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The Mega-Terror Attack on Egypt and Israel This Past Sunday

August 8, 2012

An Egyptian APC stolen from the Egyptian Army Burns after Infiltrating Israel

Last Sunday, terrorists attempted a mega-terror attack on Israel. To further their terrorist agenda, they even went as far as to attack Israel’s neighbor – Egypt.

While most of the attack was blocked and there were no casualties on the Israeli side, I kept the title with the saying that a terror attack (and even a mega-terror attack) took place, because what wasn’t foiled was still pretty big.

16 Egyptian Officers were killed, An Egyptian APC was stolen and dozens of terrorists with hundreds of kilograms in explosives inflitrated Israel, in hopes of committing a mass murder.

It has been nearly a year since the big [successful] terror attack through the Egyptian border on Israel last August, which claimed the lives of eight and caused tensions between Israel and Egypt, when during gunshot battles with terrorists, Egyptian security personnels were caught in the crossfire.

It has been nearly a year since I first wrote about Egypt’s declining grip of its’ own territory – the Sinai Peninsula – and how one result of the Arab Spring is the enormous growth of terror cells in Sinai. Only last month, terrorists attacked Israeli construction workers on the border, killing one man.

This past sunday afternoon, Israeli air force attacked and killed a terrorist in the Gaza Strip. Barrage of rockets were fired upon Israel’s citizens “in return”. Later that day, Israeli Prime Minister announced that intel from Israel’s security forces brought forth the attack in an attempt to prevent a major terror attack planned.

A few hours later, a major terror attack began. Estimations are that over 34 terrorists took part in it.

Terrorists in Sinai attacked an Egyptian post. Soldiers of that post were in the middle of having dinner – after a long day of fasting due to Ramadan. They were shot at, their throats slit, and weapons and explosives taken from the empty base, as well as an APC and a truck.

The terrorists then headed towards Israel.

The truck ran into the security fence between Israel and Egypt, towards an Israeli Army post and exploded upon impact. Thankfully, the post was vacant at the time.

The APC infiltrated Israel, south of the Israel-Gaza-Egypt zone. All terrorists inside were wearing explosive belts and held guns. Their objective was to reach the nearest Israeli population (probably Kerem-Shalom) and commit a mass murder, a slaughter. The APC was repeled by Israeli forces, including tank fire and shots from the air.

IDF’s footage of the aerial attack on the APC from a UAV

Who knows what would have happened if that APC wouldn’t have been repeled. The body count, the horror, and quiet possible (and mainly this was also an objective) completely destroy the diplomatic relationships between Israel and Egypt, forcing Israel to handle the rise of terror cells in the Peninsula.

Once the APC was taken down, terrorists ran towards the nearest field – an agriculatural field near Yuval. Israeli soldiers shot at them and tracked them. A shootout took place until all terrorists were subdued. Dead.

Remains of the APC stolen from the Egyptian Army and used to infiltrate Israel

The remains of the APC

Weapons carried by the terrorists who infiltrated Israel

Weapons carried by the terrorists

Israel has closed the land crossing Kerem-Shalom with Gaza as a response. Egypt closed Rafah – its’ land crossing with Gaza. Kerem Shalon has been repoened on Tuesday morning. Rafah is still closed.

It seems the gruesome death of 16 Egyptian soldiers finally shook something – Egypt’s newly elected president Mursi declared three days of morning and the country is in shock. Egyptian Army moved forces (in coordinance with Israel) and began trying to expose terror cells. After shots at Egyptian personnel at the city of Rafah last night, choppers entered Sinai and bombed terrorists from the air. They even bombed several smuggling tunnels between Egypt and Gaza.

Egypt’s military personnel have even been quoted in the media saying these terrorists emerged, whether physically or idelogically, from the neighboring Gaza Strip. Hamas – the de-facto governing power in Gaza – denies all connections. At the moment, since Egypt’s president – a member of the Muslim Brotherhood movement doesn’t seem interested in publicly accusing Hamas for involvement.

Whether or not Egypt is capable, both in military power and financial capacity, to handle the terror which has risen in Sinai and the weapons flowing freely from the remains of post-Arab-Spring Lybia remains to be seen.

However it is clear, though the cost to the Egyptian nation has been grave, something far worse and with far more catastrophical consequences has been prevented.


Terror attacks escalate Israel’s South Borders; Over 50 Rockets Launched into Israel

June 20, 2012

Due to school, I didn’t have much time to write here this month. But some things force you to make the time.

Israel is currently within another round of escalation. Another one which I’m sure the many countries calling for “calm” would have handled with a lot less elegance than the one they’re requesting (In fact, I’m sure they would have reacted much harsher and with more casualties).

Sniper Attacks Last Week– Last week, (at least one) sniper from the Gaza Strip began shooting towards Israeli farmers, working in their fields and green houses. There were three different shooting attacks, one for each of three consecutive days. One the shootings lightly wounded a farmer in the Kibutz Nir Moaz.

Rocket Attacks Over the Weekend – For no apparant reason than capability (and some suggest the elections in Egypt), rockets were fired into Israel from the Sinai Peninsula. They hit open fields near the small airport of Ovadia and near Mitzpe Ramon.
This isn’t the first, nor the second or third, time terrorists have used Egypt’s Sinai Peninusla to fire rockets at Israel. The deadliest attack in recent years had rockets falling in both Israel’s resort city Eilat, and Jordan’s resort city Aqaba. A Jordanian man had died in the attack.

Rocket hit Mitspe Ramon last Saturday night

Google Map of the Israeli-Egyptian border, from which terrorists fired rockets into Israel, hitting among others Mitspe Ramon.

Terror Attack from the Egyptian Border – Monday night terrorists inflitrated Israel from Sinai Peninsula and set up an ambush for construction workers building a security fence between Israel and Egypt.
On Monday morning, roughtly as 6 AM (GMT +03:00), when construction worker came to the area, they opened fire, killing a contractor. Later they fired an anti-missile RPG at the construction workers, which missed. Later, three of the terrorists were killed in a cross-fire with soldiers rushing to the area, due to fire penetrating their explosives (their self-made bombs exploded while still on their backs during the exchange of fire). Two or more terrorists managed to escape back into Egyptian territory, where Israel is left with no means to persue them and must rely on the Egyptian army .

A terror group affiliated with Al-Qaeda has released a video caliming responsibility for this attack. If any, this goes more to show how since then fall of Hosni Mubarak, the Egyptian army (and de-facto ruler for over a year now) has lost its’ grip on the Sinai Peninsula. Many international inquires have been made showing it’s a hotspot for terror groups, and that many weapons from post-Gaddafi Lybia made their way to Gaza and the Peninsula.

35 year old Said Fashapshe of Haifa, a constractor building the security fence, was killed by the first strike of the terrorists, early Monday morning.

Also on Monday, intelligence uncovered the indentity of the snipers from the previous sniper attacks and the Israeli airforce killed two Jihad Islamic terrorists as they were riding a motorcycle.

Retaliating the last events, Israel took several more airstrikes against terrorists of various groups, mainly Isalmic Jihad and HamasThe terror groups responded by firing rockets at Israel.

At the time of writing these lines, over 50 rockets and mortar shells have been fired from the Gaza Strip at Israeli civilian population. Sharpnel hit a house last night, critically injuring a man and injuring four others in various degrees.

This is still ongoing.

The terrorists are once again firing into civilian population, be it with guns or rockets.

Hamas, the terror group with took over the Gaza Strip in a violent coup over the Fatah faction, and claims governace over the strip, took responsibility for firing some of these rockets, due to the airstrike that killed one of its’ members.

That’s right – their militant (and for all intent and purpose: their terrorists) killed equals firing onto Israeli civilian population.

Firing blindly with the hope of hiting and killing as many as civilians as possible. As many as men, women and children as they can.

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Memorial Day For the Fallen Soldiers and The Victims of Terror

April 25, 2012
I’ll start with a confession. I had a really hard time deciding if I should write this post. Due to the emotional state I’m in on Memorial Day, and due to the fact that I fear I’d make some horrible cynical use of it, which is not my intention. But since this the medium I chose for myself almost a year ago, here it goes.

Tonight and tomorrow, just before the celebrations of Israel’s 64th Independance day, Israel mentions Memorial Day. Now, I don’t really know how it goes in many other countries, but for me, here, in Israel, is a day words cannot describe. 24 hours in which life nearly stops still. Whrere politics takes a nap. Where TV shuts off its’ regular programming and commercials are nowhere to be seen or heard. Where families visit graves. Where many ceremonies are held. Where sad songs of loss and death and pain are heard on all radio stations.

2 sirens echo during that day in Israel. Tonight for one minute, and tomorrow morning for two minutes.

Israel’s Memorial Day was initially called “The Memorial Day for Fallen Soldiers”. In 1998, it was also decieded to officialy honor within the same capacity, victims of terror attacks (the first terror attack dated on March 17th, 1953. The last one – last night [one injured;]). Thus, today it is called “The Memorial Day for Fallen Soldiers and The Victims of Terror”. As of tonight, the number of people honored by this day are 22,993.

The day honors eveyone: Ashkenazi, Sephardi, Russains, Ethiopians, Religious, Secular, Druze, Beduion and more of the Israeli soceity tapestry.

In this day I constantly hear two main issues rising – the memory of the fallen with the pain of loss, and the burning desire for peace, for the end of war and bloodshed. For the number to stop rising. It echoes in the President’s speech. The Prime Minister’s voice. The Cheif of Staff’s tone. They may change throughout the years, the desire never does.

When I was little, the Camp David negotiations were taking place. I remember everyone being hopeful, so hopeful, wishing that finally some peace will come. That the army would be dismantled. The following year, of course, saw the begining of the worst round of violence and blood shed ever. And yet here we are, over a decade past it, with new changes and uprisings all around us threatening even the peace treaty with Egypt, and though many may have lost faith in the other side and in the chance for peace, the majority still holds onto the want. To the need of peace. And it echoes in this day, with everyone you talk to, so loudly.

One of my favorite poems, taught in high school Literature class, is frequently mentioned in this day. A poem by Shaul Tchernichovsky, framed simply by the phrase [roughly translated: ] “You see, O Earth, how very wasteful we’ve been“. A poem written during The Arab Revolt of 1936, crying for the loss of life, cursing the earth for accepting so many bodies into it and still at the same time producing life in the form of plants.

And today. On this day. There’s something about it, and about the two main issues rising and echoing, that makes me really glad to be living here. On this side of the map. On this little next-to-nothing-yet-full-of-something piece of land. True, the conflicts go on. Wars never really end. The 126 casualties of the past year would not be the last. But taking the time, to hear the families’ stories over the news and ceremonies, to remember, to honor, to stand still and not allow life to completely go by… honestly, I hoped when i started writing that if I just keep going I’ll find the words to describe it. I didn’t.

So with the false hope that wars will end, and conflicts will be resolved, and blood won’t be shed anymore, I bid you good night.

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Grad Missile Fired Overnight at Israel’s Resort City Eilat

April 5, 2012

Last night, a little after midnight, an explosion was heard in the resort city of Eilat. After searches for its’ source, remains of a freshly-exploded Grad Missile were found in a dune not too far from a residential neighborhood.

Though no responsibility has been claimed yet, it is fair to assume that militants from the Gaza Strip once again inflitrated the Egyptian Peninusla and fired rockets into Israel’s Eilat. This is not the first time this has happened, nor the second. While the ability to fire at Eilat is fairly low, thus the frequency is very low as well, Grad Missiles have been fired before at Israel. In 2010, one Grad even went through the narrow city of Eilat and exploded in a street in Jordan’s resort town of Aqaba, killing a Jordinian resident.

Just a few weeks ago, Israel assissinated a cheif terrorists in the Gaza Strip, who was planning an attack on Israeli citizens through the Sinai Peninsula, much like the gruesome attack of August 2011.

The timing is no coincidence either – tourism season is about to begin, and tomorrow night is Passover Eve – a Jewish holiday, in which many families take a vacation to Eilat and some even spend the holiday eve there already. That is, of course, is addition to over 47,000 of the city’s residents (47,800 according to Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics).

Map of Israel's south and Sinai Peninsula (From Google Maps). Circled in red is the Gaza Strip, the red X marks Eilat and the blue area is roughly the areas constantly bombarded with rockets from the gaza strip.

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In Preparation For the Violent “March to Jerusalem”

March 29, 2012

It has been a busy month. I’m sorry for now writing more and posting more. Unfortunately, there’s always things to write about. The horrible terror attack in Toulouse, the horrific escalation with Gaza militans a few weeks ago (which I wrote about at its’ start), and much more. And while “calm” has been restored the south of Israel (three mortar shells were fired tonight from the Gaza Strip so far), I had to take a little bit of time from my personal life, to address something that’s potentioally big.

You see, while I hope it doesn’t open any news broadcasts tomorrow because I truly hope (as well as the majority of people in Israel, and the most high of ranks in its’ government and military) tomorrow will be a casualties-free day. Unfortunately, odds are it won’t be this way.

A large group of Islamic organazations as well as radical-left activists (whose actions speak about their lack on interest in true atrocities and the excessive war against one entity in the whole world), are planning tommorow a provacation. One that is knowingly putting lives at danger, all for the cold cynical and despicable prospect of media attention and distortion.

While protests may take place around Europe (one is planned in front of the Israeli embassy in London), some may be a lot less peaceful. Organizers are planning to have people march towards Israel’s borders, inflitrate it, defy its’ soverignty and hope that camera worldwide would see them either blown up by mine fields and shot dead while committing the crime of “breaking and entering” a country, illegally, in defiance. THEY ARE OPTING FOR DEATH – AS LONG AS IT MAKES ISRAEL LOOK BAD – THEY’RE VICIOUSLY PRO-DEATH!


Israeli Cabinet approves deal to free Israel-US Citizen Ilan Grapel

October 25, 2011

Israeli cabinet approved today unanimously a deal to release 27 year-old Ilan Grapel from Egyptian prison. In exchange, 25 Egyptian citizens will be released from Israeli prisons, including 3 minors. The prisoners released were not imprisoned for security reasons, but their offenses are of criminal nature – most have used the Israeli-Egyptian border to facilitate smuggling illegal drugs or trafficking – mainly “smuggling”, sometimes trading, women who are coerced to work as prostitutes, through the Sinai Peninsula.

Who is Ilan Grapel?

Ilan Grapel is a 27 year-old man from Queens, New York. Up until his arrest in Egypt, he was studying law in Atlanta, at Emroy University. He has a dual-citizenship, both American (US) and Israeli. In 2005, He enlisted into the Israeli army and served as a paratrooper. He was injured during the 2006 war against Hezbollah terror militia (known in Israel as  The Second Lebanese War). According to his parents, Grapel entered Egypt with a group called Africa and Middle East Refugee Assistance. The group was established by Barbara Harrell-Bond, who also founded the Refugee Studies Center at Oxford University. According to his parents, Grapel was working with the group to give legal aid and other kinds of help to refugees in there. According to his friends, he was intrigued by the uprising in Egypt last January and demonstrated with the Egyptians at Tahrir Square in an act of solidarity.

On June 12th, 2011, Grapel was arrested. Egyptian personnel claimed he was an Israeli spy, an agent of the Mossad, sent there to gather intelligence about the people, the revolution and the clashes with the military – THAT IS PREPOSTEROUS!

Is Ilan Grapel a Spy?

Today, four months after his arrest where he’s kept in solitude, Egyptian personnel, the same ones who shouted “dangerous spy” when arresting him, almost arbitrarily, admit he is not spy and have posed no danger to Egypt. That is why they are willing to free him for 25 Egyptian criminals.

But the fact that this was a ridiculous accusation was apparent from the start. The main evidence to that was his own Facebook page – Not only did this supposed “spy” had a Facebook page, he also kept updating it with information about his trip to Egypt. Pictures, posts, statuses… Moreover, this so-called spy had his Facebook page filled with pictures from his days in the service, mainly of him in uniform or from the war. In fact, all the picture I’ve posted in this post are from Grapel’s own Facebook profile. If he was really a spy, then he wasn’t a very clever spy. No Israeli agent would boast about his military past or flaunt his service in the Israeli Army, especially not in an Arab / Muslim country.

Egypt knew that very well. This is why he was kept for four months under these horrible accusations, but was never charged or indicted. I couldn’t even find a record of him being brought before a judge.

At the end, the bottom line is this was simply put an abduction. An extortion. For falsely incarcerating Ilan Grapel and denying his due process, Egypt managed to released 25 of their people who committed unspeakable crimes and were trialed properly for said crimes. To Egypt’s defense, I will say that Grapel was granted fair and somewhat humane conditions, including visits from the American consulate, his parents and at the end even Israeli personnel (Whether it was due to his US citizenship alone, I can’t say, but I personally believe it helped).

In the new Middle East around Israel, in an chaotic Egypt that knows more unrest as time grows, after the West was so quick to dispense with Hosni Mubarak and is today facing the possibility that not all could be for the best, Israel has its back to the wall. Because it is certain that the hatred towards Israel just for the purpose of hating with merely no logical or rational merits to it will only grow, that the Muslim Brothers movement will get a large (if not a majority) part of the power after the elections – Israel has very little to do. Absurdly enough, because it wishes to maintain good relations with Egypt, it can’t bluntly accuse it of such blackmail for ransom. It even went as far as to apologize to Egypt for the death of Egyptian personnel during a terror attack that originated from Egyptian soil, near an Egyptian post in broad daylight and killed 8 Israelis. This is seriously getting ridiculous. But in order to maintain peace, Israel allows itself to be taking blows, to not speak when blind hatred towards it is being spread by her allies in the region, because more than anything –

Israel is country and a society that cherishes life and peace. It does not seek the kind of hatred and rage displayed in the society and sometimes leadership of its’ neighbors in the middle east, it does not possess it.

Gilad Shalit FINALLY Free!!!

October 18, 2011

This morning, the first part of the prisoners swap deal to free Gilad Shalit from Hamas’ captivity has been completed – Gilad Shalit has been freed and has returned to Israel, to his family!!!

Shalit Family waiting for chopper early morning, photo by: Adrian Habershtein. Other Photos from Official Egyptian TV

27 female prisoners and additional 450 prisoners, the worst of the total 1,000 terrorists release, have been released from Israeli prisons to Egypt. Shalit has been handed to Egypt and from there to Israel. The picture at the bottom of the above batch is from an interview the Egyptian TV has conducted with Shalit. As you can see Gilad Shalit seems very white, very pale.

Today is an ambivalent day in Israel – the joy of the long-awaited released of Gilad Shalit is mixed for the sorrow of so many heinous killers, despicable murderers freed. It’ll make even harder with the hero welcome they’ll receive when they arrive at Gaza and the West Bank. Medals will be awarded for the premeditated, planned and desired death of so many people, so many innocents, so many children. 559 Israelis have been killed by the terrorists freed today! They will be declared heroes, so-called “freedom fighters”, in ceremonies vowing the continued war, jihad, death, bloodshed and illegal abductions. It’ll be done out of the desire to annihilate Israel – this is not an issue of borders, but an issue dating back to the very existence of Israel.

There are those who dare foolishly and ignorantly compare between Shalit and the despicable murders released today. Well, first of all, I’ve already given a small account (and will continue to do so) of what these people did. What pride and joy they take in the lives they so violently took. If you’ll try to find Israeli soldiers who committed acts similar to these, you’ll come up short. The few bad apples you’ll find, you’ll see they were arrested, trialed and condemned, outcast from society for their actions. They are not embraced by the consensus. Their actions are not taught to children, they are not role models. No streets or squares are named after them.

Moreover, You will not be able to link Shalit himself to any “crime against the Palestinian people”, other than the fact he was an Israeli soldier. Claims of occupation or ridiculous Shalit was captured 10 months after Israel’s disengagement from Gaza (the unilateral withdrawal). His abduction occurred in a cross-border patrol, on Israel’s territory. Israel handed the entire Gaza Strip to the Palestinians, who chose to continue fighting, continue terror. The blockade on the Gaza Strip was first imposed after Shalit’s abduction, partly as a result of the abduction.


And one last note about the Egyptians – I personally am sincerely outraged by the media circus they’ve done. While Shalit has been handed to them to hand to Israel, to his family, he was interviews. The questions clearly show that they wanted to hear something along the linesEgypt made it happen – Egypt it great!”. This was a cynical use of young man who has already been through enough. After over five years and four months that he has been held away from his family with no contact to them or anyone in his life, after over FIVE YEARS that he has been held incommunicado, not even been given one visit from any humanitarian organization or more specifically the Red Cross this little “time out” for an interview while they have him, even if time allowed it, the airing of his pictures and interviews first, before even the Israeli public who fought and made the biggest sacrifice imaginable for his release has a chance to see him or hear from their own officials is simply rude. True, Egypt deserves a lot of the credit and praises for this deal coming into fruition and for Shalit’s return home. By this kind of cynical use, in my opinion, is truly despicable.

But that simply falls short on a day where you are able to shout out into the air: WELCOME HOME, GILAD SHALIT!

Israeli government approves deal to swap over 1,000 prisoners for GILAD SHALIT

October 12, 2011

Last night, the Israeli government approved a deal to bring Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit back home after 1,935 days in captivity. Shalit was abducted in a cross-border attack by Gaza militants on June 25th, 2006. He has since been held incommunicado and his abductors – the terror militia Hamas – has been holding him for over Five years and Four months against all international humanitarian norms and laws. In fact, in 2009 Israel had to release a few dozens low-level terrorists just to receive confirmation for his well being. But tonight, after over 5 years in captivity, Israel and Hamas have agreed that for one Israeli soldier, Israeli will release 1,027 terrorists.

Click here to read more about Shalit’s abduction, the campaign for his release and more about Hamas’ treatment and complete disregard for all international humanitarian laws.

The details of the deal would be released shortly and will begin its’ execution in a matter of days. Israel is obligated to post the full list of prisoners who will be release for the public’s view beforehand. That is in order to inform families of terror victims that their loved ones’ heinous killers would be released. Some of them will attempt to appeal to Israel’s supreme court against the swap deal, however the Supreme court has a policy of not intervening in such decisions. The deal is expected to be executed in two parts – next week 450 terrorists will be release in the span of two months, another 550 terrorists.

Make no mistake – the first batch of terrorists are despicable murders responsible for the deaths of dozens of innocent Israelis (men, women and children alike). They attempt to disguise their acts of slaughter and murder as nothing short of fighting for freedom. That is an absurd and a vicious lie – when giving the choice to talk or dialogue, they’ve chosen (and some declare they still do) war and bloodshed. They’re problem is with the very existence of Israel and not with its’ borders and they perceive all Israeli people to be valid targets. The only thing they are fighting for is death, not freedom.

There are many downfalls that can be seen for this deal –

  • The statistics show that in every past prisoners swap Israel has made, over 60% of those released returned to the ways of terror.
  • This is a huge boost to Israel’s rival Hamas at the expanse of the more moderate fraction in the Palestinian leadership, Fatah and Mahmoud Abbas. The Palestinian unity agreement declared elections – this definitely strengths the extremists and weakens the moderates.
  • In accordance with the last point, this act sends a message to the Palestinians that strength and terror against Israel are helpful. As with the unilateral Israel withdrawal from Gaza in 2005 (that boosted Hamas who received most of the votes in the following years’ elections), this strengthen those opting for jihad and terror and oppose dialogue.
  • Another message this swap deal sends is that cross-border attacks, abductions and ignoring all International Laws help the fights “against Israel”. This is an incentive for repeated abductions of Israeli soldiers.
  • This can be perceived as somewhat of an injustice. Murders captured, trialed and sentenced to pay for their crime are sent home scot-free while the people who lost their loved ones get to see them return to their lives as if they did nothing.
  • Some of the prisoners would not be returned to Palestinian territories but instead would be exiled due to fear of their return to terror activities. They will be free to act in European countries against Israel, telling a complete distorted half-side and half-truth of the story. In a time where Israel is facing a disproportional campaign against its’ legitimacy to exist and protect its’ citizens from terror and death, it basically sends dozens and hundreds into the battle fields against it.

And the downfalls don’t stop here. Yet Israel’s public supports this deal in an overwhelming majority (close to 90% support according to most polls) and that Israeli government approved it. Why? Because unlike its’ enemies and those calling to destroy and kill its’ people blindly, unlike those who celebrate their child death by blowing himself up in a crowded place, Israel is a country that cherishes LIFE, even that of a single soldier, rather than cheering for his death!


The threat realized? Shooting from the Sinai Peninsula tonight

September 11, 2011

This just happened a short while ago so details are fairly new and still fuzzy, but what is known now is that another shooting took place tonight from Egyptian soil towards Israel, around the same location it did last time (not far from the Egyptian post and the border post of Netafim).

This time fire was opened towards a miliary patrol (though doubtfully this was the only desired target). The fact that this was aimed against soldiers and not civilians would probably be taken into account in terms of reprecautions, but the fact that yet another shooting from across the border towards Israel has occurred is the main goal here – The Sinai Peninsula, despite honest Egyptian efforts, is still unsecure, in chaos and in danger of deteriorating current tensions between Israel and Egypt, especially after violent protestors were minutes away Friday night from harming Israeli personnel inside its’ Embassy in Cairo.

The soldiers did not fire back and the terrorists retreated back into the peninsula. No injures were reported before the soldiers took cover. Forces opened search for trails leading to the terrorists.

Last Friday morning, before the violent demonstration in Cairo, live fire was opened at a residental community in Israel near Gaza called “Nativ Ha’asara”. No injures by luck but bullets have flown past people and caused damanges to houses.

On 9/11, as the world bows its’ head in memory of a barbaric attack, Israel is once again reminded it constantly lives in terror. Terror that has nothing to do with peace or peace talks, terror that is blind and cowardly and comes from the darkest places. It has no rational, no merits that hold weight, nothing but blind stupid hate. Hate that only seeks to kill as many as possible – men, women and children. Terror who gives a frightening new meaning to the phrase “the more the merrier” (in the distorted eyes of the these heinous terrorists).

More as more information will come to light…

Violent Egyptian Protestors break into the Israeli Embassy

September 11, 2011

On Friday, a quiet Tahrir square protest in demand for  movement towards democracy, free elections and the end of the regime of the supreme military council turned violent. Not in demands for democracy and freedom, but in demand of bloodshed. A handful of protestors, a huge handful to be exact, walked from Tahrir square to the Israeli Embassy building in Cairo. Their protest? For war and bloodshed and the end of peace with Israel. This, of course, is not new – the falling of the walls of fear in a previously oppressing regime finds outlet in all aspects. Once again, the hate for Israel is simply the lowest common denominator.

This Friday was different – For hours the demonstrators took hammers to a concrete wall put around the Embassy building to protect it after previous protests. For hours they hit, and broke, and hammered as the wall was broken. But unlike what the breaking of a wall could symbolize in another region at another time – this was an act of VIOLENCE, promoting violence, hailing violence.

The call to cancel diplomatic relations in the prospect of war, all the while working towards violently breaking into an Embassy building, looting it, and attempting much (MUCH) worse – extremists are always minorities, but in a country with 80 million citizens, a minority is quiet a large group of people standing in front of building. Honestly, in a country with 7 million citizens (like Israel) a minority is still a large group (should be noted of course that not all minorities are extremists – it does not work both ways).

It seems almost astonishing that for hours the protestors were not only protesting, but always taking hammers to a wall, attacking an Embassy building, and no security forces (from police to worse) intervened or managed to stop them. It seems some what odd that it takes a phone call for the United States President himself, hours after the event has started, to finally have a commando unit intervene – after protestors have broken in past the concrete wall, made it two floors up, took down the flag and were ONE DOOR away from six security personnel who were locked in their room, fearing for their lives. These are only some of the troubling questions arising for this events, questions every peace-seeking freedom-advocating person should ask. Not to mention of course that while Israel is the easiest focus, extremist have tendencies to dislike not only one group – what happens if next Friday its’ the British Embassy? Or the French? The Dutch? The Australian? and so on. This is not exclusive to Israel – Israel is just the easiest first target to wrap as many people around it as possible.

Violent Egyptian protestor climbing the Embassy building and taking down the Israeli flag. Make no mistake – this no hero, but an aggressor. Photos By: AP

Some people might easily believe there are merits to this protest.

Well, first of all – No merits in the world justify (or can justify) this act. If you think there are or that this one was, please leave my blog, ’cause it seems I have nothing to say to you or cannot even attempt to change your mind. An attack, against all International Regulations, with nothing stopping it in the process is anarchy, as simple as that. And As I’ve said – this was an attack that asked to promote violence and war. Instability. Future bloodshed. The end of peace. If you think that is justified, I repeat – please leave my blog.


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