary of rocket fired into Israel, October 2011

November 1, 2011

The same day that “Palestine” was accepted into the UNESCO, with no clear borders, answers, end of conflict or demands, and not even a clear law system (not to mention a unified one – two complete and different forces work to enforce two very different kinds of laws in the West Bank and in Gaza), five rockets were fired into Israel.

Overall 49 rockets were fired October of 2011. While victims injured of August are still being treated in hospitals for their injuries, another round of terror injured more people and even killed one man – 56 year old Moshe Ami was on his way home when a rocket fell in the street of his residental community.

In the past four days alone, over 40 of these rockets were fired. Almost 10 of them were intercepted by Israel’s pioneer defense system, the Iron Dome, meaning they were about to hit populated areas and not open empty fields.

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