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The Truths Left in the Shadows: Palestinian Governments are Serial Human Rights Violators

May 24, 2012

Israel oftenly receives harsh criticism and is accused of systematically violating the Palestinians’ rights and general human rights as well. Now, I’m not saying that everything’s perfect (then again, look at what we know that most modern, western and free countries around the world are doing at the same time), that these claims are 100 percent false (nor am I saying they’re 100 percent right), but as Israel receives less than proportionate global focus, condemnation and criticism, I’d like to take this opportunity to talk about something that is oftenly kept in the dark – the incredible human rights violations committed by the Palestinian governments.

You see, unlike many nations and people under opression throughout the world (and of course in the Middle East region, as we’ve come to see in the past year and a half), the Palestinians have active governments. Two, in fact. Because of the Palestinian fued, de-facto there are two seperate Palestinian governments in power. One in the West Bank (the Fatah government) and one in the Gaza Strip (the Hamas government).

Many people who enjoy (this is my verb of choice and I am sticking to it!) criticising Israel, like to quote from Amnesty reports. And while the report clearly shows that there are millions of people around the world who need international help and support and get ingnored while the Palestinians receives ho so many spotlight, and there are much harsher human rights violations going ignored by most of the world’s attention everyday, the people who like to quote Amnesty reports, neglect to account for the Palestinians own violations.

Personally, I have mixed feelings regarding these reports. But for those who quote them, you might as well quote them in full!

Anyway, when Amnesty released their annual report today, I found it important to remind these people that they are advocating not for the relief of the suffering of the Palestinians, but for them to stay under constant rules that systematically violates thier human rights.

What are the Palestinians violations, according to Amnesty? Well, for instance –

  • The Palestinian governments don’t allow freedom of assembly, freedom of press, freedom of speech.
  • Journalists, bloggers and other critics of the Palestinian governments are prosecuted and sentenced to jail.
  • The Palestinian factions make arbitrary political arrests of the other party’s people (according to the report, the number of arbitrary arrests is roughly 1,700).
  • Palestinian people trialed in Palestinian courts are only put to trial in military courts with judges that have poor to no understanding of the law.
  • They have no seperation of power. The justice system has no justice in it.
  • Many prisoners are tortured and abused. Among the tortures mentioned in the report are savage beatings, hanging by the wrists and ankles, forced to stand in painful positions for long periods of times and so on.

And there’s more. The report cites four deaths in Gaza prisons the organization find to be suspicious. The previous annual report of Amnesty, by the way, also details 8 journalists who were tortured in Palestinian prisons.

So for those who blame Israel and only Israel for the suffering of the Palestinians, there’s another truth out there. Another villian.

If you truly want to help the Palestinians, you should aim your work for the benefit of the Palestinian people, rather than against Israel.

Because even though it’s extremely hard for some to acknowledge this, Israel is not the only problem and the only side in this conflict. It simply isn’t. There’s another side. Who is refusing to enter any kind of negotiations for more than two years now. A side that tortures its’ people. Forcing them to live in war. Taking away their freedoms. And that side ain’t Israel.

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Israeli Prime Minister Forms Unity Government, Reminds me of the Non-Unity of the Palestinians

May 8, 2012

Israel has been buzzing the past few weeks with the speculations regarding the intent to disperse the current Israeli Knesset and hold early elections in the coming September (rather than allowing the Knesset and government to stay in tact for one more year, bringing its’ term to a total of four years). Since Sunday, it was official and a bill to for dispersing the Knesset was in motion, as well as several “no confidence” votes, which weren’t successful.

Then, late into last night, the elections which seemed so close (set for September 4th), now seem much further away, maybe even in their scheduled date of October 2013.

Israeli leading government party, Likud, has formed a unity government with the leading opposition party, Kadima. Together, they hold 55 of the total 120 seats of the Knesset. Kadima has joined the current Israeli coalition (in power since the 2009 elections), making it the widest coalition Israel has ever had.

The chairwoman of the Labor party, Shelly Yachimovich, is expected to be nominated the new opposition leader, now that she’s the chairwoman of the biggest opposition party (after Kadima’s entrance to the government).

The unity was formed with several key issues in store, and whether or not it will hold remains to be seen.

Israeli unity government - Netanyahu and Mofaz

Israeli prime minister and Likud party chairman, Benjamin Netanyahu, [left] and former Israeli opposition leader and Kadima party chairman [and now Vice Prime Minister], Shaul Mofaz, [right] at a press conference declaring their coalition agreement, today at noon.

Why am I even writing a post about this and why should you care?

Because Israel is in focus in worldview on two issues: Iran and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. And while some speculate what this may mean regarding Israel’s stance over Iran’s nuclear program, and will this spark new negotiations with the Palestinians (the Palestinians themselves seem very unimpressed. Kadima was the ruling party in government before this current government and has conducted the offensive in Gaza. Its’ former chairman, Ehud Olmert, made the Palestinians the most advance offers ever made by Israel in order to reach peace!).

Shelly Yachimovich, Labor party chairwoman

Labor party chairwoman, Shelly Yachimovich, is expected to be nominated the new opposition leader.

I want to focus on the second – the Palestinian issue. And on their own so-called Unity.

You see, it just so happens to be that not only are we in May, but that last May (of 2011), the Palestinian factions of Fatah (in control over the Palestinian Authority and the West Bank) and Hamas (controling the Gaza Strip since a violent and bloody coup in Summer of 2007), have stood together in Cairo, and later in Doha, and announced they’re putting their “differences” aside, neverminding the fact Hamas was gunning down and punishing by amputations and torture any Fatah member in the Gaza Strip. They announced a unity.

Well, we’re one year past it and no unity in sight.

  1. They were supposed to make mutual releases of prisoners. Barely happened. All they can agree upon is that Israel should release all Palestinian prisoners (including the “heros” involved in terror and murders). Nothing about the prisoners they each have of the other faction.
  2. Elections – what elections? The so-called “democracy” of the Palestinians (as PA President Mahmoud Abbas described it in his op-ed article in The New York Times on May 16th, 2011) hasn’t held elections since 2006. The unity was supposed to bring forth elections in September of 2011 – did not happen. Moreover, since the last round of election were unaccepted in full by both large parties and led to the violent coup, who’s to say even if such elections were held they would succeed?
  3. Hamas was supposed to join the PLO, a supposed body formed in early 1960s in Jordan, to represent all Palestinians (this is the body officialy holding a seat in UNESCO and the UN, although it’s the Fatah and PA that de-facto controls it). It did not happen (which is good, the PLO recieves international recognition while Hamas refuses to follow basic international demands made by the Quartet).

And the list can go on. It seems the only thing the Palestinian factions can agree upon is hating Israel and de-legitimizing it. Each in their own way, of course.

But what do you except? Since Hamas leader Khaled Mashal said in December (in order to enter the PLO) that Hamas will abandon it’s ways of terror, over 300 rockets and mortar shells were fired into Israel. Now true, Hamas wasn’t the one shooting these rockets at Israeli citizens. It was the other 15 terror organizations in Gaza, being armed daily by the Ayatollah regime in Iran. But, and this is a huge but, Hamas made sure to not enforce its’ governace it so claims to have and did nothing to stop these shootings, until Egypt intervened to broker a truce.

Now there’s a lot of reasons why the Palestinians won’t hold any negotiations with Israel regarding peace and ending the conflict (even after this unity government). The non-unity of Hamas is just one of them.

But here’s a key issue –

If Israel’s unity government will fail, Israel will hold fair, honest and open elections as it has done in the past 64 years. Even if the unity will succeed, Israel will hold elections in due time as set by law.

If the Palestinian unity will fail, elections can never be held. The de-facto situation of two states with two people (West Bank and Gaza) will remain. Even if elections could be held, the prior ones clearly show no party is really truly obligated to honor the results. Each faction interpreted the results as was most convient and thus a violent coup, a bloody tear, ensued.

There are many reasons why this conflict continues to exist. Israel is the not the sole, nor necessarily the main, reason!!

A Response to a Hateful Commenter (though i’m sure he doesn’t consider himself one)

March 7, 2012

I received a comment today on an earlier post of mine, regarding Israel’s problem with a nuclear Iran, by someone simply going as Martin. More than most, while his comment accused me of blatant ignorance, he wrote a lengthy comment of the kind only Israel-Haters can right, filled with ignorance stemming mainly from the choice of being an ignotant in this subject, as well as premeditated one-sided conclusions and quite a few inflammatory comments. Mostly, when he couldn’t find anything more to write, he just chose to routinetly criticize the way I write. Well, congratualtions, Martin – you’re the first person to receive a post from me in reply to your comment.

I’ve decided to post Martin’s comment, to the letter, as I am pro free-speech and because for the most part, his comment didn’t any true incitement. Also, most of his comments will be brought here to comment on.

I do not wish to change his mind or of anyone belonging to his group – I’ve been around the web for enough time now to know that some would continue to be happy in their preset opinion.


Happy New Year: Summarizing Rockets & Terror on Israel in 2011

January 1, 2012

The end of December is not just the end of a month, but also the end of year – 12 whole months wrapped together.

The following is a summary of terror acts committed by Palestinians – either independant of part of a militia – against Israel and Israelis in the year 2011. I will also dedicate a post later to the other side of the coin which is the acts of extreme settlers, laundered as ‘Price Tag’, which worsened the past year. It should be noted that the following takes the pot in magnitude, quantity, and effect.

665 Rockets and Mortar Shells From the Gaza Strip in 2011

The numbers really speak for themselves – here’s a year-long count on the rockets and mortar shells fired from the Gaza Strip.

Dozens were injured, 4 [empty] schools and playgrounds were hit, and 2 Israeli citizens died – Yossi Shusan (age 38) on August 20th, and Moshe Ami (age 56) on October 29th.

An anti-missile attack on a school bus (not counted below!) also killed 16 years old Daniel Viflic.

997 Terror incidents on Israeli citizens or soldiers

The following are taken from the statistics of ISA – Israel’s Security Authority, also known as Shabak.

Overall, 107 citizens injured in terror attacks in 2011, and 18 citizens killed (of which one is a not an Israeli citizen but a British citizen) in 2011. In addition, two security forces personnel were killed. 7 of the citizens killed were settlers in the West Bank, and the rest were Israeli citizens within Israel’s territory.

These describe incidents only (for instance, a barrage of 5 rockets fired at Israel is counted as 1 incident) –

The following table summarizes the terror incidents described in the above graph, where:

All incidents refer to the West Bank, from the Gaza Strip or Jerusalem, unless appearing as simply “Terror Attack”.
Rockets refer to both rockets and mortar shells.
Shootings refer to both guns and anti-missile.
Explosives are explosives or improvised such as pipe bomb.

Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Rockets 12 5 30 45 1 4 17 107 8 40 9 25
Mortar Shells 13 9 17 18 0 1 1 27 1 3 1 5
Shootings 5 2 4 5 3 0 2 2 3 5 0 1
Explosives 2 2 3 0 1 0 2 1 2 4 0 1
Stabbings 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 1
Grenades 4 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Molotov Cocktails 47 41 72 32 64 40 32 34 54 30 33 48
Stone Throwing 0 0 1 1 3 1 0 0 1 0 0 0
Terror Attack 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 7 0 0 0 0
Total 83 61 128 101 73 47 53 178 68 80 44 81

Notable Terror attacks in 2011 are:

  • Itamar Attack – 5 memebers of Fogel Family are knived to death including two parents and three children, the youngest being a 3 months old baby. 12 years old daughter returns home to find their bodies.
  • Explosive bomb go off in a bus station in Jerusalem. One British citizen, Mary Jean Gardner, is killed.
  • An explosive pipe goes off in a city worker’s hand two weeks prior to that.
  • An anti-Missile rocket fired from the Gaza Strip at a yellow school bus. 16 year old teenager dies.
  • Israeli-Arab goes on a killing spree on May 15th – the Palestinian Nakba, killing 29 years old Aviv Morag. Six months later the victim’s dad commits suicide.
  • The August 18th terror attack through the Egyptian border in the Sinai Peninsula. Six citizens are killed, as well as two security personnel, one from “friendly fire.” Egyptian soldiers get caught in the cross-fire as well.
  • Palestinian from Nablus (Sche’em) hijacks a taxi and tries to run it in to a teenagers-filled club in Tel-Aviv.
  • Palestinians throw stones at passing vehicles in the West Bank – Asher Palmer is hit and crashes his car, killing both him and his 1 year old son.

The Realist In Me: Hamas Supposedly Abandoning The Way of Terror

December 29, 2011

I have written much in the past about the so-called (and as I refered to it “farcical”) unity between the two major Palestinian factions – Fatah (in control of the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank and the de-facto controller of the Palestinian Liberation Organization [PLO], representative to all Palestinian people) and Hamas (in control of the Gaza Strip).

At last, it seems that six months after its’ announcement, no unity will be held. In stand, a reconciliation agreement has been achieved. And shock of all shocks, the extreme terror group of Hamas (or its’ runaway leader in Syria, looking for a new home, Khaled Mashal) has announced that in order to enter the PLO, an entity enjoying international legitimacy and a seat in the UN (not to mention embassies in many European countries, as well as the United States) it will no longer act in violent terror against Israel.

Before I go on and explain why this isn’t the big news it could and might have been, I just want to ponder out loud (in writing) about something in open parenthesis – It took six months to achieve this agreement between two factions that only three summers ago were brutally killing each other. Yet, Mahmoud Abbas denies entering any kind of negotiations with Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, based on six hours of mostly photo-oped and filled-with-press meetings? Seriously?

The following post will consist of two main sections –

  1. Reasons for this sudden, supposed dramatic, announcement
  2. Why the realist (and not the skeptic) in me, refuses to beleive it

But before I dive into any of those, one things need to be cleared – Hamas supports an extreme Islamic ideology. To that extent, a Hudna (sometimes translated “truce” or “ceasefire”) in its’ eyes is a limited period of up to 10 years within a war, where the jihad fighters assess that the enemy has much more power or strength, and could win if the fighting continues. The period is used to strengthen one’s enemy and fighters. It is a unilateral decision, that does not follow any negotiations and is meant to serve for the benefit of the jihad alone. Should the enemy be detected as losing its’ power within the 10 years period, the hudna can be broken at once and war may resume, at the whims of the commandor.

Of course, I’ll address this more in the second section of this post…


UNESCO passes a political resolution and accepts “Palestine”

October 31, 2011

Note: You can read more about the politics and anti-Israeli actions of UNESCO in my earlier post.

Well, not really a surprise, but it happened. The none-political organization passed a political decision to accept as a full-member state… a state which does not exist. A state whose political status has yet to be decieded by the roof organizations, the UN Security Council itself.

While the Israeli ambassador recieved laughter in his speech, the Palestinine foreign minister recieved appluase. I’m glad to see this is the kind of culture and education the international body in charge of education and culture projects.

UNESCO passed yet another resolution against Israel and has accepted “Palestine” as its’ member. Why the quoatation marks? Because I’m presonally not really sure what Palestine is. Maybe the 107 countries that voted for this resoltuion can answer either of the following questions:

  • What are the borders of this newly-accepted state?
    (There’s a difference between “based on the 1967 borders” and the actual final borders which should have been decieded in a bilateral move, meaning negotiations, rather a unilateral move).
  •  A follow up – What is its’ jurisdiction?
    (For example, when it comes to East Jerusalem – a contention point full of holy places to all faiths and to where Jewish people as a whole were deined access before 1967 – should it be decided through negotiations what happens with the cultural places of this area?)
  • Does the education and culture that UNESCO wishes to promote involved the blind fire-rocketing of hundreds of rockets into civilian unarmed populations with the intent of killing and harming civilians? Is it to encourage terror? FOUR rockets have been fired today into Israel… so far!
  • Who represents this state of “Palestine” in UNESCO?
    (Fatah has no real control in Gaza, Hamas has limited control over the West Bank. True, there is this fake and farcical unity agreement, but no government or representations agreed upon by both sides have been agreed upon since MAY. Should the fact that the Fatah memeber was speaking in UNESCO means Gaza is no longer a part of this Palestine? Or are we just getting back to borders and security issues which were not agreed upon by any side or in any kind of negotiations?)
  • How does this help promote peace and dialgue between Israel and the Palestinians? Or is UNESCO simply advocating war? (It certainly seems to advocate for terror – see the above).

And the list goes on… I can ask many more questions. For instance the claims on Amnesty reports on journalists (eight in numbers) who are tortured in Palestinian prisons – a big “no-no” in UNESCO‘s own charter.

Congratulations! Another win for terror, another blow to Israel and another day where peace can be officialy deleted from the UN’s to-do list. This is what the body responsible for education around the world wants to educate.

As for the Palestinian people themselves – your [West Bank] leadership has now committed to funding a UN organization. Can your fiscal status really afford it? Most of your economy is still dependant on donations, the unemployment rate is nothing to brag about and you consider yourself refugees. So why is your leadership so eager to be sending the money elsewhere?

And a good word to the countries with conscience who wanted to give peace a chance – United States, Israel, Canada, Australia, Czech Republic, Germany, Lithuania, The Netherlands, Sweden, Panama, Samoa, Palau, Vanautu and Solomon Islands.

Among the countries who just painted their hands with thick red and should not search for nice comforting words to conceal that fact are France, Spain, Belgium, India and many more (most of which are none-democracies so there was no real point in mentioning them).

What is the ‘obstacle for Peace’?

October 25, 2011

The Quartet (an intentional body constructed from the United Nations, European Union, United States and Russia) will attempt to jump start peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians later this week. This of course comes in the midst of the Palestinian unilateral move in the UN, which is expected to either not pass or be vetoed early November. Everyone is pessimistic about the option that the peace process and direct talks would be started and some even claim it would take nothing short of a miracle to make that happen. Honestly? They’re probably right. There’s hardly any chance the parties will engage in bilateral talks and the Quartet is simply trying to see if indirect talks – a really bad idea – could take place.

The main reason for that is probably that the parties are so far away in how they perceive a peace process, including on the integral key issue: the goal. Israel has always wanted the goal to be one thing – the end of conflict and the end of mutual demands that as a result will give birth to a Palestinian state living side by side with Israel. The Palestinians however wanted the goal to be a Palestinian state. There is a huge difference between the two.

Now the parties are even further away – Israel wants what it always wanted: a peace process with no predetermined results, with no prior conditions. The Palestinians want a lot more: They have a list of demands they require (which just grew this week – I’ll explain later on) for them to even think about negotiations and a peace process (a bilateral process as opposed to the unilateral one they’ve worked so hard, much harder, to advance). When Israel dared put one condition in response to their condition, the Palestinian refused it and demanded that only their demands will be met. The Israeli condition, by the way, was a Palestinian recognition that Israel is not just any state, but the birthright state of the Jewish people. That is due to the fact that to this day, the Palestinian distort facts, truths and history and refuse to acknowledge the connection between the Jewish people and the land of Israel. This goes to show how unwilling they are to end the conflict and the mutual demands, but instead only seek a Palestinian state alone.

Israel at this point, especially after the outraging move in UN, is done with favors and gestures. It is done negotiating how to start negotiations. It has given the Palestinian a huge unprecedented gesture in the form of 10 months moratorium on all Jewish buildings in the West Bank, which the Palestinian rejected. They refused to enter negotiations until they were pressured to do so by the international community and then demanded, still does, the renewal of the moratorium, the same one they’ve thought so little about when it was first offered and given. Now, they are putting up another demand, claiming that the former Israeli Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, promised he would release more Palestinian prisoners after a swap deal for Gilad Shalit would be made. They demand that in addition to 1,027 prisoners released, Israel will release more. The former PM of Israel released hundreds of prisoners on several occasions as good-faiths gestures with the Palestinians. None of this helped bring forth a peace agreement. And there is certainly no good-faith between either parties at the moment.

In a trip to Colombia last month, Palestinian Authority President claimed he was close to signing a deal with former Israeli Prime Minister Olmert, and that he believes that is why his term was cut short. FALSE!!! History distortions and lies are not new to the tactic of Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas (as can be vividly seen in his article at The New York Times on May 17th, or his speech before the UN General Assembly last September). Maybe it’s because he cannot grasp the notion of democracy, but Ehud Olmert was removed from office due to many corruption charges against him, for some of which, severe in nature, he is standing trial today. Moreover, in his claims he forgets to mention that Olmert made proposals to end the conflict, which were even greater than those of Bill Clinton (which former PA President Arafat rejected) – proposals that led nowhere near a peace agreement. He also forgets to mention how he walked away from the table when Olmert himself launched an offensive against the 8 years of rocket barraged fired at Israeli citizens from the Gaza Strip, but Abbas’ rivals – Hamas.


The Killers Freed For GILAD: Aziz Salha

October 22, 2011

The Killers Freed For GILAD is an account of only a handful of terrorists and murders Israel is freeing in order to save one life – the life of Gilad Shalit.

Aziz Salha was freed last Tuesday in a swap deal for Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit. He was deported to Gaza where he was crowned a hero, hugged as a role model. Salha’s crime however is hardly that of a hero – it is despicable, horror and almsot inhuman.

Aziz Salha is one of the most famous killers in Israel – not by his name, but by his photo. The same one displayed above. His look of joy and contentment, his bloody hands displayed to the crowd is a turning point for many Israeli in the way they view the Palestinians, and the chance for real peace with them. His actions, though not committed alone, recieved the very just title of The Ramallah Lynching.

On October 12, 2000, two Israeli reserve forces soldiers, acting as drivers not combatants (not that anyone cared), took a wrong turn and entered Ramallah. Whereas other soldiers have been redirected before, the two were detained by the Palestinian Authority and taken to a police building nearby. In Ramallah, the word of the Israelis there spread quickly. In a short while, hundreds and more of enraged Palestinians surrounded the building, demanding the soldiers would be killed. They eventually broke into the building, and took the two reserve forces soldiers. What next transpired could not be simply called a killing or even a murder. I don’t think there is a word to describe it, not even lynching.

The reserve forces soldiers were Vadim Nurzhiz and Yossi Avrahami.

I attempt not to find and post their pictures here becuase I am genuinely afriad of what I may find – in 11 years, I have managed to not see the pictures of their bodies quickly posted online.

When Salha  and other Palestianians stormed the building they:

They beat them.

They Stabbed them.

They gouged they eyes.

They dissected them – their bowls, livers and so on displayed to the angry mob.

They threw one dead, disembowleded, gouged body out the window where the mob continued to step on it, to stab it more.

They set one stabbed, disembowleded, gouged body on fire.

They carried their bodies to Al-Manara square and celebrated.


Aziz Salha was arrested in 2001. He confessed to choking one soldiers as the other beat them. He confessed that when he hands were bloody, he stepped out into the window and displayed them for glory. In 2004, he was sentenced to life in prison. In 2011, he was freed in a swap deal. Crowned a hero, stamped a freedom-fighter, handed as a role model to children.

Gilad Shalit FINALLY Free!!!

October 18, 2011

This morning, the first part of the prisoners swap deal to free Gilad Shalit from Hamas’ captivity has been completed – Gilad Shalit has been freed and has returned to Israel, to his family!!!

Shalit Family waiting for chopper early morning, photo by: Adrian Habershtein. Other Photos from Official Egyptian TV

27 female prisoners and additional 450 prisoners, the worst of the total 1,000 terrorists release, have been released from Israeli prisons to Egypt. Shalit has been handed to Egypt and from there to Israel. The picture at the bottom of the above batch is from an interview the Egyptian TV has conducted with Shalit. As you can see Gilad Shalit seems very white, very pale.

Today is an ambivalent day in Israel – the joy of the long-awaited released of Gilad Shalit is mixed for the sorrow of so many heinous killers, despicable murderers freed. It’ll make even harder with the hero welcome they’ll receive when they arrive at Gaza and the West Bank. Medals will be awarded for the premeditated, planned and desired death of so many people, so many innocents, so many children. 559 Israelis have been killed by the terrorists freed today! They will be declared heroes, so-called “freedom fighters”, in ceremonies vowing the continued war, jihad, death, bloodshed and illegal abductions. It’ll be done out of the desire to annihilate Israel – this is not an issue of borders, but an issue dating back to the very existence of Israel.

There are those who dare foolishly and ignorantly compare between Shalit and the despicable murders released today. Well, first of all, I’ve already given a small account (and will continue to do so) of what these people did. What pride and joy they take in the lives they so violently took. If you’ll try to find Israeli soldiers who committed acts similar to these, you’ll come up short. The few bad apples you’ll find, you’ll see they were arrested, trialed and condemned, outcast from society for their actions. They are not embraced by the consensus. Their actions are not taught to children, they are not role models. No streets or squares are named after them.

Moreover, You will not be able to link Shalit himself to any “crime against the Palestinian people”, other than the fact he was an Israeli soldier. Claims of occupation or ridiculous Shalit was captured 10 months after Israel’s disengagement from Gaza (the unilateral withdrawal). His abduction occurred in a cross-border patrol, on Israel’s territory. Israel handed the entire Gaza Strip to the Palestinians, who chose to continue fighting, continue terror. The blockade on the Gaza Strip was first imposed after Shalit’s abduction, partly as a result of the abduction.


And one last note about the Egyptians – I personally am sincerely outraged by the media circus they’ve done. While Shalit has been handed to them to hand to Israel, to his family, he was interviews. The questions clearly show that they wanted to hear something along the linesEgypt made it happen – Egypt it great!”. This was a cynical use of young man who has already been through enough. After over five years and four months that he has been held away from his family with no contact to them or anyone in his life, after over FIVE YEARS that he has been held incommunicado, not even been given one visit from any humanitarian organization or more specifically the Red Cross this little “time out” for an interview while they have him, even if time allowed it, the airing of his pictures and interviews first, before even the Israeli public who fought and made the biggest sacrifice imaginable for his release has a chance to see him or hear from their own officials is simply rude. True, Egypt deserves a lot of the credit and praises for this deal coming into fruition and for Shalit’s return home. By this kind of cynical use, in my opinion, is truly despicable.

But that simply falls short on a day where you are able to shout out into the air: WELCOME HOME, GILAD SHALIT!

The Killers Freed For GILAD: Mahmoud Qassem

October 17, 2011

The Killers Freed For GILAD is an account of only a handful of terrorists and murders Israel is freeing in order to save one life – the life of Gilad Shalit.

Mahmous Qassam will be freed this coming Tuesday from prison in a swap deal for Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit. He will walk after serving less than a decade, proud of no less than Eight terror attacks he had a hand in – for none of which he shows any kind of remorse.

As of now, at the time these lines are being written, Qassem has received yet another private and personal visit from the Red Cross just yesterday (as did all 1,027 released prisoners). One of many visits he got since being arrested, one of out many in the past five years. As of now, at the time of writting these lines, Gilad Shalit has not received even one such visit from the Red Cross.

Three of the eight terror attacks he organized and who collectively took the lives of dozens of innocent people – some Israelis, some foreigners (and even some Israeli Arabs) are:

Café Moment, Jerusalem
On Match 9th, 2002, a suicide bomber entered a coffee shop in Jerusalem, Café Moment. At 10:23 PM, the suicide bomber detonated his explosive belt, destorying the coffee shop completely and taking the lives of 11 innocent people. 10 people were critically injured. The total number of injured were 54 people.
In an interview inside Israeli prison, the planner of the this horrific attack boasted his instructions to the suicide bomber to detonate inside the coffee shop, because “we knew there were people sitting outside, but we knew there were more people inside.” (emphasis added by Ori Lentzitzky).

Rishon Lezion Pool Club
On May 7th, 2002, at 11:03 PM, a suicide bomber detonated a bomb inside a crowded Pool-table club in the city of Rishon Lezion. The club was packed with people. It was estimated that the bombs (one in a briefcase and one around his belt) a little more than 7 kilograms, not including sharp objects and metals.
15 innocent people died in the explusion, 55 were injured.

“Frank Sinatra” Cafeteria, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
On July 31th, 2002, Qassem himself placed a bomb in the middle of the crowded cafeteria in Jerusalem’s University. At the dense cafetria, as he watched hundreds of innocent people, some of them even Arabs and foreigners, he coldheartely placed a breifcase containing a bomb and activated it from afar.
The explousion injured over 100 people and killed 9 innnocent people, most of them American citizens studying at Jerusalem. The bombing is also known as the “Hebrew University Massacare”.
Among those wounded were Israelis (Jews and Arabs), Americans and three South Koreans.
Following the bombing, Hamas orchestrated a massive celebration in the streets.


In only three of the terror attacks Qassem has a hand in, he’s responsible for the death of 35 people. For his part in their gruesome and violent death, he paid less than a decade in prison.

Continue for a list of the casulaties in the three aforementioned attacks

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