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My Personal Account: Rocket on Tel-Aviv

November 15, 2012

I haven’t written here in a long time. Life, and mostly school, took up too much time and slowly it became harder to write here. It came to the point, where I didn’t find the time to gather all the data for the “Rockets Fired into Israel” monthly account that I usually post. Mainly, because, there was more data than usual.

But now things are different. Tonight I experienced the rockets for myself. And my experience was so small and little compared to what the people of Israel’s south live – actually live with, on a weekly and sometimes daily basis – that I only now understand how all I’ve said about their terrible realities was something I could never understand and could never get across on paper.

I was at my school – the University of Tel-Aviv – tonight at 06:35 PM when a siren was heard. We started barely gathering our stuff and quickly running to the shelter. Waiting there, counting the minutes, hearing the sirens and fearing if it’s okay to walk out were the most terrifying moments imaginable. Walking outside, being outside at a bus station waiting to go home was the kind of fear that truly deserves the words terror. People of Sderot and Israel’s south in general – I applaud you for being able to live with this for so many years.

Maybe I should back up, but I assume you’ve already heard about the operation in Gaza. You might have also heard that it’s because (which it isn’t) Israel taking down Hamas’ military chief of staff (or head of terrorists, if you’d like). The truth is there were 3 round of escalation started by Palestinian terrorists in the last month alone. There were 110 rockets fired into Israel before this operation. Even when Israel didn’t retalite, the rockets kept on coming and hiting Israeli cities.

12,000 rockets have been fired over 12 years onto Israeli population. Today, hopefully for one-time only, two rockets were fired towards Tel-Aviv and thankfully missed populations. If you’ve never felt it before, you don’t know why it’s called terror!

So just to make things clear, here are a few facts about the matter –

In 2005, Israel withdrew completely from Gaza.

More rockets, more often, hit Israel following said withdrawl.
Palestinian Terrorists continued in their efforts to hurt Israeli civilians and attack Israeli soldiers.

In June 2006, one of many cross-border attacks ended with the kidnapping of an Israeli soldier.

In 2007, Hamas took over the Gaza Strip with a violent coup, killing and torturing Fatah members who ran to Egypt and Israel for sanctuary.

Following said events, Israel implemented in 2007 a land blockade designed to seize and capture weapons shipped to Gaza terrorists and used against Israeli citizens daily.

Since Israel’s full unilateral withdrawal from Gaza, about 10,000 rockets were fired onto Israeli citizens.

In December 2008, the situation has become unbearable and Israel launched an offensive against Gaza terrorists (who were walking among civlian population, dressed as civilians and used civlians as human sheilds).

In 2009, following the offensive, Israel implemented a naval blockade as well.

In 2010, most of the land restrictions were lifted and only the naval blockade remained in place as a policy to simply check what enters the strip and prevent shippments of weapons (some of which sent from Iran to Gaza or Lebanon were captured). At any given day, Hamas is using less trucks than Israel offers to bring supplies into the strip. Gaza is inflicted corruption by the oppressors known as Hamas, not a blockade!

Rocket fire into Israel has once again become unbearable.

Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Popular Resistance Committee and more are the TERROR groups in the strip who force the people of Gaza to live in constant war of Israel for the simple truth –

Their declared ambition is to demolish Israel as a whole!

They are terrorists, with no disregard to lives – the lives of the people of Gaza or the lives of the people they fire upon daily with the hope of killing as much as possible.

My personal hope is that deterance would be reached soon. That the fighting would end. That they’d get the message and realize they’d better take care of their people by supplying them safety, stability and food, rather than hatred, incitement and war;  And that these rocket fire would stop!


Summary of rocket fired into Israel, November 2011

December 1, 2011

Another month, another summary (because there’s a summary to be made, because rockets continue to be fired upon Israeli civlians each month!

Overall, 11 rockets have been fired at Israel in the past month, not including rockets whose launch was thwarted. For the first time on this blog (and overall since 2009), I have to qualify and say these only refer to rockets which were fired from the Gaza Strip into Israel. Earlier this week, 2 rockets were fired from the South of Lebanon by an Islamic terror group associated with Al-Qaeda.

Summary of rocket fired in Israel from the Gaza Strip, November 2011

On November 6th, an immigrant working in agricultural fields were injured by a rocket.

On November 13th, Israel’s retaliation in the strip caused injures to a French Consul and his family, proving yet again that Hamas’ bases and armories are kept within civilian populations.

On November 15th, one of three rockets fired at Israel at evening hit near a preschool. Thankfully, it was a relatively late hour and the preschool was empty.

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Summary of rocket fired into Israel, October 2011

November 1, 2011

The same day that “Palestine” was accepted into the UNESCO, with no clear borders, answers, end of conflict or demands, and not even a clear law system (not to mention a unified one – two complete and different forces work to enforce two very different kinds of laws in the West Bank and in Gaza), five rockets were fired into Israel.

Overall 49 rockets were fired October of 2011. While victims injured of August are still being treated in hospitals for their injuries, another round of terror injured more people and even killed one man – 56 year old Moshe Ami was on his way home when a rocket fell in the street of his residental community.

In the past four days alone, over 40 of these rockets were fired. Almost 10 of them were intercepted by Israel’s pioneer defense system, the Iron Dome, meaning they were about to hit populated areas and not open empty fields.

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With no IDF attacks in Gaza over night, Israel is still bombarded with rockets

August 21, 2011

Since yesterday afternoon at around 4 P.M. (GMT +03:00), Israel has not perform one single airstrike against Gaza and has not hit any target. At the same time, Its’ citizens have suffered one of the heaviest and deadliest rocket attacks in years. Dozens of rockets continued to fly over night and during this morning. The dead and fatally injured of last night were not enough for the extreme militants in Gaza who continues to put the lives of innocent Gazans at risk.

During Friday and Saturday, not including this morning, the count of rockets fired at Israel is Eighty-Three (83) – and they keep on coming.

A Grad missile fired at Israel made a direct hit at the car of Yossi Shushan, 38 years old, who died on the way to picking up his nine-months pregnant wife on the eve of Saturday, August the 20th.
Photographed By: Ohad Zionberg

Among the hits this morning, a school gym who thankfully, due to the summer vacation, was empty. But the rockets made a direct hit. In their blind shooting with the hope of killing as many Israeli men, women and children, the extremists, and Hamas, who controls the strip, are escalating this even further.

A Grad missile makes a direct hit a school gym in the city of Be’er Sheva on the morning of August 21st, 2011.
Photographed by: Herzel Yosef

Israel cannot and would not sit quiet much longer. Neither will your country. No country, for that matter, would allow this. Over 16 hours of not one plane over Gaza, and over 12 hours with dozens upon dozens of rockets at civilian populations.

Those who keep launching rockets are terrorists who only seek blood and death, and give no disregard to the lives of the population of Gaza. They are responsible for deaths on both sides. They are the aggressors.

Gaza should be freed as soon as possible – from these terrorists! It deserves a leadership that will make an effort to live in peace instead of in constant war and using them and their death in the most cynical way to promote their agenda, de-legitimize Israel and bring forth as much bloodshed as possible.

To this moment, the Palestinian Authority (the same one that in less than 30 days would be recognized as an independent state by the UN, while two parts of said state are completely dependent of each other) has not issued one single condemnation to the continues rockets fired unto civilian population.

Hamas is responsible for the suffering of Gazans

August 20, 2011

Honestly, at this point, I have completely lost count on the number of rockets fired at Israel. It has been over 20 (might be even 30 and much more) in the past two and half hours alone. And the number keeps on speeding upwards. More and more rocket are being shot blindly with the sole hope of hitting, hurting, injuring and killing as many innocent Israelis as possible.

Rockets began to fly to Israel’s south cities by the dozens. Once one of them made a direct hit towards a house, setting it on fire and causing injuries to two children (ages nine and 3 months) and a 20 year old man, Hamas took responsibility for this rocket attack.

Since then, more than a dozen rockets have hit and even made direct hits – One that hit a car resulted in the death of a 30 year old man. Another hit a direct residential building and caused severe injuries.

Hamas wants this to escalate as far as possible without bringing forth another extensive military campaign. He has taken responsibility for the first time because it was worth it – He can now tell the Palestinians inGaza that he is hurting and killing innocent Israelis. That, for some reason, is a source of pride. For those who are blinded by hate and thing that Israel does the same, I am here as an Israeli citizen to tell you my government and my people NEVER ever take pride or joy in the death of innocents. It’s a result of terrorists setting shop in civilian locations and using people as human shields. Israel’s leaders are not being targeted in these strikes, nor are they in hiding. Everyone knows where they live and where and who their families are – they are not the criminals here, they are NOT targeting civilians. They are targeting terrorists, from the one who launches a rocket to the one who supplied it to, the airstrikes in Gaza are about stopping terror.

If the organizations quit the ways of terror, as the International community has demanded over and over, the people living in Gaza would be far better off. They would not be under blockade, they would not be used as human shield, they would not be subjected to airstrikes. This is a direct result of a dictator leadership that causes pain to its’ own people. There in no one Israeli soldier inside Gaza. There are no settlements. This is not an occupied territory. This is an enemy entity that refuses to engage in any kind of peace process or dialogue, that favors Jihad, hate and bloodshed over the welfare of its’ own people (who, once again, are under its’ regime by force for four summers now).

By taking responsibility and pride in the death of Israeli civilians, Hamas is escalating even further the situation. While Hamas itself is in hiding, its’ people are left as sitting ducks by its’ headquarters, Armories and so on. It is bringing endless suffering and pain to the Palestinian people while blaming Israel and inciting towards it and in return gaining moral and public support (from fear of being overrun, just like it overran Fatah, by the more extreme organizations in the strip) from killing innocent people.

This is the reality Israel is facing. This is its’ enemy. This is who has declared war against it, not the other way around. This is who refuses time and time again to abandon the ways of terror, acknowledge Israel’s right to exist, acknowledge past agreements signed with Israel and sit down to talk about a sustainable peace with it. This is who is causing the suffering of the Palestinians. And I will say it again in the hopes that it finally begin to seek in – Hamas is responsible for the suffering of the people living in Gaza. He is the one making them a target, he is the one who denounces peace and promotes war and bloodshed.

Hamas is who decided to up the stakes and escalate the situation even further. But once again, I am, Israel would be so easily blamed for everything, as if there is no other side to any story.

Update: Hamas has taken down the announcement on its’ website that he is responsible for the shooting of the rockets and other organizations within Gaza had claimed responsibility instead (amazing how easily they would fight for the glory of blood). Israel’s intellegence seems to support a theory that Hamas was not involved in the shooting. It is nevertheless still accountable for everything that happens in the strip and it is his job to make sure this does not escalate even further. At this point, this should be a clear interest, seeing as how Israel’s airstrike took out most of the leaders on the Popular Resistance Committee and has mostly left Hamas the main target. All of the above is not changed – everytime Hamas does shoot a rocket at Israel, he delibrerly endangers the lifes on the Gazans. Every day he doesn’t recognize Israel’s right to exist to agrees to abandon the ways of terror, It is using the Gazan as nothing more than a shield to be so easily (mistakenly) called Shahid.

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