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My Personal Account: Rocket on Tel-Aviv

November 15, 2012

I haven’t written here in a long time. Life, and mostly school, took up too much time and slowly it became harder to write here. It came to the point, where I didn’t find the time to gather all the data for the “Rockets Fired into Israel” monthly account that I usually post. Mainly, because, there was more data than usual.

But now things are different. Tonight I experienced the rockets for myself. And my experience was so small and little compared to what the people of Israel’s south live – actually live with, on a weekly and sometimes daily basis – that I only now understand how all I’ve said about their terrible realities was something I could never understand and could never get across on paper.

I was at my school – the University of Tel-Aviv – tonight at 06:35 PM when a siren was heard. We started barely gathering our stuff and quickly running to the shelter. Waiting there, counting the minutes, hearing the sirens and fearing if it’s okay to walk out were the most terrifying moments imaginable. Walking outside, being outside at a bus station waiting to go home was the kind of fear that truly deserves the words terror. People of Sderot and Israel’s south in general – I applaud you for being able to live with this for so many years.

Maybe I should back up, but I assume you’ve already heard about the operation in Gaza. You might have also heard that it’s because (which it isn’t) Israel taking down Hamas’ military chief of staff (or head of terrorists, if you’d like). The truth is there were 3 round of escalation started by Palestinian terrorists in the last month alone. There were 110 rockets fired into Israel before this operation. Even when Israel didn’t retalite, the rockets kept on coming and hiting Israeli cities.

12,000 rockets have been fired over 12 years onto Israeli population. Today, hopefully for one-time only, two rockets were fired towards Tel-Aviv and thankfully missed populations. If you’ve never felt it before, you don’t know why it’s called terror!

So just to make things clear, here are a few facts about the matter –

In 2005, Israel withdrew completely from Gaza.

More rockets, more often, hit Israel following said withdrawl.
Palestinian Terrorists continued in their efforts to hurt Israeli civilians and attack Israeli soldiers.

In June 2006, one of many cross-border attacks ended with the kidnapping of an Israeli soldier.

In 2007, Hamas took over the Gaza Strip with a violent coup, killing and torturing Fatah members who ran to Egypt and Israel for sanctuary.

Following said events, Israel implemented in 2007 a land blockade designed to seize and capture weapons shipped to Gaza terrorists and used against Israeli citizens daily.

Since Israel’s full unilateral withdrawal from Gaza, about 10,000 rockets were fired onto Israeli citizens.

In December 2008, the situation has become unbearable and Israel launched an offensive against Gaza terrorists (who were walking among civlian population, dressed as civilians and used civlians as human sheilds).

In 2009, following the offensive, Israel implemented a naval blockade as well.

In 2010, most of the land restrictions were lifted and only the naval blockade remained in place as a policy to simply check what enters the strip and prevent shippments of weapons (some of which sent from Iran to Gaza or Lebanon were captured). At any given day, Hamas is using less trucks than Israel offers to bring supplies into the strip. Gaza is inflicted corruption by the oppressors known as Hamas, not a blockade!

Rocket fire into Israel has once again become unbearable.

Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Popular Resistance Committee and more are the TERROR groups in the strip who force the people of Gaza to live in constant war of Israel for the simple truth –

Their declared ambition is to demolish Israel as a whole!

They are terrorists, with no disregard to lives – the lives of the people of Gaza or the lives of the people they fire upon daily with the hope of killing as much as possible.

My personal hope is that deterance would be reached soon. That the fighting would end. That they’d get the message and realize they’d better take care of their people by supplying them safety, stability and food, rather than hatred, incitement and war;  And that these rocket fire would stop!


The Mega-Terror Attack on Egypt and Israel This Past Sunday

August 8, 2012

An Egyptian APC stolen from the Egyptian Army Burns after Infiltrating Israel

Last Sunday, terrorists attempted a mega-terror attack on Israel. To further their terrorist agenda, they even went as far as to attack Israel’s neighbor – Egypt.

While most of the attack was blocked and there were no casualties on the Israeli side, I kept the title with the saying that a terror attack (and even a mega-terror attack) took place, because what wasn’t foiled was still pretty big.

16 Egyptian Officers were killed, An Egyptian APC was stolen and dozens of terrorists with hundreds of kilograms in explosives inflitrated Israel, in hopes of committing a mass murder.

It has been nearly a year since the big [successful] terror attack through the Egyptian border on Israel last August, which claimed the lives of eight and caused tensions between Israel and Egypt, when during gunshot battles with terrorists, Egyptian security personnels were caught in the crossfire.

It has been nearly a year since I first wrote about Egypt’s declining grip of its’ own territory – the Sinai Peninsula – and how one result of the Arab Spring is the enormous growth of terror cells in Sinai. Only last month, terrorists attacked Israeli construction workers on the border, killing one man.

This past sunday afternoon, Israeli air force attacked and killed a terrorist in the Gaza Strip. Barrage of rockets were fired upon Israel’s citizens “in return”. Later that day, Israeli Prime Minister announced that intel from Israel’s security forces brought forth the attack in an attempt to prevent a major terror attack planned.

A few hours later, a major terror attack began. Estimations are that over 34 terrorists took part in it.

Terrorists in Sinai attacked an Egyptian post. Soldiers of that post were in the middle of having dinner – after a long day of fasting due to Ramadan. They were shot at, their throats slit, and weapons and explosives taken from the empty base, as well as an APC and a truck.

The terrorists then headed towards Israel.

The truck ran into the security fence between Israel and Egypt, towards an Israeli Army post and exploded upon impact. Thankfully, the post was vacant at the time.

The APC infiltrated Israel, south of the Israel-Gaza-Egypt zone. All terrorists inside were wearing explosive belts and held guns. Their objective was to reach the nearest Israeli population (probably Kerem-Shalom) and commit a mass murder, a slaughter. The APC was repeled by Israeli forces, including tank fire and shots from the air.

IDF’s footage of the aerial attack on the APC from a UAV

Who knows what would have happened if that APC wouldn’t have been repeled. The body count, the horror, and quiet possible (and mainly this was also an objective) completely destroy the diplomatic relationships between Israel and Egypt, forcing Israel to handle the rise of terror cells in the Peninsula.

Once the APC was taken down, terrorists ran towards the nearest field – an agriculatural field near Yuval. Israeli soldiers shot at them and tracked them. A shootout took place until all terrorists were subdued. Dead.

Remains of the APC stolen from the Egyptian Army and used to infiltrate Israel

The remains of the APC

Weapons carried by the terrorists who infiltrated Israel

Weapons carried by the terrorists

Israel has closed the land crossing Kerem-Shalom with Gaza as a response. Egypt closed Rafah – its’ land crossing with Gaza. Kerem Shalon has been repoened on Tuesday morning. Rafah is still closed.

It seems the gruesome death of 16 Egyptian soldiers finally shook something – Egypt’s newly elected president Mursi declared three days of morning and the country is in shock. Egyptian Army moved forces (in coordinance with Israel) and began trying to expose terror cells. After shots at Egyptian personnel at the city of Rafah last night, choppers entered Sinai and bombed terrorists from the air. They even bombed several smuggling tunnels between Egypt and Gaza.

Egypt’s military personnel have even been quoted in the media saying these terrorists emerged, whether physically or idelogically, from the neighboring Gaza Strip. Hamas – the de-facto governing power in Gaza – denies all connections. At the moment, since Egypt’s president – a member of the Muslim Brotherhood movement doesn’t seem interested in publicly accusing Hamas for involvement.

Whether or not Egypt is capable, both in military power and financial capacity, to handle the terror which has risen in Sinai and the weapons flowing freely from the remains of post-Arab-Spring Lybia remains to be seen.

However it is clear, though the cost to the Egyptian nation has been grave, something far worse and with far more catastrophical consequences has been prevented.

Escalation Dying Out; Over 130 Rockets Total in 3 Days Were Fired

June 21, 2012

The escalation round that began earlier this week, after a few terror incidents, seems like it’s starting to die out.

The city of Ashkelon would even hold school days tomorrow, for the time being, after today schools were out due to two rockets fired at the city late last night.

Now, here’s the really annoying part – at the end of every one of these escalation round, and in order to seek relative “calm“, Israel must sustain, refrian from retaliating, and be in somewhat of restraints – at every end of this round, there are numerous rockets still fired that Israel does not respond for. Why? Because Israel seeks peace and not war!

The palestinian terror organizations, for some reason (I’d try to find logic, but everything their methods of “fight” is illogical to begin with, so…), can’t end an escalation round without firing more rockets. Sort of “saying the last word” or something stupid like that.

Usually, even when there’s a brokered understanding of a cease fire, rockets continue to fire and Israel does not responding, so that these will be the last rockets. If their intensity is quickly slowed down and if no real harm is done, Israel does not retaliate and relative calmness is temporarily retorted (see rocket counts in time of calm to see what relativity means!)

[Last round of escalation ended with a rocket hitting a parking lot of residential building in Netivot a few hours after the cease fire was in effect! Israel did not retaliate since there were no casulaties and again: it seeks peace, not war!]

In the meantime, Israel’s ambassador to the UN, Ron Pros’or, wrote again to the security council. One of many many letters frequently sent that have zero effect, and bring not even a single discussion of the council.

UN Refuses to Fire Bias Employee, Taking Part In De-legitimizing Israel

April 5, 2012

Now this is a truly enraging story!

During the last escalation round between Israel and Gaza militants, in which over 200 rockets were fired upon Israeli civilian population, a UN employee – whose job description mandates her to be objective and unbias – turned her tweeter account against Israel, filling it with false propaganda and heinous lies.

Khulood Badawi is still the information and media coordinator for the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanatarian Affairs. On March 10th 2012, she tweeted on her account a picture of Palestinian girl bleeding, while being held by her greiving father (I chose to not post this picture – Israel has nothing to do with this little girl’s death, but it’s still a horrible picture to post). The tweet said:

Palestine is bleeding… another child killed by #Israel… another father carrying his child to a grave in #Gaza

This tweet was re-posted over 300 times!

However, not only was the picture not from the latest round of escalation, it has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with ISRAEL!

This little girl, as another tweeter member (Avi Mayer) revealed, has been dead for at least five years – The image was taken by Ruetuers newsagency in 2006. The little girl died in a car accident. Israel had nothing to do with it!

It should be noted that in the latest escalation round in Gaza, as well as in previous, Israeli aircarfts took great majors in attempting to minimize the hurting of innocent Gazans (which comes in contrast to the agenda of fanatic militants who use death of innocents for political fortune as well as an execuse to keep taking the population of Gaza hostage in its’ illogical war against Israel). True, some civilians suffered injures (as well as on Israeli side), and there were even a few unfortunate deaths of innocents, however the numbers speak louder than words about Israel intent to not harm civilians as much as it could – 20 out of 23 Palestinian killed in the latest escalation round were militants (by Palestinian’s own reports!).

Back to the fake photo, though – Israel took this matter very seriously, and its’ investigation should that the same employee, who is supposed to be unbias, took part in 2008 in anti-Israeli demonstrations and has publicly called Israel’s Defense minister “a war criminal” and “a children’s murderer”. Objectiveness is obviously not one of her strong suits.

Israel’s UN ambassador, Ron Prosor, issued an acute letter to Badawi’s supervisor, Valarie Amos, saying:

It is unacceptable that for 4 years, the UN would employ someone who doesn’t live up to its’ most basic standard, required of any employee.

Prosor demanded Badawi will be fired. Her supervisor declined, only citing that Badawi’s personal views do not reflect on the UN or keep it from being objective, which personally sounds like a pretty ridiculous excuse. She also noted that an internal investigation has been opened (I’m not holding my breath of it yieling something) and that the UN worker had no idea that he job required her to maintain restrain.

I can’t help but wonder what if the shoe was on the other foot? If a UN worker would post a false picture about a kid being hurt in a suicide attack or a by rocket, when in fact he or she too were simply killed in a car accident, would the UN be so forgiven and understanding there? The realist in me believes this would have been handled much differently.

Grad Missile Fired Overnight at Israel’s Resort City Eilat

April 5, 2012

Last night, a little after midnight, an explosion was heard in the resort city of Eilat. After searches for its’ source, remains of a freshly-exploded Grad Missile were found in a dune not too far from a residential neighborhood.

Though no responsibility has been claimed yet, it is fair to assume that militants from the Gaza Strip once again inflitrated the Egyptian Peninusla and fired rockets into Israel’s Eilat. This is not the first time this has happened, nor the second. While the ability to fire at Eilat is fairly low, thus the frequency is very low as well, Grad Missiles have been fired before at Israel. In 2010, one Grad even went through the narrow city of Eilat and exploded in a street in Jordan’s resort town of Aqaba, killing a Jordinian resident.

Just a few weeks ago, Israel assissinated a cheif terrorists in the Gaza Strip, who was planning an attack on Israeli citizens through the Sinai Peninsula, much like the gruesome attack of August 2011.

The timing is no coincidence either – tourism season is about to begin, and tomorrow night is Passover Eve – a Jewish holiday, in which many families take a vacation to Eilat and some even spend the holiday eve there already. That is, of course, is addition to over 47,000 of the city’s residents (47,800 according to Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics).

Map of Israel's south and Sinai Peninsula (From Google Maps). Circled in red is the Gaza Strip, the red X marks Eilat and the blue area is roughly the areas constantly bombarded with rockets from the gaza strip.

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In Preparation For the Violent “March to Jerusalem”

March 29, 2012

It has been a busy month. I’m sorry for now writing more and posting more. Unfortunately, there’s always things to write about. The horrible terror attack in Toulouse, the horrific escalation with Gaza militans a few weeks ago (which I wrote about at its’ start), and much more. And while “calm” has been restored the south of Israel (three mortar shells were fired tonight from the Gaza Strip so far), I had to take a little bit of time from my personal life, to address something that’s potentioally big.

You see, while I hope it doesn’t open any news broadcasts tomorrow because I truly hope (as well as the majority of people in Israel, and the most high of ranks in its’ government and military) tomorrow will be a casualties-free day. Unfortunately, odds are it won’t be this way.

A large group of Islamic organazations as well as radical-left activists (whose actions speak about their lack on interest in true atrocities and the excessive war against one entity in the whole world), are planning tommorow a provacation. One that is knowingly putting lives at danger, all for the cold cynical and despicable prospect of media attention and distortion.

While protests may take place around Europe (one is planned in front of the Israeli embassy in London), some may be a lot less peaceful. Organizers are planning to have people march towards Israel’s borders, inflitrate it, defy its’ soverignty and hope that camera worldwide would see them either blown up by mine fields and shot dead while committing the crime of “breaking and entering” a country, illegally, in defiance. THEY ARE OPTING FOR DEATH – AS LONG AS IT MAKES ISRAEL LOOK BAD – THEY’RE VICIOUSLY PRO-DEATH!


Happy New Year: Summarizing Rockets & Terror on Israel in 2011

January 1, 2012

The end of December is not just the end of a month, but also the end of year – 12 whole months wrapped together.

The following is a summary of terror acts committed by Palestinians – either independant of part of a militia – against Israel and Israelis in the year 2011. I will also dedicate a post later to the other side of the coin which is the acts of extreme settlers, laundered as ‘Price Tag’, which worsened the past year. It should be noted that the following takes the pot in magnitude, quantity, and effect.

665 Rockets and Mortar Shells From the Gaza Strip in 2011

The numbers really speak for themselves – here’s a year-long count on the rockets and mortar shells fired from the Gaza Strip.

Dozens were injured, 4 [empty] schools and playgrounds were hit, and 2 Israeli citizens died – Yossi Shusan (age 38) on August 20th, and Moshe Ami (age 56) on October 29th.

An anti-missile attack on a school bus (not counted below!) also killed 16 years old Daniel Viflic.

997 Terror incidents on Israeli citizens or soldiers

The following are taken from the statistics of ISA – Israel’s Security Authority, also known as Shabak.

Overall, 107 citizens injured in terror attacks in 2011, and 18 citizens killed (of which one is a not an Israeli citizen but a British citizen) in 2011. In addition, two security forces personnel were killed. 7 of the citizens killed were settlers in the West Bank, and the rest were Israeli citizens within Israel’s territory.

These describe incidents only (for instance, a barrage of 5 rockets fired at Israel is counted as 1 incident) –

The following table summarizes the terror incidents described in the above graph, where:

All incidents refer to the West Bank, from the Gaza Strip or Jerusalem, unless appearing as simply “Terror Attack”.
Rockets refer to both rockets and mortar shells.
Shootings refer to both guns and anti-missile.
Explosives are explosives or improvised such as pipe bomb.

Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Rockets 12 5 30 45 1 4 17 107 8 40 9 25
Mortar Shells 13 9 17 18 0 1 1 27 1 3 1 5
Shootings 5 2 4 5 3 0 2 2 3 5 0 1
Explosives 2 2 3 0 1 0 2 1 2 4 0 1
Stabbings 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 1
Grenades 4 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Molotov Cocktails 47 41 72 32 64 40 32 34 54 30 33 48
Stone Throwing 0 0 1 1 3 1 0 0 1 0 0 0
Terror Attack 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 7 0 0 0 0
Total 83 61 128 101 73 47 53 178 68 80 44 81

Notable Terror attacks in 2011 are:

  • Itamar Attack – 5 memebers of Fogel Family are knived to death including two parents and three children, the youngest being a 3 months old baby. 12 years old daughter returns home to find their bodies.
  • Explosive bomb go off in a bus station in Jerusalem. One British citizen, Mary Jean Gardner, is killed.
  • An explosive pipe goes off in a city worker’s hand two weeks prior to that.
  • An anti-Missile rocket fired from the Gaza Strip at a yellow school bus. 16 year old teenager dies.
  • Israeli-Arab goes on a killing spree on May 15th – the Palestinian Nakba, killing 29 years old Aviv Morag. Six months later the victim’s dad commits suicide.
  • The August 18th terror attack through the Egyptian border in the Sinai Peninsula. Six citizens are killed, as well as two security personnel, one from “friendly fire.” Egyptian soldiers get caught in the cross-fire as well.
  • Palestinian from Nablus (Sche’em) hijacks a taxi and tries to run it in to a teenagers-filled club in Tel-Aviv.
  • Palestinians throw stones at passing vehicles in the West Bank – Asher Palmer is hit and crashes his car, killing both him and his 1 year old son.

December 27th: Three Years to Israel’s Offensive in Gaza

December 27, 2011

Today, December 27th 2011, marks three years to the beginning of Israel’s three-week offensive in the Gaza Strip, labeled Operation Cast Lead. You might have heard about it under some other one-sided inciting (and might add super-ignorant) name, but you’ve surely heard about it. It seems almost redundant to try and make a case for it now, three years later, but having its’ echoes still feed the de-legitimacy campaign against Israel, it seems more than necessary.

Let me make one thing clear right off the bat – the result is utterly horrifying. Death, so random and so cruel, and in such quantaties is never anyone’s desire, or anyone’s hope. At least not for the majority of the people on my side of the border, especially not the left-center government at the time that conducted it. Unfortunately, a large amount of people, Gazans, were turned unwillingly to vessels, human sheilds for fanatics, for the same people that’s been holding them hostage since the Summer of 2007 where a violent and bloody coup forced them to continue living in a constant state of war.

A little background is in order – 

In August of 2005, Israel unilaterally withdrew from the Gaza Strip. Removing almost 10,000 settlers, all settlements and all soldiers from the region, the strip was given to the Palestinians for full control. In the following year, 946 rockets were fired and landed in Israel from the evacuated strip. Adding 22 mortar shells, 2006 has seen almost 1,000 bombing attacks on Israeli civilian population.

The rocket count was getting worse by the month. In the first six months of 2008 alone, 1,075 rockets and 1,204 mortar shells were fired at Israel. In six months, 2,279 bombings.

Luckily, Israel’s southern areas are mostly filled with open spaces and agricultural territories, and the casualties were relatively low. That doesn’t go as far as saying there were no tragedies. One story, out of dozens and hundreds and many more, is of 8 years old Osher Twito whose house was hit by a Qassam rocket and his leg had to be amputated. 70 years old Shuli Katz was killed when a rocket hit his backyard on May 12th. And many more horrifying stories like this happened.

8 year old Osher Twito lost his leg when a rocket hit his home in Febraury 2008. Photographed By: Naor Rahav

8 year old Osher Twito lost his leg when a rocket hit his home in Febraury 2008. Photographed By: Naor Rahav

This is not a comic book or a Hollywood movie but a devastating reality – there are casulaties and tragedies on both sides. However, only one gets constantly criticized and delegitimized.

Click here if to learn what transpired the week leading to the offensive

Hamas Boasts Terror and Bloodshed on its’ 24th Anniversary

December 14, 2011

Today Hamas, a terror organization devoted to the destruction of Israel as a state and the death of its’ Jewish people, organized a power demonstration in Gaza City celebrating 24 years to its’ establishment. The “joyous” occasion also celebrated the many terror activities and countles blood it is responsible for shedding (on the Israeli side – they don’t assume responsibility for deaths of their side).

It also used the occasion to call all Muslim countries going through an Arab Spring (or an Islamic Winter – depends on your point of view) to join their ideology and align themselves together.

Here is what the celebrating openly boasted and was proud of (the numbers were published by Hamas military wing – I cannot testify to their veracity, only to the fact that this is what they were celebrating:)

11,093 rockets and mortar shells the organization has fired upon Israeli civilians.

1,365 Israelis killed by the organization.

1,117 “jihad” activities (=terror acts) against Israeli civilians – 87 of which are suicide bomber attacks!

6,411 Israelis wounded by the organization.

24 Abductions.

Hamas' celebration of terror and death on its' 24 anniversary. Picture By Reuters.
Hamas’ celebration of terror and death on its’ 24 anniversary. Picture By Reuters.

In case you managed to miss hearing about this deadly organization, then here’s an (exteremly) quick answer to who is Hamas?

Formed in late 1987, Hamas is a Palestinian faction of the extreme kind. His agenda persists of forming the land of Palestine overall of both Israel and Palestinian territories, annihlating the Jewish people and even alludes to restoring the Islamic empire that once stood from Arabia and over parts of Europe, including Spain.

For the past ten years, Hamas has been firing rockets onto Israeli civilian populations. In the past few years, the ranges of these rockets have been widened and today more than 1.5 million Israeli citizens are living under the threat of various rockets. In the past twenty years, Hamas has been responsible for many terror attacks on Israel, uncluding numerous suicide bomber attacks. The most memorable one of them took place at Park Hotel on Passover Eve where families gathered for a holiday meal together – 30 people died, dozens were injured in a single terror attack.

Hamas encourages terror attacks against Western targets and have condemned the United States and its’ president Obama personally for their killing of who they refered to as a “saint”: Osama Bin-Laden.

In 2007, after a year long blood-filled war against another Palestinian faction, Fatah, Hamas siezed control of the Gaza Strip in a violent coup. Fatah members who were not able to escape to the Israeli and Egyptian borders (where they recieved sanctuary) were punished for their membership to Fatah by having their limbs amputated. Since then, Hamas have been holding over 1.5 million people in Gaza hostage. It enforced an extreme Islamic law upon them, another Arab dictatorship in the Middle East. Hamas’ refusal to abandon the ways of terror and talk peace with Israel has led to the land blockade Israel implemented in 2007 and a naval blockade it implemented in 2009. Today, the land blockade is barely in effect, however Hamas works hard to stop goods that Israel is sending to the Strip and deliver them through underground tunnels under the Egyptian border in order to portray Israel as the villian and itself as the merciful angel rescuing the people of Gaza, the same people it holds hostage.

Until recently, Hamas was backed by the Ayatollah regime in Iran, but their unwillingness to support the slaughter of the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria for the past eight months, has stopped such connection and years of arms shipments from Iran and has made Hamas turn to other sources. Today, Hamas holds over 40,000 rockets covering half the region of Israeli civilian population and boasts about his intention to use them against civilians. As of December 14th, a total of 29 rockets have been fired so far in December 2011 from the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip onto Israeli populations, some of which were intercepted by Israel’s Iron Dome Defense System and prevented casualties.

Terror intesifies: Israeli Man Dies of Wounds, Footage of Thwarted Rocket Attack

October 30, 2011

The day of October 29th 2011 is winding down on Israel and Gaza, but the round of escalation seems to be worsening.

I should make it clear – Israel is not interested in war, only in deterrence, in stopping rockets from being randomly and blindly fired at its people. The attacks on Israel are unprovoked and sereve only a way of terror, of illegal war, of the desire for death and bloodshed from the extremists in the Gaza Strip, in the Palestinian population.

The Islamic Jihad terror cell that fired a rocket on Thursday, was about to launch another rocket. Israel learned of this intention, is even documented it. In the video footage captured by an Israeli UVA this noon and released this evening by the IDF, terrorists from the Islamic Jihad movement are clearly seen in an open area, preparing to launch a long-range missile (Grad):

This terror cell was about to shoot at civilian population. It was doing so with the intent to fright, and hopefully – yes, hopefully – harm, injure and kill. Randomly. Blindly. As a policy, Israel thwartes these attacks on the spot when learning of it, killing the terrorists if necessary. If you can blame it for that action – you are truly gifted with blindness and hatred. If you can blame Israel for this, just answer what would you do instead? How would you like to live with this kind of terror for years?

One of the members of this cell was a high-rank terrorist of the Islamic Jihad. The movement, blaming Israel for his death and not his own militant action of terror and war, decided on a harsh result.

As the day is winding down, about 30 rockets have been fired at Israel. A few hit near homes. In a stroke of luck, two rockets hit near a populated building, filled with families on a Saturday afternoon. It hit the parking lots and the yard. A few short inches, a stronger wind and this would have been a catastrophe. A disaster. And Israel would have to retaliate hard for this kind of lost. It is by mere chance that these terrorists don’t hit, and more often they enjoy that. Because if their blind and random shooting made more hits, if less near-miracles like this happened, Israel’s reponse would be much much harsher. But Israel is not interested in escalation. It want calm and peace. It want children to walk to school without fear and parents to not live with a burdening anxiety all day long. Tomorrow, neither kids nor parents would enjoy this previllege.

Unfortunately, the 30 rockets fired until now have not only caused severe injured, shock victims and damage to properties. A rocket that landed in the city Ashkelon took the life of a man. This terror strike, this terror “round”, has already taken the life on an innocent.

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